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Svetlana Ivanova: "In our work need to be rigid, but flexible"

Actress — magic in the kitchen, flexibility in work and a large family in the future

Fashionable, slim, incredibly attractive... Svetlana Ivanova more like a dancer than a famous actress. Although in the beginning she had intended to play only in the theater. But, as she says, the movie found it before.

— Svetlana, you say that today you can drop out, for various reasons, what is the main of them?

— Main-if I was interested to read the script. If interested to read me, as a rule, is not interested to watch the film and the viewer. Once I played like that. If I now offer something related to the medical topic, for me it's probably closed, because I've done it before, made love to, with a full immersion, if I may say so. And for the second time on the same road, probably not very interesting to go. Then sometimes, like history and interesting, and the characters nothing happens. Just have somebody's friend or somebody's wife. But if it does not work, does not move once the subject and I'm not going to be interested.

— The status of star actress, plays here a role?

Status plays a role in the sense that I, in principle, can choose. I have the opportunity to select out of ten or out of five scenarios. When I was a young artist, I was sent something strange, and I have rejoiced and fled to the sample. And really hoping I get this job. But here's the story that I was already a stellar actress, but I suggest you play an episode, no, it does not offend me. In any case. Because there are stories where you just want to be. And this episode could be so bright, so cool that you'll be exceptionally great pleasure.

Светлана Иванова: «В нашей работе нужно быть жесткой, но гибкой»

The series "pregnancy Test" was a great success, but soon the medical theme in the movie Svetlana considers, secretaiat: materials of press-services

— There are cases where eminent actors or Actresses do not consider the options when they are asked to participate in a screen test.

— I such did not meet never. I auditioned with Dmitry nagievym, and with Igor Kostolevsky, and other blocks. A great artist, I think, always glad to have the opportunity to participate in the process. For me, this trial is the possibility of including and work with some Director. Sometimes you get so many samples, you learned something, you saw how a master works, is very valuable.

— You played a major role in the new series "Dekabristy". What do you like about the script?

— First, the fact that the woman is the main heroine and not someone's girlfriend, mother, sister, wife. Secondly, she's a heroine not only nominally, she is a real heroine, and its behavior depends on how the story develops. This is a character who is moving. It is for us, girls, doesn't happen often.

— Shooting, as I heard, took place in this colony?

— In this colony, thank God, I had only one day of shooting. But it was curious. I always wonder when there's such a new place. Even if not very pleasant, but unusual. Well, when I'd been in Syktyvkar? I think never (laughs). But was curious, really. We were well received in our community. Very friendly. The camp commander asked me: "You first in the colony?" — "I hope that in the past" (laughs).

— When you chose your profession, it is not expected that there will be different interesting points, such as this?

— No, not thought. I do when going into the profession, more focused on theatre than movie. But it so happened that the movie found me before.

Светлана Иванова: «В нашей работе нужно быть жесткой, но гибкой»

In the TV series "Dekabristy" the actress played a lawyer who leaves Moscow life and goes after the husband, convicted on false, dinasfoto: materials of press-services

— Visitors always say that Muscovites are known for their laziness. You Muscovite. Have you noticed this?

— Probably Yes, but I try to fight it.

— And how?

For example, just to force myself to get up and go, where to go laziness. Now, for example, I take a daughter Pauline to school. For this you need to get up early in the morning. And probably could not, in the sense that it is not driving the child to and ask someone, but it's a motivator. You get up, go spend time with your baby, breathe, look. And then the result itself is praise. Same thing with sports. It is necessary to persuade yourself to go work out in the gym. And talk, go, do, and then again highly praised. Love yourself much more. At the Institute, for example, in order to go to an audition at "Mosfilm", it was necessary to go from Cinematography through Moscow. It took an hour. And always the choice was when you have a spare pair — or can you sleep anywhere, or eat, or are you going by trolley buses, metro, minibuses to sample. The chance that you will be confirmed, very slim. But it's a chance! Some movement. And I always chose this very movement, which gave the result. Because at some moment of time, and you got the job. Suddenly!

— The truth is that following the film "Legend №17" you asked Hollywood producers?

— Yes, came the Hollywood deals, but they were before this picture. I many time tried out in some projects absolutely regardless of "Legend No. 17". For example, the story that I auditioned for the "die hard" — this was before "the Legend №17". After "Legends" in the West drew attention to Danya Kozlovsky, whose glory a little swim and I saw me as the actress who played his wife. Yes, I had a few of these negotiation meetings.

— Was there a moment when you realized that you knocked on the door of stardom?

— I think not. Because I was surrounded by very reasonable people. So I have always had a harmonious ground. I started acting in College, when many have not thought about it. And the idea is that a young girl can it cause dizziness from success, but then come to College and realize that all are ready for the exam and you are not. And that site you got all great, and the Institute should bite the bit and plow, plow, plow, just to pass the exam. And in this group you already never a star, on the contrary, the Laggards.

Светлана Иванова: «В нашей работе нужно быть жесткой, но гибкой»

"I have a dream to learn Georgian cuisine. It seems to me, one of the most difficult"Photo: Alina Golub

— I heard somewhere that you are fond of cooking...

Yes, I love to cook.

— What are your favorite meals and kitchen?

Different. I want to learn Georgian cuisine. It seems to me, one of the most difficult. And so... Many dishes of Uzbek cuisine I can cook. Many Italian dishes. She is one of the easiest, in my opinion. I started with her. In addition, we possess everything related to baby food. Of course, I as a mother know all this.

Say, the interest in cooking I woke up with the birth of his daughter Pauline...

— Perhaps, Yes. Because while not having the daily need to cook, I could eat quite a pasture for a long time. Even more so with my rhythm of life, my job can be long to live on the snacks, however, won't be feeling very, very good. And when I realized that I want my daughter memories of Breakfast prepared by mom, then got up to the plate (laughs).

I can remember you and frog legs prepared?

— Oh, I remember those paws are still in every interview (laughs). Frog legs in the past. At some point, I wanted to Polina when you grow up, say that these delicious pancakes as my mom she never had. Or "My mom's making pancakes." In fact, this is the direction I started, and then everything else caught up. Because it is, in principle, the simplest magic and the easiest way of expression for women. You had flour and egg, and left the dough. Then you from this dough dumplings made. It's fantastic. You had nothing, and happened food. For me it's a miracle, really. When I bake a cake for me that every time a miracle. Think, and how's he up to? Magic is absolute.

— Who pies-eating? I don't believe it.

— The guests. But I also eat and then Pilates. I love delicious, really!

— Your colleagues often say that thanks to the movie and learned a lot. I heard that you learned to swim in the movie "house of the rising sun"...

— Swim I do not know (laughs). I learned how to make some forward movement in the water, but swimming would still not named. But on the screen it seems that I'm floating. Although I just very naturally sank and at that moment have made some actions with his hands. And then I was out. Even on the set of "August the eighth" I learned to drive a car. And I drive very well. Because I was trained stuntmen. Recently there was a funny incident. Drive up to the "Mosfilm", parked, and there were very few places for this. I opened the window, look at him so as not to catch the car, and suddenly I hear: "Well, twist, twist the wheel!" See, there is my stuntman, who taught me to drive (laughs), says: "who taught you to drive, in the end?"

Светлана Иванова: «В нашей работе нужно быть жесткой, но гибкой»

Svetlana Ivanova and producer and Director Janik Faiziev a long time hid their relationship and confirmed their only three years after the birth of deceivingly Avramenko

— You are a fragile girl, but they say that you have a very hard inner core, is that right?

I don't think so. Perhaps my insistence in the work may be so regarded. Heard about yourself a few times that I'm a naughty so-and-so, but I just don't think that this is so. First, I have seen much more naughty (laughs). And secondly, just to myself know — I, on the contrary, very flexible. I am always for dialogue, for compromise always, always for negotiations, you can agree with me, even in a conflict situation. And I love everything to do with the movie, so it's always for the team as a whole. In General, you need to be tough, but flexible.

— As one famous man: "the more people know — the more I like dogs". How you do this?

— I really like the people. Dogs I, of course, also love. But I love people with all their weaknesses. I and new people love to meet. It is clear that not once someone can let close, but I have a lot of some warm and pleasant acquaintances happened over the past three years. And I know for sure that these people in my life for a long time.

— Do you think that new people appear in your life after you become a famous actress?

— Definitely not. As a rule, people do not know that I am an actress. Such people are, and I love them for that alone (laughs). It's really nice when a person begins to communicate with you, absolutely you are not knowing. And then suddenly it turns out that I'm an actress working.

— 15-20 years what?

— I hope happy. I hope that healthy. Don't know, I think I will have fun. I think I will have a big noisy family.


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