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Denis Rodkin: "In my opinion, Ales Sevenard — reference companion"

The Prime Minister of the Bolshoi theatre had an affair with the great-great-granddaughter Kshesinskaya. Details — in interview

Denis Rodkin, one of the eight Prime Ministers of the Bolshoi theatre. He was immediately noted as Nikolai Tsiskaridze, becoming his mentor, and the great Yuri Grigorovich, is delighted to be the soloist in their productions. Denis twenty-eight, and in just six years he reached the highest stage in the career of a ballet dancer. But if you add to it the novel with Eleonora Sevenard, a relative of the famous Matilda Kshesinskaya, it turns out just theatrical history. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

Dennis, judging by your posts, you are a man with a sense of humor...

— Somehow many people talk about it — friends, colleagues, mother. (Smiles.) But actually I like evil joke and even are a fan of black humor. Maybe even hurt someone. But the irony is alien to me.

But you are very funny tell me how accustomed to the ballet family: the father — the engineer of an aircraft factory and brother-military...

— Yes, I was first invited on the "Sleeping beauty", where she performed the Blue bird, and they were not impressed. But later "Spartak" them has already liked and then they got a taste. But this is my family, but in General, ballet is still an elitist art, and the General public on it definitely not to get. But, thus it does not lose its value on a par with Opera. I think this is right when the theatre stands apart and even slightly above the cinema and pop music that suit the tastes of a wider audience.

— Somehow you said the more complex technique in the production, the more evident artistry. Can you explain?

— When a complex pattern of filigree-rehearsed role, you are born of powerful inner resources for artistic expression. For example, if you jump easily in "Swan lake" and land two rounds from the fifth to the fifth, respectively, and the way you out the other clean, accurate. But if you stop pull, legs normally, can not raise, then the image will turn out so-so. I do not say that in "Spartacus" jumping must be absolute beauty, so it was nothing to complain about. But for me it is an iconic play that I adopted Yuri Nikolayevich Grigorovich. Applicants enough, but he chose me because of the texture, the technique... So, despite the fact that most of all I love "Carmen", "Spartacus" came to me a challenge to prove my worth. Because when I went to the Bolshoi theatre, no one believed that I could be helpful. And it spurred to work tirelessly.

Денис Родькин: «По-моему, Эля Севенард — эталонная спутница жизни»

For the party in the ballet "La Bayadere" Denis received the award Benois de La Despota: personal archive of Denis Rodkina

You're superb in the role of leader of the rebel slaves, despite the fact that both in appearance and in character does not look like his hero...

— You should not think that I have too soft a temper — it is not. When something annoying, I immediately begin to show teeth. (Smiles.) But in principle, I'm pretty patient and balanced, I need a long time to bring up aggression. And even a good angry, not yell and do not throw objects. In controversial situations prefer constructive dialogue, discussion. This human form of showdown.

— This wisdom of nature? As your confidence of which you repeatedly say in their interviews.

Well, about the wisdom not to say, but the realization that for success you have to put a lot of efforts, I came quite early — somewhere around age twelve, when I was studying in the ballet school at Moscow state academic dance theatre "Gzhel". Mom was surprised that I am not serious, pleased with the evening a pleasant physical fatigue, which suggests that the day is lived not in vain... Perhaps in me grew stronger self-confidence on top of their peers when in class I did not wanted to someone to reach out... I don't know. It's great that as a child, I did not give in this report, therefore, did not allow himself to relax. I wanted the teachers praised me. (Smiles.) But an objective assessment of their opportunities came much later, when it joined the Bolshoi company and I began to distribute solo parts. That's the way formed my self-confidence.

— Do you feel that you have a very strong connection with my mom... she's the one who determined your fate?

— Of course. It was she who chose for me the ballet. And my mom always trusted. As for the father. For a long time relied on their opinion. Today I'm a grown man, he define his life, but when it is necessary for him to first go for advice. It's the closest people who'll never turn away, will not betray.

Family, as I understand it, originally did not see in you the artist, right?

— Of course. Mom wanted me to develop, so was learning to play the guitar, as his older brother — now I'll only remember a few chords (smiles), then to the Studio in the Palace of culture, where he learned step... we had a great team: I danced in the middle, and my fellow classmates at the sides. And one day one of them is sat in the splits, I felt sorry that I can't do it, and decided to go to a place where this is taught. Thus, the desire to make yourself better and took me to the ballet.

Денис Родькин: «По-моему, Эля Севенард — эталонная спутница жизни»

"Try not to be a commoner, but a man elegant. For example, never allow the auditorium to come in sneakers, jeans and a sweater"Photo: Sasha Gusov

— And the idols did you have?

— As a boy, I naturally admired famous ballet stars. I, a teenager, in the Kremlin Palace with his dance shook the guy performing the role of Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet". I wanted to be like him and only when he grew up, he realized that this role is not my role. But that night, mother at my request, bought recorded the ballet, where the most expressive male dancers. She proposed a "Spartacus". Could I then assume that in a few years will be in this ballet in the title role...

— Since you mentioned the role, what is it you have?

Lyrical hero with a heroic slant. (Smiles.) I try to reveal their characters three-dimensional. For example, when dancing the Prince, for me it's not just a gorgeous, refined young man, and a true, brave knight. With classic legs, I imagine a heroic aplomb (stability. — Approx.ed.) At least, look at yourself from the side.

— And in everyday life you are a Prince?

— Externally, I guess. Although I behavior watched. Try not to be a commoner, but a man elegant. For example, never allow the auditorium to come in sneakers, jeans and a sweater. For me it's crazy. And many do not even think about such things. I, when I go to the gym to listen to the same Opera — always wear trousers, white shirt and shoes. I think education just emphasizes how adequately a person looks.

— You mentioned Opera, and I read that you are deliberately for it taught...

Yes, the Opera develops an ear for music. I go to the Conservatory, went to St. Petersburg at the Mariinsky listen to "Troubadour". Valery abisalovich Gergiev was conducting. I was very impressed. As an outstanding concert of Yuri Temirkanov Temirkanov.

— I suspect that you know besides English and French, because your mother teaches...

— Then I will disappoint you — a strict ballet regimen would not give me free hours to master French. I daily get up at seven thirty in the morning, at eight forty-five I have started classes in a secondary school, which lasted until fourteen, and then I quickly did homework, because from seventeen to twenty-one hours I already had a ballet school, and then sleep.

Денис Родькин: «По-моему, Эля Севенард — эталонная спутница жизни»

Denis refused to audition for the role of Nureyev, but would gladly starred in the film about Alexander, Gounougale: Sasha Gusov

— You have not won any high-profile contests, he graduated from the prestigious ballet school, and, as I understand it, getting into the Bolshoi theatre is akin to the happy occasion...

— Exactly! I paid attention because of the texture. And then Nikolai Tsiskaridze looked at me and began to work with me. I must say, he's such a gifted teacher! He's got a good eye, he notices the smallest details. If you do not see the prospects of the student, directly says, "Why are you doing this? Do not torment neither themselves nor me." Fortunately, the address I never heard of such. (Smiles.) But I think such frankness is fair, it should be ready. Ballet is a cruel art. I, as a child, the tight schedule, I'm always struggling with laziness. I can't imagine how hard in the morning, raising myself from the bed the body still ache after yesterday. But should reach the hall, to start doing class — the muscles are warmed up, blood begins to circulate, and feel better.

— You as a machine tell...

— It is, in a sense. But with the heart.

You have to somehow explain such a rapid rise?

— There have been cases of much more rapid careers. Most likely, this connection abilities, work and coincidence. It is clear that nobody expected it to happen, and I do not exclude that broke in the theater someone's plans.

Huge jealousy is born from those who are more than ten years in the corps de ballet...

— I do not focus on the negative — and with him, in fact, not experienced. Envy is even great. So you are worth something! But I know that many of girls, for example, quite satisfied chorus: less responsibility, while still touring around the world, work is enjoyable — in the theater, but not in the office, and the figure is always in good shape, no need to go to fitness. To me this position, of course, not close — I have sharpened success. Long worry even for the slightest failure. And I would go if I saw nothing.

— You are under thirty, and you have danced all main roles in classical ballet. What are the future goals for yourself in mind?

— There is always something to strive for. First, you need to improve your skills is never a bad thing. Art is very subjective, so always have room to grow. Besides, with all my love to Big I can not say that there are other excellent theatres — Covent garden, La Ska-La, Grand Opera, where you can speak at the invitation of the ballets in another edition, in another form, with new and exciting choreographers. How Russian ballet love in Japan! Happy to fly there. This is my favorite country after Russia. She's like another planet. But in General, I feel a man of peace. We also do a lot of touring, and in whatever city we came to — we were all excited. It is extremely nice.

Денис Родькин: «По-моему, Эля Севенард — эталонная спутница жизни»

Textured appearance of the dancer attracted the attention of Nikolai Tsiskaridze, who became his first mentor in the Big theatrette: Charles Thompson

— What eminent choreographers you would like to collaborate?

— Oh, of course, with Yuri Nikolayevich Grigorova. This artist has built a repertoire of the Bolshoi theater in the form in which it now exists. He literally made the men dance to the front. John Neumeier, he is so not like anyone! Not a choreographer, and thinker, brings his ballets are not just for dance but for deep philosophical subtext. With it's interesting not only to rehearse, but talking. It is so exciting telling you about your role that you can't wait tomorrow will come running into the hall.

Drama actors can play brilliantly and not to be intellectuals. Ballet requires erudition, in your opinion?

— No doubt, need to be filled. We have the same for the smart text will not hide. On the stage you mean, like naked and your flaws visible. If the artist did not bother to prepare, doesn't know what he's dancing, even spectacularly, it's a disaster.

— You like to study?

— Pragmatically I refer to this process — without it anywhere. I graduated from the ballet master-pedagogical faculty of the Moscow state Academy of choreography, and now get the second higher education — enrolled at MSU in the Department of management. The fact is that if you think about the future, the choreographer I don't plan to be — I have no gift to come up with the ballets. Teacher — possible, but in any respectable age. And the administrative field, management, humanitarian policy management new to me. Education in the University is comprehensive, the lectures we tell you about the economy, and about the history of Ancient India, and about who wrote "the Nutcracker" and "Swan lake." I am surprised that there are students who do not know the author. In principle confronted with the phenomenon that many people don't go to the theatre. They are not out of town, and Muscovites. Recently I picked up taxi driver — Russian, not migrant workers, who with the help of the gadget frantically searched for the location of the Bolshoi theatre.

— So in the future you see yourself in the big chair?

Maybe. Although the theatre is a complex structure, a multi-stage system. But why not? However, it is in the very distant future. While I'm in the mood to dance as much as possible.

And there is something that you yourself because jobs don't allow?

— To play football. In childhood I liked to chase the ball in the yard, I often scored goals as a striker... But in sixteen years broke his leg and was stopped on the field, the need to protect themselves for the ballet. And the recent world Cup has stirred up old emotions, and I tried again to drive the ball. And, you know, involved very different muscles after workout sore.

— By the way, ballet dancers often admit that they are so used to constant pain that already did not notice... Your everyday life really so hard?

— Here we are sitting in a cafe, and I have no pain. So it's not a permanent story. But if you jump and land badly, it is easy to recapture something, sprain or back to turn on the pirouette. But it's all nonsense, I don't pay attention. To the doctor treated only when it hurts to walk. Before so do not doubt that nothing is impossible for the human body. Recently revised this view: resources, even the richest, are limited. So you need to allow yourself to recover and not to go plowing five performances a week. I can dance about seven times a month, and that's enough for me.

— Who is your life?

— In fact, I have it missing. In an apartment in Moscow or a hotel somewhere in the visits come only for a short sleep. I even got your favorite — a British Scot, cat, Theodore, was sent to my mother, enforced solitude badly it was affected. And parents, he joined the same beast as he is, to his brother Stepan.

— You tightfisted?

— Economical. Not inclined to throw money to the wind. But a good massage, quality clothes, gifts for family do not spare the finances. In the end I earn to spend for a decent life. For example, to eat. (Smiles.)

It means stories that ballet starve?

Personally, I'm a foodie. He don't cook, eat in restaurants. But if to talk seriously about money, they are only a means. I'm determined to earn more, but the realization of creative potential are paramount. It seems to me that when you are in professional demand, then you're calm and you have enough money.

— Filmmakers your invoice it is not used?

— I was invited to the casting for the film about Nureyev, but we are quite different in appearance, so I didn't go. But if they make a tape about Alexander Godunov, with whom I have similarities, definitely try.

The friends you ballet?

— No. Funny, but my friends are extremely curious life of the theater, they just can't grasp how we remember a number of movements. Even a polyglot who owns six languages, surprised. (Smiles.)

— Tell me, how you always, from a young age, interacted with the staff?

— In kindergarten I did not go, so before school I worried a lot. I remember how horrified I was when my line 1 September in the first class was paired with a girl and even asked to hold a pen. Was so terribly shy.

— You are cute, no doubt — liked classmates...

Yeah, some intently, meaningfully watched, and it irritated me.

Денис Родькин: «По-моему, Эля Севенард — эталонная спутница жизни»

His girlfriend, a ballerina Eleonora Sevenard, which wrote that she was a great granddaughter of the legendary Matilda Kshesinskaya: Charles Thompson

— You have admitted in an interview that only two were seriously in love... Now it became known about your affair with the pretty twenty year old ballerina from St. Petersburg, Eleonora Sevenard. This is the third love in life?

— By and large the first. I used to fall solely on the beauty of the contents I was a little worried. Sometimes I was carrying on cranky. With Ales I have is different. Now I feel such a glow of feeling that I do not remember how it was before.

— How did you meet?

— On the eve of the New year was a tour in Greece, partner with whom I had to dance, couldn't fly and it was replaced by Eleanor. We were not previously familiar with, but I've seen how she moves, how she's sophisticated, elegant, not like the others and obviously educated. Girl from a good family. And these are my thoughts about it were fully confirmed in reality. Ale even exceeded expectations. She knocked me out with kindness and care. It so happened that the scene I had twisted my ankle, I have swollen, and we had to fly from Athens to Japan. If I were single, I'd go crazy. Of course, the followers always support morally, but then that was covered with a warm wave of caring attention, coming from this young girl. Ale I had an interesting conversation, tried to distract, and at some point I caught myself on the fact that I forgot about my leg and completely took the anxiety. Naturally, when we broke up, I began to feel its shortage and took actions that we were together.

— Beautifully looked after?

— Romantic.

— Nearly a year since you pair what new features you discovered in this time, beloved?

— Elia wise beyond his years. I feel like she appreciates me and never asks for nothing. He is a reliable friend who will always substitute a shoulder, and I know I can trust her as myself. Most importantly, it want to come back. I first find myself in this feeling. Before leaving on tour, and nothing to go home I wasn't attracted, and then I miss. Ale, in my opinion, a reference companion. I am happy to have found their man. She relaxed and joined our family... Mother really likes my girlfriend. (Smiles.) I hope we'll be together. not only at home but also on stage. We already have one joint project — the ballet "Anna Karenina".

Eleanor came to the Bolshoi theater from ARB them. A. Y. Vaganova, and she was in the corps de ballet's dancing now, right?

— Yes, but with her brains and talent for a long time it ain't gonna be there, I'm sure. Waiting for her great height.

It still has a plume of legends about her kinship with Mathilda Kshesinskaya...

— El is very correct this is: not proud of this fact, believes she needs to prove their right to be on stage. It's a great incentive to progress. And I'm going to help her.

— Finally share when the last time you danced not on duty, but for the soul?

I'm always just so and dance. But if to speak about private life, this summer after the speeches in Normandy, in Deauville, in a small theatre in the casino on the occasion of the presentation there Sergei Diaghilev "the Vision of Rose" by Vaclav Nijinsky, my colleagues and I went to London. And there in one of the free evenings went to the pub, took a wonderful beer, well and cheerfully danced to the rhythm of modern. (Smiles.)


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