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Macm: "Raising daughters is helping me the whole country" Stars met with the singer and discussed the concert Sanchez, the education of the two heiresses and the theft of a hang-glider

Juliana Калашникова18 March 2019 11:5729260

Макsim: «Растить дочерей мне помогает вся страна» - Звезды -

Makto: personal archive

When Mcm announced an indefinite leave, immediately spread rumors that the singer intends generally to leave the scene. Fortunately for fans, they were not confirmed.

Marina, you took time out for a long period. Why do you need such a long rest?

— I'm tired of twenty years of vigorous touring. And when the kids came along, I was confronted with other worlds, unmusical and tedious. For me it was just an explosion of brain, revision of views on what is around me. In General, I was first of all mentally exhausted. It began a difficult period when I didn't have enough physical strength not just to go on tour and even stand up. And my team, it was decided that we all need a vacation: big and long. I was very hesitant to do it, because I know that in this business you can not stop in any case. But remember one important thing: I don't have to be afraid, and do so according to the dictates of intuition. I myself joke no brains, but with intuition it's all right. (Laughs.) Sometimes I forget about it, do so, as would seem necessary, but always it turns out that intuition was right. Now I understand that you have gained strength, fire, which, unfortunately, went out.

— How took place for you this holiday? All day holidays?..

Lying is not my thing, I like to spend time actively. Once, for example, went alone to a small island with a total length of two hundred meters in order to stay with him. Stayed. Two days. The rest of the time I tried to get on Board. There except my home was a few bungalows with foreigners — and I amused the people so that they began to put the chairs where I was doing just to watch this show. Well, because just to take an instructor that once will show you how to do everything technically uninteresting. And here you are like a monkey with a grenade. In General, it was fun. Now, of course, I'm already a better ride, because it often travel with children on sea.

Макsim: «Растить дочерей мне помогает вся страна» - Звезды -

In the video for the song "My secrets", the singer has been in the arms of this bear. According to Maksim, Mishka, they podrujilis: personal archive

— Well, probably, with children work more to communicate?

— Of course. I spent a lot of time with children. I realized that they just the age when they need their mother, and it is important not to miss some of the finer points of education, you then will not have time to catch up. Well, another important lesson that I paid attention is, of course, a visit to the Studio. I stopped completely doing music, although some publications have interpreted the rest as my departure from the scene.

— What is going to please fans?

— I was well enough to back on the road again to speak. But I will no longer be thirty concerts per month, maximum twelve performances. I also want to do the new single. I think it will be the song "the Subscriber is unavailable" from the new album, which recently saw the light. Also we have recently filmed a video for the song "My secrets" with a very talented Director Irina Mironova. Interestingly, we filmed it with a live brown bear...

— I'm afraid to ask how behaved four-legged partner on the Playground?

— Shooting left me with a strong impression, especially as I'm a big animal lover. And all. With a bear we became friends. When I sat down to it, he gladly put his huge paws on the shoulders of the animals always feel when they dislike or fear. And I was so excited, with so much tenderness to it. But, on the other hand, saw a huge claws, like needles, who just leaned against my back. He just slightly pulled leg, but I still have the cuts on my back! In General, we need to always understand that a wild animal is a wild animal. And they should be treated delicately and with respect.

Макsim: «Растить дочерей мне помогает вся страна» - Звезды -

In the beginning of "zero" hits Maksim turned all the charts, and the singer became one of the brightest stars of premeditate: personal archive

— As far as I know, you have Pets...

— Full! First, I have two dogs. One gift for birthday's the smartest Dalmatians novel, which was brought from afar. The second a dog named Taffy. She's a mutt, and I didn't expect her to grow so huge. They say that mutts devotees create it. We also live four rabbits, but not because I breed them. (Laughs.) I honestly still have not figured out, and nobody in my environment can not understand — they are all boys or girls? But they are just all one sex.

— Concerns you have really a lot. How do you find the time for work, and most importantly, raising two daughters?

— Well and how with it the majority of women in our country? Some go to work at six in the morning, and come at eight in the evening and not have time even to see their children. I think I'm lucky to have a profession in this sense. I don't get tired with kids, don't you think that this is some kind of excessive labor. It is possible to solve various issues, even playing with children. Here we're playing hide and seek, so I can sit in the closet and there to talk on the phone in the case. It's completely normal to talk, while you'll find. All can be combined: sport, work, and parenting.

But someone helps in this matter?

I no the whole country, in my opinion. (Laughs.) Morally at least. In General, if I'm going somewhere with children is Babysitting. For me it is also very important that they are very a lot of time doing in school and kindergarten. They have classes there in English. During the break, they only have time to eat. But I want them to have more time to play sports. Sometimes, coming to help dad, and even grandparents, though I live far away: one in St. Petersburg, the other in Kazan. Particularly active grandfather.

Макsim: «Растить дочерей мне помогает вся страна» - Звезды -

In the chart, the singer's regular training, tennisopolis:

— The children have manifested any talent?

— I made it a rule not to push. Try to offer them all that now is. This music school, gymnastics, and tennis, and karate, and football. And everyone has to stay at that really close. I don't swear at them if they don't want to go to class, think they just need to find themselves. The eldest is already attended to this issue. She is only ten years old but she already tells me "Mom, and suddenly I find myself, my favorite hobby, a profession? What then?" She's attentive, assiduous, insightful. In a little while I see all the talent. We can't show it anywhere yet neither the social networks nor the magazines, but, you know, it would be the bomb. It would be a favorite of all the glossy magazines and advertising agencies, because it turned out well, so pretty! And talented, of course. She loves to draw, her praise all the teachers, she is very smart. But while it's still in the beginning of his career.

And why wouldn't Junior want to show others?

It was the desire of the Pope. To do this, there are certain circumstances that are not related to show business. It's a different world that we respect and try to maintain.

Макsim: «Растить дочерей мне помогает вся страна» - Звезды -

Song Maksim "do you Know" became the informal anthem of fans of hockey club "Spartak". The singer even sang it at the ice arena during one of matapato: personal archive

— Psychologists do not advise to protect children from communicating with their fathers, even if the parents do not live together. What is your approach to this issue?

— I don't understand women, which, if any, whether any, circumstances do not allow the dads to communicate with the child. Another thing that happens when dad wants to see his daughter. But I'm not to pull it forcibly, that he came to see his daughter. Although I had such thoughts. But now Sasha got older, dad got older, in my opinion. And they began to communicate more. Masha we have absolutely daddy's girl and I always only in such a dialogue.

Your daughter took from you something about character?

— They are very different. The eldest daughter is growing very tidy, it was not peculiar to me. And she plodding, but I'm not. Remember when we on vacation we sat once again in the sand and built a hundred castles, I realized that the rest of the hotel and nowhere else. We had left the territory and saw people fly a hang glider. I learned to drive a helicopter. It is about the same system, only much simpler: one stick, which is controlled by simple movements. And one sensor — the value of sea level. Make a propeller and fly. In General, all flying with an instructor, but I thought, why should I waiting for someone? The village and stole it. But the glider had to be put on the water. As I planted — it's not recount. In the end, escaped with numerous bruises, a concussion. Well, I'm all: so do not drive.

Макsim: «Растить дочерей мне помогает вся страна» - Звезды -

The singer has two daughters. The older Alexander (pictured) was born in marriage with engineer Aleksey Lugovoy. Father and youngest daughter Mary was a businessman Anton Petrophoto:

— I wonder what kinds of sport do you prefer?

I don't like the gym, they are boring to me, like it when the opponent appears overwhelming feeling to be the first. It just nawashibari from me: defeat — this is important! I'm sometimes so distracted with playing tennis, when he lost, as if the world collapsed! Can even burst into tears in the car from resentment, but it gives me strength with even greater zeal to do. And this is useful: I believe that every person from childhood should exercise.

— Recently, the Internet appeared a lot of rumors about what you are going to associate themselves with serious relationship with a new lover. Do ahead of the wedding?

— We will inform you and invite when we have such will be planned. (Smiles.) In General, I have so many times refused to get married, I don't know: agree again.


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