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Oksana Akinshina: "Archil nobody has been able so powerfully to affect me"

The actress admits that has become wiser, and to the credit of the husband. Details — in interview

When nothing portends a Grand prospects, is usually to happen and those miracles. Born in the most ordinary family mechanic and accountant in the working area Kupchino, Oksana Akinshina was unexpectedly captured by the film and, remarkably, not lost then, as many star children, flashed on the screen, and has become an actual actress of our time, whose name in the credits guarantees success. And if character is destiny, her wild, independent nature has always attracted as significant Directors and extraordinary men. All this — in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Oksana, you have starred in foreign horror movie now on cinema screens comes with your participation our domestic horror "Dawn." For you, what is the uniqueness of this project?

— Genre interesting, the team great, very friendly. However, I'm on the site held only three days, but they were fine in the cold, in blood, in mud, in an old building of the Moscow Institute of Bioorganic chemistry RAS, which was built in the early eighties. For this story at the time.

— As far as I know, there's the actual story: passion of modern people numerous methods of altering consciousness. The heroine brother dies under mysterious circumstances, she begins to suffer nightmares. Have you experienced something similar in reality?

— Once Yes, I was haunted by panic attacks. I think every person in moments of crisis faced by something like this. And with a heavy inner feelings including. The more people in our profession is a sensitive, emotional.

— And the need for adrenaline experience?

— And how! Bright emotions! Especially with my habit of being introspective and scary perfectionism.

Оксана Акиньшина: «До Арчила никому не удавалось так мощно на меня влиять»

Dress LOїVE; earrings, ChopardФото: Anastasia Buzova

— Share saved from blame — meditation, yoga?

— This is just a completely alien environment for me. Bullshit. Do not believe in it. How many have seen people deeply immersed in these spiritual practices, which in moments of crisis proved not from the best side. So it didn't save them.

— You tend to go into internal exile, protected from external factors?

— Yes, this is an accurate definition. I have to make under pressure are different, not depending on me circumstances. But I'm essentially a loner and need privacy.

— How is it important to be interesting yourself as a person?

— This is important, so often bite himself, all think that I am somewhat behind. And did not manage to kill at least half of my monstrous laziness. But at the moment I am in balance, I guess, energy saving period now.

— You are geared up to play in different genres?

— Of course. But artists are still hostages of the market. One may dream about the role of fairy chudesnitsa, but agree to do a movie about the war, because soon, may 9th. Now, by the way, the horror is just in Vogue — many undertake for them. In parallel, they can be dissolved with some Patriotic movies and serials about love. I want some company to spend time at sea, they take a scenario and fly it there to remove... So it all works. I somehow mostly work in less comfortable conditions. (Smiles.) But I was lucky — and I'm not tied to any roles.

— You have a generally happy life. Curious, what is your favorite fairy tale you had in your childhood? "Cinderella" suits you very well, but hardly it.

— Rather, "beauty and the beast".

— Now you have the appearance of a Hollywood star of the thirties, and the girl you feel spectacular?

— No. I've always been lean, and that this is attractive?!

But now you like to dress up?

— I'm not a Shopaholic. For myself, at least. Better buy something to the children, some household stuff, items for the interior... So I am Thrifty housewife, how to save and not to waste Finance on clothes.

Оксана Акиньшина: «До Арчила никому не удавалось так мощно на меня влиять»

Costume girl power; earrings, ChopardФото: Anastasia Buzova

— As a teenager you wanted to be a vet...

Yes, but even more wanted to be a woman in the military, to go to the form. With demi Moore, then another movie came "G. I. Jane"...

— But fate has prepared for you another way. You twelve noticed Sergei Bodrov and invited in his film "Sisters" for which you immediately received the prize of "Kinotavr". What do you remember Sergei? I think he was a molder of men...

— I would not began to idealize him. He was reserved, very private person, but with stunning energy — beckoned to him. Of course, I was in love with him, he was my kind Prince.

— You grew up a Tomboy who was friends with the guys and hated the female gender. Is that so?

— All right. And it is a very negative story for women. Right very bad. Girls have to be princesses from an early age need to cultivate this energy, almost from infancy. Here is our two year old Emmy is already a flirt! If I have my femininity became recognizable only after the birth of her second child, she is aware of its value already from birth. The rest of it Akinshina, only Georgian. Emmy Gelovani — absolute hurricane!

— My daughter has reconciled you with women come from?

— Yes, I was extremely intolerant. In female friendships never believed. A friend I had only in a conscious and Mature age. And I have warm feelings towards her daughter, which is energetically very similar. But the ladies circle small anyway. And with men in adulthood to be friends is difficult: it's either the ones you linked once or those who wants these relationships to enter, and difficult to control the process. But if you discuss the friendship at all, I'm not looking for new friends — I have enough already available. Any relationship, like it or not, require energy costs, and I have no such capacity.

— You say that you have a disposition difficult, meanwhile with your ex loved you remain in a real relationship...

— You mean Sergei Shnurov? Journalists somehow love to procrastinate this long-standing history. Or Dmitry Litvinov? So we have the same common son, our first child, nine-year-old Philip. First, we all fifteen years, to part as enemies and not to communicate. It's weird because. Secondly, I'm a man of logical and rational, know how without the help of psychologists to understand in many situations.

— Litvinov you sometimes work together. And with the Cord call?

— No. But was he at the concert.

— Do you like which way it develops?

— Honestly? No. Although see positive aspects relating to any internal component integrity. But it is unlikely he will listen to my comments.

— As you nicely said man leave when it is already solved and there is no desire to move forward together...

— Theme breaks painful. We all grow, change under the influence of other people who come our way, periodically there are any problems, allowing you to see who's close to you... despite the fact that initially we all believe that this person is the one. I became much calmer, learned to suppress anger, some blasts of his fiery temperament. And to be completely honest, the more I changed, the men who were there.

— Preparing for interviews, I discovered that you have foreign awards much more than domestic prize at the international festival in Stockholm, the audience award for best actress of Sweden, "the Gold bug" the Swedish Academy award the European festival in Stuttgart as a young, promising actress...

All I got for a very long time and even have about this recall. At mom's house, they are all stored.

Оксана Акиньшина: «До Арчила никому не удавалось так мощно на меня влиять»

Dress and cloak, all Maya Om; earrings, chopardФото: Anastasia Buzova

— You can compare the filming process of the Russian and foreign. What is the main difference?

As the removed products. Before and the atmosphere on set was very different, but now at good commercial projects too, all very worthy — obviously more responsible attitude to work. But as for me, I don't care where to play: in domestic or foreign cinema, to me the important stuff. And I'm definitely not one of those who will run foreign auditions. In those paintings in which I participated, I was called themselves.

— You have fluent English?

— Mediocre. The role of I teach well, and in everyday life can be explained.

— You have repeatedly admitted that for a long time the shooting took for granted and did not immediately realize their high. When was the turning point?

— The picture Valery Todorovsky "dandies". Once the total then it happened: talented people, the story, the General situation... And then on the film "Vysotsky. Thank you for living" that feeling has only increased. There whole team was like one family, and that to me is just what you need. I was only with her can work.

— You can't hide the fact that behind the scenes cinematic environment you are once disappointed in their intrigues, malice and envy...

Since then, much has changed: there is a new, young generation — and was somehow cleaner and more dynamic. That is very young has not yet reached the Central circle, and age, and bile have gone with it. With such Givens gossip, disgruntled attitudes disappeared somewhere and was replaced with respect and a certain neutrality to each other.

Is it true that you don't favor movies about our dystopian reality?

I still don't like these pseudorosette picture. In my understanding they should not be associated with the cinema of our country. Directors banal exploit this convenient and simple genre, showing all the bad. Alas, the product does not become smaller. It would be good if in the future Russia was represented not Chernukha, and such tapes, as "Arrhythmia" Boris Khlebnikov.

It's a wonder your kind is you don't think about directing or producing, but, on the contrary, argue that women who are torn in this area and compensate for any failures in his personal life...

— I know almost none of the cinematic world does not communicate, I don't have any close friends that I was somehow energized, and therefore ambitious plans in this direction do not exist. Of course, there are people who without any strained desire to assert themselves doing something meaningful. Here Nadia Mikhalkov gathered his team, took the debut film "Lost place". A good, solid picture. But these are isolated cases. And for the most part these women have families, children — and they're in the works of looking for a way of application of the forces. And I don't blame them. But I clearly little ambition.

Оксана Акиньшина: «До Арчила никому не удавалось так мощно на меня влиять»

Dress, Maya Om; shoes, manolo blahnik; necklace, ChopardФото: Anastasia Buzova

— You always saw himself as a wife and mother?

— Yes, and imperceptibly fast, I became the mother of three children, but in fact it turned out that the house and farm is not really my thing. More precisely, so: I'm home, although I do not like to cook. But I love to put things in order, perfect cleanliness. This lesson, by the way, has excellent effect on the nervous system. So that's all great, but I need to be sure that at any moment can get out of this state.

— That is, shooting is perceived as an escape from life?

Well, if you want. When I am a captive in the four walls and the end edges in sight — you begin to go crazy. Of course, this starts to affect everything around my family, and this agony, of course, can't happen. That soon will begin shooting in the full-length fantastic film, and I already woke up the excitement. (Smiles.)

— Not feeling that from an early age, this world did not seem like a Sunny, cozy nest...

— It and now to me not so it seems. He probably is, but I haven't gotten to making it harmonious. I still do not perceive it as a space that should be enjoyed. I was tormented by some kind of constant discord, something is not always enough... despite the fact that I am aware that this is a stock character and there's a chance that everything will settle down by the age of forty. Most important to have someone around who would understand my complicated inner world. Here is my husband just that. In the eight years that we were together, Archil raised me in many aspects of life. I try to be a good wife. With him became wiser, it is a huge achievement. Prior to that, nobody has been able so powerfully to affect me. In fact, only two people feel very delicate strings of my soul: best friend he is. (Smiles.)

— In one interview you said that women are valuable when your man it is not necessary anything to ask...

And I still haven't changed my opinion. This is the basis of everything. Then intelligence, sense of humor... I could not get involved with bullies, womanizer, but that was it.

— What is unacceptable to you?

— A lie. It just knocks me. I myself am a truthful person and hate even a fleeting lie.

— How do you like indecision, inaction?

Men all these properties differ. Came to the conclusion that they need to give certain areas of influence. Besides that I have a mad controller and have to restrain myself. Husband, father-in-law I beg you to answer in a specific area. If you have failed in your sector, then it is not my fault. (Smiles.)

— Apparently, you and mom not worrying...

Even cold-blooded — formed. A bump, bruise or cut the foot don't scare me. Disease kids too not cause panic. Here Archil reacts more sensitively: Amy fall, he terror even the face hands and closes, and I go — pick it up. (Smiles.)

— Your six year old son Constantine look like?

— He's a real researcher, nerd! Fortunately, the brains at him from his grandfather — academician, doctor of technical Sciences. Probably also be a scientist. Coca — rare child! It is rather intriguing to some rocks, crystals, rather than sports. Can to play football, but without much enthusiasm. Interested in history, music, easy to speak three languages — Russian, English, French, what is very dad happy.

— You and mom were friends, and with their children adhere to the similar system of education?

— I am strongly opposed to parents were friends with children. They should be the unquestioned authority, support, advisors, but in any case not friends. The distance required. I am in principle quite strict. Perhaps my strategy of education is not always correct, but from the point of view of the wisdom of communication with the younger generation husband balances me.

Оксана Акиньшина: «До Арчила никому не удавалось так мощно на меня влиять»

Dress, Yanina Couture; shoes, manolo blahnik; necklace, ChopardФото: Anastasia Buzova

— A bad habit you have?

— I smoked, but it's been eight years left. However, here for a few months gave up, went back to passions, but has now been abandoned completely. (Smiles.)

— As far as I know, and the sport was introduced. In the Swiss Alpine town of Villars, where you live, when you are not in Moscow, playing tennis, right?

— I am addicted to this game and already can't wait for the lessons with my beautiful teacher Andy. (Smiles.) In fact, in Switzerland is nothing special to do. However, this winter I'm still on mountain skis. In General now I've learned something quietly to distribute between Switzerland and Russia had to build this relationship, because I live in two houses.

— Are you comfortable for a long period of time to be abroad?

— We're not talking about London or new York. Or even about the seaside resort. Here I love the warm countries, but somehow fate got me there puts. Of course, if one day I will be in such a Paradise, there is a chance that I wouldn't want him to leave. (Smiles.) But while we live in the great snowy wilderness, where everyone comes to relax, so the atmosphere is relaxed. I'm sitting there in our Chalet, taking son to school, I go to the supermarket for groceries...

— Environmentally friendly...

— Here do not follow it! It is clear that we avoid the frozen food and eat quality, homemade food.

— Slender you only natural?

— Genetically determined. I don't take on any special manipulations. Do not recline in chocolate and algae in SPA-tries. Just a manicure and pedicure make.

And you still have not let go of the alcohol, require a passport?

Exactly. At first I swore, then laughed, and now treated as routine. My husband thought I was kidding him these stories, and we went together to the store for a bottle of wine, and the clerk at the checkout asked him: "you will be paying or your underage girlfriend?!" (Laughs.)

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