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Alexander Golubev: "the Woman who gave birth to my children, cannot fail to be amazing" Stars

The actor fondly remembers his ex-wife to Alexander Ursulyak. Details — in interview

Marina Зельцер22 Feb 2019 12:0154640

Александр Голубев: «Женщина, родившая мне детей, не может не быть потрясающей» - Звезды -

Alexander Medvedev Golubovina

Alexander Golubev is not smooth, but each part is in the top ten, but each film — with the quality mark: "Liquidation" and "Isaev", "Pelagia and the white bulldog", "the Brothers Karamazov", "the Inquisitor" coming out "stormy weather"... "serving the muses does not tolerate vanity" is about him. Different characters, times and characters. Almost not changing the outside, it completely mimics internally. Mysterious, incomprehensible, not very noticeable and charismatic. With interest says about the roles of theatre and cinema, with a special desire and pride about his two daughters, who affectionately calls ladies. All this — in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Sasha, why you chose the Patriarch's ponds?

Here my daughters play sports, they live nearby and attend school.

— Do you live here? And what exactly girls do?

I live out of town but not far from Moscow. I'm comfortable there. And daughter two and a half years was engaged in kickboxing, and now switched to Kudo, slightly increased their skills. Eldest thirteen, the youngest is ten. Wise ladies.

Александр Голубев: «Женщина, родившая мне детей, не может не быть потрясающей» - Звезды -

"The eldest thirteen, the youngest is ten. Wise girls"Alena Medvedev

— And why this sport is for girls?

Because in this culture, like martial arts, the main thing that is involved in training, is the head. And because music and in particular the sense of poetry they are too short, we stopped there, or rather I am. They don't even notice how physically strengthen and grow. It all began five or six years ago with athletics.

— You agree your choice with their desire?

— At their request often chosen than any duties. But we with them have agreed that even what they do not like, they will continue to do under our strict guidance to nineteen years. And then they going to decide how to be.

Girls share their feelings and thoughts — in short, your life?

— I with them always had a dialogue with older people, and now it already grows in a friendly, almost equal.

You important their relationship to each other?

— Of course! Their love for each other and friendship is very important to me. But it is impossible to control. Their relationship is their relationship, I do not want to climb. It's all about the needs of one another. One, as a rule, ready to accept another, and the other needs it. Anna, the eldest, is ready to accept, and her daughter sometimes needs.

Александр Голубев: «Женщина, родившая мне детей, не может не быть потрясающей» - Звезды -

"One usually is ready to accept another, and the other needs this"Alena Medvedev

— Do you think that one character is closer to your opinion?

— Younger, of course. And Annie we have a separate planet, a philosopher and a true friend. Anastasia is also a great friend, but she is so free from it all internally, that it is necessary to watch and observe. And I understand that if it begin to chop off her sincere impulses, it will hurt her much more than them
just to correct.

— You have a great need to communicate with them?

— Of course. In addition, they Willy-nilly raising us. I can even look at them to understand that sometime you need a little to hold it in. Sometimes Annie might jokingly say, "Dad, you're too serious, do not scare people."

— They watch your movies, give you their opinion, and always if they have the same?

— Sometimes, I think this estimate is too high. (Smiles.) They are completely different people, but sometimes feel the same way about something and love the same. For example, both enjoy spending time with Sasha in the theater (the girls ' mother is actress Alexandra Ursulyak. — Approx. ed.) especially Nastya. And I must say that in this sense they are properly brought up: to respect not only our work but also the work of people behind the scenes, and the audience.

— Also want to become Actresses?

— Nastya, but older while he sees himself rather in the direction or somewhere close.

— While you're still in the Pushkin Theatre to see Alexander Ursulyak?..

— Yes, with pleasure. And very happy about her victories. And this is the victory, no joke. She's a great actress and an amazing person. The woman who gave me children, can not be stunning. (Smiles.) She's a mom, a professional, ambitious person.

— From your life — unlike Sasha Ursulyak theatre disappeared, although you had a great role...

— Yes, I played at the Moscow art theatre five performances. Of them in the end there was only "the Year when I was born," but when Oleg Pavlovich, God rest his soul, is gone, the show is filmed, differently and could not be. I'm very sorry spectacle, but it can not compare with big people. Oleg Pavlovich has done so much and with such warm noise and tempest was in this life, that he is still here and still long to be near. Those who knew him personally, worked or was just a spectator, they say that everyone has their own Oleg Tabakov. For me he was a teacher and senior companion, although I'm not his disciple in the literal sense. But contact with this magnitude of people in any case — an excellent school, and not just professional: this is their attitude towards other people and to themselves. And Oleg Pavlovich unique in this sense.

Александр Голубев: «Женщина, родившая мне детей, не может не быть потрясающей» - Звезды -

"Everyone has his own Oleg Tabakov. For me he was a teacher and senior companion"Alena Medvedev

— Yes! And many people think only about themselves. And still present it with dignity, saying that the most important thing is personal space...

— In our era, this method of self-defense. And tobacco — over age, over time and circumstances. It's a different scale. I am grateful to him for the confidence he gave me.

— Do you have the feeling that theater is not enough?

— Is. I want to play, and I understand that he has a house, and this day I was waiting for this scene because each of the site — its audience, its own atmosphere. So, my desire somehow has something to steer.

— When you played at the Moscow art theatre, several years have not acted. Why? Most successfully combine...

— I was completely satisfied with how we evolved in that time, my acting fate. And it's not in the density my work in the theater. I guess I'm not the usual artist in the conventional sense. For me is not so important downloads. Don't even really understand how I agreed to this interview — somehow intuitive. (Smiles.) Because for me, it's a very closed area. I can talk about this or that work, but... there is a filter: I and profession, and that want is usually to finish.

— Why are you so closed? It's like that?

— In life, in my state, everything is open. (Smiles.)

And what cycle is your state?

Is family and friends. And if you go back to work in the what is offered in the movie, I didn't like or we for one reason or another did not agree. I trust the fate. What needs to happen, happens. Besides, if the person does not work for some time, he has a great time to prepare yourself for any future business. I think at this age, fear is not necessary.

— What is the age?! You are thirty-five and the sixty is not an age...

— Sixty has nothing at all to be afraid. But at my age, I think it's better to do even five years one thing, but significant than in the stream and bustle — a lot.

— And in any social networks you have?

— No. Explain why. Now people have the opportunity to very carefully sanded the present. It all depends on what picture you put in Instagram. And since this UsefulRest in the foreground, in the moment when you meet a person, you know that, in fact, this all has no relation to it except the case, which he does. In almost all social networks, there are some rules of the game, and I have them to this day.

— In your acting life there is a planet like Sergei Ursulyak. You starred at him in several scenes now goes "bad weather"...

— Any artist is to trust Sergei Vladimirovich and wait, when it will coincide with your desire. On his site is always a great atmosphere, the responsibility coexists with humor. Seriously just what grows your share of responsibility. As the artist, I believe, in the process, you need to get rid of it, it prevents because you're starting to control you, to look at ourselves. But when there is such master, as Sergey, I understand that your view of yourself is not very important because is the main link that will direct you at the correct angle. You had protected emotional-but, professionally, he gives tangible support on the ground, everyone from actor, stuntman, cameraman, and it's worth it.

— Now Sergey Ursulyak for you is the same — has not changed since the "Liquidation"?

— Stability — a sign of skill, and it's about Sergey Vladimirovich. At the most difficult job he's always the same the ease of communication on the site, irony and jokes.

— You knew about the novel of Alexey Ivanov "stormy weather" to the proposals of the Director — that's a pretty grim story?

I heard about the book, but read it only after finishing the shooting process. And I was probably even lucky because the script is still an interpretation of the book, and not to add something unnecessary to the character, to the work itself in advance. This is a dramatic story. The hopelessness makes the characters choose tough, at times uncompromising way of survival. But ursulyaka there's always light at the end of the tunnel, because he himself as a person — light component, and it is always slightly above the drama. For him Life is still in first place.

— Who is your hero?

— A former soldier who gets the team of like-minded people, defending the position of Afghan veterans. He is tired of life in chains, and he wanted that logical, to escape and become chief of his destiny, which led him to certain actions. The film covers the period from 1989 to 1999.

— You began with a sincere, open guy, such simpletons, were you and Alyosha Karamazov, and then there were a lot of characters with a double bottom, hard, as in "stormy weather." And in the Inquisitor, your character is just quirky villain, a murderer. It was terrible to get into his skin?

— I have simpletons have three or four pieces, Alyosha Karamazov — is hardly a simpleton. And thanks Yuri Pavlovich frost, Director of the brothers Karamazov, the Inquisitor: he is such a professional scale that his hands feel light and free. But the Inquisitor is a genre story, fictional literature, so still good triumphs over evil, albeit with losses. And speaking of "stormy weather", my Bazunov it is a forced evil, justified. He good touches, communicates, according to him, with confused people who had shown himself as strong, capable of serious steps and actions, but now, in his opinion, handing over their positions. And for me as an artist his actions are very clear.

We see you almost everywhere with your face, but you could vary. What are the external parts help you create an image of the character?

Thank you. I think the best compliment for an actor. (Smiles.) My hair is almost unchanged. And I like it this way. However, Yuri Pavlovich in "Pelagia..." I was a brunette with long hair. Probably such detail is usually gait and the behavior of the hands. And that only I know, this is my trump card — a kind of nose for me, which I repelled in the beginning. But the main thing still is the emotional component of the character. Every hero in any case, there is one evil act, no matter how good he was, and one good, no matter how evil it may seem. And within these boundaries I'm already starting to fantasize.

You "crawl" in a very complex, ambiguous heroes, but in real life, you know, read?

— Still one or the other character — the derivative itself. Best or worst show you — it's all in the paint, which is now you need. Probably, thanks to such characters take a closer look inside, and it helps to better understand yourself and others. But from childhood I not bad understand people. I've always trusted that feeling, and my assessment of the stranger is usually correct, except for a few mistakes.

— Sasha, why you went to the film Institute?

— At fourteen I graduated from high school and in summer he turned fifteen. And when I got to the competition at the Moscow art Theater, and they learned that I was fourteen, then said, "Wait another year". And I didn't want to wait for a year and abandoned this venture.

— As you are so quickly cooled down, abandoned your dreams?

Just life with open doors was so interesting and unique that captivated me more than any plays.

What he did in that year?

— That only did not do! I thought, I will go with the flow, swim out anyway. But my mom asked me to go at least in cinematography on audition — I promised her. I was sixteen when I entered.

— Alexander, why did you want so early to say goodbye to school?

— Bored, I have a theater was. Anyway life activity outside of school was through the roof: and love, and a lot of some Affairs always has been, and sea responsibilities...

— Duties?! So you were a responsible person?

— Hardly — all appeared thanks to Anna and Nastya.

The message that you will be a daddy, you shocked if you evaluated yourself as a slut?

I did not evaluate myself, but then I realized that was shite and lazy. But no scrapping of consciousness has not happened. I have a great story on this topic. When Annie was born, I starred in the TV series "Nine months". And on the floor of the maternity ward I asked the Director Rezo Gigineishvili, what he needs emotion from a young father, and he said, "Well, the rapture must be." And here take out the hero's son shows his delight... it Takes two weeks — in the same hospital, on the same floor I take out Anya, I look at it, don't know her or the midwife and say, "Take away". That's all the emotion was. Two hours later, when I was alone, I was, of course, covered. This was the moment I realized what was happening. But I was struck by the difference in artistic
and life.

— Nastya, how was it?

— Nastya also took the play to recover.

Many men admit that as the firstborn wanted a son, and you?

— I am very glad that I have two wonderful girls. And anyway, I was just glad the appearance of children.

— You need love or infatuation for the actor's makeup?

— No feeling anywhere in any case. But love is a thing that she is still in you.

In this case, it doesn't matter to you, unrequited love or mutually?

— Love is a feeling which appears and leads one bright side in his feeling. And it is mutual or unrequited — he notices only at the moment when the love fades away.

— Are you the same as it was ten or fifteen years ago? In love — in the pool with his head?..

— I think that is changing. All different measure of responsibility for the purity of the said person and yourself words, for the quality of the actions.

— You value, creativity whether the person is your girl one did you circle?

— The main thing that crossed thoughts on life. And, of course, very important, how strong the feelings of each and friendship. The fundamental thing is a harmonious existence of people.

— Your mother is a teacher of Russian language and literature. She was strict with you?

— A mother at the spelling and handwriting are my speciality all my life. (Laughs.) I think she's seeing my writings in horror covers his face so far. But she's not strict. She was and is two of the most important components of her life: home and work. And the house and all that it involves, in the first place. And the concept of home and children and granddaughters, many relatives. It is very difficult to match her level of inclusion in the house because all somewhat Willy-nilly directed outward, but she wants to built such a unique world.

— It is included in your life?

In my life, you know no one but myself not included.

— How?! You said that is fairly open with family and friends?

My information for the family — like Instagram for people. She sanded and given dosage. With friends otherwise: they are not to embellish some sort of negative situation. And loved ones get the beautiful and bright. (Smiles.)

— You would like to get rid of any traits or habits?

— Of course, Smoking and laziness. I can start something and not immediately to do, to delay the movement to the dream. In childhood and adolescence laziness helped to dream and now occasionally stopping to act. We need to fight it.

— Do you think about the future?

— Of course, I have plenty of plans. (Laughs.) But the most important thing happening, of course, today.


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