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Daniel Vakhrushev: "Nagiyev very comfortable to work with, if not ruin his day" he discussed with the actor, working with stars, height, weight, and Chinese girls

In the series "the Baker and the beauty" Daniel perfectly controlled and pastries, and lovemaking. And the actor once again got lucky with colleagues on the set, despite the fact that none of them is Dmitry Nagiyev, which is sometimes called kinopio Daniel.

— In the new series, your character of the family bakery. The casting didn't ask for a cake to bake?

— No, it was not a criterion for selection of artists in the movies (smiles), but nevertheless we had oven. It was fun: we really learned how to weave these braids, the batter churned. And, of course, the site worked expert, Baker, was leased to a furnace along with their owner — technical specialist, who told them what to include. Baking itself was a sham, she was lying her was impossible.

— Do you know something oven?

— I'm a lousy Baker. And can do something to boil, to fry meat.

And when do you usually practice culinary experiments: after a hard day on the set?

— Of course, with pleasure! Yesterday, for example, in the morning I came home, and despite the fact that today it was eight in the morning to get up, I have great inspiration fried wings and ate. I have this feature of the body: I can eat without stopping and at night, but nothing me and my weight will not. Can and fast food to go. Don't know what it is, we have all the men in the family are thin.

Даниил Вахрушев: «С Нагиевым очень комфортно работать, если не испортить ему съемочный день»

With Dmitry nagievym Daniel met repeatedly on the set (photo from the film "Christmas Tree"). And now colleagues are playing father and son in the new Palmetto: materials of press-services

— Maybe it is also about your Hobbies? Heard that you've mastered trivial of activities...

— Yes, I do trampoline freestyle. Because I since the childhood was fond of parkour, I regularly go to a trampoline gym and do any trick he could. Gradually got involved. However, it is more for yourself, because if you look at the competition, you will see that all of the acrobats is quite young. And my spine during workouts says: you have 27! Also I love airsoft. This game is similar to paintball. I even have medals and cups I have won at competitions.

It seems that bad habits is not about you!..

Well, I have a minimal set of such habits, although in College, there were many more. Once a week allow yourself to smoke and once in three months to take a little drink. So to combat bad habits is not even necessary.

— In your which devote is one more unexpected detail: you often play in tandem with Dmitry nagievym. It accidentally obtained or have already become a tradition?

— Indeed, we often shot together, just recently I reenacted in the picture, where will play Nagiyev, and of course, I was delighted. And then it turned out that he will play the role of my father. For me it's really a mystery why Nagiev has become a creative man in my life. I remember his childhood very well, but even then I would think that the way it goes. Dmitry is one of the most professional actors, it is very comfortable to work with, if he can't spoil me. There was a case when a little-known actress was three hours late, and he was sitting in the frame. Then he, of course, I remember little upset and made fun of her.

— You often play kind of a young loser. Don't want to learn the role of a superhero, for example?

— When this question comes from journalists, I think it is a little provocation, to be honest. (Laughs.) I have almost 25 films, of 50 to 50 drama and Comedy. And not all of them is the role of the underdog. I had dramatic roles are disabled, and the role of the alpha male — all sorts. Another thing is that these characters may not have such a media. Anyway I have no attachment to their appearance, I believe my appearance and think I will continue to have a considerable amount of work. And I dream to play Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet" — he's an interesting character.

Даниил Вахрушев: «С Нагиевым очень комфортно работать, если не испортить ему съемочный день»

Daniel Vakhrushev and Ekaterina Voronina on the set of the TV series "Beauty and the Baker"Photo: materials of press-services

— You have chosen the acting profession? It was a spontaneous choice?

— Offer to go in the acting Department came originally from my mother when I was sixteen years old. Probably because I was playing in KVN, was engaged in parody. I thought, well, great. Went to acting class, where I was told that I'll never be an actor because of the small growth. But I finished one-year course, just to relax and put it. In the end we came to VGIK totally by accident, just because we had a master Sergey Solovyov, which to me is very similar in nature. And this is important: you either come in spirit or not.

— But you, as I understand it, can come together with the characters of different people. It was rumored that at one time you dated a girl from China...

I dated girls of different mentalities: I was a girl from the Caucasus and was Chinese. They have an interesting mentality and a completely different understanding of the world: she is ready for you to walk with a Cup of rice to infinity, no matter what bad thing you did. But the Chinese are very eccentric. Not every Russian can withstand this particular feature of the Chinese mentality. If you have ever watched how the Chinese are photographed on red square, you'll understand.

— Your current girlfriend, as I understand it, is different from the previous one?

— Dramatically. It is from Cherepovets, I was also born nearby. And when we were all leaving, I wanted to meet someone from Moscow. But in the end found each other... She's an actress, she on the set he met and started Dating. And before to meet her, it seemed to me that I have certain criteria for the selection of girls. She is under them does not fit, but nevertheless we are together.

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