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Karina Andolenko: "I often attribute to novels with colleagues" discussed with actress female beauty, absurd rumors and life in airplanes

"In the morning she woke up famous," not about Karina, Andolenko. To his glory, the actress was slowly but surely. But now she took his place on the Olympus of acting for the long haul.

Karin, do you remember the moment when I decided that I would become an actress?

I remember at six years old I saw on TV a concert pianist, I enjoyed it so much that I begged my mom the piano and asked me to return to music school. Although then it strongly regretted, when all walked in the yard, and I had from morning to night to play scales and to learn solfeggio. It turns out, was six years old I was on stage, albeit in a different specialization. But in twelve years my friend said that there is theater club. I decided to go see what it is. And so much love was in that mug, such a great teacher, loving children. This was the atmosphere of romance, she got delayed. Together we read the play, drank tea, talked a lot, shared experiences, what we felt. At the age of thirteen my mother gave me the complete works of Stanislavsky. And I read all at this age, but did not understand, I decided that I wanted to do only theatre. And here are still doing.

Карина Андоленко: «Мне часто приписывают романы с коллегами»

with the melodrama. On the set of the TV series "Team B" she did well as a Comedy actressphoto: materials of press-services

— In interviews to questions about who you owe your professional growth, you are usually called two men — Konstantin Raikin and Yegor Konchalovsky. Why them?

— Now on my list still and Sergei Bezrukov. Explain about each. Konstantin Arkadievich took me on the course, see something, for which I am grateful. Saw that I can learn something. His school is tough enough for many, but I would not want to learn. We were dedicated to the theatre, sketches, texts and studies 24 hours a day. I'm only in my fourth year I learned that there are some other places in Moscow, except for Tver, Belarus, where was the hostel, and Kamergersky pereulok. High, it was still Maryina Roshcha, where we went in "Satyricon". He instilled in us the creative greed and endurance, and for this I am insanely grateful to him.

Egor gave me the opportunity. I honestly told him that it is unlikely I will have it removed, because I have studies in class concerts, I was there the floors should be washed. And he was not scared that I didn't know that such a large plan, the average and General, what is the "exit point". He took me out and explained a lot. For example, opened an enormous amount of films and Directors. I arrived at the shoot, he gave me a list of masters whose works I had to see, come and share the experience. It's worth it.

And Sergei Bezrukov, who is now in my life, which I work in the theatre — this is my third reference point in the profession. He is a one man band. With him was also very happy to go on stage and work as a Director. We are always looking for a comfortable point, and really do not like to go beyond their boundaries. But as soon as he notices where you're comfortable immediately throws into the jungle. And only when you get out of your comfort zone, only then can you learn something new.

— Heard that your mother laughed when you decided to enroll in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre Raikin. Why?

— Because I was a homely child. Something between a girl and a seal. I don't exercise. I only had a music school. I don't know what the dance. I was doing vocals, piano, literature, but in terms of the physics of dance — my life was never. And since we are from out of town and was not a theater-savvy, knew only people from the TV, and it was Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin that he had plastic theatre that he was all light, and graceful dancing. And when mom found out, then laughed that her Pinocchio going to do to him.

Карина Андоленко: «Мне часто приписывают романы с коллегами»

Jan Tsapnik on the filming of "roller coaster"Photo:

— Idols in the profession you had?

I didn't have as many girls, fanaticism — to go with the diary, and there is DiCaprio. Spared. There are people who I greatly like, which I admire. For example, Meryl Streep, Marion Cotillard — I can't do schematically to spread out their game, I can not understand how they do it, don't understand their formulas. And I want them to be. And be not to like them, and honestly be able to give the profession.

So you choose a movie or theatre?

And film, and theater. I love them both equally. Movies for me are romance. You don't know in which city, which country will be tomorrow. Due to the fact that it is a short time and kind of show behind the glass, you 24 hours are with people in a completely stranger environment. First, you may not accept each other, but you need them to create something real, something to which all aspire. Appears only your world, your jokes, each crew has its own atmosphere, color palette, his music communicate. It's great. And the theater is such a big workshop. This is the house. And in the house anything can happen. But without this point of reference, the actor cannot exist without sacrifces. The theater gives more in depth process. He was honest, but he and harder. In the movie you can ask actor take, if not sure. In the theatre this is not. Or take a room and go with him on a journey, and trust you people three hours of your life or not.

Карина Андоленко: «Мне часто приписывают романы с коллегами»

Paul Priluchny in the TV series "the Yellow eye of the tiger"Photo: materials of press-services

You attributed novels with many famous people. What do you think about such talk?

— Before me it was very upsetting, because we had something to prove. Like you "two" have received unfairly. Now sometimes it is a little sad that people are more interested in not what we do in our profession and what we do beyond it. But I'm calm. Because I know everything about myself. There is a wonderful saying: "each rotok you will not throw a handkerchief!" But if you say so, remember. (Laughs.) Probably so. I'm not too worried about. My family know all my business. And even if it came out what a stupid article, and that they understand that this can not be. Now they call and say: "Cool. Congratulations! Know that you have a new boyfriend!" I don't keep track, but I regularly tell friends. Usually credited because the novels with a partner. At this point you're thinking, "Oh! So, we played well, just saying".

— A beautiful woman-actress easier or more difficult in the profession?

— I never thought about it. You know, one beauty is not enough in this profession. She is not warm and not cold. In addition to beauty should be the presence of some chest magic inside you.

You beauty help?

Can't say I'm obsessed with their appearance, so that self-definition. I'm much more important than some other things. As far as I am internally evolving. If I have time in this race to understand what I want. I was honest in this or that work. What I maximum learned. I have a vector sent. The greatest beauty comes from the inside. It often happens that a person on some canons, which came up with other notorious people, not so straight nose or not so big eyes, and he attracts. Here he (or she) goes, and you can't take my eyes off him. For me the most important — the inner light. The candle that burns in the man. And chase the mythical beauty — a utopia. Standards change all the time. It is impossible for all to adapt. If you get stuck, then the person can be a disaster. In General, this is not enough for the demand, for harmony, for the feeling of thrill and happiness.

Карина Андоленко: «Мне часто приписывают романы с коллегами»

Karina reluctant to comment on the personal life and premieres you receive or with colleagues on projects or with his manifeto:

— You can say that you are so easily spread in social networks your photo without makeup?

Yes. I'm an artist, I'm not a model. As one of my teachers: "You have to go on stage or into the frame and there is light". And if the artist is getting a lot behind the scenes, so it is small in the frame.

But you are often called beautiful. And the figure is excellent. What is it — diet, fitness, or genes?

When shooting period, I, of course, more difficult to exercise. In just no time. For example, recently there were two parallel art, I lived in the plane. I was not up to fitness. But when there pereryvchik, I immediately go to the gym, to yoga. And I always carry rope. If not at seven in the morning for a change, then twenty minutes on the rope replaces me any gym. Well, try not to overeat at night.

— What about kenocom?

— I don't eat kinekor. On the court I try to drink yogurt, eat apples, fresh vegetables or steamed. There is some truth in the statement that the artist must be hungry. Not enough to fall into the hungry fainting, but he should not be overfed. I just want to sleep, what is creativity? Give me an interesting movie, I'll go and lie. So I eat fractional and often. Every two hours something to eat up, but don't overfeed your body.

When not filming, how do you relax?

Sometimes I can afford the whole day to stay at home to relax with a good book. Or browse the seven lovely, good and fabulous films in a row. Sometimes need a reboot to completely relax all your mind. But most of it is travel, communication with family and friends, cinema, theater. I was very lucky, I joined a profession with a hobby. And when you're very much like a profession, you don't get so tired.

Карина Андоленко: «Мне часто приписывают романы с коллегами»

"One beauty is not enough. Inside you should have some kind of magic box"Photo: materials of press-services

— Your profession can be just friends-men?

— They are not only in the acting profession can be. I have many guy friends. Probably so often attribute to novels with colleagues. Friendship for me is some kind of spiritual love. We equally want to be heard, to be understood, need. And no matter man or woman. I want to feel the sincerity in relation to each other. Male friends are cool! It is possible to fly to another planet. They have a completely different logic.

— And with classmates, Anna Chipovskaya, Gela Meskhi, Nikita Efremov, Pavel Priluchny — communicate?

— I have the coolest and most talented in the world of course. We all love each other. Thank the higher powers that once took me Konstantin Arkadievich gave such a family. We're not friends. We have erased the boundaries. We're just a family.

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