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Michael Porechenkov: "Children are trying to raise from the point of view of Christian morality" - Stars -

The actor has exchanged sixth decade and does not look like a man who reflects about his age. recorded the thoughts of the celebrant about old friends, Hobbies and a large family

Vitaly Шанга6 Mar 2019 19:0154060

Михаил Пореченков: «Детей пытаемся воспитывать с точки зрения христианской морали» - Звезды -

Mikhail Porechenkov with geeganage Avramenko

On the work

We always want to assume that you are in his place. Do what you are destined for the top. You got me where I wanted. And everything goes as you dreamed. And if you're not disappointed in your choice, way of profession, then it's right. There is a solid sense of life. If children say, "Yes, daddy, not that you were doing. Piss it all away! We watch movies!" — I would be hurt (smiling). So a lot of work. But I job a pleasure. It is hard, challenging, but I like it.

On fatherhood

— I want to say, father I'm bad. How to praise yourself? We do not share parenting with his wife in half. If she says something, and I say the same thing. We always go in the same direction. We have no dualism of opinions. Trying to educate from the point of view of Christian morality. If we about something have agreed that their opinions do not change. You can not — then not! My father and mother say one thing. We can then argue about computer gadgets. But "Yes" or "no" we say together. Otherwise we are not going on. I play the role of heavy artillery, as they say. I put a break point in the conversation.

Михаил Пореченков: «Детей пытаемся воспитывать с точки зрения христианской морали» - Звезды -

In Porechenkov filmography dozens of roles, from officers and investigators to historical characters such as Alexander Kuprin...Photo: materials of press-services

Of a big family

Always happy that a lot of children. As God gives! But there is more directed by the wife than the husband. She has power or not. So far we are satisfied.

About hunting

— Now, unfortunately, time is short, on the hunt only to go to Tula, and Saratov. But here in Moscow, there is the sporting club one, where Skeet shooting. The gun itself was very good. And time find. I quickly gathered, quickly stopped, two hundred had shot, left. We need to find the time, you should give yourself a chance to breathe, to feel that you will not only plow. Well, what else is there to do? To drink vodka, or what? Podustali there on the hunt. At nine in the morning the corral and come back at night. Last time, for example, thirteen hours on the snowmobile moved. Crawling barely alive. We sat down and drank. Again, all this talk of hunting, fishing. Who has more, who have thicker. The company is always good going. Forget everything about their professions, positions, titles, grades. In the bath all naked. All the same, but the stories are different. Boy, very pleasant company. Real! I always want to go camping, socialize with boys.

Михаил Пореченков: «Детей пытаемся воспитывать с точки зрения христианской морали» - Звезды -

...or Ivan Poddubny: materials of press-services

About drinking

— I have a normal relationship with alcohol. We're Russian people. You can sit tight! It is now less common than before, but can sometimes. Hunting go, sit at the table. A drink be sure to drink, otherwise it is impossible.

About friends

— It is a pity that you rarely see — a lot of work, graphics are not the same. But when Kostya Khabensky birthday was, of course, was found. I went in, congratulated, hugged and sat together. Started reminiscing and suddenly I realized: we are a life already lived, did so much! Adult's uncles. Holy smoke as it quickly flew by! In short, decided that I need to meet more often, and then fled in different directions, and time-not so much remains. Ran to the top, run down, but we need on the way there or back not lose that precious thing we purchased — our friendship.

Михаил Пореченков: «Детей пытаемся воспитывать с точки зрения христианской морали» - Звезды -

Michael enjoys hunting and fishing, and children sometimes support the Pope in this, hobbitt:

About faith

— We're all seeking. All the way to the heavenly Jerusalem. Every goes according to Rajewski tract. All will be there. And children learn in the Orthodox school, Saint Basil the Great. And I'm not saying that we're believers-believers. But the base needs to be life support, good human, Christian thing. It helps to take a punch. But in real life they will be a lot. Man needs something to hold on to. And it's not so bad for something in life to hold on to. Sure.


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