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Yuri Nikolaev: "there is No algorithm for happiness"

The legendary broadcaster — about houses, cars, airplanes, ambition and lives with his wife

"Morning mail" "the Morning star", "property of the Republic" and a lot more. On the biography of people like Yuri Nikolaev, you can write an important part of the history of our television.

— Youri Alexandrovich, what moods and thoughts visit you on the eve of the seventieth anniversary?

— Thoughts swarm, brains boil, because the birthday I will spend on the stage. I wish this was not just a concert, want to see it and were still friends. That's why I'm so Jumpy: remember one thing, then another and so on. That is not to say that we are in harmony and calm in the eve of the anniversary. And besides, I honestly didn't expect such attention to my person.

— I think it has always been so...

— Yes, but to all mass-media, the press called every day several times... my phone is broken and awkward to refuse. I think that is enough interview, but the calls continue. Offered me a television broadcast on 16 December, so invented. Of course, I said thank you and I respect your channel, but I have a difficult day ahead. I mean the concert in Crocus City Hall, all of this action. I hope they are not offended.

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

Future TV presenter with my mom Valentina, Ignatovskoe: personal archive of Yuri Nikolaev

— Than plan to surprise the audience at a concert?

This program will involve almost all our stars: Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, Vaenga, Lev Leshchenko, Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum, Zara Igor Nikolaev — I am afraid to forget someone. Then there are those people who have to me, my friends. And the meeting itself, I will say so from the stage — an occasion to thank those with whom I worked twenty, thirty, and forty years on television, and those who are brought up on stage when they were toddlers. And someone will come and with their kids. I think they even want to sing with your children. And most importantly, I will try almost anything not to speak from the stage. Because if at least one of my friends, we begin to remember and to thank each other, it will turn into a talk show. I also suspect that for me are preparing some musical surprises, which I don't know and don't want to know.

— And you are not going to sing?

— There's a good song recorded by Igor Nikolaev on the poems of his father, Yuri Nikolaev. And it is called "the Island of Yuri." Sounds funny, but it's true. Father Igor's name was Yuri, he was a poet, published a volume of poems. And in the Sakhalin area there is a small island called Yuri. And sings this song, too, Yuri Nikolaev. Maybe we leave it to the finals

— We all enjoy singing, have you thought to also move in this direction?

— I'm afraid what it will look like some Amateur. I jotted down all the time about seven songs. One song, "pieces of eight" — I still remember. Although this song was recorded 25 years ago and sounded a maximum of two times in the "Morning mail". It's my pleasure. Maybe will write later something but no particular desire everyone has to do their job. I was lucky: I'm doing the thing that I love, and I think I have found a common language with the audience, what is most important for a television host. I am rarely called by my name. Mostly Yuri. And I'm totally not bothered. Kids who remember called uncle Yura. For example, Marat Safin, my pet, is irrelevant to the TV, but I know him since I was six. He became superpersonal, but he continues to call me uncle Yura. I called Marat, even when he was already a Senator and a Deputy. Why I remembered it, I don't know, but he's cute. (Smiles.)

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

In 1987 the host of "Morning mail" Yuri Nikolaev, and leading Swedish program "Jacob's Ladder" Jacob Dalin took a joint TV show, which became a real breakthrough in Soviet music Tvphoto: personal archive of Yuri Nikolaev

— In your life were thousands of bright gifts. Some of them became for you unexpected?

— I had a lot of unexpected and very expensive presents for me. For the price, I think it's not so expensive, but the gifts were truly Royal. On one of the birthdays Nikita Mikhalkov gave me on the stage of real Admiral's epaulette eighteen hundred and some years, I have still kept. One my birthday I met in Siberia, in very good company, and the local cooks made chocolate my figure with a microphone. And my fortieth anniversary of Alla Pugacheva has launched its remarkable project "Christmas meetings" and invited me to conduct it. It was on December 16; I went to Alla, said that he had ordered my birthday table, and asked him to let me go early because I want to see how things are there with him. And that action comes by the end, she announces to all who participated, and said: say, you don't see here, Yuri Nikolaev, because today is his birthday and he ran into the restaurant to check the tables. Then added: "Let's congratulate him on his birthday!". And the whole "Olympic" is fifteen to twenty thousand people congratulated me with my birthday. The show was filmed by the channel, and I thought it was, of course, cut out. It turns out that no one cut, all were — went on the air for another fifteen million viewers.
And I was then still half a year happy birthday. Here's a Royal gift. In General, I birthdays almost no notice. Only anniversaries that end in five or zero.

— Now you have any thoughts busy with work and the upcoming celebration, but still, if the free time appears, than it prefer to take?

— It may sound pompous, but I can't live without sports. Like call myself, I am a professional kettle. (Smiles.) And in tennis, and skiing, which I adore. Of course, now I ride don't like riding 25 years ago, and yet it is part of my life. Billiards I like. I play in Russian Billiards, and English is not widespread in Russia, but very interesting.

— How do you have a passion for Billiards?

— The fact that I grew up in a military family. The father was a Colonel, and most of the officers in those days went to the village clubs and played pool. Dad took me with him, so I took the cue early enough. But this is a fickle hobby. When I went to College at sixteen, Billiards disappeared from my life, then appeared again, then opened a Billiards club, where, by the way, goes the chief editor of "MK" Pavel Gusev. We are very good friends, I adore him and love to play with him at Billiards; with him we play snooker, English Billiards. And when you go to world Championships, we are all the time on the phone: are you watching? but who to support?

— You hate to lose?

I always commensurate, with whom to play. Here we're talking about Marat Safin. This is ridiculous — get to play with Marat and think about winning. I just enjoy looking at it, it blows. We took rackets, but I think he's better than me sitting down to play. (Laughs.) So in every sport I know who can go to win, and with whom it is useless — you just need to relax and have fun. But honestly, don't like losing. Anything.

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

1996. Yuri Nikolaev, Leonid Yakubovich not only successful presenters, but also passionate fans of Amateur avioliitto: personal archive of Yuri Nikolaev

I heard that at one time you had quite an unexpected hobby: you can fly a plane!..

Yes, I could fly a small plane, but it was a very long time. I had to stop doing this, because this sport requires constant training. After got the license, I could not come in six months, show it and fly. I was again sitting at the table, asking all the theory: the speed of takeoff, landing, when to lower the flaps, etc. Then had to do a test square with the instructor, and only then decide, I have the right to fly or not. And with my ragged rhythm of work each time had to start almost from the beginning. In the end, refused.

— A book you can often catch?

For me to take the book, which still smell, and flipping pages is a special pleasure. Remember the first time I tasted the pleasure of reading in fourteen years. I even read one novel in English. As I remember, it was Salinger's "catcher in the rye." I read it probably six months, but mastered. (Smiles.) To read it in Russian. They say that man has only three books, but you need to read thirty thousand. And I have three authors that I love and can reread any number of times. There is not in the story. It's really brilliant people: Bunin, Chekhov and Gogol. Of course I know and foreign authors.

— Apparently, you have a lot of books at home?..

— Well, compared to the libraries which I saw, not very much. Filled an office in the country and in the apartment. I have not counted how many volumes, even not know offhand. At the time, the book for me was the most expensive gift because it was one of the Chisinau publishing house. So everyone who went in Chisinau there took the book and brought it to me. They were on bad paper, hard cover. Well, now I have something to bribe. I've liked Italian writer Benaquista, bought a book of unpublished short stories by Scott Fitzgerald. As for Russian literature, I think broad for my taste I have. Well, if you see a very beautiful edition, I yield.

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

In the new century one of the most exciting projects of Yury Nikolaeva was the program "property of Republic". In the photo, Yuri and Lyudmila Gurchenko and co-host of the program Dmitry Seperability Sharlovskoe

— Are you a resident of the country or prefer the city with its rhythm?

The last time we live in Moscow. The family grows — nephews, grandchildren; I gave it to them. Well, we are one blood, one family. Now they rebuild the country for themselves, but our a separate compartment they don't touch. We're always welcome to come, but officially it is the home of my niece. Somewhere in ' 86, the year we bought this house in Istria. It is by today's standards, no, we, of course, altered. I've always liked architecture, design, I even subscribed to magazines design, while still in school. Yes, I like beautiful, interesting home, but I bought the land only because of the kind- he's crazy. When I was shown, I immediately asked: how? And we began to bargain. This site was located on the former landlords ' land, on the highest point. And now I'm on phase and I don't have bent backs of neighbors poking around in the beds, and the new Jerusalem temple. Now it was restored, it was beautiful.

— Maintain children's music programs, we can say, your horse. And you never offered to take part in the project "Voice. The children"?

— No, you didn't. I think that probably would be a wedding General in this program. There is a concept of inertia and lakes. Why after me — and that's not bragging — "Morning post" many were, but the audience did not accept them? Not because I'm brilliant, but because the viewer over the decades got used to me, to my way of speaking, and to adjust was very difficult. Tactically I did the right step: left "Morning mail", not been there for some time, was intriguing, and then I appeared in absolutely new image.

— By the way, the children who participated in the "Morning star" and eventually become famous artists, somehow thank you support contact with you?

— Of course. I am pleased that on December 16, some canceled their very best performances. In particular, Sergei Lazarev, for example, went on tour to celebrate my anniversary. Yes, I'm in a relationship with Pelageya and Zara, and Ani Lorak. And I'm flattered, and I do not hide that all my amazing co-host fate: someone's personal life, someone's career. They all remember this and thank.

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

90. Yuri Nikolaev and Andrey Makarevich play Billiards at the club, where he was going, znamenitostyami: personal archive of Yuri Nikolaev

— In your life, not only in terms of work. Together with the spouse you already 43 years. Admit it, how do you do it?

— Everyone wants to know and everyone is asking this question, but there is no algorithm for happiness. To say that we never fought — it's not true. If the family for so many years there was no quarrel, then, the family built not on love but on something else. And really, in our lives, many of which were, it is not necessary to idealize. It's corny, but I'm still selfish and would not have so much to live with a man you don't love. If there are feelings, then there is understanding. If you have an understanding so there is forgiveness. And then, as I joke, a huge number of tours is also a plus for family life. We were together all the time, sometimes for a fortnight I was away, or I flew, changed clothes, left.

— No desire to take on the tour with you spouse?

— When we got married, she was still in College and money, as you know, we had a very important. I went to earn. Then she graduated from the Institute, he worked from eight in the morning until five in the evening in Gosplan RSFSR. She had graduated with honors, she was considered a good specialist, but her salary, unlike his colleagues, did not increase because she is the wife of Yuri Nikolaev, and he supposedly earns a lot. Yes, in the eighties, I already earned. Not much, maybe like superstars Yuri Antonov and Alla Pugacheva, but among the leading, I think, was in the top. Gave my name on the posters, because they believed that it attracted the audience, well me under the table pay quite good money. Not to compare with the current fees.

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

George and Eleanor met when they were teenagers. They became husband and wife in 1975, godovoe: personal archive of Yuri Nikolaev

— Now you are missing out on life?

— To be honest, the current level of income is fine with me. Yes, it's not something super, but the money I get is enough to live happily. Of course, we skimp on something, but so far, PAH-PAH, not criminal. Then, I realize that I may never will be boats, houses abroad, but I don't have to.

— Do you have weaknesses that you can pull a large sum of money?

— Probably, it is the machine. I drive myself. More than four years I have not kept the car — change it for another model. I know one person who is also obsessed with cars, that was Leonid Yarmolnik. If we talk about clothing, the desire to buy branded suits, jeans, shoes, which I had twenty years ago, no longer. Now I look for quality things, as far as it goes with my image and don't look at the brand. At the time, I sewed and Slava Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin, because it had to appear on the screen. Well, it is clear that all men have passed through the clock, car...

And arms?..

— Well, now here was a hunting show, I offered to buy interesting options, but I knew that it would be redundant. Because the number of rifled guns at home should be certain, and if more, then you need to make as a collection. And this extra headache. Although it is tempting, when you take a new barrel, still smelling, there's a lot of bells and whistles — imager, and so forth, and you still persuaded to buy it... I used to collect edged weapons, but it was not purchased the collection, but only gifts. Asian knives and daggers with a history of two centuries.

— Despite the fact that you, along with his wife for 43 years, the romance in the relationship is left?

— In our life together traditional aspects, such as gifts under my pillow as a child. On birthday, for New year I always do. Exactly at midnight on his wife's birthday the doorbell rings and she gets a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Special person brings, even if I'm not home. Need to know my wife, she has an amazing quality: she knows how to enjoy ordinary things. Roughly speaking, the pin which is able to please. At the same time, if she lost that hairpin, this is a tragedy. I said to her, "I'll Buy you another so many of them!" But still experiencing. While it is perfectly calm to all sorts of things, not because we can't buy them, but because she's just indifferent to them.

Юрий Николаев: «Нет никакого алгоритма семейного счастья»

Already 43 years wife nerazluchniki Avramenko

— Do you often at home going friends, do you like noisy companies?

I love the noisy companies, but in, shall we say, limited. Compared to other hospitable houses we collect not often. We have friends that invite for lunch, for example. Before, when we lived far away and humble, came to me friends and we played at cards for money, but purely symbolic. The wife baked some cookies, there was always something delicious. But that was long ago.

— Yuri, you seem like a person that all turns out easily and without problems. And if you have the drawbacks that I would like to get rid of?

— A huge number of drawbacks that I would like to get rid of, but maybe it will not work. The one is introspective, this self-destruction. Although I say to myself: wait, Yuri! You life is so complicated, you are such a gift — and you're still dissatisfied with something!

— Well, if we talk about the merits...

— I think the most important quality that gave me a start in life, it is ambition. Vanity it can not be called, rather, trying to bring everything to perfection. My colleague Maxim Galkin, who I respect a lot, said "You're a perfectionist." I began to analyze and really understand: maybe this trait has given me a lot to make you come to me to talk.

— When you blow out the candles on the anniversary cake, what will you wish?

— What wish will come true if I now say? (Laughs.) As a joke, but the man is very witty, to go to the doctors in our age is indecent. Of course, wish health for themselves and their loved ones. At the moment the most important thing...


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