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Polina Gagarina: "the Mother and husband constantly ganging up on me!"

The singer told in an interview why the future husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, first thought her a suspicious character

The name Polina Gagarina known since the days of "American idol," where she won. And after her spectacular performance on "Eurovision" and two seasons spent in the chair of the mentor show "the Voice", the singer's popularity has increased dramatically. Despite a hard touring schedule, Polina always come first. She is a happy mother of two children. And her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, has become a real Muse. By the way, this new year's photo shoot to interview the singer for the magazine "Atmosphere" did it.

— Pauline, let's start with the beloved holiday — New year. In order to spend a magical night at home with family, abandon or still working is more important?

— If you rank values, the family definitely comes first. Children, husband, mother... the Longing for him when you go and not see a few days. This year I will speak in the evening on December 31, shortly before midnight come back home to our Moscow apartment. Under the chiming clock all kiss-hug, give gifts. Let's clink glasses with my husband and my mother champagne, eat a plate of beloved Olivier and Mimosa, and then leaving the kids mom, and do go to another performance. In the morning Andrew with Miusa Wake up, and the parents are home.

— What made the strongest impression — not necessarily a plus sign — from the New year?

Five years ago, when we began to date my future husband, new year's eve turned out the longest in my life. First I performed at a concert in Moscow. Dima walked me there, waited for the end and drove to the airport. I was flying on a private event on the Canary Islands. Thought: think, it's not that far. On landing it became clear that actually, I'm waiting for the Caribbean. (Laughs.) I flew across the Atlantic, went up, went back to the hotel. Fell, basilisa on the bed and glanced at the clock. I remember my surprise when I realized that 1 January is not over yet!

Полина Гагарина: «Мама и муж постоянно объединяются против меня!»

Dress, MD Makhmudov DjemalФото: Dmitry ISKHAKOV

— When you hear the phrase "New year of childhood" — is what you remember?

For example, when I was five or six years, my family and the evening sat at the Christmas table. Gifts from relatives received, and Santa Claus all appeared. And I said that I would not go to bed until he comes. My mother's brother, uncle Sasha, sighed and went out. Suddenly there was a roar. At the door someone drummed hard. I darted across the room, began to look for where you put the costume chanterelles... And the door still knock! Comes Santa Claus — the sheepskin coat inside out, cotton beard. And vaguely reminiscent of the mother's uncle... But there was no time to think: I was already in the image. Hands in red mittens folded like legs, on his head a hat with Fox ears, and facial expression is tricky. Santa Claus is a little under the table fell out laughing when he saw me. Barely restrained so as not to laugh, and bass asked: "who are You?" "I'm chanterelle-sister," I replied with a languid look. Read him a verse and having received the gift, happy went to sleep, banishing thoughts about the similarity of magician uncle Sasha. The following year in Santa Claus, dressed grandfather. I recognized him by his sneakers, which he forgot to change. But played along, read a poem, thanked him for the gift. And then quietly told my grandma that grandpa is no longer play-acting. (Laughs.)

— When you were young, a few years he lived with his mother in Athens, where she worked. As there celebrated the New year?

— To us or came grandma with dad, or we flew to Saratov where lived the grandmother with the grandfather. Or — to the Pope, in Moscow, where he studied and worked. Do we have a big family: uncles, aunts, cousins... We are friendly with the great-aunt who is younger than me for eight months. In childhood all gathered at the big table: conversations, songs, delicious homemade food... Everything had changed after the death of dad and grandma. First passed away dad. Three years later, grandma died. In its ten years, I have realized the scale of the tragedy. Mom couldn't recover from grief. Remember the clear knowledge that childhood, I am no longer a child and should behave so as not to disappoint them, not to disappoint expectations and hopes. Still don't understand how my mother survived. She became a widow at thirty-three.

And more I got married?

— No. I was her support, hope, meaning of life. She was completely focused on me. Became clear early on that I should build in creative direction, good times singing, dancing... my Mother showed wisdom when it did not respond to my "coke" in mathematics. This is the right approach. Abused solely for lying.

And what is the result? Do not lie?

— I?! Lying, of course. But only for the good. When better to keep silent, to keep back, than to disappoint the man.

— Mom you have so far?

— Mom is my best friend. She's on a pedestal. In the childhood has accustomed me to the fact that any problem first tell her. Because a loving mother would give good advice and correct the situation. Share with a friend, that will spread around the world, and no end of trouble. Mom said, "Pauline, the two of us can handle any trouble. Any!" And when I was wrong, got in trouble, difficult circumstances, no matter how hard, was going with the spirit and walked toward her. Secret — it's not always pleasant, right? Mom listened, sometimes abused: how did this happen?! We cuddled, often we cried together, discussed what happened, and there was a resolution. Mom was right: once I start talking — like a stone fell from the soul. Become easily and calmly: all will be well!

Полина Гагарина: «Мама и муж постоянно объединяются против меня!»

Dress, MD Makhmudov DjemalФото: Dmitry ISKHAKOV

— Your son is eleven years old. He is with you as well Frank, as you and your mom?

I don't know what will happen when Andrew becomes an adult man. While we are discussing literally everything. Lie down in the evening in his room, and he said, "Mom, here's what happened. How better to do?" I try to analyze the situation and help. I want to be a good mother. And in the future — be a great mother-in-law. Dreadful word: "light-blood"!

— Do you have one?

— Of course! We have a wonderful relationship. Recently, Neta flew to the us from Germany, where he lives. She enjoyed spending time with her granddaughter, and my husband is sleeping. (Laughs.) Finally managed to sleep. In-law we see each other infrequently, but when we meet, sincerely and with great joy we communicate. By the way, and the mother-in-law in our family. Mother and her husband — bosom buddies, constantly combining against me.


— Unhappy that I am giving them a little attention. I come home and often continue to answer phone calls, messages... They require that I put off the phone and switched to the family. I'm trying, but this is not always possible. March 30 my concert in Moscow, in sports Palace "Megasport", April 19 — in St. Petersburg. Training began in the fall and occupies all my thoughts.

— "Megasport" is a huge room for twelve people. You are a skilled artist, but there was some excitement?

— Of course, because I'm alive. But I have ambitions and a huge desire to make and show a stylish, refined, high-quality show. I'm going with him on a tour of Russian cities, and without loss of quality, although the site will be a lot less than in both capitals. Lord, let him work the way I want! Want to be proud of this show. To surprise the audience and colleagues.

Полина Гагарина: «Мама и муж постоянно объединяются против меня!»

Dress, MD Makhmudov Djemal; sandals, Jimmy Choo; jewelry, ChopardФото: Dmitry ISKHAKOV

— Pauline, you thirty-one years. And you incredibly popular. On Instagram — six and a half million subscribers! It's hard to be an idol?

— I would not be generalized. Notice that you are responding to me differently. Or with warmth and affection, or dramatically the opposite. Judging by the comments in social networks, I often irritate. Write: nasty, arrogant, angry and boring, right down to dental pain... Recently wrote a post on how arrived this morning to Dubai, made, bathed in the sea for ten minutes straight and the day flew home. Message: and you weak to withstand such a rhythm of life? For some reason people are fixated on the fact that it took place in the United Arab Emirates, and issued more than a thousand comments on how I should be ashamed: that it is difficult to live, and money abroad no... this Flowed an impressive stream of negativity that I was upset and did not finish. Believe that still the majority of people are good. My next post called to be kinder to each other.

— How do you teach your son to respond to aggression?

— Never say: give back. Suggest: back off. Andrew is not adapted to reality in this sense. In his childhood when he bullied the other boys, he shrugged: for what? I grew up fighting girl, could stand up for themselves. And the son — another soft, vulnerable, sensitive, kind. Proud of him. Yes, such people are difficult to live, but they do not betray and do not act meanly.

— Raising two children, you look in the psychological literature?

— No. I trust myself intuition. Know that the love of a child will not spoil. Children should be spoiled...

— To get the real robbers?..

— No that they have grown nice and decent people. Not to spoil things, gadgets, endless gifts, and their care.

— How Andrew affected your popularity?

— Recently admitted that there were times when somebody wanted to be friends with him to meet me. It hurts. He never says, whose son. One girl said, "Andrew, how did you get in the commercial? Did you know that appeared with Polina Gagarina?" He said, "Yes? Didn't know..."

— Any artist strives for popularity. But when it comes — it turns out that it's a burden. As happened in your case?

— After singing "the Play is over" and "don't trust me anymore" I began to learn, but not everywhere. Few would react if I was walking down the street not wearing any makeup, in jeans, baseball cap... But after the "Eurovision" in 2015, the situation has changed. I remember how my husband and son were caught in a shower, stopped a private trader and went home. Dima sat forward, we Andrew — ago. We ride in silence. I — in the cap lowered on his nose, ripped jeans, t-shirt. And then I catch a glance of the driver through the mirror...

Полина Гагарина: «Мама и муж постоянно объединяются против меня!»

Dress Tantalize Couture; earrings, ChopardФото: Dmitry ISKHAKOV

— What are you making out with Conchita Wurst? Eh?..

— There was an episode on "Eurovision"... And I realized that I had become a hostage of its popularity. Everywhere now — the sights of other people's views. Husband complains that it is impossible to freely enter the restaurant, to the store, walk down the street: people are starting to whisper, nudge each other... Annoying arrogance — when, do not hesitate, do not hesitate to open the phone and remove the video. Recently flew the family to relax. Daughter was Dima on hand, and I went ahead with a boarding pass. A strange lady gave the camera to MIA and the emphasis is photographed. We got confused. I ask: "Why did you do it?" "Oh, I will erase" — "Explain that in principle — why? Of the house hang a picture of my daughter with her husband? Will consider at leisure?.."

— It's amazing that you, Pauline, so calmly. I think I would react aggressively to the invasion of privacy.

— I hold myself to the last. Certainly not rush with his fists, but tough OSAGO.

— Remember your feelings, when you began to learn after the "American idol"? Then you were only fifteen years old...

— Imagine: we were shown in Prime time three times a day! We were kids, couldn't take care of himself. Money for a taxi was not, the car did not drive... And when I went down to the subway — we got it. I somehow all the time pinching on the sly. I didn't expect this! It's one thing when fit and compliment — it's nice. And another — when faced with a tactless, rude.

— What advice would you give yourself today, fifteen years?

— "Pauline, don't be afraid!" Yes, I have made many mistakes, but grateful for the lesson. The sign of the zodiac I — Aries. Learn only when they step on the rake, and they end up hurting his forehead. Strangers on pakapi I was not impressed. Mom often said, "Mix, don't go, don't do, it could be dangerous..." as soon As I heard this request, immediately was where I was advised not to pry. (Laughs.) With children's parties I always came back in someone else's clothes. My friends and I walked, and played, and I managed to find on the street the deep pool, throw something indelible, fall. Ripped feet, face, hands... Parents friends had me change clothes and return to an unrecognizable home. Why am I acting like that? No answer... Now smarter: it's time! Still I am the mother of two children.

— In the trend of later motherhood, girls are only after thirty years thinking about the first child. You have the firstborn appeared at a young age. Was difficult?

When Andrew was born, I didn't quite understand what happened. The awareness came later. Of course, financially it was not easy. Convinced that when the baby comes, all the powers of the world help to put him on his feet. The main thing to him was enough of your love, the rest will follow. Being a mother is the greatest joy. Treasures of the world can not be compared. Keep your baby's hands, to inhale his scent, to feel his heart beat, and understand that it is a miracle from you — incredible condition! Ideally — to have a complete family, to be married to a good guy and give him children. But life does not always meet expectations, so, if there is a question, to give birth or not, even if there are no worthy men, I vote Yes. There is no interference — neither age nor the absence of the husband, residence, apartment, money... When a woman is feminine is not implemented, it often happens terrible. Have seen such examples.

Полина Гагарина: «Мама и муж постоянно объединяются против меня!»

Jacket and blouse, all the Yanina Couture; earrings, ChopardФото: Dmitry ISKHAKOV

— The idea of childfree you understand?

— If a woman in the art, such as, for example, Maya Plisetskaya, the all clear. Maya Mikhailovna did not belong to himself. She was more than just a woman.

Soon MIA will grow up and will ask you: "Parents, how did you meet?" What story will you tell?

— We say that one day dad beautifully filmed mother. Then long gave the photo. Mom wrote an angry message: "When?! I need the pictures for the concert!" He took the opportunity and said, "when will you drink with me a Cup of coffee." It all started that way.

— Your novel with Dmitry has caused a stir. The press was given the details — you did not comment. People wrote in comments that it is fake: Gagarin could only meet with the oligarch, not a photographer... How do you get this reaction?

Makes me laugh that people know how to live. Let them continue, and I only rely on yourself, do what you think is right-like feel.

— There was a feeling that life will change and you will meet the man of your dreams?

— No. Before meeting with Dmitry I decided that I would take a break in relationships with men and just be alone. Wanted to relax, work in peace, enjoy the time spent with Andrew... My vacation was short-lived: I was free for two months. Dima is a man of my type, he looks like his dad. Brown hair, beard... the Family I always wanted but thought she is, and so, since we live with my son. Marriage is not rushed, it was the liberty to choose the men. Here and chose best! I call my husband a dinosaur. When we met, he was already thirty-six. A blank background — no ex-wives nor children. I was amazed: "Suspicious! What is wrong with you?!" He, like mom, is my friend. Sometimes a psychologist, sometimes, as my personal psychiatrist. (Laughs.) Dima knows how to pick up the exact words that I have a lot to explain and soothe. We are similar in that both listen to your heart.

— In fashion magazines popular categories stylists, or fashion historians with the analysis appearance artists. Is that you, Pauline, goes! How to respond to criticism of this kind?

— Let's not forget that plenty are inept photographers. They are capable of any, even a perfectly folded girl (I'm not talking about myself) to turn into a creepy dwarf with feet, as Uncle Stepan. Lovely dress due to the lack of light or a bad angle can look rumpled, ill-fitting. Stylists dismantled bows pictures, so their criticism does not bother me.

Полина Гагарина: «Мама и муж постоянно объединяются против меня!»

Jumpsuit, Louvery; necklace and bracelet, all ChopardФото: Dmitry ISKHAKOV

— It turns out that self-esteem you okay?

Strange thing, but no! On the contrary: I constantly doubt yourself.

Is that beautiful? That talented?..

— In everything! And as a child I was incredibly confident. Where did it all disappear? Considered myself a beauty Queen, although they were wider, lower, rounder... Lucy, my grandma, said that such girls as her granddaughter, is no longer and never will be. She loved me then. "Not Pauline?! Then who is it?" she asked in confusion. Thanks to the enduring faith of Lucy in my abilities I went on casting with huge confidence that I'll get and the competition has no chance. With age, something happened, self esteem decreased. Look at their performances and think: how is it?! Must be better!

— You often work together with her husband — photographer Dmitry Isakov. This is a plus or a minus? You always like how he takes you?

— We were a normal family — and argue and fight. And on domestic issues, and professional. I really like how Dima. If a photo shoot is pursuing another photographer, I'm nervous. Can't take pictures, you have to call: and send more pictures, these do not like... does he definitely will be good. Although he is not completely trust, I bet when he offers a particular view of the world: "No!" — persist. I rarely like myself. Dima asks: "One shot, Polina". Agree, certainly adding that the picture will fail, it is not worth to waste time. Shoot — and then it turns out that this frame becomes the cover of the new single. Very frustrating that he was right! (Laughs.)

— Pauline, what's happening in your life — a miracle? A lot depends on you — or do you believe that everything is predestined?

— I'm a fatalist, believing in destiny. But with the right choice. I think that the main road passes to the child from birth. You can lose your way, roll on the wrong path. And then fate will change. All my life I struggle with laziness, make mistakes, to then analyze them and make conclusions. I study a lot. Graduated from musical school, then — pop-jazz school vocal class. Later, the School-Studio of MKHAT. I to develop from childhood to accustom themselves to the rigid discipline. Without this, success can be achieved, but to fix it — no. And yet I think that I really was a miracle. At the right time in the right place, met the people, which is something I've considered. Sang the song Konstantin Meladze "the Play is over", which became for me not just a springboard and booster. Were recruited cosmic velocity, and the motion vector of strictly went upstairs. Under the chiming clock, new year's eve, I don't write notes, and pray that the year has given me and family health. Great happiness to be daughter to feel like a child. To be the mother of a healthy beautiful children. To be the wife of a good man. I wish you all to keep your family healthy. The rest does not matter!


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