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Denis Klyaver: "All things are possible — is wanted!"

Over the years, the singer has learned how to conduct a correct way of life and knows how to look healthy, beautiful and full of energy. His experiences he shared with

About sixteen years I came to the gym. Lean teenager with complexes was about to turn into a serious man. Since then, sport is an integral part of my life. Now a fitness club is visited not so often, I have a home gym. Can't say that running in the gym, but force me too do not pull. Perceived as a kind of routine work. However, if you get a big break in the sport, then, of course, I'm to do. Recently switched to light weight. Almost five times a week — bar with the parallel bars, well twice a week I go to the gym, where there are already heavy weights such as a barbell.

My whole family is athletic. My wife soon just getting together to go to the gym. When it comes to my eldest son Timothy, we must also go to the gym, I have professional athlete, world champion in Taekwondo. He is now seventeen years old, he had long wanted to gain weight, now just implemented his purpose.

Денис Клявер: «Все возможно — стоит только захотеть!»

Irina, the wife of Dennis, and their five-year son, Daniel, as Pope, lead an active way of infoto:

Not to sit on a diet, you need to maintain proper nutrition throughout life. That's what I do. Can't say that something severely restrict, the main thing — to observe a diet. For the past twenty years, for Breakfast I have oat porridge on the water, a sandwich, preferably with sausage and cheese, and coffee. In the afternoon I allow myself anything that I want, and eat. Throughout the day eat different fruits and be sure to drink a lot of water at least a liter and a half. In the evening, usually eat something light. Yogurt with cottage cheese for example. This diet can also be quite easy to come to all of our body gets used very quickly. So for the past two or three months he will approve your any the menu of the day. By the way, on tour I always carry a pack of oatmeal. Better instead of obscure food away from home eat a healthy porridge.

Once tried to "dry" and refused to carbohydrates. But it was a disaster. I am very kind person, but without the carbs became very angry. That such consequences were the diets. And I realized that diet is definitely not for me.

Денис Клявер: «Все возможно — стоит только захотеть!»

A 17-year-old Timothy, the son of Denis from his second marriage, professional athlete and world champion, thekvondo:

Sometime in the distant past I smoked. A terrible habit. For some reason we live in the atmosphere of what is normal. Although recently there is a movement against cigarette Smoking really becomes unfashionable. I hope most people will soon refuse from Smoking, because it is unclear what we breathe every day in the city and what to eat, plus kill yourself with this stuff. Perhaps cigarettes and normal tobacco itself and not the paper impregnated with nicotinic acid. So I am extremely happy that it did. At some point I realized that he ruin their health. For those who don't have some kind of visualization in the understanding of how horrible, imagine drinking a freon, the substance that cools the engine. I think the same effect on the body from cigarettes.

Onto your face are treated with respect, as it is part of my profession. I tried hyaluronic moisturizing punctures. This is a common procedures that support a person in good condition. I also know that even if you will periodically need to go to the beauticians, but at the same time excessively drinking alcohol, nervous, wrong to eat, sleep and lead a terrible lifestyle, then to any good result, it just will not.

Денис Клявер: «Все возможно — стоит только захотеть!»

"In order to want to exercise, you need to do this inside a Mature"Photo:

The advice from Denis Klyaver

In order to want to play sports, need inside for this to Mature. Want to be healthy, live long, look nice, like other people, not only human qualities but also in appearance? If it motivates you, then you need to go to the gym. The first two months, may be uncomfortable, but then you feel the thrill of adrenaline. High blood pressure gives a psychological tone, life takes on other colors. Don't forget that we don't have much sun in the city, so some incentive to stay active, we really needed it. A gym and in this sense is a marvelous thing.

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