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Inna Zhirkova: "Romantic travel we hardly ever have" Stars

Footballer's wife told of a family vacation, sports extreme and Breakfast in bed

Juliana Калашникова12 March 2019 16:3625330

Инна Жиркова: «Романтических путешествий у нас почти не бывает» - Звезды -

Inna and Yuri Circuitto Jeanne Valitova

A large company of friends — with children and parents — spouses Jirkova rested in Dubai. From the trip, they brought back not only a tan, but a lot of impressions. And Inna Zhirkova told about a spontaneous romance, sports extreme and Breakfast in bed.

— Inna, I understand that family vacation you have not much?

Once a year the Ura is steadily vacation, but it usually does not coincide with the holidays of children. This time we did it all together. When Yuri finishes his career and will completely adapt to children, we will of course be able to choose totally different direction, there's not going to scare more significant flights.

— Probably not easy to combine children's and adult recreation...

To the beach went the whole extended family, the evening went all together to the Park, but too late it was already time for our Yura chatting with friends. I love karaoke, the Jura is not very good, so he often lets me go with my friends. In Dubai everything is working up to a maximum of three nights, so even if I went there an hour after we tucked the kids in, I had only a couple of hours entertainment, but I went to bed not so late and woke up in the morning easy. Incidentally, we were up early enough — always have time for Breakfast.

Инна Жиркова: «Романтических путешествий у нас почти не бывает» - Звезды -

A tough training schedule and games until Yuri Zhirkov often allows you to have a family, otdihat Jeanne Valitova

— That is, without extreme?

— We are quiet people and do not climb. Moreover, at this time there even without visiting the local hospitals, because we somehow always get there. However, I visited the hospital after returning. Because the Ura did not stop training even on vacation, I went to the gym, trying to support him. He has a special program — like it or not, it needs to do. And, most of all, I'm with him wrong workout fitness I had a pinched nerve, headache for three weeks. Had to go to the doctor and be treated. And now I sit at home mostly, don't go to the gym, but if Yuri was there, I probably would have went to the gym. (Smiles.)

— Admit, and the romance during this trip between spouses attended?

— Honest, romantic journeys with Yuri, we almost did not happen. Perhaps, there was one recently when we flew together for three days on the Maldives. You could say it was the first honeymoon ten years later. I even thought that the three days we had: we without children were bored. In General, the Jura, by nature, not a romantic — not to say that he constantly gives flowers, invites to restaurants or likes to lie and watch the stars. But there's nothing more romantic when during the games for the Russian national team he has a 15-minute break, and we sit at the bus stop together and just hang out. On this trip he for no reason brought coffee in bed. For me it was very romantic, because every day that didn't happen — I have some days not see.

Инна Жиркова: «Романтических путешествий у нас почти не бывает» - Звезды -

Jirkova Jr., sons John (right) and Daniel, a daughter, Milanetto Jeanne Valitova

— What about the whims of his beautiful wife?

— I some time it twitched and tried to explain what I needed, but then I realized that this is not the most important. There are so many people that give baskets of flowers, a bath with rose petals prepared, but in the end it all quickly burns out, and people disagree. We have still more in the relations of love, respect, trust to each other. Surprises in my life are extremely rare, but they but so memorable! After all, you can count on your fingers how many you had gorgeous bouquets and gifts, because in each of them he put his soul. And now I don't pay attention when you're on holiday without flowers, as, incidentally, it was on February 14, when I didn't get the bouquet. And, by the way, never on this occasion received any flowers. I used to be offended as well, it's Valentine's Day! To which he replied: "Well, you already know that I love you!" So I know today is not presented with the flowers — so tomorrow will bring.


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