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Inna Malikova: "Write that I increased the lips, but this is ridiculous!" recorded recipes long youth artist

Inna Malikova is perfectly implemented as a soloist and producer of "New gems". But to match this forever young genre, she works not only in the Studio or on stage.

I've been fasting four times a year — during this period, partly trying to eliminate meat and dairy products. Try to eat less starchy foods, but sometimes in the morning you can afford a sandwich. I was lucky — I don't love sweets, but if you still want me enough to drink tea with cookies or light cake. The main thing — to do it in the morning. Wednesday and Friday I try not to eat meat — it's fast days. In the evening on the situation: if you find yourself at an event, then eat something light. If something can not work, then evening, of course, difficult: tight enough eat because hungry, and then scolded myself for it, bad sleep.

For me there is no word "diet". But I know firsthand that such a constraint. For example, I love carbs: muffins, pancakes, cheesecakes. That is, everything connected with the test. Really live without carbs I can't. So just limit yourself in this. For example, too much white bread. Recently switched from white to gray, began to buy bread with bran. Vegetables in large quantities do not eat, although they are not much better. Meat, fish quickly bring the feeling of satiety, but also important to stop in time. To control the process of absorption of sweet even more difficult, but it is possible. This for me is the concept of "diet".

Инна Маликова: «Пишут, что я увеличила губы, но это же смешно!»

Looking at the artist, it is hard to imagine that her son Dmitry in this year marks 20 levoto: materials of press-services

Miracles do not happen: don't train the muscles, the figure immediately will spread. So I go to the gym often — three times a week, giving yourself breaks. Perform a variety of program — with elastic bands, exercise machines, functional training. Usually open from its own weight or with a small load and always in a small increase in heart rate. Only two times a month the coach gives me exercises to increase muscle (I don't need biceps like a bodybuilder, just toned, "dried" body). Besides doing a thirty-minute jog on the treadmill. And once or twice a week I go to the dance with his band "New gems". In a week I go out at least four serious fitness. In fact, for gym you need two things: a Mat to do exercises on the ground, and your desire. However, in the case with me, and we need another coach. No one can motivate, force, and the coach is the authority. Besides, to force myself to classes, I say to myself:

"I paid for training. Why would the money disappear?!" Also a little trick, works!

With the hair I was lucky, the special care they require. However, sometimes I do in the salon is a special care with masks and ampoules, efficiency increase special warming lamps. But folk recipes for the care of hair and face I do not believe. And there is no time to prepare these homemade masks — buy all ready.

I am often in the office of a cosmetologist. I like to take care of themselves, but most importantly, I see the result. Don't want to resort to extremes in the form of a serious of injections and plastic surgery so always looking for alternative ways to maintain the beauty and youthful skin. Make the most of different procedures: peeling, massages, hardware. The skin need to step up! And each fall do a course of mesotherapy with peptides. Started to do it after 35 years. The procedure is very effective, the needle marks left: the next day you can participate in photo shoots. The only "but" is a very painful procedure. But once a year you can be patient and the result is great! Write that I increased the lips, but this is ridiculous! I never did anything with the lips.

Инна Маликова: «Пишут, что я увеличила губы, но это же смешно!»

Inna enjoy visiting the gym. Doing it regularly and seriously, trenirovkami: materials of press-services

There is one folk remedy that I love and I will love you forever, is a bath. I have a great attendant Tanya, which prepares me a lovely bath and all sorts of natural brooms. We make a natural scrub from the mustard, coffee or salt, and then honey wrap. She cuts a lemon and rubs me the skin — vitamin C in this case, it is well absorbed. And when I lie in the steam room, it still the lemon on the heels of the puts. And here I am laying in your honey with these lemons on their heels... This was so cute, so healthy!

The main thing is the internal state. And it's not just words, but my deep conviction. I'm sure that appearance depends on how the person looks at the world and how it feels, as he knows himself to negotiate with them. I love to care for yourself, love yourself to indulge.

Инна Маликова: «Пишут, что я увеличила губы, но это же смешно!»

Oatmeal with banana - great zavtrakat:

Oatmeal with honey, cinnamon and banana puree

Ingredients: 1 Cup water, ½ tbsp honey, ½ Cup oats, cinnamon to taste, 1 banana, 1 tbsp of jam.

Preparation: Boil the Cup of water, add honey, oats and allow to boil. Banana divide into two equal parts. One piece cut from another make puree. Once the porridge comes to a boil, reduce the heat to low, add the cinnamon and cook until thickened. Mix with banana puree, put the slices of banana and jam.

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