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Denis Burgazliev: "Son Timothy, I play the guitar and sing songs about him"

The actor said in an interview that explores the role of a young father

Today Denis Burgazliev operates in two countries, and his face can be seen in Prime-time Russian Federal channel in the series "the Bloodhound", "Operation 'Satan" and a German television broadcast. Hobby thinks that music, often performs at concerts and writes movie soundtracks colleagues. And though at times feels "sad Satan", to fall into a melancholy gives the family, because Denis is not only the father of an adult daughter, but a young dad with touching hassle. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— You were born in the USSR, but your childhood was not quite Soviet. Father, serving in the office of external trade, often went on business trips, there's a lot brought, and still in school you worked with a tutor of the English language...

— Yes, our family lived for three years in Cologne. I was four years old, but some individual pieces from that period I remember. For example, carnival fun and, of course, our yard, the surrounding streets, neighbors... Well, one German, when we went on walks, always treated me yummy candy and a traditional German pretzel, sprinkled with coarse salt. Mom says that even then I tried to speak German. (Smiles.) I don't remember, but my parents thought strategically and all sorts of unpretentious comics, children's magazines, books bought in large numbers in German. I have them carefully examined, and they, by the way, all survived. Surely now this wealth can be profitably sold. Imagine I have the comic "Batman and Robin" in 1973!

— As I understand it, you were the boy home?

Not quite. Although not entirely domestic. Sometimes I beat the guys from the neighboring district, but I first never get into fights. Avoided violence.

— How did you manage to impress the weaker sex? Girls like winners.

— Well, the girls had seen our fights. And then, when the company was going in the hallways, and then I came — year-old man with a cigarette in your mouth, below all the growth, with jokes — they must have had an effect. Moreover, there were independent and not belonged to any group. And mainly used the art of diplomacy. Could easily communicate with criminal elements, whom everybody shunned.

Денис Бургазлиев: «Сыну Тимофею я играю на гитаре и пою песенки про него»

"Smoktunovsky before the show always came to my dressing room. They talked and set up before going on stage. I guess I was sympathetic to him"Photo: Sergey Sergeev

— And how was school?

— Everything connected with diligence, perseverance, was given to me with difficulty. I escaped social activities: took part in almost all the theatrical productions of the school. I would go on stage, than to sit at the textbooks. Perhaps only literature, poetry, I became curious in high school. But the teacher-tutor in English fascinated me with the language, so he was easy. Elena Hall-LIC — supercasanova woman reads books only in English and says absolutely as a native of the UK. I still keep in touch with her, and she was helping me prepare the text for casting in American film — with correct pronunciation and intonation. English is the language of communication in the world, it is necessary to communicate with people of a different mentality and culture. His knowledge helped me incredibly when I left after the first wife in Germany. I didn't know German, but the contact somehow had to install.

— And you need to Hollywood?

— No, the project I have been preparing for, will — the Old and New world. Americans in many of their films are shot in Europe — in Berlin, Budapest, Prague; they just, this market is actively developing, and it makes no sense to fly overseas.

— You must be a pragmatic person.

— Completely. I and master always liked the fact that continue to come in handy. Unless it is the irrational love for the music that I had as a teenager. I had a friend Fyodor, who, unfortunately, died — he studied in music school. Ippolitov-Ivanov, was a unique multi-instrumentalist, and he taught me how to play the guitar, and as he could, not academically correct, and I still like to play. I love. In his youth, has created a team, began to write poetry, tunes... Later even began to acquire a vintage guitar. Today for me the best time is when I write a new song. Concerts also travel with pleasure. Call all your trusted friends — a drummer, a guitarist, and we play rock and roll. And all the money given to musicians: it's my hobby. But sometimes Directors who know about it, ask to write songs for their paintings that I do.

— Due to the lack of initial music education you choose to drama school?

— At first I thought of amplifiers, pickups and loudspeakers for different music instruments, tried to go to the Institute of electronics and automatics, but quickly realized that the physics and math that I was not coping. And chose the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, after which was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art theatre.

Денис Бургазлиев: «Сыну Тимофею я играю на гитаре и пою песенки про него»

"With the last two Boyfriends Sasha I even met, I do not like. And daughter with my arguments subsequently agreed"Photo: Sergey Sergeev

— You played on one stage with legendary Smoktunovsky...

— I was just young, struggling artist, and watched Innokenty Mikhailovich, and he taught me a lot. Specially came to me in the dressing room and talked. I like a course on skills passed. I guess I was sympathetic to him, since he did it. Some phrase I remember verbatim. For example, he said, "Dennis, overcoming their own fears on stage, you will already be fully aware of the situation, the audience and yourself." And I heard from the person, the personality whose colossal energy was literally palpable. Even in old age he possessed a powerful physical force. "The hands of the actor are very important! — he reminded me. If you want I get the whole performance will play with their hands." He was beautiful, chiseled, with long fingers... Not just when his life was called a genius. I was fortunate to work with outstanding personalities. I played with Stanislav Andreyevich Lyubshin, God give him health, and with Peter Nikolaevich Mamonov, who stands out in my biography. Once our joint performance of "Bald brunette" made a splash, and since then, we never cease to communicate. Mamonov — a Grand appears on the screen rarely, but neatly. It flooded with scenarios, but most do. And then recently we called him to the village where he ordinarily resides, and his wife tells me that he came up with the idea of some students and left to act for free in a forty-minute tape in Vladimir. Petro is doing everything in a rush! And it is very wise. I also try so hard.

— Fans have not bugged?

— I think they already left. (Smiles.) Some aktiviziruyutsya only during the demonstration of a series: writing poems, some Frank recognition that is scary even to read. But most people are genuinely interested in what I live. One of the writers, Alexandra, gave me a mini-copy of my guitars made of wood, with strings, pickups...

— Want to go back. In Germany you were with the first wife, Marina?

Yeah, I missed our daughter. (Smiles.) Sasha has already been three years, it grew there without me, and I had no way to deal with it. In addition, here in the nineties the prospects of the normal work was not. Naturally, I joined the family, clutched at the bartending job of the distributor of advertising, a porter, and we were eager to assimilate. Marina, also an actress, made our agent, aggressively everywhere circulated a summary, and a year later my business went: on one of the samples I made friends with the biggest casting Director and began acting in television series, in films, and then entered the theatre of Hanover. Despite the objective difficulties, for me it was a happy time, though not enough long emotional conversations with friends. A total of nine years I lived not in Russia.

Old world inspired you to some sustainable habits, taste in clothes?

In my youth, I paid little attention to his appearance. Well up the closet learned quite late — somewhere about thirty years. It happened in Germany, and when I got divorced with my first wife.

— The daughter you left behind?

— Yes, Alexander is now twenty-five years, and she's an actress: graduated from the Higher school of theatre in Leipzig, the distribution was in the Schauspielhaus Dresden. I was at her performances. And now she's signed a two year contract with the theatre of Coburg. She had five premieres a season, so to be in a movie it is not yet time, despite the fact that for the first time has entered the frame yet eleven-year-old child. For music she is also indifferent: plays not only the piano but also the drums. Sasha is a strong — willed girl may be a hard, knows what he wants. But to me she advised. Concerning boys, of course.

Денис Бургазлиев: «Сыну Тимофею я играю на гитаре и пою песенки про него»

"I love to sit alone, listen to music or, on the contrary, in silence. Aliya is able to bring me back from a state of melancholy"Photo: Sergey Sergeev

— Have you seen her boyfriend?

— Vidal. With the last two even met. But they did not like me. Daughter with my opinion later agreed.

For almost a year and you are in a new role — that of a young father. Like you these feelings?

— I first became a father at twenty-three, when life was extremely intense, literally seethed, and then this event is not fully aware of — I just covered some General euphoria, and then I speed slipped the key stages: well, growing people and growing. Time is already standing on his feet, and when it happened the first time, I even said to myself. And now, my current wife Aliya, we do things thoughtfully, carefully, and I try not to miss anything. I have significantly changed the way of life: he is now entirely dependent on the child, and it is extremely mobilized. I'm happy walking with my son, bathe him with my wife every evening he played the acoustic guitar songs about him... at First he was scared, but then I got used to the loud sound began to smile. It seems serious and observant guy is growing.

— Timothy you child was named after his character in the popular TV series "Hour Volkova"?

— The choice it took us a long time. But Timothy is a beautiful name, rare, value. Plus I have personally tested it, lived with him in the frame for about five years and know him well.

— Your wife — Aliya khasenova, ballerina; you're twelve years together, and introduced you to each Evgeniy Stychkin. She's your complete opposite?

— You could say that. Sometimes I like to sit alone in the dark, "like an owl on the tree dry." (Smiles.) At such moments, Aliya calls me a Demon (meaning Vrubel illustration to Lermontov's poem "Demon"). She is energetic, loud, cheerful, laughs all the time and knows how to bring me back to reality from a state of melancholy.

— Kazakh dishes you cook?

— Pilaf from mutton makes masterly and scolds me that I do not eat meat. But I love him. (Smiles.)

— Were you at all performances wife?

— Of course. Now she dances in the ballet company "Moscow". And before that for eighteen years he served in the Kremlin ballet.

And what it's like to live with a ballerina?

— When you see them exhausting, hellish work with harsh discipline, feet, worn in the blood, you know that dramatic artists — the people imposing, selfish and spoiled. I know next to Aliya I have almost ceased to complain for nothing. Ashamed.

Seven years ago, I heard you had a big wedding at her home — in Alma-ATA, and in a purely national spirit...

I like to fly to Alma-ATA and to communicate with her parents, brother, friends. It's welcoming, open, friendly people. We arranged this holiday. This was the so-called farewell of the bride from the parental home — usato when the father gives his daughter to her future husband. There special rituals, we sprinkled with candy, coins, and then we crossed over the Fox pelt... And in the end was the feast and the performances of folk ensembles. So first we walked there, and then signed in Moscow and our company rented a boat, which marked the event. Played my rock band, I also invited a friend — DJ Michel PHONEM from Hanover, which gave our entertainment.

— Still, the connection with Germany, you have strong. Back in Moscow, you continue to appear in the German projects. Perhaps the most sensational of them — the series "Babylon Berlin"...

— Oh, he's cool! And not because I participated. (Smiles.) The series is incredibly well made and captures the viewer instantly. This is a serious blow to European American counterparts. And by the way, it is the most expensive in the history of European television industry. It did three of the leading young German Director Achim von Borris, Hendrik, Handloegten, known for the film "goodbye, Lenin!", and Tom Tykwer. It so happened that his entire shooting period I spent with it, and it was a rare stroke of luck. Tom is a sensitive Director who knows how all the deep pull of the actors, and hearing amazing music, because it has higher education in music and even composing songs for his paintings. So they kind of organic pace and even the dialogues are arranged as if according to the scheme of music. This approach is very close to me.

Денис Бургазлиев: «Сыну Тимофею я играю на гитаре и пою песенки про него»

"Near Aliya I have almost ceased to complain for nothing. Shame"Photo: Sergey Sergeev

— You were together on the Playground with the German teat-realnymi stars. For example, with the actor Lars Eidinger, known for her role as Tsar Nicholas II in the film "Matilda". He was amazed that the shooting of the fed in trailers. And what, in your opinion, the difference between the organization of the shooting process in the us and abroad?

— There main goal is to provide maximum care to people at the site. That is, if the shift is twelve hours, you will always be available water and food. In addition, there are great cabins — lounge. For some reason they are always exclusively new, with fresh linen, satellite dishes, small bars, bars... If there is any hitch, you can drink fresh juice with the sandwiches that you will bring a personal assistant. Psychologically it is comfortable, since there is other things besides your main function here. So I can imagine that the Russian conditions are quite capable foreign artist slightly puzzled. Lars, by the way, about it I also spoke. We're friends, sometimes talk on the phone, I go to him for performances at clubs, where he works as a DJ. Among other things, on his sets to get there: the kilometer-long queues. He is a leading DJ in the country! And continuing the theme of comparison of kinoprotsess can still say that, alas, we have a lot of random characters...

— By what criteria do you choose material to work with?

In my biography there are projects more successful, less successful, but such, for which I would be ashamed, fortunately, do not exist. Sometimes, the material sent is pretty average, but I agree, because I know that the Director is not weak, and if it's to find a common language, the result can be worthy. Now I'm busy Timur Kabulov in a remarkable eight-serial project "First counter". Recently arrived from Germany, where he finished in the popular crime series. There I got the main role in one episode. And soon again I'll be going there already to continue shooting the project "Babylon Berlin", as well as to participate in the TV series "crime scene" for the first German channel. It's long-lasting history, started in the last century, like our "the Investigation leading experts".

You are lucky to have the crime-adventure genre...

— Yes, drama is sparse. But my idol — Chaplin, and I would not give up Comedy, despite all its complexity. (Smiles.)

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