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Elena Sparrow: "If I tell a joke, do it like a man" met with the honored artist, and discussed women's humor, family holidays and a note to Santa Claus

— Helen as you relax in the winter?

— Often, when I get to combine my vacation with a vacation daughter Sonja, we went to Spain. Sometimes for a trip I even went on a small crime — and daughter a couple of days truant in school. Sonia loves winter, and I'm not really. Our winter was so long that his trips to warm countries we are trying a little bit to shorten this period.

— I know you like to skate, I skated?

— My childhood has always been associated with skating, skiing, I stood only once, in first grade, when we had a ski race. If I'm not mistaken, I did not, so I am more to the sport did not return. But the skates loved since childhood, even the dream was that Santa Claus once brought under the Christmas tree real figure skates. But I have not heard. Who knows, maybe it helped one to understand that Santa Claus, in modern language, it's fake, invented older.

— Daughter ever believed in Santa Claus?

When Sonia was little, I tried not to ruin this Christmas tale. Gifts not just — we told her as soon as I rode the sleigh of Santa Claus. A couple of times came and the hero of the occasion, and once frightened docany. So next time he could just leave notes in the gifts.

Елена Воробей: «Если я рассказываю анекдот, то делаю это по-мужски»

Sophia, daughter Elena Sparrow, now fifteen years old. Girl not yet chosen their future profession, but he loves journalism, psychology and pedagogicial: materials of press-services

— What is your ideal holiday?

— When you can spend time with family for new year's table in front of the TV.

— What motivates daughter?

— Understanding of what she is doing and where it is going to do after school yet. Daughter tries himself in different spheres. He enjoys journalism, psychology, pedagogy. But it is too early to tell if this a serious steps or just find themselves.

— The new year has come for you very special — 20 years on stage. Say anniversary program ready?

— I can say that it will involve my friends, people close to me with whom I communicate for many years and never lost touch even after moving to Moscow. As well as my colleagues in Moscow: Yuri Galtsev, Gennady Vetrov, Sergei Drobotenko, Klara Novikova, Vladimir Natanovich Vinokur is my godfather on stage. Will Nikolai Baskov, which I have many times celebrated its anniversary dates.

— You are regarded as one of the most successful and sought after Actresses in the country. How did you manage to achieve this?

Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't have the exact recipe. I'm sure that one drop of laziness may spoil the victory, to which you went for many years. The success of accumulating over long and hard, at the same you can lose it very quickly. Excessive vanity, laziness in large doses or fatigue of his own success can in a moment destroy all that had been created over the years. By the way, I always feel really weird when I pathetically styled "Queen of parodies", "pop star"... enough for Me to hear: "You are our favorite artist."

Елена Воробей: «Если я рассказываю анекдот, то делаю это по-мужски»

Elena is very fond of European Christmas markets and if possible, tries to visit them in different pottkotter: materials of press-services

— Where do you get the ideas for your rooms?

— I don't have a unified concept. The humor is very rapidly changing fashion there are new names disappear, those who were recently popular. The feed rate of the Reprise is now much faster than it was in the 80s, 90s and even in 2000s. If I knew the secrets of creation, the eternal hit, I would have them with you still not shared. I fish places not give!

Elena Sparrow on stage and off — are two different people?

— Sometimes I feel like I continue the show, which began on stage, in life. And sometimes I completely different. I'm a Gemini by zodiac sign and that's it.

— Early humorists and parodists was only men, now "women's humor" increasingly popular. Why do you think?

— You have now very surprised! I would challenge this idea. I have an analytical mind — I'm not just watching someone else's successes, I analyze to understand what the phenomenon. Therefore, are accustomed to appeal to facts or statistics. And statistics — a stubborn thing, and she says that most of the audience were women. Who sits in the audience at the concerts of pop stars? Mostly women. The scene is dominated by men. Women have always been in the minority. Of course, there is such a format where a lot of participants. But they don't perform solo, a lot of them, and in the scenes often appear male characters. All the other "women on stage" can be counted on the fingers. I'm sure the two hands you have enough. Why is this happening? Men are no longer allowed. They tell better jokes, better food. Men bitter and cynical inside joke. Most women blush when he tells a bawdy joke. I'm not. I just love the humor ahead of the curve: a paradoxical, cynical, good men. If I tell a joke, do it like a man.

— We found out that you are beautiful, talented, active, and if you have shortcomings that you have not managed to overcome?

— So I told you! Sometimes on TV some humorous program, and I'm not funny. And I start to think, suddenly I have a lack... a sense of humor. In fact, man is a unique creation, full of not only advantages, but also with a small layer of flaws. I'm all for these layers was a bit to the pros was much more than the minuses.

Елена Воробей: «Если я рассказываю анекдот, то делаю это по-мужски»

"I'm for realism and objective evaluation himself and a place in our lives played by his Majesty the case"Photo: materials of press-services

— Looking at you, never say that just one year ago you celebrated your anniversary! How do you manage to look so blindingly young and handsome?

— I won't mislead you and tell that sour cream, cucumber and yogurt helped me to keep youth and beauty. Whatever may be said Gennady Malakhov, one salad on the face in order to look good, is not enough. Yeah, I try, despite a heavy touring schedule, to take care of myself. Particularly pleased that from time to time I make gifts-compliments a variety of salons and beauticians, and I get the opportunity to try something new. Besides, I periodically drop to the professionals who own beauty secrets at the level of XXI century. Shots, vitamin cocktails, and other modern procedures is a great opportunity to visually compete with the age. And, of course, it is very important that in life, attended sport. Therefore, the exercise equipment in my apartment has increased. Before last New year I wrote to Santa Claus "note", so he gave me a wonderful simulator, which is useful when problems with the spine. And, of course, in any case can not forget about such a miraculous way to relax and to regain lost muscle tone how massage.

— You participated in many television projects. What do you remember most and why?

For me "Two stars" "Dancing with the stars", "Zirka plus Zirka" show "Repeat", appearances as a guest star in the projects "one to One", "Exactly-in-exactly", the victory in the second season of the show "Three chords" are equally expensive. I say this with love about each project and every colleague with whom fought for the victory. Of course, when you get to the finish line first, the sweetness of victory overshadows all other feelings. It was just my year — 2018. I knew going into the project "Three chords" to win. Of course, I was so sure of himself, but before the beginning of the project said, "Do it again!". So we were taught in high school theater. So I had to build the program and to make such numbers as if I were again to prove their right to be called an artist.

— There is a theory that for the fulfillment of desires is necessary to visualize the future. How do you reach your intended goal?

— I'm for realism and objective evaluation himself and a place in our lives played by his Majesty the case. Because to visualize and dream, but very painful happens when dreams are broken.

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