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Eric Roberts: "If I had Russian citizenship, I would say 'Yes"

The actor spoke about the struggle for the Russian bear, sexism and relationships with Julia Roberts

Russian fans remember Eric Roberts for his roles in the films Andron Konchalovsky "Odyssey" and "runaway Train". But for many he remains a brother of Julia Roberts. had a chance to talk with Eric and find out whether it is going to obtain Russian citizenship, he became a victim of female fans and whether or not between the brother and sister ran a black cat.

About Hollywood

If you want to get into Hollywood, you need to perform several actions. First, we need to learn English, the second is to buy a ticket and go to Hollywood. First, you will certainly have to be a waiter and every day to distribute your resume to all the agents in this city until that moment, until someone will not be invited. Be sure to find an agent! You need to knock on doors until someone says "come on!". In my time no one helped. All was still. I kept banging on doors until someone said, "well, come on!". So constantly happens, even with good actors. So I think that I am one of the happiest people in career and personal life. It is necessary to use the chance given by fate, and someday it will work.

Эрик Робертс: «Если бы мне предложили российское гражданство, я бы сказал 'да»

Eric Roberts has starred in many movies and TV series, but important paintings considers two films by Andrei Konchalovsky: "runaway Train" and "Odyssey"Photo: materials of press-services

About the Russian citizenship

If I had Russian citizenship, I would say Yes, because a lot of work in Russia. The only thing I don't like — it is very cold. My wife is half Ukrainian. I like Russian, my neighbors across the street also Russian. I like Russia and Russians because they remind me of what America was in the fifties. Americans were happy and loved life. I'd like to obtain dual citizenship. When Donald trump invited me to the White house, I'll show him a Russian passport. This, of course, a joke.

The struggle for the Russian bear

Many years ago my wife was shot in Sochi and saw the bear in the big cage next to the restaurant. The wife was upset when she saw the animal and in what conditions it was kept. She asked me to help, and I promised her to get that bear out of the cage. But his master stood in a pose, and no amount of coaxing worked. I stood there all day until late evening. Even me and the police came and thought to arrest me, but then I found out and decided to do some joint photos. Moreover, with me and bear. Information about me quickly spread and reached the local authorities. The result arrived the management of the city, and they asked what I was going to do with the animal. I replied that I want a normal environment for him. In General, we managed to achieve that the animal was transported to the zoo where it lived for three years until his last days. I believe that life in the zoo although not the best option, but it is much more comfortable than being in a cage: the bear at least had food and normal living conditions. So this story ended happy ending.

Эрик Робертс: «Если бы мне предложили российское гражданство, я бы сказал 'да»

A scene from the movie "runaway Train"Photo: materials of press-services

About the movement against harassment

I believe that the movement MeToo against harassment, is in a sense overkill. A great example of something that happened to me. I was working on a very popular TV show. And once the working day I arrived to the Parking lot and saw my car approaching a girl. I heard that she is my big fan. Decided to greet her and said, "How nice to see you, doll face." She stopped and said, "I'll be right back". As if he forgot something and ran for it. I parked and went to her dressing room. Suddenly came to me security guard and said, "You have to leave the dressing room". I asked: "Why?" And he said, "Because you're not working today". He added: "Yes, you worked before, but today it is not." It turned out that the girl asked him to fire Eric Roberts because he called her a doll, and this is considered sexism. Since then I called the doll only my wife. Even if I was some girl urged: call me a doll, I wouldn't. (Laughs.)

About his daughter, actress

In America the acting profession was highly unstable, especially when I started and when I came the first film. It was not easy. But when my daughter decided to become an actress, she has been much easier because she has an aunt who is nominated for many awards, and popular father. And it certainly eased her acting life. I was happy when I realized that daughter will be much easier for me in the beginning was scared every day. So I didn't mind when she stated that she wants to become an actress. Of course, I'm giving her advice, but only when she asks about it. But usually girls don't ask my father for advice. I think when she grows up, she wants to know my opinion, but now she has a lot of their judgments about everything. (Smiles.)

Эрик Робертс: «Если бы мне предложили российское гражданство, я бы сказал 'да»

Eric believes acting tough, but when his daughter Emma wanted to try his hand in Hollywood, the star father became her otgavarivat: materials of press-services

About the gym

I go to the gym every day, because it stimulates my body and allows you to be in good shape. I remember the first time I removed my shirt on the set; after that, since 1978, in almost every movie I was told: take off your shirt — you have a good figure. And I'm now forced to go to the gym every day. This is my insurance, if suddenly again will need to undress to the waist, and also makes you feel good.

About Julia Roberts

In relation to me and my sister's long been rumors that we each other do not love. It's not true. I have more than twenty years I hear all this nonsense. I love my sister! I brought her to new York from Georgia in the film industry. Because I wanted to help her. But what happened? There was a press conference where I was asked including my sister. At that time I starred in many films, she also came second, third, fourth films. And then she starred in "Pretty woman" — one of the most famous paintings. About her, of course, talked. But a press conference seems to have been about the filming of the movie "runaway Train", starring me. And here I ask the question again about Julia. And then I once again cried, "why don't you ask all the same about me and this film?" But due to the fact that I said, the journalists thought there was some problem in our communication. But we have no problems.

Эрик Робертс: «Если бы мне предложили российское гражданство, я бы сказал 'да»

A girl can always count on the support of his father and his famous aunt Julia, Robertsport:

I constantly see with my family, with my daughter, sister; Julia and talk on the phone: "How are you? Okay?" As "good". The public just wants us to have a war, she loves intrigue. But between me and my sister there is no war, I love her very much, we have a great relationship.

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