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Tatyana Kotova: "I can become a nutritionist" recorded the rules by which the singer pleases fans not only hits, but excellent shape

The winner of the contest "Miss Russia", the former participant of group "VIA Gra" Tatyana Kotova singer knows how to work on the appearance.

Harmony for me rhymes with the word "aspiration". My profession does not allow me to go on stage in a manner that does not conform to my ideal image of himself. I understand that the artist is not only the voice, music and energy, it is also appearance, fans should be pleased to look at you. Folds can be on the dress, but not on the body. So I work each day.

I refused to cook or warm any food in the microwave. Otherwise I have no extremes. I allow myself one day a week to eat whatever you want: metabolism and body ready to deal with it. The rest of the time keep a tight rein. Try to eat small portions five to six times a day. On the morning of may prefer oatmeal and a salad with green leaves, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, dressed with linseed oil. Dinner — lean fish, steamed and served with a side dish of vegetables or boiled chicken without skin. After six I try not to eat or cook something very easy and low-calorie. As snacks that are usually at noon and at four in the evening, perfect for corn breads, nuts, celery — all of which I always take with me on the road, so between filming, rehearsing to support themselves, not to feel hunger and not to overload the body before sleep. As for water and tea, it was only thirty minutes before meals or thirty minutes after.

I have tried every diet and probably soon will be able itself to become a nutritionist. You can spend the fasting day on green apples or cucumbers during the day to eat about two kilograms. And, of course, not to forget to drink water — at least two liters. If we talk about emergency ways, I like the effect visible after the protein diet is a favorite diet of all professional athletes. High protein — fish, chicken breast, seafood and low fat, carbs, fruit. Sometimes it is possible to consume green vegetables. For five or six days on this menu you can lose a few extra pounds. The main thing is to combine a proper diet with exercise: cardio, exercises on the ellipsoid, strength training and of course, dancing. I also like to pass the detox program. It helps "reset" your habits and tastes to cleanse the body of toxic substances.

Татьяна Котова: «Я уже сама могу стать диетологом»

"In beauty contests often winning girls"Photo: materials of press-services

In beauty contests often winning girls with forms. 2 weeks before the contest "Miss Russia" all participants lived in the same place and the same ate. We were fed boiled and steamed food so we didn't have nothing to eat. I also try steamed or boiled. It's not as difficult as it may seem. Any habit is 21 days. Just need to decide one morning to go in and modify your diet. To survive 21 days on a proper diet and lifestyle, and on the 22nd day you will realize how easy and comfortable feel when moving in the right direction.

The best cream for winter is the "Children". Excellent composition: nourishing oil, beeswax and panthenol. My skin has always been prone to dryness. Plus the spotlight on the concerts and beauty experiments during the photo sessions — all this affects the condition of the skin. So when I come home, usually put on the face nourishing mask.

I don't really trust grandma's recipes — after all, we live in the XXI century. But I love the body scrub from the remnants of ground coffee. Mix it with honey and salt, add cinnamon and apply on the body — an excellent result! And to strengthen nails helps a fresh lemon.

Love doing facial massage: it helps to improve the skin, relax the muscles and regulate the lymphatic drainage. I did an interesting acupressure massage the eye area with the help of jadeite chopsticks made from rare mineral inclusions of quartz, gold and platinum. These sticks smooth the skin, remove signs of fatigue, and after their application penetrates deeply into the skin. I really like the effect after postisometric relaxation of muscles of the face: the face lifts, improves skin color, leaves edema, fade wrinkles, and most importantly, the tension is removed. And, of course, to look beautiful, you need not forget about the good mood is the best beautician for any person.

Recipes from Tatiana Kotova

Salad in a jar

It is convenient to take with you on shooting for a long day. The main thing — to observe some features that will help keep food fresh. All the vegetables are laid out in layers so that the ingredients are not mixed with each other ahead of time. On the bottom you can add a light sauce; as a second layer ideal coarsely chopped pepper, celery, carrots, broccoli, zucchini — any hard vegetables that won't soak up the sauce. The third layer is meat or fish, the fourth — grain or quinoa, couscous or bulgur fifth — tomatoes, olives, avocado, and the top layer, and herbs. There are 5 layers of useful, tasty and nutritious. The main thing — to put it more tightly, so that the products are not turned over to the Bank. And when it comes to lunch time — put all in a bowl and mix well.

Татьяна Котова: «Я уже сама могу стать диетологом»

Preparing a salad in banchetto: materials of press-services

A tonic for the skin

To make herbal tea, cool it, to put there the cotton pads and freeze. So the next morning will be ready supertonic for the face and neck.


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