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Igor Written: "I offered to play not only Jews" - Stars - discussed the actor with the colorful appearance, mystical acquaintance with his wife and a funny nickname

Vitaly Бродзкий20 Mar 2019 18:4823280

Игорь Письменный: «Мне предлагают играть не только евреев» - Звезды -

Igor Cherkasov Pismennyi

Even when in the childhood Igor Written told a serious story, everything was dying with laughter. Not surprisingly, as an adult, held actor offer increasingly comedic roles.

— You once said that acting career you just need to love: "Fast and big money here, not earn, and to rehearse and will have to play around the clock". Perhaps, today, the view has changed?

— I still remain unconvinced. If to speak about today in a nutshell: a lot of work, enough money. But early in his career in a lot of them, of course, not to make money. So I've often repeated to his son that the actors have to go consciously. Only if you clearly understand that you can't be no one else. And if you have more options of what to devote his life to consider them — then the disappointment will not be. When I was going to go to drama school, I never thought that I would become a star, thought this was not. It so happened that I became quite recognizable a person, but in relation to the profession, nothing has changed: life, as before, consists mainly of rehearsals. As they say, the rehearsal — my love.

— You fifteen years gave the theater "Hermitage". Why left it?

— In a repertory theatre it is sometimes difficult. You know your role and know what role you play in all of the following performances. I wanted to do it and working in the theatre, you can't always afford it because of the graphics. If to take into consideration the financial side, the acting is much more profitable than working solely in the theatre. At that time the salary was meager, and I already had a family, a child, a rented apartment in the suburbs. With these arguments I went to the Director of the theatre, that my response was nasty, and I with a clear conscience decided to leave. However, I would say: "Stay! We're "honored" give". But I left and never regretted it once. In the entreprise more freedom: you're free to role play, play what you like. In a repertory theater in another way: you decide what you're going to play.

Игорь Письменный: «Мне предлагают играть не только евреев» - Звезды -

The role of SEMA in the legendary sitcom "One for all" proved the most successful in telecharger Igor. On the photo: Anna, Argonauta: materials of press-services

— You are often remembered for her role a Jewish boy of Seven from the sitcom "One for all". How do feel about their roles, who often offer?

Mostly suggest, of course, comedic roles. And what you can do with such a person was born. Even as a child when I said something, people always laughed. Despite the fact that sometimes I was told normal serious things, they still laughed. So — thank you mom and dad. Anyway, I myself on the screen don't like. But the role of SEMA — one of the favorite. If I get on it a sketch show, I always enjoy looking at your character. My favorite: "Sam, my mother lived her life, live yours, don't worry!" It turned out that this sketch was the highest rated of them all. As for roles, I suggest, not only Jews. (Laughs.) The second Jewish way brought recently on the scene tsdkzh — in performance "Jewish happiness".

— Who is it this time you had to reincarnate on stage?

— So multi-faceted and complex the way that to realize it, not everyone can, therefore, appealed to me. (Laughs.) The play was staged in record time. And all this became possible thanks to the excellent acting team, composed of Tatiana Orlova, Alexander Samoilenko, Andrey Chadov, Phillip Vasilev and, of course, Tatyana Vasilyeva. She's a professional, in top form: both physical and acting. This internal flexibility is worth it. From working with an actor of such magnitude as Tatyana, get a lot of pleasure. Great when everything is so coincidental, and the result is a great spectacle that brings to the audience a lot of positive emotions.

Игорь Письменный: «Мне предлагают играть не только евреев» - Звезды -

In the performance "Jewish happiness" theatre "Millennium" with Tatiana Vasilyeva and Alexander, Samoilenko: materials of press-services

— Can learn something from a partner on stage?

— Of course. In fact, the real learning happens. The institutes teach many things, but acting skills attained in theater where you can watch the craftsmen and to gradually improve yourself. It is impossible to teach anyone to be an actor — you can only learn. This happens most often on a subconscious level. Look how worked the old school masters — Ranevskaya, Plyatt... and admire, thinking, "How is this possible? It is the gods! How do they do it?!" And Evstigneev, Leon?! It seems that at the snap of a finger, but really — no. Real acting work is not visible to the viewer, but this does not mean that it is not. Some people think that the actor is a good job: do nothing and get money for it. Danced, sung — there is nothing complicated... But this "lightness" is achieved — no one notices. As in the ballet: in order to flit around the stage like a butterfly and twist at the 28 fouettés, you have at least 3 hours a day to spend at the machine, otherwise it will not work. Plisetskaya stood at the machine for 6 hours. It is a great work, broken fingers, sleepless nights, but nobody knows. Only see the flutter of a ballerina on stage and how she's frisky leg a leg beats...

— Do you have a nickname — Lace. What did you get it?

— The authorship belongs to my friend Victor Andrienko. The actor should be flexible and plastic as the lace. Instantly change under the given circumstances, not only externally but also internally. We all lace... I remember how we were taught Levitin this: "When the Director says, "kovarnis", a real actor's doing, and then asks, why". But if it begins: "why do I tumble?" — you don't lace.

Игорь Письменный: «Мне предлагают играть не только евреев» - Звезды -

Igor often offer roles in comedies. But sometimes the name is in deactivate: still from the TV series "the moor has done his job"

— In addition to filming you dub movies and cartoons, act as Director, writer... Like all the time?

— It only seems that a whole lot. Still accumulated over the years. I once for a day starred in three different projects in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kiev — and so tired! Thought: "I Want to rest!" And BAM: two years — no work. Better to be careful with their desires...

— They say that actors — people superstitious. Is this true?

— All true. I'm too superstitious, but without fanaticism.

— Your familiarity with his wife Natalia, you somehow is also called mystical. What was it?

— How to explain in another way?! With classmates we maintain a very close relationship at school, make friends, keep in touch. My wife was originally the girlfriend of my classmate. Actually she has two girlfriends: Vika and Natasha. Every time I visited in the summer and in Volgodonsk, I've only seen Vick and I heard about Natasha, but never seen. And here I am calling my classmate who lives in Moscow, and invited me to his wedding with the Wick. I can honestly say that you can't, because it's Saturday, and I have a morning children's show, and in the evening — harms. He suffered for my wedding the next day, but it was again Saturday. And lo! It is this Saturday at the theatre suddenly had a day off. This just does not happen! A happy coincidence — a day off on Saturday... All was resolved by itself — I went to the wedding of a friend, which was, of course, invited Natasha, who sewed Vick dress. It's where we first met. Mystery, fate — it can be called whatever you like. By the way, it turned out, why that Saturday in the theater were closed. It turned out that the new Director of the theatre passed under it... another wedding. Of course, then there was a scandal. Because there are no repertory theatres in the weekend on Saturdays...

Игорь Письменный: «Мне предлагают играть не только евреев» - Звезды -

Children of Igor and Natalia are very interested in creativity. Egor wrote the script, Paulina goes to art school and theatre, cruzatte:

Your child Egor and Polina is also a creative person?

— Yes, they are creative people, but that's their problem. Son is studying at the Institute, wrote the script. He likes it. My daughter is still little, she's nine years old. She goes to art school, drama classes, tennis. To be honest, I hold this position: the Council is ready to help always, but getting to do something none of them will. In General, moral support, nothing more. But why break a man's life? Then say: "you told me". And so it turns out that he was his own path he chose, as did I at the time. I was told: "Where are you going?!" Both parents and older brother pinned on me. I'm from a simple family. I was asked: "do you Have the money or connections to become an actor?!" I always said that I have talent! Not always children's dreams come true, but I was lucky. Of course, I dreamed of becoming first a soldier and then an archaeologist... But to make other people laugh, to tell something, to portray someone I've always been the most interesting.

— You still think to myself, "How great I am! Great, cute, witty, charming! Yes, I any young lady uboltal!"

Now I don't need it. But if the need arises — Boltay, no doubt. (Laughs.)

— What do you prefer — the theatre or the cinema, on TV? And that helps to work?

— I like everything: to be in a movie and play theater. It is absolutely different things. In the movie, all you need to do instantly and in the theatre you can rehearse, search, image... What helps? Most of all — intuitive. When filming "One for all", we are with Anna Ardovs asked, as we speak, and the Director said, "As usual, their voices". We started playing and realized something. And decided to add color — a little to roll my R's and speak little Odessa. We shot four sketch per day, shooting fourth, we already found our style and it worked.

— On the streets know — you are a colorful figure?

— Yes, there was one amusing incident. When Yegor was in the seventh or eighth grade, I went to a parent meeting, sat in the lobby and waited for the beginning. At some point, one boy came up to me and asked, "Can I have your autograph?" And started! Forty minutes signing autographs to children — and then came the teacher and saved me.


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