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Maria Shurochkina: "If you meet a man and fall in love with him, you'll be able to quit sports" discussed with Olympic champion sports-musical family, defile on the podium and the shape of the nose

Maria Shurochkina — champion of everything in the field of synchronized swimming, including the Olympic games 2016. Today Mary is preparing for the Olympics in 2020. What's she going to do after it, haven't decided yet. You may seek the help of his famous sister — singer Nyusha.

Maria, our interview started early in the morning. What mood do you usually Wake up?

— It depends on what kind of mood I go. (Laughs.) I force myself to think only about good things, are setting themselves up for a good way. Fall asleep thinking about that life — all that I need, but only if I'm going to believe it. And when I forget to do it, then Wake up boiled spaghettini. (Laughs.) Today I did not sleep well. Had a late night. So today, things did not go as we would like. And that's kind of all right with.

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт»

Mr Sorochkin (right), father of Mary, he started his musical career in the group "Tender may". Now he produces his eldest daughter and is well known in musical industrietore: materials of press-services

— We always say that morning you need to start with charging. Advice from Olympic Champions: how to do morning exercises?

— First warm-up. The first thing the body needs to shake. Some people will need to move a little head in different directions, arms waving. For someone to need the run. All individually. But in any case, a light physical workout brings the body into a state of activity. Will say: when you get up, not hungry. But once I start to warm up, I Wake up the appetite. The body begins to work. Definitely need to stretch my neck turning my head. For the back — left and right to make the bends. For hand — circular motion from the elbows. Tassels twist. Shoulder joints to stretch. Be sure to stretch your foot. We go so much, they are too tired. To twist them. The knees in a circle, squats. And run. I think it is very useful. Fifteen minutes in the morning on the street is so cool. Especially when time of year is beautiful. In autumn for example. Leaves all in gold, and you run in cold air.

— Half of your family were sportsmen. Half of the musicians. You went on-my mother, career, sister Jane — daddy, music. Never regretted about the chosen direction?

— I'm always trying something new to discover. I chose the sport, although I still manage to make music, and explore the theatre. I think if a person chooses for themselves some sphere of activity, this does not mean that it closes all the rest. I am many things: I write poetry, play music and draw.

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт»

Jane supported Mary and the child, and in the course of sports carterette: personal archive Maria Shurochkina

— Have you already tried myself as a model. What are your impressions?

— Yes, a couple of times I went to the podium. It is very exciting! You know, I never even thought to such an extent as it was in reality. And, of course, the biggest fear in any model — is to fall on the runway. Even when I'm just going without the podium, nervous. And when I went to "language", the heart skip a beat! (Laughs.) For me it was extremely scary, but very interesting. You understand that all now look at you, and you need to convey to them the idea of the designer. Needs to present it beautifully. You can make your way, decorating is the product of his gait, emotions. And I always wondered why models do not do anything with his face emotionally. But on the podium you can play!

— Coaching career does not appeal to you?

— I've seen how the coaches work. It is extremely hard work. And I would like to reveal myself no longer in the sports field, and in some other.

— It's understandable you're doing sports from early childhood. What is he to you?

For me sport is all it takes for most of my life! Yet. It takes all my time. Free just no. It is part of me. I must confess: I have no idea what will happen when I leave the big sports. And I don't want to have to think about it. While I have a goal, believe that I am the sport. Once the goal is reached, I will be able to realize itself in something else, to associate themselves with something else.

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт»

At the Olympics in Rio Maria were with the whole family and shared with loved ones the joy of pobedite: personal archive Maria Shurochkina

— The goal is the Olympic games 2020?

— You could say that. I don't want to promise, but I think it will be one of the final starts. But I can't say for sure. Life is unpredictable. I'm here today, tomorrow there.

In the Eastern teachings there is a motto: "here and now". Apparently, he is close to you?

— I believe that this is the right slogan for every person. Many people constantly live either in the past worrying that something did not, or dream about what to do, how to build relationships where to go. And in this, they absolutely are not present. This is lost a lot. I happened to read a book just about this. Called a "Force present" Eckhart Tolle. Talking to you now, think of how read this book as it was lost. Although I with you much nicer to talk to than to think about his loss in the past. (Laughs.)

— You are the owner of many titles. Remember, what I felt in that moment, when it became an Olympic champion?

— There was something indescribable. Sure! I remember being on the podium. I was consumed with feelings. But the realization that I became the Olympic champion, it's only the next morning. I woke up, opened his eyes and suddenly realized that it was vacation. And with such an exclamation point! So, I think, the taste of victory comes gradually.

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт»

Following the Olympics in Rio Maria received from the hands of the President, the order of Friendship of peoples sports, dostizheniyami: materials of press-services

— Where did you go on vacation?

— My parents gave me a trip to Paris for a week. Booked the apartment. And I spent a week in this fabulous city. Since I'm in love with Paris.

Something has changed in your life after passing the Rubicon?

— Yes, it has changed. I don't know what to do next — just kidding. Just when you reach the main goal, you need to urgently put new. The man without a purpose is difficult to live with. It's interesting. And when I won the start, I had a lot of confusing thoughts, the most important of which is: what now? Athletes often underestimate in polisportiva time. All believe that the man who became the Olympic champion and retired, will heal without problems. He's got status, they will take on the job because he is cool. It's all true. Stupid comparison, but if a person is released from prison, where he spent 25 years, he can do whatever he wants. But he doesn't know where to start, what to work at. It's very similar. Seventeen years I am in the team, starting with the Junior. I know what I want, I have a clear schedule, and specific exercises. But in life, when you finish sports career, you have to put this schedule. You need to start over, from scratch, to choose something. And this is the difficulty. So people make the mistake of assuming that it is easy later in life.

— Girls are easier: they can get married and devote himself to the family. Have you thought about this option?

About family I don't think, that's for sure. In the future, of course, would like. Now I'm a career woman I want to be. (Laughs.)

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт»

The last time Maria appears at parties with a musician Arseny Borodin. However, their relationship a couple of komentiruete: materials of press-services

— You say that you have no free time, you are always training and fees. But you are adult attractive girl...

— Let me answer this way: if I meet a man and fall in love with him, I can't deny that the sport can throw. It's unpredictable things. Can't say "I won't marry" — and then he met a love of his life and lost his head. I never say that something is absolutely sure. Always something to change. In addition to my goals. I'm sure what I will achieve. And everything else — is the objective of this game.

— What body part do you love more?

— What you! You tell the story about your nose. I actually couldn't stand. I believed that girls should not be such a nose, aquiline. Wanted to redo it with the surgeon. And then I began to meet people who spoke specifically and rudely that only my nose they like. At first I was surprised, but then I thought: why change it if it fascinates people. Looked closer and saw it as something new. In General, I loved your nose. Very often it turns out that we don't like something, and people, on the contrary, it is in the us and like it. Attracts what we are trying to alter. It happens.

— Talk about your family. Your sister Jane is the real star. What is your relationship? How often unable to see?

— We have excellent relations, but are seen very rarely. Recently I spoke by phone. She told me about how it was the birth of her baby. There is some beautiful weather, not what we have. And so she's busy, I'm busy. But I hope when she gets back to Moscow, I will often be there to visit or at her concerts.

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт»

"We Nyusha in a wonderful relationship, but see each other very seldom"Gennady Avramenko

— How do you feel in the role of aunt?

— Do not feel in any way, because I do not see more of your niece. I know what became of it, but to feel it, I feel like I need her in my arms to take, sweetheart.

— Have you gifts for girl?

— Honestly, no. Yet nothing is done. But I will look for, will think. It is a small child, I don't even know what to give. (Laughs.)

— Nyusha comes to your competition?

She was at the Olympics. It was the only a great start where she was able to come. Her schedule is not lighter than mine, I understand. As the Olympics come my whole family. I was very pleased. Need support. Of course, you realize that whole country is watching you, but it helps when family is close by, not somewhere far away at the TV, but side by side.

— You go to concerts of sisters?

— Yes, but also rare. And when you do, you admire it. She's my best singer, I love her. I think she's cool. Turning a blind eye to the fact that she's my sister, her music, her choreography, dance, presentation — very cool. Always admired how she writes her songs. Would be my will, would go to all her concerts. I also wouldn't mind if she came to all my competitions. (Laughs.)

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