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Sergey Lavygin: "I said, "If you lose weight — Hsien will disappear" he discussed with the actor of the fast food, swimming with fans and romantic journey

It is not excluded that Sergey Lavygin can anyone laugh, and therefore is one of the most popular comedic actors. Recently Sergey on the set practically does not leave the clothes of the cook, and I have to admit that it suits him very well.

— Sergey, it turned out that Mikhail Tarabukin you are not the first year doing different projects. And just recently met again on the set of "Canopy Fedi". How do you work together?

We have intermarried during this time. Live in the same trailer on set, talk on the phone and texting outside of work. Why we so work as if it does not work at all, and just having fun. Some conflicts I don't remember. Certainly, there was silence in the van, but it is in the afternoon when everyone is asleep. And if there are differences, we very quickly come to a consensus, and it is easy to operate.

— You probably already talked about the fact that the burgers you cook like a real professional. Cook grip you from the time of the TV series "Kitchen" is left?

— Well, we're not a first year! In the first series, shredded hands of professional chefs, and now are doubles, now we do. Well, the rest is all borrowed, stolen: clamps, tongs, knife to hand. Before the start of filming of the series "Kitchen" we had the chef's courses. And we learned in a real kitchen, was very small, but still practice. There's a lot I assembled. For example, how one chef turned with a tube of sauce — such a professional gesture not to think. The shredder we are there taught: how to keep the left hand as the right, the safety taught.

Сергей Лавыгин: «Мне говорили: "Если ты похудеешь — Сеня исчезнет»

Not long ago, the actor came out with his new girlfriend, actress Maria Lugovoye Avramenko

— Home are you preparing?

— I'm on the salads. And when guests come, unobtrusive to show off the skill of cooking is a pleasure. The cook, the viewer is not particularly needed, and the artist is necessary. (Smiles.)

— It is known that over the last few years you lost a lot of weight. It was not a problem for writers of series, in which you removed?

— Of course, they began to say that Senya can't lose weight. "If you lose weight — Hsien will disappear." That is jokes about funny fat lost. But Senya didn't disappear.

And how did you postroynet?

— All the time. There was a time to get fat, and then it's time to lose weight. The main thing — to begin. If you started and suffered a little bit, then it becomes a way of life. First, proper nutrition. It is important that, where, when and how much you eat. This simple scheme, the most difficult — make yourself. Of course, you can turn to professionals and even they will learn something, but if you're not going to do it, then nothing happens.

— Fast food you have been banned or sometimes allow myself?

— I love fast food, but very limited. Of course, I can buy some Burger in the Park, for example. We were here in Rome. And the Italian cuisine is pizza, pasta, all flour. At home I try myself not to let on vacation limit.

Сергей Лавыгин: «Мне говорили: "Если ты похудеешь — Сеня исчезнет»

In a relationship with actress Anne of Beganovi Sergei was born the son of Fedor. Now the boy is two godatta:

— We can say that the journey was not only a culinary, but also romantic, because you went there together with your beloved, actress Maria meadow?

— Of course. We just found free time and decided to go. And thank God that it happened at that chart, where we are now. When I have time, I want to use it maximally in pleasure.

— What are you addicted to besides travel?

— If possible, I go to football I love this sport. One of course, I do not go, it is always a group of friends. We've even been with Dmitri Yuryevich Nazarov, who is also a fan of "Spartak". Dmitry Yuryevich an ardent fan, he can scream, actively sick, I'm more reserved. I just at some point when I'm bursting and can't hold back, jump up, wave a scarf.

Your son is now two years. He had been on set?

— Yes, on the court he's been, and with interest looked at all, but the questions are not asked. Well, he's a baby really, just approaching the age where you want to start the questions. In the theater, he also visited. That is, he is already familiar with all this and understand that on TV you can see the father and mother, but has not yet asked why this is so.

— Do you think the son will also be an actor?

— I would like to chose my own path and loved the business in which engaged. And what he will become — this is the second question. In my case, my parents were supportive in all endeavors. What I've done it all from karate to Hobbies kites, until he came to the theatre and stood on it.


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