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Christina agreed: "On the set sometimes was so scared that I wanted to drop everything and run" Stars

The actress said about music videos, future husband and children

Vitaly Шанга13 Mar 2019 10:3424470

Кристина Ануфриева: «На съемках иногда было так страшно, что хотелось все бросить и убежать» - Звезды -

Christina Anufrieva: materials of press-services

The young actress, a once-promising gymnast, Christine agreed to continue to attract the attention of not only Russian filmmakers, but also musicians.

— Often confused the names and was considered a relative of the famous actor Oleg Anofriev?

— Do not confuse never. Oleg anofriyev is a great actor, but perhaps his name is rather history, of cinema and of the country, it is not at the hearing. So I never had to deal with this situation.

— You graduated from Belarusian state University of physical culture, received the title of candidate master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. It would seem that in sport all along, but you are leaving Belarus, why?

— When I was in eleventh grade, it was the final year in my career. I then said that I'm not going to execute the master of sports, so we decided to leave. Finished with sports, went to University, worked for three years as a coach. But, understand, I knew I didn't want to do it. I've always wanted to go, just had to wait for a certain point to move on, to go for their dreams. And I waited.

In the end, you moved to Moscow, how was the capital?

— In Moscow I had so many times, but to move and learn is completely different. I had a very good comfort zone in Belarus. And when I moved to Moscow, the first time I really wanted to go back. Literally due to the fact that in my Moscow apartment was something not like in Belarus. But I realized that if I leave now, unlikely to return later. When, if not now. (Laughs.)

Кристина Ануфриева: «На съемках иногда было так страшно, что хотелось все бросить и убежать» - Звезды -

For the modern girl yoga are quite familiar ritual. But sports past helped Christine to bring these practices to an enviable, urbanette:

— What do you like and what not in Moscow?

— Moscow like the fact that it is the city that never sleeps, always vibrant and beautiful. There are so many opportunities there is much to see, to hear, to start a new life. And not like the tube and sometimes evil people. Winter is always cold, so prefer walking in the warm season, although it is sometimes nice to walk on beautiful streets.

— Why then you went to theatre workshop Evdokia Germanova majoring theater and film actress, and not in drama school?

— When I found out that the master course in acting at the school "Ostankino" — Evdokiya Germanova A., I was thrilled. I have even specifically looked for pictures with her participation, so she plays great! She has so many roles that made different films so interesting! For me it was just a gift of fate.

— You once said that lead an active lifestyle, do yoga, acrobatics, juggling. Have enough time for everything?

— I grew up very active, I need to do something with their energy. And now, when I'm not in sports, I want to do everything, but unfortunately, not all enough time. Yoga for me is more like stretching and relaxing, but I prefer stretching — is a form of aerobics. For me, this is exactly what you need, and stretching of muscles and development of flexibility, elasticity.

Кристина Ануфриева: «На съемках иногда было так страшно, что хотелось все бросить и убежать» - Звезды -

The young actress has tried himself not only in movies but in music videos. Photo: still from the video for the song "Airplanes" rapper Alesha, Spicatto:

— You starred in the film "Cold coast". How I got to shooting, remember?

— The "Cold coast" fell, as all through casting. This is my first experience, and remember everything. It was sometimes scary to such an extent that I just wanted to throw everything and run away. Forget dialogues excitement, it's very funny, now exactly. With partners were lucky, everything was in a kind environment. Katya Vilkova really been good to me, although at first I was worried that it would be hard. She said nice things, gave them some tips that I remember.

— What, in your opinion, the star of the disease and how to fight it?

— When will I have it, I will tell you. But seriously, this is probably considered himself better and show respect to others. Think that we just need to do what they love to do and enjoy.

— About the creation of his family and the children wonder?

— Of course I want children, I love them very much, but it all later. Married, not yet, not yet in my life the person I would like to see yourself every day. The family is fine, but all in due time.

— How's your love life?

— On a personal nothing yet. Learn about myself and accept life experience, which is given to me.

— You starred in the song "Airplanes" rapper Alesha Swica, anyhow?

— I was called and invited to participate in the video. I immediately agreed. Turned out to be a miniature film about love, but with big emotions and experiences. It was difficult, but interesting. Moreover, we shot the video in Dubai, where so many contrasts and beauty.


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