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Yana Kraynova: "it took Him ten years of silence to forgive"

The actress said in an interview on the love dramas of their lives and complicated relationships with men

Yana Krainova — she not only spectacular, but also purposeful. At seventeen wasn't afraid to leave his father's house in Jurmala to another country to become an actress. While still a student at VGIK, co-starred in Karen Shakhnazarov in the film "the Vanished Empire", and the success she brought the television series "doctor's Diary", where she played a major role. "Citizen Katerina", "Cool crew", "the fortune Teller" — her career develops. But, as Ian admits, she has yet to find a balance between work and personal relationships. Still love was like a maelstrom, which is sometimes difficult to emerge. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Yana, what do you think, why Russia is so fond of Actresses from the Baltic States?

— It is necessary to look back into history, when there was still a Soviet Union. While the Baltic States were considered a sort of Europe, but close, available. Beautiful Vija Artmane, Lilita Ozolina — they were really different in some charm. Then people always have something to think out: and the ink in the Baltic special, and spirits "Dzintars", and exquisite stockings — there was some note. (Laughs.) I think there was still this memory of times that the Baltic Actresses like ones, but attractive and mysterious.

— You are Russian, but has lived long time in Jurmala. It somehow affected the mentality?

Yes, you can say half of my life I lived there. Born in Latvia, went to Latvian kindergarten, graduated from the Latvian music school, I'm completely bilingual child. And although my dad is Russian and mother is Ukrainian, but the environment affects us. I came from kindergarten and asked: "Mom, give me plaster". She corrected: "Not plaster and plaster". And only a few years later we found out that plasteres in Latvian means a band-aid and child do not share languages, and I could not understand why mom, a grown man, my correction? I do bilingual child, and this is reflected in everything: in the way of thinking, of understanding the world. As joked my teacher VGIK Julia Zhzhenov (daughter of the legendary George Zhzhenov), "you're among strangers, a stranger among us". Some truth in this. And in Riga I didn't feel real Latvian, and there were allocated on the General background. But now that I've reached a certain age and gained some experience, you realize that this perception of me rather a plus.

Яна Крайнова: «Ему понадобилось десять лет молчания, чтобы простить»

"we were young, a lot of pain each other has caused"the Photo: Olga Yengibarov

— While studying at the Institute notice attention to themselves?

— If there were interest, then a positive: "Oh, you're from Latvia! And how is it? Let me hear you say
something in Latvian". (Smiles.) Still on the auditions, when I say I was born in Riga, from unequivocal reaction: "Well, certainly, look, appearance you have the Baltic". Yeah, I think the wind blew. (Laughs.) Latvian blood in me or not, but the facial structure is also changing from the way we pronounce sounds. And since I talked a lot in Latvian, English, German, apparently, is reflected in the appearance.

— As a student, you probably was popular among the classmates of the opposite sex?

— I will say this: I have always been popular. (Laughs.) But all the years of training I was in a long relationship. It was my first love, the guy from Riga, as I am. I joined the film Institute, and he is in a Financial Institute in St. Petersburg, and lived in the two cities. Then, of course, that story ended and was broken-hearted. Each chose its own path of development. But we were young, screwed up, a lot of pain to each other caused.

— Do not communicate now?

— Communicate, but it took him nearly ten years of silence to process this, to understand. He was very offended. The first years after our separation, I consistently congratulated him on his birthday and the response I got was silence. But I couldn't be otherwise: it is my dear friend, my first love, we were together for four years. I wanted to write him some warm, good wishes. And then suddenly the summer before last, he said. Said, "If you don't mind, let's meet". I replied that is always open for communication. And so we met and talked for probably six hours. It is so valuable, so cool to rediscover each other! He has a family, children, I met his wife. We grew up, forgot their past grievances and can communicate on another level. It turned out that, having met after so many years, we went through similar stages of development, was interested in the same things. If you speak the language of the market, self-development — is now the trend. People need to understand something about psychology, astrology, undergo any spiritual practices. And here we are, talking — and it turns out that he, too, knows what human design rave card. (Smiles.) I'll tell you more: only such advanced men and come now into my life. It does not matter — they from the past or a new acquaintance. If you saw my Instagram, you probably noticed the hashtag: "You attract what radiate". As soon as someone of my friends starts to complain: I can't meet you and why I come across some assholes, I want to say: "Take care of yourself!". And if you start to work on yourself, you'll draw on your human level. I also do not consider that have reached a high level of self-development, there is always something to strive for.

Яна Крайнова: «Ему понадобилось десять лет молчания, чтобы простить»

"It took him almost ten years of silence to understand, to digest. He was really pissed at me"Photo: Olga Yengibarov


In General this is the search for harmony in ourselves, understanding their needs and desires. We used to live by the scripts of others. We need willpower to shake off the false ideas, say: stop play. Now I will do what I want. As a rule, voluntarily it doesn't happen — it happens an event when you were deeply hurt. You're left alone, among the ruins, completely unprotected and choose: where to go next. But the pain can become a point of development, and to encourage you to move up.

— What was the most powerful disappointment?

— A woman is always a personal story. In a state of love, of fascination build an image, but some people are really not like that. You made it up, and drew is disappointed.

— Earlier in the interview you mentioned that you have had a long relationship with a guy you met in the theater Studio.

— Yes, it's my second love. We were together for eight years. It so happened that it was also a long-distance relationship: he in Riga, I was in Moscow. I was not, apparently, the first lesson. (Smiles.) We went through a lot together: my release of the Institute and the first terrible year after him, when I didn't know what to do next, where to work, how to live. And we seem to be together spiritually, but physically are in different cities. But sometimes you just need to close people hugged you and said everything will be fine. Remember: mud, March, I'm standing in the Road, where she rented a room and call him. Then there were smartphones only Skype at home, on the computer. If I had to quickly call, get on the terrible roaming charges. And I dialed his number and through the tears begin to say that I feel bad, lonely, scared, and we haven't spoken in a few days. And he's a musician, an artist by nature, his perception of time is completely different. It absolutely sincerely is surprised: is a few days have passed? And, remember, I told him the sentence: "Please don't lose me"...

Яна Крайнова: «Ему понадобилось десять лет молчания, чтобы простить»

"mud March, I'm standing in the road, where she rented a room. dial his number and say that I feel bad, lonely, scary"Photo: Anastasia Grablev

We've been through the death of my dad. If not my favorite, don't know what would have happened to me because I had to support mother. When I flew back home to Latvia, and saw her face, the switch is immediately switched: I have forbidden myself to cry. But the trouble does not come alone, immediately intensified speculators who forged the documents for our apartment back in the nineties. We were not able to privatise it. When he was alive dad, he went to court and fought and have not been touched. And then six months — no resistance. Scammers have realized that the situation had changed, and began to put pressure on us, mom. It's Jurmala, a piece of cake. Our apartment was in the house across the road from the sea, near the concert hall "Dzintari". We even began to view the ad for sale of real estate, I thought, maybe, buy another apartment, but it was expensive. A lady friend, a lawyer, advised to waste time in courts and correspondence may take a few years. In the end, leaving the situation in limbo, I flew to Moscow for shooting of the second season of "doctor's Diary". And about a month later mom called you: one of us mentioned the price of ads fell by a third! I said, "we see it as our money! Royalties from 'Dr. Zaitseva", your savings, mother, how many are we missing?". And not enough half. And then my boyfriend went to these dealers: 'You understand that we have a pain in the ass, we will sue and will not surrender just like that. We do not have enough to buy the apartment so much." And they said Yes! It was one of my coolest roles to play-versed in all these cases the girl, self-confident, scorched. Hide your fear, come to these guys and businesslike, Latvian, negotiate. That's where the handy my studies in theatre! (Laughs.) And still we with my young man that the deal was done! Mom now lives in his apartment, across the road from the sea, only two stations away.

And the reason for separation from a loved again, that no one wanted to change the place of deployment?

Initially, yeah. I have just started to develop, Zaitseva shot, I went to Hollywood for courses Ivanna Chubbuck, it is possible to tell, began to open new horizons in the profession. And he, on the contrary, there was a decline — moral, material, value. And we stay close, be wiser, older, perhaps, was able to survive it. But we like to eat. To the point when he finally seems to have decided to move to Moscow, I have all burned out. I understand that there will come a new stage of difficulties for him. No one will offer him all at once on a silver platter. And I have absolutely no internal resources to have his moral support. Much before I had to let go of each other. And I said, don't come here.

— Not even tried...

— There is a limit. Mine arrived just then. And for him it was a good motivation. When we broke up, and once the crisis passed, started some action on his part, development. Maybe he secretly pushed the idea that you need to leave, and he did not want, and he felt there, in Riga. Who knows? Often, we are not to admit their desires.

— What is the lesson?

— My lesson in letting go. There are unions in which people cover each other's oxygen. And realizing this, you have to take your ego and shove it somewhere else, give the person the opportunity to develop, let you and not on the road.

Яна Крайнова: «Ему понадобилось десять лет молчания, чтобы простить»

"I understand that there will be a new stage of difficulties. No one will offer him all at once on a silver platter. And I said, don't come here"Photo: Julia Kirikova

— Perhaps you are a loner by nature?

Is the question I'm asking myself. I have a best friend, who I've had since I was seven. She lives in Stockholm, I was in Moscow, but we do not stop. And somehow we recalled our adolescence. We had three girlfriends, and three is the number of bad: against whom are friends today? (Laughs.) And she said, "Janka, I remember when Diana and I will quarrel, if you still. Are such independent, proud, strong. I think: Yes, it is a normal one, she does not suffer." And I remember that your sense of self-sufficiency. But in relations with men I'm what is called, "stick", a lot of energy to give. And as a result is beginning to crumble in the work. So I'm in search of balance. Of course, I want to become a wife, as a mother, but first you have to be professional. I have enough serious ambition, and I do not belong to his profession as going to the office. So now I try not to rush into a relationship in the pool with his head. Learn to accept from men, compliments, gifts. Remember, our mothers were told: if a gentleman invited you to the restaurant, so you owe him. Girls, no. He just wanted to spend the evening in your company and make a Caesar salad. It is not necessary to give him for it all at once. Until then, until a man said, "You're mine, I want to take care of you," you're a free woman and you can have a lot of fans, I don't mean sex. To talk to, somewhere to go together, to discuss the film, a lecture — the lightness of being.

— Are not you afraid that the person who is with you, read it and be offended?

— No, I think he already feels fine. These are my needs at the moment. And if it is reasonable to state its position, boundaries, Mature, conscious people will always treat you with respect. Before I was afraid to say "no" — and suddenly people will be offended, will leave? I still is not always easy. But I'm learning. Unable to agree, then let's agree to disagree.

— By the way, one actress told me that role, too, come, and fall on the internal state.

— I can guess who said it — Catherine Olkina.

— With whom you met and became friends on the set of the television series "the fortune Teller". Is it easy for you to play rivals?

— Yes, we with Katya have found each other. Barely met in the dressing room immediately began to talk about the maiden. (Smiles.) And if we talk about rivalry, it subconsciously in women's nature. Imagine the two of us with Alcinoe, the remaining partners and the crew — men. Of course, involuntarily involved in the fight for their attention. For example, I was not put, and put on Alcino enough to play rivals. (Laughs.) But then out of frame — and once again become friends.

Яна Крайнова: «Ему понадобилось десять лет молчания, чтобы простить»

"In relationships with men I am what is called a "sticky". A lot of energy there give. And, as a result, everything begins to crumble in the work. I am in search of balance"Photo: Julia Kirikova

And here you got the role of Marina, a criminologist, a professional, attractive woman, internally cold...

— You said the word "cold", and I just happen to be a puzzle. Indeed, at the time I didn't have very good emotional state. Apparently you can continue to perform their functions: talk to people, smile, and inside the ice, the emptiness. And in that moment I adopted the role of Marina — which is perfectly doing his job, easy includes sexuality, when it is required, but not capable of love. Even such a great man, a hero Misha Porechenkova. Beautiful, cold lady winter. I confess, I would like to see "the fortune Teller": at that time I was in great physical shape, lost weight on the basis of personal experiences — and as a result had a toned slender body. If you want me to undress for the camera, only at that time. (Smiles.)

— How do you feel about the downtime?

— I was very worried. Couldn't do something else because waiting: and suddenly will call for the audition? Although you can safely leave for a vacation or some knowledge to. Now downtime for me there. I see them as a period for personal development, the opportunity to try something new. Recently my friends and shot a music video. The Director is Val, Lukashuk, at the time, she played a major role in Valeria Gai Germanicus in the series "School", and after he graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Higher courses of directing Vladimir Khotinenko. And joined two of our classmates: Ivan Solovyov became a songwriter and music, and Yuri Orlov acted as a operator. And we did, presented a video on my birthday and all it inspired, demotiviruet. Everything is in our hands. I see a lot of positive examples around, as people expand their horizons.

— You feel the desire to live positively?

— Of course, it forms the attitude to life. Will start the day with negativity, everything goes awry. Subconscious self will to snatch unpleasant. We will go with you in the same subway car and see different people, because it will be differently configured. Start the day with smiles, good wishes yourself. I personally each morning fifteen minutes, do yoga, do the easiest exercises, it helps me. Again, I'm not a magician, just learning. Who pulls us for weaknesses? Loved ones. Even some children's complexes emerge. Only twenty-seven years I have ceased to blame himself for what just lie on the couch with a book, because my dad always told me: "smart girls should not be free time". And only recently I said mentally: "Dad, I can afford it, I'm a woman. I don't have time to run somewhere and be like a downtrodden horse." Mom and I quickly get annoyed. But the victory that I track such moments and try to control them. Sometimes, however, do not stand up and run to the sea to watch the sunset. The question of fathers and children is one of the most painful. When I'll reach Zen, just put a little statue of Buddha. (Smiles.)

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