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Taisia Povaliy "I "dumped" my future husband, when he wanted to meet me"

The actress said the secrets of a lasting relationship with her husband, young daughter and a unique pedigree.

The singer Taisia Povaliy can be the envy in the best sense of the word. Not long ago, the actress celebrated the 25th anniversary of the relationship with her husband and producer Igor Lihuta. Now she is a caring mother and a wonderful mother-in-law for the darling of his son.

Taisa, I heard the story of your acquaintance and start a relationship with her future husband Igor Lihuta was quite interesting and memorable...
— Yes, I remember it because at the time of meeting was already married. I'm 11 years lived with her husband in the traditional strong family, and once to me on set failed musician. He was in a red sweater, bright, came from abroad. And defiantly behaved. And I was a modest girl... He then wanted to meet me, and I will remember for a lifetime, how it "kicked". (Laughs.) Said in a hurry, my train and so on.

But at the same your joint story is not over?
Later he told me he called — someone took my number and I offered to work on the ferry, which runs between Sweden and Norway. I replied that the ferries do not sing, my place on the big stage. (Smiles.) Then another month passed, he called again on home phone and again invited to work. Here I could not refuse, especially because it was shot on TV on 8 March. I went to a shoot and then Igor began to fully conquer my heart. We met at the Studio, recorded the songs, he tried to be like me, I appreciate it. So when we decided to go to the competition "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk, he offered me the terms of the Director, and I agreed. Before that, we took part in the contest in Chernivtsi. And when both festivals have received the Grand Prix, all the joy, happiness, feeling this spirit of victory, our relations have reached a new level, we fell in love with each other. The victory spurred us to a huge feelings. With the previous spouse and I broke up. Such is the fabulous story. And now, the 25th anniversary of a joint life celebrated.

Таисия Повалий: «Я „отшила“ будущего мужа, когда он хотел со мной познакомиться»

Taisiya Povaliy happy together with the beloved husband for 25, levoto: materials of press-services

You can be called experts in the field of family life. Discover the secret: how to save the relationship so many years together?
— I think that people need to build joint plans. And still need to be optimistic in life and to respect each other. Of course, we can talk about love, but when with the person you are together all the time — on tour, at home and on holiday — you've got to have a special relationship to each other, mutual respect. With the joint children we failed — we were all in the tour, the albums, the concerts... But on the other hand, Igor has two children from a previous relationship, had my son from my first marriage. The children we have, so we have all the power and skill invested in the work. Besides, we met as adults, knowing what we want. I was almost 29 years old, Igor — 3 years more.

And your son too has become a creative person?
I've had a son — he's under my heart was in the classroom and academic vocal in College, and when I passed the exams. Strange if he was not creative. (Smiles.) He can sing and writes music — the Lord gave a talent. Now he himself makes arrangement, brings to the Studio. And Denis is the same as I'm meticulous — I recognize myself in it. If not for my husband Igor, I would still have all their songs had to be redone 10 times. I always think that next time I could have done better. But before meeting with Igor I was singing challenging music, looking for himself and then changed the attitude to creativity. Son now loves difficult music, to be something monumental, with a complex harmony. He has to take this path is his experience.

Таисия Повалий: «Я „отшила“ будущего мужа, когда он хотел со мной познакомиться»

Son of singer Dennis went in her footsteps and became musicontario: materials of press-services

It is no secret that your son has a significant other. And how about the fact that one day he will come and say that you will be a grandmother?
— Well and that! Very well, that's great. I remember when I went on tour and left her son with his grandmother...then I worked in the music hall, we went for a week or two. I arrive and my mother in law says: "And he said to me "mom." So I probably will be happy when there will be the same situation. Feel young grandmother. (Laughs.) I now remembered the story of how we denizkoy little else came with her husband to play badminton. It was warm, I decided to wear a short skirt and sneakers — I'm only 18 years old. And on the threshold stood mother-in-law with the question: "Where are you going dressed like that? You're a mother!" So I'm 18 years has had to be an adult woman because I gave birth to a child.

What's you mother-in-law?
— I try not to interfere with young, sometimes really can not stand, but I see that Light and understand everything. Now other young people: we were fixated, waiting for the catch, and now, it seems to me, the youth, everything is easier. I like that she is not sensitive and easily takes things. Besides, I want to be a girlfriend and not just a mother-in-law. I think that the next generation of smarter than we are. Most of them given above. It has been well said., now that children are unique. Born — already the tablet come on, he understands it. For me, this is not easy to find something on the Internet can, and after that it is difficult for me. So there will be grandchildren to teach me. (Laughs.)

Таисия Повалий: «Я „отшила“ будущего мужа, когда он хотел со мной познакомиться»

The beloved son, is considered by many fans to watch, very similar to the star, sucralfate: materials of press-services

Well, pleasant surprises do to each other?
— Of course. For any occasion we are making gifts. A small decoration, the usual, I'm not talking about jewelry. Going home, for example, and see the beautiful jewelry — I am pleased when Igor gave it to me. Sveta also buys some creams are good. We constantly give each other some attention.

And free from live performances of the time you also spend with your family?
Yes, I love spending time with family. Well, if we talk about Hobbies, embroider can, once crochet knitting, sewing outfits. But now designers are our talented — most already awkward something to sew. So when there's a spare moment, of course, the more time you want to stay with my mom, she is a big girl. (Laughs.) She loves childhood to remember, to talk about the previous generations. By the way, I ordered ancestry: I wonder where our bloodline. It turns out that our family went from the White Church, the founder of the family, Ivan Weight. He was a friend of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, his right hand. I have, incidentally, the school was nicknamed Weight. Perhaps that is why I have something combative in nature. It's in the genes...

Таисия Повалий: «Я „отшила“ будущего мужа, когда он хотел со мной познакомиться»

Taisia Povaliy free from the concerts time trying to be near her, semaforo: materials of press-services

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