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Peter Rykov: "my mother and moral aid can't"

The actor explains why in life he considers himself a minor, not major

Peter Rykov just four years ago, thirty-two years, graduated from VGIK. Prior to that time to the translation profession, but suddenly fell of the map that are messed up. And it was not for the English books, and walking the catwalk in fashion capitals of the world. Today he frequently appears and feels good as a costume historical material, and in image contemporary. He is an introvert, and keeps repeating that he always does just what you want. And in all. Probably because with such a spectacular appearance to infringe on his freedom is allowed while only beloved cat. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Peter, do you drink tea with milk in the English style, although working as a model in Europe, in London just did not live...

— Yes, I lived, but I love this country. Perhaps, I have sympathy for England is primarily language and music. I graduated from the Department of translation at the University. Dashkova, and in General the language is beautiful, admired Nabokov, for me English is music. And the world of English music of the twentieth century did a lot. And I, of course, in this sense still remains in the nineties — Oasis, Radiohead... I remember how we had a month on tour in the UK with the play "measure for Measure" Declan Donnelan. And when I stepped on the land, thought: "Here in what capacity I had the opportunity to visit London for real. And it's great." Remember that every night I had a play day I walk around the city, and then the theatre was in Shoreditch Bar & Kitchen, drinking whiskey there, listening to the Blues... It was memorable alright!

— And what attitude you have towards other countries, in which you had to live?

— I immediately felt that we Italians are similar. Although they are more superficial and easier to treat life with his "La Dolce Vita", because such food because the sun, They know that life in order to live. And we live in order to do something.

— So we have the same climate...

— Of course, the climate is also guilty. Remember, immediately drew attention to how simply they dress, how they live, trying not to bother. And who can condemn it? But the Scandinavians, the Swedes for me — super-people. These guys know how to work and how to relax and how to keep your distance, know how to shut up and say need.

Петр Рыков: «Мы с мамой моральную помощь оказывать не умеем»

Peter dreamed of becoming a rock star, but is still busy in the musical "Christmas O. Henry"Photo: personal archive Peter Rykov

— By the way, the British also know how to keep distance...

— Yes, but they have it built into a national trait. Wongamat privacy for them — one of the pillars. And Swedes are easier. As a fellow Swede I said, "If we are not sure about something, his mouth did not open, but if we say something, nine times out of ten it is", which I really like.

It means you are closer to the Nordic nature...

— Yes, I am quiet and fairly reserved person, and as recently revealed, conceived I was on Vasilevsky island (smiling), in the Dorm LSU, where mom lived while studying at the faculty of applied mathematics, although born in Veliky Novgorod. Now I understand why I have such a character, why I like Peter more than Moscow, and the Northern beauty is closer than the South. Why I'm an introvert, not an extrovert, minor, not major, Bach and not Mozart. In General, many reason and many explanations. And Peter means stone, so the stone I have.

Now I understand why you have very little interviews with your favorite film roles and a successful modeling career...

— I don't really know how to do it — to give an interview, and not particularly eager, to be honest. I still do not dare to call myself an actor. I believe that Aleksandr Yatsenko is an actor, and Alexey Vertkov, and Evgeny Tkachuk — they live in the profession very consciously, with their problems, they do the head differently arranged. And I am a person who does not spoil the frame. Yes, and my work as a model so successful you will not name. When I got into this business, nobody knew how to develop the career of the boy, especially from Russia. Yes, I didn't think I need to make a career model. I wanted to see the world, live everywhere, because it's always felt like a tourist trip, not mine. A model story give this way of existence. You come into the country, you have immediately established a life: a job, a fellowship, paid for housing, there is money in your pocket, around you handsome young men. Every two months I traveled to different countries and cities.

Петр Рыков: «Мы с мамой моральную помощь оказывать не умеем»

In the role of Duke of Buckingham in the play "the Actor" on the scene "Snuffboxes"Photo: materials of press-services

— Then you tired of it all?

— One day I just realized that a model's life is enough for me, ate it. And could now sit in Milan at the Armani showroom, it's a good job and money, but thought, "do I want to be there in thirty-five years"? Realized, no. I understand that have an interesting appearance, with a brain all right, and I had a certain idea about the theater, so we decided to move in this direction. By the way, as well, that we met in this place. In the nineties there was a French patisserie, and my mother, being in Moscow, not time passed by, heading to theaters in the neighborhood, looked at the croissants and so wanted to sit here but couldn't afford it.

— That is the love of theater was born you thanks to my mother, who, not having extra money, chose the play, not the croissants.

Yes, theatre has always been in my life, because mom often took me there, she loved it. When she lived in St. Petersburg, there have reviewed all the performances.

— Do you remember the strong children's or youth theatre experience?

I grew up in Smolensk, and we had a drama theater with the main Director Peter Ivanovich Shumeyko. Went there with my mom, and with the class, but I can't say I've experienced any shocks. There was ordinary life like in all theatres of our country at that time. And only then were the visits to Moscow and Hiking here in the theaters with my mom. I remember "Wolves and sheep" by Konstantin Bogomolov in "Snuff", "Golovlevs", "Man-pillow" by Kirill Serebrennikov and, of course, many productions by Sergei Zhenovach, Kama Ginkas and Yuri Butusova.

In General, you have decided to return to Russia and to enter the theater Institute? Believed that you have talent and in a sense acting practice role model?

— No, in you're just talking about yourself all the variations on the theme of "I am." I had one dream — I always wanted to be a rock star. I still want it. (Smiles.) At that time, and I was already twenty-eight years, I realized that I needed to make some concrete steps and earn money. I would like the music, of course, but then it seemed impossible because I did not have minded, I had no idea where to start. And so when I found out that the workshop VGIK gaining Igor Yasulovich, which I really liked as an actor, there's no doubt at all. In the second year I was called into Theatre. Pushkin, in fact, in the crowd. Pisarev put the "Great magic" needed characters holidaymakers. The next year I walked the beach in shorts (laughs), and then participated in plastic show. After the third year has passed at the casting to Declan Donnellan in "Measure for measure" the role of Claudius. And at the end of study Eugene A. invited me to the theater. I believe that with the Pushkin theater and "Snuff" I was very lucky.

Петр Рыков: «Мы с мамой моральную помощь оказывать не умеем»

In the TV series "Bloody lady" actor played the favorite of Empress Sergey Satyavathi: materials of press-services

— You said about my dream of becoming a rock star. And why did you quit music school after two and a half years?

Because at that moment there was a feeling of absolute despair and lack of prospects. I graduated from music school, studying classical guitar and ninth grade and realized that I wanted to go to music school. But mom said we had to stay in school, get secondary education. I agreed, but everything just went wrong. I believe that I was not enough these two years, did not have a patience fuse. Then you could start a new story, it would be possible to enter the Conservatory, but this is a different level. But now, with seventeen-year-old hook, the music comes back to me. While I will not say how.

But acting doesn't?

— No. First, she feeds me, and the pleasure I get from working. Understand what you are doing in the profession. I love the theatre, but to be in a constant team, it's hard for me, but cinematic history, when people gathered on the project, has spent some time and ran closer. But if Yevgeny Aleksandrovich me about something ask, I'm always ready. I do with him are very lucky, we have a wonderful relationship, despite the fact that I'm not quite out of this world.

Music suggests more introversion, and the acting is more extrovertly profession...

— Yes, but, for example, Vyacheslav Tikhonov was not at all similar to the extrovert. That's what would like to strive for. I understand that I have no cargo of glory, but I was still hard enough to endure. And with one person it's hard for me to communicate twenty-four hours a day, need freedom and air. For example, now I want to lie down doing nothing and want nobody touched me. I'm thirty-six years was to ensure I had that right.

— It can also apply to moms?

— Absolutely all. Only the cat can always be there.

And if at this time someone from the family will need moral support?

— You know, my mother and moral aid can not. I don't know what words to facilitate human life. But if I feel bad, I'm going to his corner. Don't need me to facilitate, I have to live. But I know people who seemingly did not speak, but in their nature, their temperament inherent something that they know how to help. Whether they have some kind of lightness, cheerfulness, don't know, but I'm not an easy person. If I appear somewhere, as it generally are not covered by plate (smiles) because I can say: "Yes, all bad! And better not be. And anyway we're all gonna die". And in many ways this mom, but she's still a woman, first, and second, older than me. But when we talk about it, she understands.

Петр Рыков: «Мы с мамой моральную помощь оказывать не умеем»

"My appearance, I very long time did not appreciate, can not say that he considered himself a handsome man"Photo: personal archive of Peter Rykov

— The boy grew up in an intellectual family, handsome, guitar... As you have in childhood and adolescence was the case on the heart front?

— I have no instrument yet, but he will. (Laughs.) And before the guitar work, of course. But I didn't pay much attention to it. And the appearance of his long time did not appreciate, can not say that he considered himself handsome. I was lucky with the school, the class were all from educated families and had a lot of cute girls and guys, I don't think I'm on their background really stood out. Girls at me does not hang. However, then, belatedly, I learned that someone mooning over me. But apparently, so had I not spoiled. (Smiles.) I'm amorous, enamored, but I think that played a role the example of a family, as it is not exactly necessary to have. Most importantly, I learned long ago — do not lie. I know that gives the presence of the father, men, and what his absence deprives.

— Are you worried about this?

— No, I can't say that I have resentment, bitterness or something else.

Did mom so much love you enough?

— We had such a difficult household situation, was not suited to surround me special care. Yevgeny Mironov told us how he kettle stool warmed to it on a warm sat. But we have close and not have such opportunities. And I always grew very calm. Mom says in all seriousness: "I didn't know that children can be capricious. You never cried, never asked to eat or to buy something". Mom distributed in Vermont after graduation to work, remember that at home we had some punch cards. And we lived on the outskirts of the barracks at forty cubicles and one Loo and bathed in a public bath. And cold the mother went to water column. In Smolensk we moved when I went to school. There was also a communal apartment but two rooms, for two families. In comparison with Novgorod, it seemed like a luxury. I was twenty-two years, when we have a separate housing. For a very long time everything in my life was not about money. I was lucky that did not exist such a big difference between the Golden youth and the others.

— You, probably, did not have the ability to dress fashionably. And like?

— My mom had a friend who is well sewed, and in high school I had a costume where I went to school. The jacket resembled tweed were still black pants and a light vest. Can't tell what it was made, but over the years it seems to me that it looked like straw, and buttons — made of straw, frozen in resin. It was beautiful, not garish, but at the same time stood out because the jacket was gray, and vest light. And once I sewed coats that could be worn with everything. Remember that even gave money for the New year and birthday, my mother came sometimes to Moscow, and in a denim shop in Stoleshnikov pereulok been able to buy jeans, t-shirt or shoes.

— And you later mom brought some things from abroad?

— No, because it was difficult to keep track of mom, she changed. And anyway, it was no matter, and with him she was all right. But when the opportunity came up to take her to the theatre, it was for her gift. And she very calmly took my life abroad, never assembled publication with my shots and was very surprised when in Smolensk someone came up to her with the words: "And we have your boy seen." We always understood that it's just a job, though with its own nuances.

— Mom, as I understand it, now one. She sacrificed her personal happiness for you?

The mother is now alone, but, on the contrary, it is quite adequate person, just her choice of men led her to where he led. Her openness and agreeableness played with it a cruel joke.

— To transport her to Moscow do not want?

— Such thoughts are, I'm a normal person. She thought for a long time that she should be in Moscow, I was convinced, but then she spent two weeks in St. Petersburg and said I was right, he is closer to her.

Петр Рыков: «Мы с мамой моральную помощь оказывать не умеем»

"I'm thirty-six years old and everyone asks why I have no family. I could say that such a super-bachelor, sybarite, but no, just someone to create it?"Photo: Mikhail Ryzhov

— But son.

We're not a family. I'm not going to come to her every day, and we live together is also not necessary. She understands that it takes more experience, because when she feels me near, can't sleep until I get home. Although it would, of course, wished we lived together. But she left at seventeen to Peter, broke away from the family... I Have no home and that feeling still. But I do know how not to be, and have an idea of how it is necessary. I'm thirty six years old and everyone asks why I have no family. I could say that this superelastic, sybarite, but no, it's just who create it? For the record, I don't need family, I love myself, and I, not to be alone, has a cat. And housewife I can hire. Discovering, after half an hour I see that we have a girl maybe not even fit in such relationships. So those who know me, know why I have no wife nor children. And to whom I attach? (Smiles.) Moreover, I'm almost do not go, do not communicate.

— So he is on the set to meet me, and in the theater...

— Our artist is a special subspecies. And I need a girlfriend and was very touching, and smart, and beautiful, and we have all the industry units. And then... I like the same age, many no longer free. I was surprised to see the men who chooses his girlfriends are getting younger and younger.

— What the girl looks like wearing?

Brand of clothing is absolutely not important, but the sense of style and taste are important. If a girl be mad boots, that's all, goodbye. It is important, how she carries herself, how is her body, does she have a charm. You can tell if a girl wants just a third breast size show or something. It happens, had seen something, read and created a certain way. But you start talking and realize that a little bit does not fit the picture, she is trying to wishful thinking. And then I want to say: "Five for learn, become skilled, but there are things that can not hide".

— Have you changed your attitude to your own style with a move abroad and work in the fashion industry?

— A good question. Can't say that the attitude to the style. We all have different periods. The younger you are, the extravagant look. I always knew that I go with him, but there had been occasions in everyday life to wear them. Armani is closer to me than Prada, so to speak. Just with this job came the opportunity to dress better. The nearest access to such stores as H&M, where you can just buy without spending a lot of money, and look good. Now I have no one to prove something no expensive watches, no shoes, I'm not a secular person, do not go to events, don't spend time on it. Maybe a period will come, and I will do it with pleasure, but until I have enough pairs of navigational hours. And with the advent of machine I for many years, spend the whole winter in sneakers Adidas well they feel. So I can't say that life models imposed on me by a serious mark. My childhood and youth was very poor, had to buy good stuff, and when I became a model, these possibilities could not take my head off. I am a normal guy, you know that don't dress like a goof, and that's enough for me. Understand that clothes make the man, but, in my opinion, I don't look bad, and we want it immediately went beyond clothes. (Laughs.)


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