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Maria Mashkova: "My first love is the spitting image of dad!" Stars

The actress — about relationships with parents, life in America and the education of daughters

Elena Грибкова15 March 2019 13:2258361

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

Maria Mashkova. Style: Nadina Smirnova Assistant stylist: Dora COSSACK Makeup: Kirill SHABALIN (national makeup artist of YSL Beauty in Russia) Hair: Daria DZUBA Dress SASHA; strap DAMU; earrings, Chopard; bracelet, MagicGate: Alina Golub

Rarely in any family, each representative of a self-sufficient, entertaining and known to the General public. There is such a case. Parents actress Maria Mashkovoi don't have to imagine: Elena Shevchenko and Vladimir Mashkov has acquired a status and recognition, and their daughter, continuing the dynasty, was not lost on the background of talented colleagues. Today Maria lives in the two countries, when not removed, in Los Angeles, with her husband — pianist, Director and producer Alexander Slobodyanik and two daughters. Our meeting took place just during working months. Mary ran a cafe on Tverskaya cosy sweater associated with her beloved grandmother, and with an impressive package of literature. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

Mary, you, like I, get out of the bookstore with a shopping bag full...

— Can't help it. I recently happened to parental triumph. Since I am now separated with their children, came up with a ritual: every night reading. That is, read aloud books, sending her husband and he daughter puts this recording. Now, no matter what the tired state I was sure I start a book. Last month we read "Pippi Longstocking", Zoshchenko, poetry and prose harms, funny story about Lucku Soviet writer Irina Pivovarova... So three weeks after my beginnings eldest daughter, eight-year-old Stephanie, was to send me a return message: now I fall under the "Clever dog Sonya" in her performance. Moreover, the youngest, six-year-old Alexander also was connected to it. This is such a cool connection! And, of course, parental manipulation to force in the twenty-first century learning. (Smiles.) Do not watch the video and listen and develop the imagination...

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

Suit, pinko; pumps Zara; necklace and ring, all – ChopardФото: Alina Golub

— Daughter — a creative, a mum and dad?

— Believes that all children are creative, but some pulls in the humanitarian sphere and others in the technical-mathematical world that is completely incomprehensible to me.

— Says the man who graduated from high school with a silver medal?..

— Do you know how many good ratings I put only because I represented our school received medals in literary competitions for the recitation of the verses?! Exact science I was still worse. And my girls — more in the Humanities, like to dance, to paint... the Painting, by the way, learn with the teacher. Some music — of course, under strict control of his father-a pianist. (Smiles.) She plays the piano and saxophone, and the youngest Ala the piano and the recorder. They have great mobility. Older easily twisted "wheel" and infected by this sister. Alya herself has learned to do, and now literally obsessed with him — trains every day.

They grow and learn in America, where commitment is stimulated from a young age...

Yes, that's my husband in the US with twelve years living, is absolutely the Western mentality, but as Russian people are incredibly concerned for Russia, wants to have children were originally bilingual consciousness. By the way, I noticed that our compatriots living abroad are often much more concerned about the fate of their homeland. They know her history, and in its broadest aspect, and overall caring. Even for example I observed. Before he began to live in two countries, I studied our textbooks and absorbed only one point of view. When outside of Russia, the horizons have expanded significantly and has been enriched with new knowledge.

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

The bomber jacket and jeans, all the iceberg; earrings, Mercury; bracelets and ring, all – ChopardФото: Alina Golub

— How much do you have to live in two houses?

Somewhere about seven years. And to my great surprise, during this time, I noticed that it became much more to love Moscow. I have here a fantastic friends! Although there have already appeared. For example, the composer Anna Drubich. In addition to love for the capital, I found that was more the gratitude attitude to their profession. While on American soil, I suddenly remembered how hard it is to part! It is clear that in every country there are popular artists who have successfully "caught in the stream" and move from one major project to another, but not so much. Others, including a lot of really talented, sometimes can not "catch the wave". They are capable of, let's say, fun to play, but visually not fit the image or they do not have the happy occasion, some influential friends...

In America I have an agent, I go to tests and see how difficult there to get even the tiny role: a crazy competition! At some point, I began to despair, called in tears to her husband and he reassured me, saying that everything will work out, it is only in the number of strikes at one point. And he was right: suddenly I adopted the role in the TV series "Mcmafia". It was a holiday present! Those samples that I liked, I recorded probably thirty times, and without the help of her husband, as was in Moscow.

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

The bomber jacket and jeans, all the iceberg; sandals, off white; earrings, Mercury; bracelets, ChopardФото: Alina Golub

Thus, seeing the other side of the coin, I began to appreciate that in Russia sometimes even without trial get the role. And I do not take this fact for granted. So it amazes me when in our country, media artists, known for many TV shows can afford to be late to the Playground, come with unlearned text and teach it already in place, with colleagues... it is Clear that it is most often caused by habitual flow when multiple projects are combined simultaneously, or plain indifference when the material is boring and people just "not included". In the United States is absolutely impossible: you enter in the black list. I'm home by downloading a special resource, regularly listen to the lectures of the brilliant Directors, as well as signed up for courses to Ivan Chubbuck. In America, a completely different system of drama training: there are learning throughout life. On these courses you can meet people from eighteen to eighty-five years, and among them there are already established stars — though they are predominantly private. Study is incredibly exciting, each week you're doing some episodes... All completely different than my own "Pike". I had the Vakhtangov school, and Chubbuck is a devotee of Stanislavsky. More precisely, it combines the classic tenets of Stanislavsky and psychiatry. It seems to have changed my actor's structure. I think that my most interesting work began just after her. I've been to "go myself" in their roles and shut of its own Gestalt.

— Where in the near future we will be able to see you?

In America, passing the TOEFL exam, allowing you to become a student, I went to study at the Institute for production Department. In the directing while the spirit is not enough. (Smiles.) Yes, I say read, but I was not enough knowledge. To attend regular courses boring, and so, in parallel with the development of language in the classroom, and I have a diploma with a new profession will receive, plus will be able to quickly understand the relevant literature. We decided that many producers find the funding, take most of the money, and the rest is removed in austerity. But this is an anomaly. In fact, nowadays the topic is not only about money and budget, but about creative ideas in the first place and about a set of effective commands. After training I came up with like minded hooligan project "Masha from Russia", where we play with my friend Irina Gorbacheva. In the end, shot a pilot in Los Angeles. Now, I hope, will start filming the first season. In addition, soon on one of the Federal channels should come out a beautiful eight-serial film "the Woman in a state of divorce," written by debutante Anastasia Kuznetsova; Directors there, too, pledges, Olga Safronova, Dmitry Gaitan, the operator Yasha Bashta. I very much value this work. And my favorite genre is tragicomedy. When you get seventy years, his benefit will definitely show excerpts from this Telecabine. (Smiles.) And now I'm busy making shestnadtsatiletnej tape "Idealist" St. Petersburg Director Denis Neimand, with Sergei Puskepalis in the title role. I play a former singer, who became a trainee in the police Department.

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

SASHA dress; necklace and earrings, all ChopardФото: Alina Golub

But, objectively speaking, such a sensational, popularly remembered starring in high-quality full meter until you have...

— I have better luck with TV series. Sometimes slipping quality. Although I love their two full-length: "Closed space" and "Escape from Moskvabada".

— You said that you had yet to learn the intricacies of directing not ready, but in the meantime your parents — Vladimir Mashkov and Yelena Shevchenko — great not only actors, but Directors. In the future, still follow in their footsteps in this area?

— While courage and the certain knowledge I lack. I for myself do not exclude now pass the path of accumulation. I do not feel yet the full realization of herself as an actress.

— What do you have with theatre? You came on stage for the first time at the age of seven and were once close with Natalia gundarevoj and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Then he served in the "Lenkom", where he played in Театре.doc in the play, mom put...

— It's all in the past, unfortunately. I had to abandon the theatre because of my current lifestyle. But since I am a very theatrical person, I hope, is temporary.

— As I understand it, in the future, for you it would be ideal to work in two countries, and equally intense, right?

— I'm moving in the direction of cosmopolitanism. (Smiles.) With pleasure would work in Europe. It would be good to live for some time in France, for example, I studied French! But I do not intend to leave the country forever. Important to me is my culture, language and identity. And how many talented professionals in our country, with whom working is a pleasure!

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

Photo: Alina Golub

— How usually is your American day.

— Because of Russia, I arrive after a long shooting period, making up for lost time with my daughters. In the morning, feeding Breakfast, taking to school and participate in a very cute tradition: together with other parents standing and watching as our children under the cheerful music on the street, the good weather allows, do required exercises. They have a very beautiful teacher, and this is just aesthetic pleasure for women. (Smiles.) With a sense of parental duty I usually go to sport. In a country where I don't have regular employment — and I used at age seventeen to work every day is the best way out. Just sit back for three months do not know: depression covers. I've been there.

— The farm spend a lot of time?

— To be honest, I'm not a fan of cleaning, but I like it when the house is clean. As for cooking, I love when my husband cooks. Generally, if the kitchen is male — is a fascinating action. Sasha spoils me delicious dishes. For example, throw the salmon in boiling water, after a few seconds pulls — on and the plate turns out to be a delicate fish, decorated with spinach, as in the coolest restaurants. And this without any tricky manipulation. And what he has done scallops!

— If I ask, what American habits have you managed to acquire, then you will answer me...

— Yes, I'm hooked on a healthy lifestyle, although it's already spread everywhere on the planet. No, I don't run in the morning along the ocean — after all, our apartment is far away, but the sport zealously joined. If my student was fashionable to smoke cigarettes, drink wine, and I thought what a artist without these attributes (laughs), now I quit Smoking, began to experiment with healthy food and loaded themselves with different forms of physical activity. A lot of things tried. Now get a real buzz from barre fitness. It is still, as far as I know, did not reach Russia. In this choreography are organically combined with the sport, and it involved those muscle groups, which in everyday life is passive. I love hot yoga: it gives me enormous power! So addicted I do this in America.

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

Jacket, Marina De Golle; turtleneck, SASHA; skirt, Pinko uniqueness; shoes, Stuart weitzman; necklace and ring, all – ChopardФото: Alina Golub

— You mentioned about some bouts of despair and depression than I was somewhat surprised. I thought of you as a girl persistent and resilient...

Oh, that's great! I have a good psychiatrist. (Smiles.) Irina — that is a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, I realized that this science is interesting to me. Psychology is mostly talk, and psychiatry- clear diagrams, different techniques, and concepts. It is a pity that in Russia this sphere is undervalued. We believed that if you speak to the professional, weak. Do you have any free time to reflect, and the money to them, it seems like a waste. People prefer to ship their problems to friends and relatives. And I think to many, to maintain a harmonious balance requires professional help.

— Of course, in the early years laid the main. You mother authoritarian?

For the credibility and rigor of the daddy answering. I'm often absent, shot in Russia and returned to my girls with a sense of guilt. With lots of presents don't look like a mother, and how rarely visiting dad...

— You just repeated scenes of his childhood and act in the role of his father, who was also seen from time to time...

Exactly. Why do you think I go to a psychiatrist? (Laughs.) Because I realized that did not solve the many serious issues regarding their parents. I communicated with them rarely. I was raised by my grandparents, surrounded by care, seeing as I neglected. Naturally, in such a situation, I became a master of manipulation... still, I believe, before the age of five children should be with parents, in order to avoid any troubles in the future. It is clear that I do not blame my mom and dad I love them! But as parents treat the grandparents. It is a fact. And I was horrified when I realized that beginning to make similar mistakes with their children. I flew, gifts — and then ran away, because I didn't know what to do with them: they constantly, every second you need anything... Before the first trip to my psychiatrist doubted: and suddenly forget how to cry and shout, psyche will be not so mobile, and I paid for it after paying... it Turned out that it was all nonsense. On the contrary, after the sessions to better understand myself and own body — the easier it becomes to invoke certain emotional responses. Funny, but as soon as I went to the psychiatrist, I adopted the role of girls diagnosed with schizophrenia. While the project is frozen, but in the future I would be interested to embody this image. Be sure to call your doctor Irina on the site, and we'll work together to experiment. (Smiles.)

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

Suit, iceberg; top botrois; belt, DAMU; earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, all – ChopardФото: Alina Golub

— Parents now — closest friends?

They are my fantastic adventure! With my mother we are now very close, despite the fact that radically different, and if I were her age, I even thought to do that would make a girl his girlfriend. (Smiles.) A couple of years ago, she combines all the qualities absolutely unacceptable in a friendship, in my opinion. But now she turns into a superwoman, and I'm proud of her. She recently graduated from College in new York, was educated as a professional photographer, and in General has become much more focused, so grown up. However, life remains indifferent. Now she's just staying with me, and I can state clearly. Mother is characteristic of a creative mess, and I'm a mess physically sick. So I force her to wash dishes, clothes and stuff... However, I recently heard a theory that the one who is hysterically committed to sterile areas, is experiencing internal discord, and one who is comfortable in chaos, harmonious feel in this world. I do not know where the truth is, but I'm specially trained in relaxation: sometimes you make the bed. Although the husband immediately does for me. That's what ten years of life with me! (Smiles.) Yeah, can't say that mom's a great cook. Maybe I should buy a divine soup, but only once. Now we learn together to find common ground, and it became for me to turn in that soft, understanding, caring mother that I dreamed of when I was little. And I like the fact that the gift parents in dosed form of communication for me now — what we need.

— As traditionally held meeting with the Pope?

— Love coming to visit him, to sit in the chair in his big room and talk on different topics... love his black sense of humor! We exchange quite rough jokes, which is clear not all. And lately I'm getting to his house, kisses, give Daisy and run away. (Smiles.)

— He is inclined to give you advice — both in terms of creativity, and on your personal life?

— Dad — smartactions people, so in my romantic relationships never interfered. But regarding the performance it can give advice only if I asked. Generally when parents are unobtrusive, working in a, you largely win.

— When the father is recognized as a sex symbol, hypnotically influencing the opposite sex, brutal, charismatic and elusive, certainly his adult daughter begins to fall in love with such men, right?

— Of course. My first love is the spitting image of dad. And also an actor. Still, I was convinced that men-actors — a complete failure to live together. I marvel at those women who manage to be near them.

— And you can call yourself a family man?

— I am in a permanent relationship — like love, and friendship. I don't want to talk about my previous marriage, but I am grateful to my first husband because he did everything so that I was able to divorce him and meet her second husband. I probably would not have gone if he did not give me the opportunity.

— Your husband, Alexander Slobodyanik, a hereditary musician, a pianist with a brilliant career, the Director and producer of the... Under what circumstances did you meet such a unique person?

— On the birthday of Pavel Derevyanko. And now every year we congratulate him heartily. Sasha had long been friends with Paul, Yuri Kolokolnikov, with Evgeny Tsyganov, and when we met him, it was his first visit to Russia after he was a teenager he moved with his parents to the West. Then I sensed immediately that he liked it, and here I am, despite the fact that Sasha is a very attractive man, never felt anything like this. I assume the reason was that at that time I was still married. But then coincidentally, I'll be quick, just a couple of months, divorced and have a free girls he met Sasha again. My friend Anya Mica told me that Sasha, she was asked what happened to the husband... Knowing that I not bind a legal marriage, showed activity.

— Felt that this your man?

— On some instinctive level I felt that I want from him children. Prior to that, never caught myself such thoughts. And then just imagine what kids can get! This was a pragmatic calculation. (Smiles.) Incidentally, he also was thinking about that. Despite the presence of several marriages behind him, before he met me he was not yet a father.

Мария Машкова: «Моя первая любовь — вылитый папа!» - Звезды -

Jacket, iceberg; earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring, all – ChopardФото: Alina Golub

— Do you and your spouse have similar characters?

— No, Sasha — adult, wise, calm, thoughtful, patient, and throughout our life together, he persists in trying to rein me in. Can you imagine what the character is produced, when the boy from five years of daily playing the piano. Therefore, it is enough for many. I admire her husband in all aspects, especially in terms of his professional career. Having twenty seven years of incredible heights as a pianist, with a classical album, recorded at the Studio, where he wrote the Beatles, a tight schedule of touring with the best orchestras in Carnegie hall and other legendary venues (of course, from imposing fees), he found the strength to leave it all and rushed in the movie. And started a "firecracker" on the set. Parents were shocked by such a demarche, but Sasha is obsessed, and he went to the dream. I'm glad he's here and everything turns out fine. By the way, I noticed that becoming a filmmaker, he allows himself to have a greater expression of emotions, and sometimes I have to calm him down. But that's okay: men need to let off steam. So we compensate each other.

— Your mother-in-law like?

My octogenarian grandmother Valentina p., teacher of ethics and aesthetics, says that in his life such a perfect fathers never met. (Smiles.)

— Probably due to his passion for Alexander and you are immersed in classical music. Is that so?

— Yes! In this respect I was very dark. Husband play for me Sergei Rachmaninoff, frédéric Chopin... Remember me, already pregnant with our second child, Sasha was introduced to Anna Drubich and I sat and listened to their conversation and thought is it will continue, I'll listen to the whole of the company of musicians, to pretend that everything you see, use the wrong accent in a word "boring"... it turns out needn't have worried. I'm a little with someone so do not laugh, like Drubich. (Smiles.) Educated, intelligent people usually have an exceptional sense of humor. And now I'm in the mood to put classical music. For example, "Butterfly" by Schumann performed by Alexander Slobodyanika... So he still plays awesome! And I am pleased that, having realized the dream, Sasha returned to the instrument. This summer he played in St. Petersburg with Valery Gergiev, and his mother, with tears in his eyes, was sitting in the hall... And, of course, before concerts the whole family for nine hours a day listening to a rehearsal on a home piano. (Smiles.)

— Obviously, despite a happy marriage, you are one of those who age "destroyed" all of her friends...

— I have this plan all the way around. Before, I did not recognize female friendship. Yes, I had one friend still from kindergarten in the around the airport Tolmachevo near Novosibirsk, and the other from school. And that's all. And five years ago, I suddenly realized that I now have a first class team of reliable friends: Mica Anka, Anka Drubich, Irina Gorbachev, Masha Andreeva, Lariska Baranova... If that, you know, they stand for me wall — esse. It's nice that even my America we are not separate. Six months of not seeing each other, I arrive and it's like we just broke up last night.


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