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Dmitry Dyuzhev: "I was interested to spend the night in the bed of Peter the great"

In February, the world premiere of the historical epic "Tobol", filmed on the eponymous novel by Alexei Ivanov. The era of Peter I. the Actor played in the film role of Peter and shared his impressions with

— Dmitry, admit it, it was not easy? Still, this role is truly a landmark...

Each of the brace for me was like an exam. We need more training in order to play the royals. I was interested to spend the night in the bed of Peter the great, because he was advised that it was useful to sleep in a semi-sitting position: supposedly during the night of the head streaked with blood, and a man comes in a healthier overall condition. It was important to feel the energy of the bedroom of Peter, what he saw when falling asleep, what position was the sun, how he met the sunrise when I woke up, what was the ceiling. Peter's childhood was tormented by fears. I don't know if it was the growth of the complex. When you are born have some kind of psycho-physical peculiarity, of course, it attracts attention, and you realize that not like. No wonder, perhaps, when Peter boy was transported outside the city, where he noticed the same long guy, Sasha Menshikov, he clung to him. If you believe the descriptions, Peter the great was the growth of 2.04, and Alexander Menshikov to 2.06 meters.

Is not only a high growth rate was the distinctive feature of Peter...

— In the descriptions they say that the king periodically twitch: nasolabial folds, chin and Vienna under the eye, and sometimes became furious grimaces from the pain. He very easily could have exploded, but at the same time on the same emotional level and have fun. Of course, all this is hard for me to pass. For example, the same bulging eyes. From the constantly high pressure of Peter the eyeball slightly protruded. In the descriptions also there is mention that he had an acute sense of smell, causing his sinuses was raised. The historians of the island, that almost because of its keen sense of smell Peter commanded to cut beards to boyars. Because in those days washed one to two times a day, fat from the food froze in the beard, it was combed out and washed, but still he has accumulated in the beard and hair. This was the stench. Himself a people accustomed to the smell, and the Peter at a distance could smell the stench and often said, "Not stinks! Get away from me!"

— Say, make-up artists worked on conscience over you, to bring the resemblance...

— I studied post-mortem cast of Peter. In profile it is seen that the upper lip he had bit is preloaded, and the lower extended. Face was twice as wide as mine. And bald head. My partner is also shaved his head. Actually, when I was invited to audition, I was very surprised: never even thought that maybe some similarities. But as soon as I sat in the chair for makeup, I wore a wig, whiskers, and... "That's all!" said.

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