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Sergei Yushkevich: "women's Favorite I parted on different corners"

Romantic feelings brought the actor a lot of problems. Details — in interview

Sergei Yushkevich looks calm and reasonable, and intelligent, insinuating manner of speech does not fit neither with sharpness and determination, or the rowdy acts that happened in his life. But as it turned out, inside this big in all senses of the actor these raging passions that break out not only in the roles. About it in interview to magazine "Atmosphere".

— Sergei, you know that with all your dedication in the profession you are sufficiently rational and do not rush, for example, to perform some tricks. Alas, many Directors love it when the artist does everything himself. You are not having this problem?

— I think not, although I remember the story of Anton Megerdichev, when I was just wondering what will be the water in the movie "Metro" — we had almost all the time in the water, and he was offended. The movie came out, I looked, did not regret that I went. I have no ambition, then to tell you what I do for myself, besides my friends, the stunt guys say, "Sergei, don't take our bread." And I agree with that. Everyone has their own profession. I valuable my life, I have a wife, children, parents. No the movie is not worth your life and even your disease, by and large.

For you the importance of honesty in relationships while working with partners, for example?

— This is for me a fundamental principle. Rehearsing very delicate process takes place, we share their experiences, stories that a stranger will not tell. This requires trust. And in the movie a greater degree of closure at all, and usually no time for spiritual conversation.

Wife Lena, you met in the theater, although it has nothing to do with your profession. As you recognize, saw her, he suffered "sunstroke"...

— Yes, it was a coma, stop breathing, something that was never. Although there were passionate love. Lena I fell in love with instantly.

Is it you too?

I don't think women have it otherwise occurs, is considered. It is already over time realized the seriousness of my intentions.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Любимых женщин я развел по разным углам»

"When both passionately love, it ends in disaster. Therefore the frenzy was on my side, and Lena all this just soaked up like a sponge"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

She wasn't one of those girls who largely accepts the love? Maybe this sounds offensive...

— No, not hurt. When both passionately love, it usually ends in disaster. So I really like that frenzy was on my side, and Lena all this was absorbed like a sponge and wrung out as much as needed. That all has developed safely for the long journey we were going to go together.

— All the same, the polarity of temperaments and characters can be difficult, annoying. This does not happen?

— Lena is even discussed, said that if such was found, which is, in twenty years, you may have fled. But she was twenty-six and I'm thirty-two. So we have these reasons snuffed out, sometimes within themselves, sometimes with each other. If something is annoying, we always talk about it. We cannot allow something was boiling. Same with me and my girls. If I feel someone of them that look or is she not greeted, just asked what was going on.

Both Frank with you?

— As far as possible. But if I see that the situation is more deep and the child absolutely does not want to share something, not insist on the continuation of the conversation.

— Those who are more open?

— Selena, the eldest, she was sixteen. Darina — in my mother. It is such self-centeredness, she's so wrapped up in myself... I said, "Daria, you still can have a very difficult fate." I got very worried. Selena is an absolute angel, all for all, completely open. If asked: "Daddy, how are you?" I see, that it's interesting; and is able to smile... Darin is either stifled in the embrace, or ignore, keep at a distance. Both I don't like. To the question, how are you doing, often responds, "normally", with her back to me. She was fourteen years old, adolescence.

— Darin still wants to be an actress?

— Yes, I dissuaded her, because I see how it is fixated on yourself. Generally a good artist, one that gives, not one that takes. And abilities today, as I think she is below average. Therefore, in the acting profession do not see her. It does not forbid it, but I'll never know. Cite the example of Chulpan, and her attitude to the profession — sometimes a sacrifice. Don't know whether this daughter. Life will show.

— And Selena is thinking?

— While it attracts the profession of a photographer or makeup artist.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Любимых женщин я развел по разным углам»

"I was scared and hopelessly in love. Once stood on the fourth floor in the window and then wanted to throw herself under the bus. Such was the degree of despair"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

— Get back to love. You say about yourself that is not jealous. But by your actions in adolescence and youth do not say...

— It was not jealousy, and resentment that do not have a relationship. I have no sense of ownership in relation to women. And Lena, I confess, I even said: "If ever you take that extra glass of wine, and there will be some Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi and you for a second flare up something, rock out and enjoy in full. The only request that I have not seen it at home and my children didn't call him father." (Laughs.) I understand that we are all human, and with all the civilization we have there are some chemical and biological processes. So in the case of "urgent need", I'll have no complaints. In this sense, I am not a greedy man. (Laughs.)

— What Lena thinks about this?

— The same thing.

— Apparently, you just believe in each other.

— Everything is based on absolute trust in each other. (Smiles.) That is, even now in Paris I stood in the airport "Charles de Gaulle", smoked on the street before boarding and said to Lena: "I don't want to get out of here" — and she said, "So you stay, until the money run out". What would the wife say so? Most would be outraged: "What?! I'm here and the kids and you don't want to go, I want to walk in Paris!" But this is Lena, she is not unique. My friends dream about such wife.

She was as wise before?

— Initially. We have, surprisingly, everything happened really quickly, she came to visit me and stayed.

— And before that was a girl with strong morals?

— She lived with the young man before me. And so... I don't know, never asked. But I won't forget her words that she said later in the subway: "You know, if we even with you may never meet again, I'll be happy that it was." And in the vast majority of cases, as soon as it got to the intimate story, I started packing for future joint life. Very much met with possessiveness, with incredible zeal. Someone I "endured brain" because I'm in the play with the actress kissing. "I watched for the tenth time, and today you kissed her like something special." It was a performance "Storm" in the Theater. Mayakovsky, and there just could not RUB my lips because we were a meter away from the viewer, right in the feet of them, and those passions that were described by Ostrovsky, mean absolute openness. And these stories were many. Suddenly I realized for the first time the title of the play "guilty Without guilt". People bullied me causeless suspicions, and at some point I found the anaesthetic went in and did it. And I am relieved. She did not know about it, and I was fine. We still have some time together, and then still broke up.

— What two suicide attempts have you had?

— It was at the age of fifteen because of Lena Levitskaya, with which we were engaged together in the drama club. I was scared and hopelessly in love. And it lasted a long time, even when I was in the army. And then one day I was standing on the fourth floor in the window and then wanted to throw herself under the bus. It was two bright the moment when I thought I was ready for it. Such was the extent of my despair.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Любимых женщин я развел по разным углам»

"They say that a lot of love do not happen, but I felt that become amorphous, weak-willed. Live like a bandaged mother"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

— Well kept? Fear or someone?

— I think that at the last moment I got scared. And perhaps, hoped for something. Rather, knowing myself, I think I clung to some hope. But the situation has not changed.

— Ten years after Lena in your life appeared... a father who has lived his entire life next to you in Chernivtsi. No offense mom, you have such a wonderful dad, and she, in fact, you have deprived him?

I'm sorry, as mother to this day refers to it that there is this distance. I always wanted to have a father. Mom found someone from time to time, and I was glad. But for a long time about dad I didn't even ask questions because I was a kid. And then the mother appealed to the fact that he is not eager to communicate with me. When I was an actor of Theater. Mayakovsky once arriving in Chernivtsi, mom walked in the Park. When we got home, she said dad passed. They had such an agreement. It's hard to judge what happened between them. She didn't tell me about it in the Park, and I do not understand why it was necessary to talk about it at home. To a certain degree of sadism. I've been tormented by the fact that he did not stop; he did not, because to keep his word.

— Why, then he spat on the agreement with mom?

I think he's ripe for this meeting, I realized that I'm an adult living an independent life. And very gently, through a friend, asked me if I have the desire and the opportunity to meet. This I liked, too. So I immediately responded. And in the very first meeting found a kinship, even we equally Express our opinions, we have, and manner of speech of one and the same. And the voices are similar, although he is older.

— By the way, your voice was always so peculiar?

I don't remember it in my youth, then came the Foundation, the strength to play to the audience, but the tone is the same. Unfortunately, I have no video, so, watching my children review their very children's recording, I'm very jealous because I would like to see and hear yourself at the age of two running around my grandmother in the garden and screaming something. But I have a lot of photos mom took of my house and drove to the shop. Moreover, I had an amazing photo at the age of eighteen months to two years, she stood in the window of the Studio on the main street fifteen years. I was like a movie star. (Smiles.) When the picture disappeared, I told mom about it and offered to take it from them. But, apparently, we later came to their senses — in a shop do not know where the the. But the fiction that my picture was on main street for many years, and is also a kind of prediction of the profession.

— You have been my mother's son?

— I think so. Years fourteen-fifteen, started to destroy it, to walk away from it, to distance. By the way, one of the sub-items in the dream of becoming an actor was a desire to get away from mom.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Любимых женщин я развел по разным углам»

I am very impulsive, but the impulse is not schizophrenic, he has the Foundation and strong arguments"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

— You once said that it is his love a little "choked"...

Yes. They say love does not happen much, but I felt that become amorphous, weak-willed, she did everything for me. Understand that losing the rod, the natural tenacity that is because I live like a bandaged mother, protected from all. I became tense, I realized I need to break free from its shackles. However, no strict prohibitions was not, because my mom was an absolute contact. And unlike many teenagers I've heard it at once — not because I was afraid, but because he loved. But he wanted to be and heard and felt some poilevaya me. Mother — Queen, and I felt I was her subject. And I'm tired of it, wanted to belong to himself.

— But mother did not challenge you when you decided to go to Moscow?

— Here we must pay tribute to her. It was 1984, I'm in all higher education institutions reached the third round, and in the "Pike" — to contest. The first round in GITIS I went during spring break, not after school. I sent a telegram, which still kept with me, that I am invited to the second round. When I showed it at school, all at once fell. However, I in the year received. Any student in the School-Studio of MKHAT after I read everything on the third round, ran me down and said, "you Idiot! You couldn't pay the money in his village to buy a military ID?" I didn't get, as I found out, because it still would have taken the army after the first year.

— But really — could "otmazatsya" from the army, besides the heart defect...

— Acting, I never imagined that it could be a problem. Congenital heart defect really was. When the mother gave birth to me, she warned: "Keep it upright until the morning. If he's still alive everything will be fine". And my mom, in tears, did it, she is numb the whole body. When the doctor finally came and saw that I was alive, said, "I Think we slipped." Then about fifteen or sixteen years Vice I have basically overgrown. In General, I have not done and thought will go into the army.

And the fear army was not?

— No. I wanted there and didn't hide it. The older boys told me: "Serezha, you'll curse everything in a month". They lied because I was cursing a week. Mom came to the oath of office, saw me and started crying. It was just Auschwitz: the frightened big eyes, thin face. Although I was a sports guy, but we were underfeeding, and how to drive... in the winter on five kilometers in a gas mask... And most importantly, any load, even physical, of the house was with your consent: that's what you want done. And there is a stick in the morning or at five: "Up! Ran! Jogging, b...!" I have these intonations just before this I never heard. There was stiffness and solid stress.

— I was surprised to read that mom bought you dolls instead of toy cars. While you were growing up as a boy bold and independent...

— I'm not sure that mom bought, maybe I gave. But I remember that there were lots of dolls. I have pictures of dolls and bears. But the typewriter was not sure. And today I have a relaxed attitude towards them. I'm not driving, absolutely not a car guy. Walk, use the subway if the weather is bad — a taxi. A garden we have.

— My mom was of such a nature that, as you were told, "she could give a penny" to the offender?

I just remember the case — the woman provoked her with his rudeness. Mom's not cultureless people, she just has a strong character. She was a gymnast in the past, master of sports, but broke his collarbone and gave up everything. She is a very powerful man by nature. If you even look at her photos twelve, fourteen years old, you will see an already formed person, although maybe she didn't realize it.

And you probably passed on strength of character from my mom. You are not afraid to openly Express their opinions.

— They say that Cancer is a sign that first does, and then a long time thinking: "Damn, what have I done!". I am very impulsive, but the impulse is not schizophrenic, he has the Foundation and strong arguments. In such cases, justified by the fact that he could not do otherwise. I had a sad story with Valery Fokin. He began to rehearse "Schweik" in "contemporary", but it was not very interesting, and I went with the easy idea that will take another artist — I'm not the main role, and he suddenly turned all. I even Galina Borisovna said that I can't imagine the situation to be something somewhere in the set, one actor refused to play, and she took the suitcase and left. Fokin bought all the sets and costumes and put "Schweik" at the Alexandrinsky in St. Petersburg, but said that the performance was unsuccessful. I knew that bringing theatre and the Galina Borisovna, and Then there was a meeting where someone even offered to punish me.

You and Galina Borisovna was not said before?

— No. And I explained to her why. I love her so much that after a conversation with her would have continued to rehearse. I had a similar situation with Vida. I didn't like the story of the "Demons" I came to Volchek and said, "Galina, I don't want to get involved"; she asked: "Sergey, for me!". I stayed and played for eight years.

For you it is the most expensive?

In her abyss of love and pain, superhuman endurance, patience towards us. She is so honest and thorough in his desire to be with us, and it hurts so bad, when she's betrayed... And betrayed very often. I love her and she knows it. I received offers from different theaters, but all said, "While alive, Galina, this cannot be and speeches". I refused to talk about work with my beloved and dear Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov only because I know the pain she underwent, when half the theatre left for him in the theater. Again, for the love of theater "Contemporary" Galina Borisovna and I refused to shoot in New Zealand, Alaska and Svalbard, because I had two or three months to leave the theater, this meant to leave it.

— Can do a lot for love?

— I hope. If this applies to my family. For example, my mother Lena very difficult relationship. And out of love and to my mother, and to Lena I kept them both. Only when the mother arrives in Moscow, she lives not with us, and at the hotel.

To such a degree it all started?!

— Alas, Yes. And such a complicated relationship they have because of mom; all the years there were many tears, to which I said: "Mom, stop! Enough! Now we have a truce forever" — and they with Lena in her visits do not occur. Go to grandma's granddaughter, naturally I go there.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Любимых женщин я развел по разным углам»

"The wives and mothers of a very complex relationship. And I made your favorite women in different corners"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

— What's the stumbling block?

— It's me. Mom and I just can't be someone else's. With her was a lot of hard-hitting, though she argued the fact that this is her point of view. But I really like the phrase: "the truth spoken without love is a lie", so if there is no love to the other person, maybe no need to say it? I felt that if you make the choice to moms, you'll lose family. So I just lit my favorite women in different corners.

— You communicate a lot with mom?

To be honest, at my age, there is no urgent need just to talk with mom. And when she says "give me a Call. Do you want to talk?", — I usually reply: "Once. Don't want to!" — and I hang up. I do not have enough silence and solitude. I was now in Paris for a week and nothing. Walked, enjoyed the beauty, came back right before the opening of the season. When I called my mom in a spare five minutes for a change, quickly asked: "How are you, my love?" and suddenly I hear on the other end of her drawn out "all-EE", and then: "You know, now that I've watered the flowers... we have rain today"... and I care about her flowers and the rain I want to know what condition it's in. With Lena we're talking about what's gnawing at us, how we feel. This is important. And so I and my mom don't hang out that much. The conversation is not fun. I only regret that due to her health can't send her alone to rest somewhere in Europe, and she loves to travel. But I hope to be able to give her half the world.

— You call yourself an optimist, you say that he is enjoying life. While you have had suicide attempts, left the Institute because of failed love and even a hike in a bad position on a terrible play to make yourself worse...

— Yes, I'm a masochist in this sense. (Laughs.) This is my nature, I did not fully understand. For example, in the army I was transferred from Kharkiv to the song and dance ensemble of MIA of the USSR, Ukraine and Moldova based in Kyiv, Podol. The ensemble was housed in a convent with four-foot walls. I stayed until the end of the service only six months. We lived in the attic, that is above us was the attic. And for a month I broke three walls with a hammer and chisel to get to the auditory window and sit on the roof at night. Moreover, with her I switched to the next, civil roof and with risk to get into a disciplinary battalion were sent at night to walk around Kiev. My mom brought me civilian clothes, I hid the package in the attic. I could stop the patrol, and then the light would be a few more years. Why did I do that? Don't understand.

— You are right Monte Cristo... And adventure as much as you do!

— I don't know where it came from me. A few years later when my mom got there, went to the door, through which I descended into the world, opening the hatch, there was four locks. At this moment the door opened one of the apartments and the woman asked: "You looking for someone?" I told her: "You tell me immediately was the course?" And she said that it was closed because the boys from the army schools have walked there and back. So, this course, cut through me, it dad, mom or someone else? I have no idea. This is probably an irresistible craving for freedom, even despite the risk.


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