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Elena Proklova: "Andrey Mironov, for me, was the most extraordinary man and actor" - the Star

Star — about working on the film "Be my husband", their fate and the various vicissitudes of life

Vitaly Бродзкий26 March 2019 12:0021450

Елена Проклова: «Андрей Миронов был для меня самым необыкновенным человеком и актером» - Звезды -

Elena Proclamatio:

Musical Comedy "Be my husband" directed by Alla Surikova became really publicly favorite on the whole space of the Soviet Union. Especially in the lead roles the film starred the idols of millions — Andrei Mironov, Elena Proklova.

— Elena, as you know, the shooting of the film "Be my husband" was held at the Sochi resort of Looe in the summer, in the midst of the holiday season. How do you work?

Disgusting! (Laughs.) All the rest, and you work. But seriously, I'm a workaholic since childhood, with eleven years of work. So did not know what a holiday, I no longer know what work is.

— Andrei Mironov is not immediately agreed to star in this film, specifically for his remarks even rewrote the script. Do you also hesitate?

— No, I didn't think I liked this role.

— What?

At that time the movies was mostly shot Terry Soviet — style meetings of trade Union committees. And I thought that getting the opportunity to work in a picture where no words — just a great gift.

— As the shooting took place, fans are not annoyed?

At that time it was somehow more correct, no one went crazy over the actors to such an extent as now. Today run them for to a greater extent to themselves advertized. Back then it was different. Indeed, there were a lot of people. Catastrophic lot. It was a hot summer. Always Playground was fenced in, cordoned off. The work was difficult in such an environment, of course. Until people disperse until all the lead in divine form — it is difficult, in a word.

Елена Проклова: «Андрей Миронов был для меня самым необыкновенным человеком и актером» - Звезды -

"Mironov is a sea of charm... It would be strange not to pay attention to the attentions of such a man"Photo: still from the film "Be my husband"

After the release of the film on the screens you have visited those places, where the shooting took place?

— Yes, I recently had great communication, and we, the participants of paintings, specially went to the Loo, talked to the owner, who at the time was there. Very nice meeting happened. Well, besides me and the apartment in Sochi, and the house built.

— Many on the court were the emergency situations? I read somewhere, once Director of the restaurant to serve real champagne, not lemonade...

— Oh, and I like this story I do not remember. Any picture that is popular, acquires wild with all sorts of notions and stories. There is nothing wrong, but unfortunately, not all the truth.

For you personally what is most memorable to film?

— Personally for me this picture is very significant is the fact that in a time when all the artists were busy filming in a rather dreary and predictable films I've worked on the film, in which at least the soul to rest. Not necessarily physically. Had the opportunity as a human being to play some human relationships. It is a rarity. As an actress it is much more interesting to play about love, about some kind of relationship at such a great time as a vacation, rather than about a meeting of the party Committee.

— The film is a lot of musical numbers that appeared at the request of Andrei Mironov. Did you like this insert into the picture?

At the time, the light elements of the musical were present in many paintings. I think that an entertaining film it was wonderful.

Елена Проклова: «Андрей Миронов был для меня самым необыкновенным человеком и актером» - Звезды -

Elena admits that during the filming of "Be my husband" she was an office romance with Andrew, Mironovitch: still from the film "Be my husband"

— How did you react to the fact that for you during the filming courted by several gentlemen?

— I, like any woman, I love being waited on. The more woman I was at that time was absolutely free. And could afford what I thought was right. In General, many gentlemen courting me for a thing quite familiar. Destiny I'm spoiled in this regard. For me, the courtship was nothing unexpected and extraordinary. Cared and cared, and rightly so, I think so.

— Andrei Mironov especially showed his attention?

— He in General was for me the most wonderful man and actor. It's a sea of charm and skill. It seems to me that it would be strange not to pay attention to the attentions of such a person.

— By the way, I know that even Vladimir Putin have provided you with favors, happy birthday to you...

— I'm so happy, I all the presidents of our country, congratulated on his birthday. All their telegrams I have kept. I think any person in the us would be pleased with the attention of the President. I like it, I'm flattered.

— Him intimately?

— Yes, of course. I was his confidant, when he was elected. Seen at meetings, conventions, and General partying. (Laughs.)

— Back to the set. Tell me, with such a master, as Mironov, it was interesting to work or have found it difficult to keep the bar and meet?

— Of course, interesting. This is one of the best men of his time. One of the best actors. A talented person. Exciting, looking forward, and looking far enough. I with partners have always been lucky. Just look at the very first part of my painting "Call, open the door": Rolan Bykov, Iya Savvina, Oleg Efremov. I was very happy. But I used these people to perceive as your friends, allies in the common cause. I never had the feeling that they must be treated with reverence. In General, the richer a person is internally and deserve more respect, so it is easier. Usually boast of their status, those who would like something else to have. So they are trying to create the impression that those are there. It always looks pathetic, pathetic and uninteresting.

Елена Проклова: «Андрей Миронов был для меня самым необыкновенным человеком и актером» - Звезды -

Businessman Andrey Trishin became the third husband of Elena Proklova. The marriage lasted thirty years, and even after the divorce, Helen and Andrew have maintained a good, otnosheniyami:

For you partner?

— Partner is everything! Partner is the opportunity to live on stage, not just to practice what you have learned or invented. From partner depends on how deep your sense of the role. If the partner is good, then your work becomes versatility. Because every new show or movie role is still a process, and if the partner is any, that you invented, and played, in fact, quietly to himself and exist. And it is much less interesting.

Andrei Mironov was not just a partner role. You had an affair. And, as they say, Larisa Golubkina, at that time, his wife even came to the set with a test "look morale" of his betrothed...

— I think that Larisa Golubkina very reasonable and much-traveled woman. So I don't think that moment, that here to hide, the affair was unknown to her. Surely she is not the first time I experienced it some connection. You know how it happens in life, what can I say. We're all not children, right? And I'm not going to pretend that I never, never, with anyone, is stupid, agree. I don't know, for Andrew, for me personally it was an ordinary novel. Can't say I was madly in love, for me it was some sort of serious moments...

— In many of your biographical articles written that during those shots did you meet with art Director Alexander Adamovich, who later became your spouse.

— Well, he wasn't my husband ever. We just lived together. And the meeting occurred just. Father came to the child. After all, Filipp Adamovich, his son, played in the film my son. So we met. I must say that in a child's life I took an active part. With him was an elderly grandmother who is not very good when the heat felt, I had to treat it. In General, I took care of Philip, did all that need for him. As a mom. We became good friends. So, I think it was a normal natural human familiarity.

Ever since you met Philip?

— We have talked a lot by phone, but, unfortunately, we have not yet managed to meet. He lives in France. Works as a goldsmith, like his dad.

— You mentioned that you treated the grandmother of Philip. They say that when Alla Surikova on the set of the voltage start to ache, you cured her. Is it really so?

Yes. I have two grandmothers were in some degree national hags. Despite their positions and the work they were interested in folk medicine. This gift they inherited from their grandmothers. It is clear that I am in a similar vein were raised. I still don't drink no drugs. Unless it is some kind of catastrophic situation. So I have on every occasion there's a recipe to help the person. Yes, I helped Alla Ilinichna.

Елена Проклова: «Андрей Миронов был для меня самым необыкновенным человеком и актером» - Звезды -

Doctors have advised the actress to change the climate of Moscow, and now Elena was trying to spend more time on morephoto:

— I understand that as co-host Gennady Malakhov then you got no chance?

— Well, Yes, many were aware that I have such a passion and I'm a man "in the subject."

— By the way, and now you do TV shows?

— Offer, but we have no relations in many ways. Somewhere I fit, somewhere I do not like, in General, is not, and thank God.

All that is done, the better.

— Absolutely. (Laughs.)

— But you have no TV and a lot of work. Tell me, at the moment, what do you prefer — cinema or theatre?

— Of course, theatre. This is my long-standing passion and love. Since seventeen years I worked in the theater — the Moscow art Theater for twenty years, then in the entreprise, now in the theatre Babkina. I love the theatre because it's a process. Cinema is still work on the result. And then you to this result are irrelevant. Especially now in the movie, I have no interesting roles, offers. Obviously female my age is of no interest from those who work. But I think life does not end. All ahead. (Laughs.)

— But you look wonderful...

— This age is not very interesting for research. More interested, of course, young fate, passion, love, and everything else is little demand.

Yeah, I recently one a famous actor, aged also said that, unfortunately, demand only young.

— Why "unfortunately"? And the glory of God. That's an uplifting moment that all young. I can only welcome. Just have hope that sometime in the future will fly the role that will be meaningful for me and for the audience and for the Director.

— You openly talk about your age, but many hide the number of years lived...

It all depends on the person's character. I know a lot of people who have nothing to hide. Probably need at this age to be proud of what you have. And I can be proud of. That's all. Most importantly, I'm saving your health, I care about it. And at my age it's very important when you feel completely carefree man.

— How care?

— A healthy lifestyle, exercise. Swimming, exercise, proper diet, life in the fresh air. And most importantly — a good mood. When every day is perceived as happiness. As a gift. All recipes are simple. Well, the Lord God gave good health.

— Are you a believer?

Depends what you mean. If religious — no. But if a believer — Yes, very.

— How are you doing today, your heiress daughter Arina, Pauline and Alice's granddaughter?

Great they are doing. Granddaughter graduating mA course in architectural Institute. The eldest daughter works. Married. Happy with my life. The youngest daughter also graduated from the Institute, is looking for a job that would be interesting. Engaged in horseback riding. Life goes on.

— You once said that you had to be gentle to their children. What do you mean?

— Probably, net direct contact. Still have a few actors such contacts with the children. I am very glad that at least the second daughter got attention. When I realized how important it is, then just left the theatre, everywhere, to not only give birth, but spend her first five years. Just not looking up, holding the hand from morning till night and from night to morning. And I'm happy. It is, perhaps, motherhood is to be there and give all you can. First daughter got the more difficult times, then I had to work two or three paintings at a time. To build a cooperative apartment. I was so Sunday mom. But a good Sunday mom. She had dressed from head to foot, bought her clothes when I went to international festivals. Eat it I only from the market, wonderful food. But it's not the most important thing for a child. For a child it is important that the mother were side by side. I came, read stories, something gave and again to work. And I sat with her, my mother and the nanny. So different they were. But again what is better. Of course, I was better around the baby. I gave birth to her in forty-one years. This is the age when you know how to appreciate simple things. And when you don't have to do a career, it's done.

— What is your relationship with him Troshinym after the divorce?

— I can tell you that may God give each divorced couple could have the kind of relationship that we have with him left. We are good friends, we won't blame each other, we have an understanding, willingness to help each other. For example, Andrew now helps me to build a house in Sochi, for which I am very grateful to him. I think we lived a good life together. And what we gave each other the freedom, or rather, I told him (it would be more honest), that my respect and love for him. It is foolish to hold out for a man and ruin both to him and his life. I always thought it was the wrong lesson in life.

Елена Проклова: «Андрей Миронов был для меня самым необыкновенным человеком и актером» - Звезды -

"I'm saving your health. at my age it is very important to feel the smooth man"Photo:

But on the landscaping design of your house Sochi, probably, will again work you the most?

— I think so. And what if I want this profession? When we built the house, with a beautiful design of the earth difficulties. The prices that we were told, was huge. That's why I went to study, knowing in advance, what it to me. And today I'm happy. Landscape design — a fascinating occupation, not less interesting than the acting. I even made some designs to your friends. I just love it. I still, when possible, mess around in the ground with plants. This is the work of artist and architect.

— Not going to move to Sochi?

— I dream to live there. I have occupational bronchial asthma. Moscow climate, endless dust behind the scenes — it's not what I need. The doctors said that it would be great if I didn't work at all. And advised to move to the Crimea. But I have weird asthma: in the Crimea, I worse, and in the Caucasus, especially in the mountains, I can't breathe with your medication and start to feel amazing. I will most likely move to this mode: work here and live there. I've flown there and back as the car ride, for me this is not a problem. Because for me nature is the meaning of my life. Rebuilt apartment in Sochi, I thought I'd come to relax, swim in the sea. No. I was not enough land. Then I bought a plot. So there and build another small house. To live in the mountains. To look at the mountains, rises and sets like the sun, the condition of the sea. Listen to the rain. To burn a fire. I have no land.

— The farm will have? As you know, in your suburban house has its garden, and orchard, and chicken coop?

— Probably will. I do like the landowner. If you want to eat healthily, you're forced to do this.

— I heard that in the suburban house you live along with Troshinym?

— Understand that the house we built with Andrew all his life. It invested so much love, soul, heart, and none of us can say to another: "you Know what, now it's not yours!" We did not work. And thank God for that. There are some difficulties in the relationship, all build, but we'll deal with it. The house is huge, it was enough for everyone. No one rage on each other. On the contrary, there is a desire to help each other. In General, to live a healthy life. I Wake up every morning and thank the Creator that I have another day to enjoy. I live, and this is happiness.


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