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Yuliya Topol'nitskiy: "My happiness is in the details" discussed with the star of the music video "Exhibit" marital romance and louboutins

After starring in a video for the song of the group "Leningrad" the life of Julia Topol'nitskiy miraculously changed. A short video opened for the young actress, which she previously only dreamed of. And we must admit that these features the actress successfully uses.

— In the series "Catch the crew" you got the role of a girl who is forced to change well-fed carefree life in the care of an ordinary man...

— Yes, my Stephanie was faced with a real life, everyday life and work and, of course, it is difficult for her.

Do you remember yourself coping with everyday life, when we started life together with your spouse, actor Igor Chekhov?

— I am very comfortable with my husband, simply because he is a wise and wildly romantic. For example, in our St. Petersburg apartment there are always fresh flowers is a tradition. And when I have middle of the night can sometimes be in a bad mood, he runs to the store for groceries and together we prepare a pizza. (Smiles.)

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах»

For the TV show "Catch the crew".Photo: materials of press-services

Summer you and Igor noted the anniversary of the wedding. Celebrated according to tradition in Saint-Petersburg?

— Yes, we were in St. Petersburg is our city in all respects. Here, we got married for the second anniversary is celebrated in St. Petersburg. We even have a hashtag of the day: we are counting the days that have passed since the wedding. I think this is a very enjoyable and fun tradition.

— Now you live in Moscow, but occasionally travel to his native St. Petersburg. How to solve the problem of frequent moving?

— Usually Board the train in the centre of one city and four hours drive to the centre of another city — of course, it's easier. And rush to the airport, pass all these checkpoints, wait, then fly an hour and twenty minutes, of which, in fact, without the takeoffs and landings we fly just fifteen minutes. In General, it's not for me. Now, if you need somewhere far away, of course, I'm in. But I'm not one of those who offers, "let's go walk, then get on the train, then go by ferry and then by train get to places." (Smiles.)

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах»

Yuliya Topol'nitskiy in the series "You're pissing me off"Photo: materials of press-services

— Not afraid to fly?

— To be honest, I am very afraid of heights, although it often fly. Of course, I don't go hysterical on a plane or, as some of my compatriots, do not get drunk to the point of "no fit". But when we take off, me finds some sort of fear. Three minutes later, however, let go when I know that everything will be fine. So I usually fall asleep on the UPS to Wake up and realize that the worst is over.

— The main location of "Cool crew" became the airport "Pulkovo". Hurrying passengers did not interfere?

In some moments I even wanted to fly with passengers anywhere in warm countries. But no, we were until recently. (Smiles.) And by the way, funny people reacted to us. Approached and asked: "what's going on here?" And some specially flickers in front of cameras.

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах»

The main role in the video for the song "Exhibit a" of group "Leningrad" was for Julia the start of a successful carterette: materials of press-services

— You personally happened a stressful situation at the airport?

— It turned out that my plane was delayed first for an hour, then three hours, then another four. At this point, I buy a plane ticket to another airline. Remain a few minutes before the end of registration, I resort to the counter, give your passport. Say: please, I need to go, I'm shooting. And I defiantly respond that all registration has ended. In General, I was not allowed on the plane. Because of its emotional I couldn't hold back the tears, because I was wildly offensive — not to fall for the second plane. In the end, I was waiting for my third flight that was also delayed for three hours. I felt like a hostage to the airport, like Tom Hanks ' character in the movie "the Terminal". Yes, it was very sad. Most surprised by the fact that it is not the airline staff tried to help to solve this problem, and people who worked in small shops of the airport. They saw that I was here very long walk down, so I came, comforted and offered coffee. In such moments, you realize that maybe everything is in balance: there is indifference, but immediately and help from outsiders who have absolutely no idea who you where and what you fly.

— In General, how has your life changed after the sensational video of the band "Leningrad"?

— First of all, this reinforced attention to me, especially in social networks. But the thing that happened to me, what is the dream of every aspiring actor: in my life, new projects, and I am very happy. Moreover, the proposal is completely different: TV spots, viral videos, samples in comedic and dramatic projects, but more comedic roles, which I closer.

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах»

In the summer of Yuliya Topol'nitskiy and star of Comedy show Igor Czechs have marked the second anniversary of swedbio:

— The immodest question: you have louboutins? Do not have the desire to buy them after filming?

— I have a lifestyle that in pantsuits and heels do not resemble, as much as I wanted to sometimes. I usually come to St. Petersburg, getting home, going to shower, and in half an hour taking me to the shooting. So something covered himself and ran. Now me men's t-shirt — bought the smallest size in the men's Department. I just love these t-shirts in the style of the nineties. The more fashion is coming back.

— If you dream that you moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow? A place, apartment, people, something else?

— All moved in! Of course, I really miss my hometown. But, to be honest, I am very fond of Moscow, and over time, I have favorite places here.

— When I have free time, as it is preferred to carry out?

In many ways, it all depends on the mood, situation and time. In St. Petersburg, I can meet with friends, go to a concert, take a walk along the promenade, listening to music with headphones. All us girls love to think of life to the sad tracks. (Smiles.) I really like to eat. (Smiles.) For me, almost any cuisine can be delicious — I'm not fussy. I love Georgian and Tatar food Ukrainian borscht, dumplings, and burgers, and fish — anything, just not sharp. By the way, you can even make a fish soup in Finnish.

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах»

Sergey Shnurov became the young actress something of a godfather.Topol'nitskiy starred in three music videos of the group "Leningrad", and all of these videos had a big aspectto:

The ability to cook was highly prized. Now, in your opinion, which woman is able to interest a man?

— Well-read, interesting, versatile companion. The woman should have an opinion and understanding of what she wants. Men now have a large selection — so many beautiful girls around! And even soup no one will keep, so you need to work on ourselves to develop.

— This modern understanding of life you instilled in parents?

— Yes, of course. They are brother and taught me respect for the men who taught me to analyze situations and draw lessons from them.

— You create the impression of a perfectly happy man. And there?

— The truth! My happiness is in the details. For example, to walk through the city, listening to music, looking at passers-by, couples, kids. I love the transition from winter to spring, when buds swell and smell of herbs. In fact, happiness is everywhere. And I try not to forget about it, so, for example, can bring morning friend coffee, or to give my husband flowers, and men such signs also lift your spirits.

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах»

"I am very comfortable with my husband, just because he is a wise and wildly romantic man"Photo: materials of press-services

Can you get out of your happy casket single recipe of good mood?

— In my childhood, when I woke up and was pissed, my dad made me go to the mirror and smile. I do now. It's insanely hard, especially after a hard set, but really works. (Smiles.)

— Anything, what would you like to learn?

— I'd like to drive race cars. We were shooting on the kart, and I was unstoppable. No understudy is not needed: almost all the rentals did myself. I want to surf: I tried in Bali, and it's incredible! So winter wants to go to surf camp.


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