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Star stories: the most unusual holiday

New year's eve behind us, but social networks are full of memories about who and when and where he said the strangest or most memorable New year. We learned from celebrities and their stories

Lera Tumanov, singer, composer, author of music to films "Black Lightning", "Cell", "Freshman" and the musicals "Alice in Wonderland" and "White sun of the desert"

Звездные байки: самый необычный праздник

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The craziest story to me always happen for the New year! And the best of them — my wedding is exactly on December 31. The fact that the decision to get married came to us spontaneously in October, I wanted to sign ONLY in the Griboedov registry office in Moscow, it was my childhood dream — the most ancient and beautiful registry office of Moscow. And there are booked for months, so when suddenly in October we loved wanted to get married, we were met with a refusal on all "human dates", suggesting wedding in April. To wait so many months we do not want categorically. I started crying on the phone and ask the "lady on the wire," working in the registry office to do something, and received the answer: "we only Have a couple of dates for mad — 31 December and 1 January." Talking with loved ones, we have decided that 1 January is a date for the crazies, and we're just crazy, so on December 31 we got married. This day I had 2 concerts in Moscow and we ran off your celebrations in the restaurant before leading everyone on a work gig and back in the car changing clothes of the bride dress in concert and back! It was the most incredible New year in my life, and January 1, we drove off to Mexico on honeymoon."

Bozena Wojciechowska (BOJENA), singer-songwriter, producer

Звездные байки: самый необычный праздник

Photo: materials of press-services

"Was I at the premiere of my film, or rather, on the pre-show. And sat next to me such a wonderful young man — well-dressed, neatly groomed with a trail of wonderful scent. A couple of times, looked at each other several times and exchanged words. When the movie ended we got up, there was an awkward pause, and he with a strong exhale, blurted out: "can I invite you to the café at least a day?" It's so old-school modesty I really liked. I'm the girl young free... of Course, I agreed. And so gradually, meeting after meeting, we became closer and closer.

A month later came the New year. Time touching and exciting with expectations, the gifts and all that. Decided new year's eve to celebrate together. It was very large and simply gorgeous apartment, it was very inspiring. Evening was dinner with his parents, everything was very civilized and even a bit pathetic. And closer to Christmas time was supposed to be his best friend, whom he hasn't seen in six months. My boyfriend really wanted us to introduce, directly bursting it from within the desire to show me off. Well, so be it, I'm only flattered.

Time 23.45, the doorbell rings, comes his best friend, let's call him Alexander. Seeing him, I was actually speechless. Briefly explain what it is. Exactly six months ago I broke up with a young man who was leaving on a long trip to the other side of the world. It was more important than me, than my life, my moods, etc. It was his choice, but it turned out how it happened. And here it is this so-called Alexander stands at the door with champagne and flowers, and he is also clearly a problem with speech, because the pause was a giant size. You can imagine how was the new year's feast when two of the three members just grunt and nod and can't pronounce any of the letters? Of course, the more of these relationships didn't work out because it started only, and already so many questions, so much intrigue, painful thoughts. Probably need to start the New year with a clean slate, as I did. Reset reboot. Try never to get caught in such history, take care of your nerves!"

Singer Alina Deliss

Звездные байки: самый необычный праздник

Photo: materials of press-services

"Of course, the New year is a family holiday, we always try to meet him in the circle of friends and relatives. And one day I decided to invite guests to themselves. I just finished repairs in the apartment, so for me it was a double celebration — housewarming and New year. When I was 24, I was all so young, spiritual, airy, floating, not keeping track of the time. Had time to do much to do: return from a different city home, decorate the tree, clean myself up, buy groceries, set the table. Don't know how it happened, but I completely miscalculated the time. In the end, one hand painted eyelashes, the other cut the sausage. At some point I realized that nothing time, the guests were already on the way, and I have nothing ready. The apartment is just after renovation, furniture has not really arranged, the crockery was not, not to mention tablecloths and champagne glasses. Well, that was invited native people to me. Friends, probably, probably would have seemed strange that in the house there is a traditional Christmas decoration and festive table. But the native smiled and appreciated my efforts. I had to cut sausage, to open the champagne, put on the table a box of candy and say, 'So, what year? Monkeys? Excellent!“ lightning posted a bunch of bananas on a makeshift table with the words: "we must appease the Monkey!". So we stepped into the New year. It was quite interesting! I can say with confidence that as the New year meet, what mood you're in this night, this mood will accompany you all year.

Previously, I also preferred the tradition of writing down the desire, burn it and throw it in a glass of champagne under the chiming clock. And importantly, we had this whole ritual, do in for that time, while the clock strikes, and then drink shrewsbu paper with a hidden desire. Once it so happened that I had no time and threw this polusharii a piece of paper in a glass and remember how I had then still eating a doughnut. It was fun. In any case, the New year is always emotion, that is what excites. You always expect that at midnight "pumpkin turns into a coach" and in this year, your wishes will be fulfilled. In fact I have many times been so that what I put forth into the night, then turned. And what you want! I hope you made the "right" desires!"

Sergei Voitenko, singer-songwriter, composer, winner of 'song of the year", "stars of the Road radio" and "Golden gramophone", accordionist-virtuoso, the founder of the legendary duet "Bayan-Mix"

Звездные байки: самый необычный праздник

"Our first New year with my wife, we met literally on the road, on Prospekt Mira. Went to the show! At midnight, when all the normal people around the table consider the impacts of chimes, we asked the taxi driver to stop, got out of the car near the hotel "Cosmos", opened a bottle of champagne, took a SIP and then was drinking it in the taxi!

And another story from childhood. I was 10 years old, and I wrote Santa Claus a letter, I really wanted a cap pistol. Me and Santa Claus gave a large pirate gun with a muzzle like a trumpet. I have all the caps for the first two days spent, and the caps were in short supply. So then I just with this gun were running and playing. But I was very glad because I'm Santa Claus going and gave what I asked for. It was my happiest New year in my childhood. Years in 13 I ordered Santa Claus red accordion, but I never gave the Bayan. After that I began to doubt the existence of Santa Claus!"

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