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Alla spirit: "When ever among young people, you feel too young" Stars

The choreographer told of pupils, age, children and grandchildren

Vitaly Бродзкий20 March 2019 11:2315060

Алла Духова: «Когда постоянно среди молодежи, ощущаешь себя тоже молодой» - Звезды -

Alla Duhovite: materials of press-services

This year, the famous choreographer is celebrating several important dates. Twenty years ago, opened the first dance school-Studio Todes, and five years, the dance Theatre Alla Duhova Todes.

Alla, your dance Theatre for five years. It's a lot or a little?

— On the one hand, we are still very young. On the other — for these five years much has been done. In the theatre's repertory for seven performances, two of which are children's stories that for five years good. Repertoire updated and will be updated. On Sundays we have the obligatory theatrical evenings, as we call them, for our students and schools. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are performances for adults and children. We believed in success, because touring ballet "Todes" as an independent creative unit is successfully lasted for twenty years. And in our country and around the world, and with great success. I actually do not doubt that the theatre will have the same fate.

— Today, the children were taken to their school — you probably have accumulated a huge experience, and schools are not only in Russia but also beyond its borders?

— In the Studio we take all of them, if there are places, of course. Give everyone a chance. Come to school for different reasons. Not everyone wants to get a profession of a dancer. Someone wants to learn to dance, to move. Someone to lose weight. Children's lead for the overall development — both physical and spiritual, and social. There are more capable, have less, but it about what does not speak. Sometimes just able to give a head start to those who have the talent, because work and want to achieve heights. Accordingly, of the best kids we have formed groups in which they already have some idea of what will be doing in the future. Of these groups we have professional dancers and grow.

Алла Духова: «Когда постоянно среди молодежи, ощущаешь себя тоже молодой» - Звезды -

Alla Dukhova still holds in the dance Studio almost every denitto: materials of press-services

— At the beginning of March in the Kremlin Palace held a "Big concert 'Todes", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the schools studios. How did it go?

— Oh, wonderful! We came to congratulate our friends-the stars. Our absolute Champions appeared on the stage of the Kremlin with their rooms. Opened and closed the concert. The stars sang. All of our professional troupe prepared for this occasion. The concert was wonderful. It will show the First channel. It is a powerful and spectacular action.

Alla, you have brought so many professional dancers, and you have the succession of generations?

— Yes, of course, of course. (Smiles.) We have many, many couples. The wedding is quite a common thing. Many children have been born tomasovsky. I'm the youngest, Kostya goes to school-the Studio, dancing with great pleasure. Just live with it. Know the entire repertoire by heart. In General, he loves "death spiral."

— How to dance is your granddaughter?

— Also dancing. You hear: "Grandma, look grandma, look!" And shows how she does it. Very musical. That will dance, that's for sure. (Laughs.) Don't know if she wants to do professionally, but what she really loves is a fact.

It is what grandma calls? What do you think?

Oh, I perfectly relate to this. I even not think to ask her, "Sonia, don't call me grandma, call by name." I do understand that some people psychologically can't accept that. But this is not about me. We somehow naturally — grandmother and grandmother. Of course, she's my granddaughter and I'm her grandmother. (Laughs.)

Алла Духова: «Когда постоянно среди молодежи, ощущаешь себя тоже молодой» - Звезды -

Alla Dukhova with his sons Vladimir and Konstantin and granddaughter, Apiavote: materials of press-services

And as a General, beautiful, successful, famous woman about his age?

— To age? No time to think about it. So somehow you do not notice age. You are always among young people, around children. Feel too young. In addition, the choreography — this profession please note, all who are involved, hold your own body and soul. Sometimes just thinking: "God, that health was fine, plenty of power". Before it was more. (Smiles.) Missing three hours of sleep, now I need to sleep.

As usual is your day?

— Nothing has changed. Up in the morning. If you have time, talk with your children. Then go to the forest for Nordic walking. Shower — and forward. If you're lucky, will return to eleven in the evening. This means that there is time to chat with family. But most of the time not. Usually after midnight return. Especially during productions. And programs are constantly. Recently released a new performance of "see you in the tale" for the theater, getting ready for their big concert in the Kremlin.

— As you now see in the future?

— The same and see. (Laughs.) We will work to create new productions, to prepare for new activities. Until the end of the year painted touring in Russia and abroad. Constantly opening new schools. Our future plans is always the same: we try to do what is in our creative life.


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