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Vladimir Koshevoy: "Any man I see with a flaw, as in a distorting mirror"

The star of the show "Crime and punishment" said in an interview about the difficulties of communication

As he says Vladimir Koshevoy, on the screen it can look very handsome, natural and Quasimodo. Because and plays of refined aristocrats and personalities with a broken psyche. Sometimes both combined in the same character. The popularity came, and fell on him after "Crime and punishment", he began to avoid contact with people and even decided to leave the profession. About how was able to cope with problems in communication and build harmonious family relations, in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Vladimir, the first Association that occurs with the name Mishka, it is the legendary molodogvardeets.

— You know, I had an absolutely terrific story on this topic. Now all receive coupons in the email queue. And imagine: a big, empty post office in St. Petersburg, no one in the lobby. I took the voucher number E 282. Is displayed on the scoreboard: A 101, B 289. Nobody appears. Come to the window: "Serve me, please, there's no one around". — "Wait queue". And in the distance, where sorting parcels, two aunts they look at me sideways, about something whispering. I think you can call now. And here is one of them can not stand: "We know that you're an actor, saw your films, but I can't remember your name — whether Kotovsky, whether Petlura". Say "I Mishka". — "Zeena, is from the Second world war!". (Laughs.)

— A funny story. And you never asked about the relationship with Oleg Kosh?

— Constantly. And I say, I'm his son. Actually, my dad Oleg Mishka, I'm Vladimir Olegovich. So, as my grandma used to say, I even do not need to lie. My father — Oleg Koshevoy. Many believe.

— You have the same dynasty military. Felt a bit the black sheep, refusing to continue?

— No, I crow as I felt. Of course, the responsibility that I was trying to hang, giving a military school, I had to tear myself with skin. Perhaps then I let my dad down, because he was sure that my brother will continue the dynasty. But brother also did not want to become a soldier, so I'm not the only one. Most people, passing stage of growing up, conflict of fathers and children. And I am no exception. What happened, not even Conf-LIKTA, rather it was a misunderstanding. I wanted to prove my point of view has right to exist. I now understand, talking with children, as they are hard to convince. You need to be able to let it go. The child should know that he granted freedom of choice, even if he will get his bumps and bruises.

Владимир Кошевой: «Любого человека я видел с изъяном, как в кривом зеркале»

"I made no concessions themselves do not. At home we have no cult of personality artist Vladimir Koshevoi"Photo: Egor Komarov

— For you was an important approval from the parents?

— No, never. There was a desire to hear me. I respect their opinion, but there are mine.

The father was a male example for you?

— Of course. And now I realize that, in fact, we have the same profession. And my dad knows it. In principle, any profession is based on discipline, responsibility, and full inclusion in their job. I fled from military discipline when I was sixteen or seventeen years, and now the build itself: I know that if I didn't go to sleep, in the morning, late for a plane or miss the shot because I'll be in a terrible state. And if today I will not learn the text, I would be ashamed of a partner, because I don't know the word role. So the inner discipline is present and the doctors, and the artists, and journalists.

— It, probably, still depends on the qualities of nature, creative people allow themselves indulgences.

— I made no concessions themselves do not. At home we have no cult of personality artist Vladimir Koshevoi. I also wash the dishes and go to the grocery store — the crown of the head I have is not falling. And the fact that I am a creative person, doesn't mean I don't have to deal with domestic issues. I'm not in the clouds, and know what things cost in the shops and what is the difference in the prices of medicines in pharmacies of different retailers.

But when you are preparing for a difficult role, don't you need personal space? Don't want to yell in that moment on anyone who interferes?

— To yell — no. I'd rather do it on set, because the EO also requires power. I've seen it only once, Sasha Abdulov, and this was our first encounter. Apparently, he was set on the role, and someone next to him at this time was on the scene. And then he ka-a-AK barked, I jumped. I said, don't worry, he is being charged. I probably would have gone crazy if it was charged. When I need to focus on the role, I sit quietly in the corner, but to involve everyone in this process will not.

— Returning to the same "Young guard", if the heroes of the past, everything was clear — they defended the country, to build a bright future, what with the characters present, what are they?

It seems to me, a hero of our time is already formed, we almost palpable. There is a need in the manifestation of normal human qualities. We want to see on the screen is a decent man, honest, who can be relied upon. This does not necessarily, as the action hero, running around with a gun and shoot the bandits. For me, the hero — doctor "ambulance" to "Arrhythmia". A deed may lie in the ability to empathize, in time to lend a helping hand.

Владимир Кошевой: «Любого человека я видел с изъяном, как в кривом зеркале»

Vladimir Koshevoy in the role of psychologythe: still from the TV series "Mama"

— Now on TV channel "Home" your project is "Mama", where you just play a man who listens, gives advice, a psychologist. As already deeply immersed in the topic?

— The plot with my character, the viewer learns the story of the protagonist Faith. My character for the whole movie trying to help her in a difficult situation, in which it came. But his method is to listen more on the problem with which the patient came to the out, and through leading questions came to the right decision. He gives the patient an opportunity to see with their problem and understand how best to proceed. The whole movie we see the work of my hero of the Novel and almost do not know him as a person. He is like a shoemaker without shoes, when it comes to his patient to confess his love to a professional is a very insecure person in my life. I was very interested to discover in it such a shape-shifter.

— Maybe you have mastered some special techniques that help in communication?

— I think listening is an innate quality, to learn this is impossible. You probably know that the first education I am a journalist. And I remember very well my first interview with Liya Akhedzhakova. Before that there were some inconsistencies — did not come to her, one journalist, another. And when we finally met Leah Medzhidovna, I had to listen to her emotional, long, and absolutely fair monologue on the topic, what are the same irresponsible people and how bad everything is organized. And I knew that if he kill her and try to get a word in defence of his colleagues, the conversation we have will not work. Leah Medzhidovna taught me that we must first give the person to talk, and then ask questions.

In ordinary life you can someone help with advice and how often do you refer?

— Yes, with age I began to notice it. Everyone thinks I know a lot of things, actually I just look so... smart. Glasses bought. I remember another funny story. Went recently on the bus, giving the conductor a bill, but it does not change. And I said, Yes please, give yourself these twenty rubles. Silence. And then: "Oh, the artist Pogorely theater, with the glasses on!" So that the glasses make the image. Like in the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation": brow furrow! Will a menacing look. And here — put your glasses on, for thou shalt smart.

— You wonder to listen?

— Watching someone. If calling the woman from the Bank to offer me a loan on favorable terms or a gold card, of course I will not listen.

— I mean enough people.

— And this is the value of communication. Why, friends, if we are not going to listen to each other. I think you can carve out an hour of time, not to spend it in social networks, and to talk heart to heart with a friend over a glass of vodka. Now even the children with parents not talking. I have another wonderful story about my friends whose daughter lives in another city. They communicate via Skype. And here's mom explains something, he explains, and then exclaimed in indignation: "Dasha, you didn't listen to me!" And she raises her head from the monitor: "I'm completely turned off!"

Владимир Кошевой: «Любого человека я видел с изъяном, как в кривом зеркале»

"Everyone thinks I know a lot of things, actually I just look so... smart"Photo: Egor Komarov

— Very radical method to stop communicating.

— Yes, talking now — great work.

— I would even say that it was considered bad form to throw out for your loved ones experiences.

— That's probably why the psychologist is the need of today.

Here he is, a hero of our time!

— It is possible. A man who knows how to listen and committed horrors in your life to turn into a reasonable allocation of emotional impurities. Find and identify that there is a problem. And once I can tell someone, so she's already less. If I can admit to my friend that we eat at night, maybe then I won't be so scared to go to group therapy where I will see the same poor men and women, who also eat at night. And I will feel better at least I'm not one... Why I chose this example with food, I don't know.

— I don't think you eat at night.

I eat. Ice cream. I have one artist advised: in order to maintain a good mood, you have to eat ice cream. I believe.

— In an interview you said that playing Raskolnikov, then turned to the psychologist to cope with his condition.

— The problem of Raskolnikov was the fact that he saw right through people and understand that few people are capable of loving. And I'll be like "Kai boy", who saw any person with a flaw, as in a distorting mirror. And I certainly I wanted to tell him all about it. And who needs that right? So I was not easy.

— After the sessions I felt better?

— No, I changed several specialists until I found one who helped me to sort myself out. Well, it's the same search your dentist or hairdresser, which should be comfortable. In the sense that it will really solve the problem, and not just to extort money from you.

— There is now something that prevents you to live?

— Of course. I'm a living person, each day pre-overcome something. Now for a role in a new play you need to learn the Georgian language. You would know how hard it is to me! Sometimes don't even know how to say a word.

— I thought you were gonna share something more personal...

— No, thank God, I now live in harmony with myself I have long gone. They used to be — fear and unwillingness to interact with people.

— How you think, and the social network in this somehow help?

— In the virtual world there is a catch and the risk for insecure personalities. It is difficult for them to communicate in real life, but here they can hide behind avatars and other people's beautiful photos. But in the end it does not solve the problem, on the contrary, there is a dependence on social networks. I think the question of social adaptation will become very acute when you are older the current generation of children today does not tear away from gadgets.

— You have planned an interesting show at the Saint-Exupery, where the Little Prince was a blogger...

— Absolutely. I hope that we will find an appropriate site to stage the play. It must be ground, very close to the audience that the actors could come down to the auditorium. I'm a little bit then got distracted by the movie, and it was a good idea about the Little Prince. Inside each of us lives a child, and the social network is also a kind of planet. But then the hero has to go out in life and meet with real people. This is a very lay Exupery — quit the social network and to look into the eyes sitting opposite the person at times is very difficult.

— Did you ever blogs?

— No. But one my good friend said, "Mishka, everything is already on Instagram. If you're not there, you don't exist". And I began to indulge, put some interesting, from my point of view, the pictures. But my restless friend was still dissatisfied: it turns out, I do it regularly, you need to publish three posts a day at least. No, thank you. I have things to do.

But you have a Instagram comments are present. Not afraid sometimes feedback?

— No. You know, I wanted to communicate with people after I began to play in the theater. The audience approached me after the show, and I no longer fear them. Actually I had one very unpleasant incident. After the premiere of "Crime and punishment" to me on the set walked an older gentleman with a well-dressed companion. Asked: "This you played Raskolnikov?" — "I". And then he spat in my face. So if we talk about the psychological challenges, which I overcame, it was the fear of communication, because I realized: to spit on you at any time.

— What didn't he like?

— Excuse me, but I did not figure out the issue and to engage him in dialogue. But after "Player" in the BDT, when people wanted to share some of my experiences, I have refused to listen to them. Something even remember. For example, one girl said, "Oh, you're on stage seem so high, but life is small". Obviously, she was determined to see some of the giant, and went... me. I'm curious to read comments in social networks. If you don't like something or someone is acting rude, I just block it.

— Here they, delights of virtual communication: I'll get you off! But before that artists didn't know where to go from fans in the stairwell.

— Yes, and I still found the time when I was on the "thumbnail" brought letters. It was right after "Crime and punishment". People are not lazy to write them... "As you let the screen is so terrible". (Laughs.) For some reason they really wanted to Express my opinion about my person that way. Part of these messages I have some time stored, then threw it away.

— However, Instagram is much to learn. For example, you there's a photo with a girl named Sasha. Who is this? Daughter?

— No, it's not daughter, niece.

— Does not tell you anything about the family...

— You have family, have children. When the time comes, I will tell about it. And now I believe that children should have a normal life. I'm so sorry, forcing nephews Artem and Sasha to appear on TV and be photographed, quite by accident.

— In an interview you admitted that artists are very hard to live because they are self-centered.

— Of course, the great Oscar Wilde said that an artist is a novel with himself.

— You, apparently, and this problem has been solved.

— Yes, I did. (Smiles.)

— So you found that person that you took all the cockroaches?

— Not immediately, of course. (Smiles.) But it happened.

— Faced with the fact that people perceive you in the image created in the movies?

— Of course, often say, Oh, it's you that bastard! I explain that I am not, and the abusive role. The audience see everything that is happening on the screen, very sincerely and trustingly, thinking that if the movie you play the villain, and in life is the same. But I'm used to normally perceive it.

Владимир Кошевой: «Любого человека я видел с изъяном, как в кривом зеркале»

"Talk now – big job"Photo: Egor Komarov

— And you with first sight I understand that the person in front of you?

— Yes, and I think the acting profession is helping to develop this quality. We feel people with whom you can be open with and who not. When I walk into the room, immediately I see: yeah, that's my man, and so it is better not to approach. Although none of them had never said a word. Energy probably feel. And the eyes you can tell a lot.

— Energy is very important, but there are still things everyday, we can not accept.

— When we are in love, trying to please and turn to the man, her best side. But after some time relaxing and, pardon the expression, snore and fart. You need to pass this phase of the turn, and then actually start a real relationship.

— You said that no one in the family cult of the artist Mishka. Maybe like a special relationship?

— No, never. I gave a photo with Director Vladimir Svetozarov from our first day on the set, so I asked to hang it in the room where rarely. I don't want to look at it. And not because I don't like Svetozarova. (Laughs.)

— There are chores that you like to do? I know one actress who before the premiere mopping the floor — it seems that so the play goes well.

— No such idiocy in my life. Premiere will still take place, not going anywhere. In principle, I'm not afraid to do housework, can.

— Do you often get the role of refined people, ARIS-tortov. How important are aesthetics, comfort?

The last fifteen years travel the hotels, and, of course, I like feeling at home. That's why I don't like it when in the clean room bed asking to leave things as they are. Aesthetics... I don't know, going to do repairs in the apartment, let's see what this will evolve. I began to notice that I have manifested love for Antiques. It's probably age. (Smiles.)


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