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Victoria Bonya: "of Course, I dream of pink, blue diamond"

Socialite suddenly became a jeweler. talked to Victoria about what inspired her to create jewelry as she thought through design, and loves to draw her daughter

A few days ago in the luxurious capital hotel hosted the presentation of the joint collection of Victoria Boni and Italian jewelry brand. After the press-brunch Vick has paid a little bit of time.

Victoria, why jewelry?

– When I buy gifts, I always think, "choose What?" I want to give something, first, remember a person, and secondly, it would be functional, and, of course, would have some value. So here I have collected all three points. Giving jewelry from my collection, people will understand that the other person is invested in this time, soul. He thought that pre-ordered — not simply went out, bought, wrapped, given — for me that's what was important at the time.

Виктория Боня: «Конечно, я мечтаю о розовом, голубом бриллианте»

Victoria Bonia and co-owner of jewelry brand Mustafa Camarota: materials of press-services

– You decided to make a pair of jewelry that can be worn together with a loved one. Today you're wearing your bracelet along with a bracelet his daughter...

– Children, especially girls, love all, like mom's dress, and something else. You associate your name with your lover name, let's say I took the daughter and gave her as a gift and for myself ordered. We have the same shape and at the same time unique decoration design. Managed to make them subtle and light, suitable for child and for an adult female is something there for everyone. I think that this is a memorable gift that can be saved — will connect you with the person you cherish, to remind him.

Виктория Боня: «Конечно, я мечтаю о розовом, голубом бриллианте»

Support Boni came her star friends. Photo - Ilan St. George, deteriorate: materials of press-services

What is unique about the design? During the presentation you said about the interesting details — blue diamond.

– When I thought: "Okay, will you do the necklace, but it can be any V ("V" of "Victoria)". So I asked the owner of the company: "you Can make a design to the name was written on the necklace?" He replied: "Yes, you can! Whatever you come up with something and do it". (Smiles.) Here is two names — you can see who owns this piece (first letter of first name and full name). We wanted to add to my collection of blue diamonds, I love them. I don't, but I, of course, dream of pink, blue diamond. And I told him: "it Must have cost..." He said, "We can do small pebbles". Not just the usual made option, and we kind of hid it — it turns out that the diamond is not visible to the eye, but in decoration there is this note of value is not just enamel.

Collection – only pendants, bracelets? Plan to expand?

– We just started. (Smiles.) Let's see if goes well. The collection is the butterfly — pendants, rings and earrings — the whole set.

Виктория Боня: «Конечно, я мечтаю о розовом, голубом бриллианте»

"We wanted to add to my collection of blue diamonds, I love them"Photo: materials of press-services

Victoria, you have represented the collection which can be worn every day, which is suitable for many girls — that is, not only on the red carpet?

Yes. They, of course, there are diamonds on the red carpet, but today, these small, delicate details and elegant jewelry — they come back. When I was asked to become the face of the company, I agreed and said I always wanted to make my own line. They said, "We are happy! What would you like?" We decided: we can also make it with blue diamonds the same butterfly, for example, black. I carried her, we don't even have time to open the sale — she's already gone. (Victoria speaks about the decoration from the collection.) It's not just a pendant it catches the eye. On the neck of this black butterfly on an invisible chain so delicate, elegant, beautiful — you see it and think, "Wow, cool!" They were able to translate my thoughts into action and do what I want.

– And the daughter you put on jewelry?

– She loves me, by the way, the decorations! My girl...

– Would you like you daughter to release a joint collection? It is now fashionable to introduce children to the creative process...

– My daughter is good at drawing — loves horses. I'm sure if you ask her, she will not mind. I often ask: "Angelin what here shoes to choose, or what here is better?" (Smiles.) She is always prompt — see proportions, she has a developed taste.

Виктория Боня: «Конечно, я мечтаю о розовом, голубом бриллианте»

Photo: materials of press-services

– What else would you have wanted from the jewelry may produce to jewelry in your collection?

– My mom when I was little, there was a beautiful necklace that she wore. It is preserved in one of the photos — I remember this picture, but to find it we can not. And I this pendant is so loved... I can't remember what's on it, asked: "Mom, what was it?" She says: "the virgin Mary". It was just a Golden medallion, and on it a voluminous look. I think I would do such pendants. I already have ideas related to different cultures, so I want to continue to work in this field. I wouldn't have to do any fancy decorations — just something simple that can be worn with a t-shirt, or a dress.

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