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Yulia Rybakova: "I love this man, never stood in the first place" Stars

Plus size model — about how to believe in themselves and earned first million

Inna Локтева22 March 2019 11:5647491

Юлия Рыбакова: «Для меня любовь к мужчине никогда не стояла на первом месте» - Звезды -

Julia Rybakova: personal archive of Yulia Rybakova

She is bright, ambitious, with luxurious forms — it's hard not to notice. But after the scandalous episode in Cannes, where Yulia Rybakova lost her skirt on the red carpet, came to her and a European reputation along with a multi-million dollar contract. Plus size model, singer, producer, magazine editor — once a girl from a poor family, he dreamed of becoming rich and famous, and she succeeded. And let someone of Yulia some statements may seem provocative, she's the man, near whom I want to laugh and believe that dreams come true. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Julia, you told me that the school was a wallflower and ugly duckling — what inspired you to conquer the capital?

— You know, the baby needs to inspire. I, being little, was not found in the family support. We've had a lot of problems, as I have had my brother and my grandmother, my mother fought constantly with her sister, by and large I was not paying attention. I saw a bunch of cons in every occasion upset. And tried as little as possible to be home — ran away to her friends to visit, I found a some classes: went to the fine arts, singing, gymnastics. Then to do gymnastics I was banned because of the fact that I was falling into a swoon, and this happened again due to stress. I slept badly, was sleepwalking... can't blame her mom, no one taught her how to raise children, but in social networks there is a group of "Toxic parents" — and so, this is just my story. All of our traumas from childhood. Some part of me desperately demanded recognition, I wanted I finally noticed. So when I was asked: "Julia, what do you wanna be?" — I said, "Rich and famous".

And the dream went to Moscow?

— In fact, my friend and I were driving to another city, but got on the wrong bus. (Smiles.) A friend had a very fighting spirit: she said, we must remain, Moscow — a city of great opportunities. But in fact, it turns out that the first time we lived at the station, sell gold jewelry, my phone. I had a cool clamshell Nokia that I once took a loan, and then we sold it for four thousand to rent an apartment. And you got cheaters, we threw. A week roam: you spent the night at the police station, the station in the waiting room. Until at last I remembered that in Stavropol I was left a card by one person, and he was from Moscow. We called him and surprise, he thought it was a joke and hung up. But we have to call again and again, wrote desperate messages, and he agreed to help: put us to work as a waitress in a small cafe in the Districts. So began my career in Moscow. (Smiles.) Then the employers saw that I diligently transferred the café better, then I started working in the restaurant. But I remember that day, when I'm in tears, called my mom, instead of the encouraging words they heard I little more, I have in a strange city nothing happens. This disbelief she really hurt me. I changed the room and said that I don't want her to communicate more. Now of course we got back together, she is a kind woman, she makes me hard, but mom is mom.

Юлия Рыбакова: «Для меня любовь к мужчине никогда не стояла на первом месте» - Звезды -

"The first time we lived at the station. Sold gold jewelry, my phone, to find the apartment. And you got cheaters, we threw"Photo: personal archive of Yulia Rybakova

— What was next?

A year and a half, I probably cried every day: what am I doing here?! Stuck in me the desire to prove to mom that I'm worth something. But when we act with resentment, anger — usually nothing happens, that energy is destructive. I was upset and constantly made blunders at work: the plates break, with guests derision. Walked in the morning, I slipped and fell in a puddle, went to change — as a result of late, received a fine. I was in debt, spending more than it receives. But then everything changed in a miraculous way: I left the restaurant, went to dance Eastern dances and met a wonderful girl who told me about positive thinking. At first I thought: bollocks, but then I realized that it really works. The movie "the Secret" has become one of my favorites, I'm so impressed that you made copies of the DVD and handed out to their friends, I didn't even feel sorry for this money.

And managed to earn your first million in twenty years...

— I really made a million, that was a revelation for me, because I always thought that this is a huge amount.

— I still think so.

— Will be disappointed. Then it seems that three million is not enough and ten. I always needed money, in the sense that I had the right hunger. Besides, I helped my mom closed her debts. Itself driven in such conditions that I had to work very hard. I played in several restaurants, then started reselling clothes, underwear. Bought for a hundred rubles briefs at the Cherkizovsky market, put them in a beautiful box and sold for three thousand. Imagine what the profit? And after the girls were taken, because the main proper marketing. The most effective advertising — the way the lingerie looked on me. I had a friend share that I was invited to us: that she is the seller. Then she demanded to give her twenty percent of the proceeds and the other half, and threatened with exposure. I said, well, tell, anyway no one will believe you. They came to me, shook these panties, demanded to return money. I said that a friend is lying, but my bench covered. (Laughs.) And so I was always very smart in terms of sales, because they saw the need from within. My friend recalls how one came to visit me, and I was sitting on the couch, spreading around wads of money, and with a feverish gleam in his eyes said that we still have. She asked: "Why what?" And I even there was no answer to this question. Just race for money was paramount.

— And now?

— Need money, because we live in a material world and in Moscow, everything is expensive. But much more pleasure I get from things that are free: when my child is happy, we're just going through the Park and beautiful weather. I do not mind spending money on travel, they broaden their horizons, to invest in training. I want to give five thousand for an individual coaching session or online course than just opening them in the restaurant. I learned to discern: where's the waste, where's the attachment.

— You said you want to know me exposed to the world. And what to be famous?

— I since the childhood wanted to be noticed, even in the classroom for the gym and the vocals had more contact with teachers and not with peers. I wanted to saw me, appreciated. We depend on the assessment of others. Unfortunately, no one explains to the child that someone else's opinion should not determine our choices. I am his son taught to suck it up. Fit recently: "Mom, what should I wear?". I said, "David, why are you interested in, what you yourself prefer? That and wear". Another time I asked his advice about clothes, and he said: wear what you feel comfortable with. Returning to the question, to become popular, it has been my childhood dream. But now I have something to broadcast, I would like to share their knowledge with people who were in the same situation as me, who can't afford to expand the boundaries. To coin a phrase, to be known to a larger audience to convey useful information. I don't need applause, approval, and now I can praise.

Юлия Рыбакова: «Для меня любовь к мужчине никогда не стояла на первом месте» - Звезды -

"I tried to introduce him to the son. Came then on the "Maybach" of the latest model. So half an hour he looked at the car, not the baby"Photo: personal archive of Yulia Rybakova

— Pasternak wrote: "Being famous ugly, not that picks up". How things have changed...

— Due to the fact that I write a PR strategy for the artists, I know how very easy to make yourself noticed. One video on the Internet it is possible to raise such a hype that will be talking about it over the years. Talented people are lazy, they think they have it all well and do not develop. Need motivation.

— Julia, and that episode in Cannes, where you on the red carpet were left without a skirt, was orchestrated?

— I lost my suitcase in which were all the clothes. And this is my first red carpet! When I realized that I have nothing to go, I became hysterical. In Moscow, I immediately ordered the dress, it was made hastily. It was not even a dress, and a jacket, which is attached to the skirt. In the end happened what happened. I wanted to shoot a video to my fans saw me beautiful in Cannes. (Laughs.) But when we watched the movie, I realized that he just can't stay a day information and correctly sent it on to news agencies and bloggers.

Producer, singer, model, magazine editor — do you manage with such a busy schedule to devote time to raising her son?

— I believe that has created the most comfortable conditions. David had a nanny who was with him constantly. I try to take it with you on trips, some trips for work. When I did social events, brought Gianluca Vacca, Paris Hilton, introduced them to him. Now the son of Wakka sees on TV, says, "Oh, my friend." (Laughs.) I had a hungry childhood and the first few months, only when David was born, I bought him a lot of things: all sorts of pinerock, bonnets, onesies, some he never even wore. I remember, I bought some fur envelope for fourteen thousand, in which he lay of all time. Now I understand that it's stupid: do not impose your unfulfilled dreams. It is not tied to things, and it makes me happy. While there is a system of motivation: I want LEGO to make this so-and-so. I'm not the mom that will cuddle with a baby twenty-four hours a day, but we never cold attitude. This morning he made me scrambled eggs for Breakfast, then grabbed my phone, I missed a few important calls. Quarrel-I reconciled, normal life. (Laughs.) Maybe I'd like to spend more time with him, but we have to work, and the son knows it.

— You had a dream to become rich and famous, and he?

— He has every day new dreams. If we go to a restaurant, he says he wants to become a waiter, if you spend the day with the accountant, shows interest in the profession. He is very driven, unfortunately, so I try to choose the environment. But sometimes bad examples are also needed. So, David didn't want to do, I took it to the trash and showed the homeless — that is the future, they say, is waiting for you. He was crying all night. But for six years I never used force. Although I repeatedly got in childhood. Nobody has the right to hurt our body. Once when David was two years old, we have the incident occurred. The son poured me a Cup of tea and laughed. Resentment and surprise, I pushed him. So it is with those eyes came to forgive me, that I thawed.

— Nevertheless, the overall in your child is: child is also growing up without a father.

When I asked why I raise the child alone, I said that it's better than a man who is not able to take responsibility. But David does not feel slighted. The strongest energy on Earth — a mother's love, and I'm giving it in full. I have had a long relationship with one man, and he saw him as a father. Was passing suitors, but my son and I are not even acquainted, I don't want him to have the feeling that dad should be changed every six months. It so happened that I got pregnant by accident. I was diagnosed with infertility. I love your son very much, and the thought never allowed, to renounce the happiness of motherhood.

— And the father of the child do not communicate?

I tried to establish a relationship, introduce him to the son. There was one meeting, the second, but then David himself said, "Mom, no more". Remember, I then went to the "Maybach" of the latest model, so half an hour he looked at the car, not the baby. He has no parental instincts, to other children, he also indifferent. In General, I realized that it is not necessary to demand love where there is none. Maybe someday he'll want to communicate, but it should be his choice. My father was not ready to meet me.

— You know nothing about him?

Through social networking I found a sister of his grandmother (she had died), half-brothers. They told me a little more about the relatives on the paternal side. About my father's opinions are inconsistent. And great-grandmother, as it turned out, was a Polish Jew and a very strong man, apparently. She was the only woman in power in Turkmenistan, headed one of the committees. That's where my entrepreneurial spirit! (Laughs.) Grandma, too, have in common: she worked in the newspaper and on the radio. I'm the editor of the magazine. So genes play a role. But I believe that after all man makes his own fate.

Юлия Рыбакова: «Для меня любовь к мужчине никогда не стояла на первом месте» - Звезды -

"Now I have a young man who, shall we say, well behaved. But I don't think I'll marry him, I'm voting"Photo: personal archive of Yulia Rybakova

— You feel fear to start a family?

— No, I quietly lived in a civil marriage for six years. The stamp in the passport I do not really believe. If the family are all well and have extra money, you can get married. But it seems to me right that the man pay for it. And since he could not afford a lavish wedding, I said, then it will not. Now I have a young man who, shall we say, well behaved. We meet half a year, but I don't think I would marry him, because I'm selective. I always need to win. If we lived for five years, and this weekend we anywhere do not send, a gift I did not bought the flowers, all the good-bye. If a man is not able to treat a girl, I don't see it at all.

But in love, in talent, intelligence, charisma.

— For me, the love of man never stood in the first place. I have to respect. And, with its feelings and emotions I will be able to work — and to forget. I know how to untie yourself from the person who gives me growth. If a man gave me no help — then what is its purpose? To him it is important to feel useful, otherwise he has no purpose, no motivation. Maybe it's Polish Jew lives in me, but I never knew how to love just like that. I have a son, I love him with unconditional love simply for what it is. But when he grows up, he will bear responsibility to extend our family and provide for their offspring, otherwise I will not be left behind. (Laughs.)

— How you came up with the idea of becoming a plus size model?

— It all started with the fact that I'm almost twice gained during pregnancy. And she did not notice that already in another category. Went to the store, bought things small in size, and even had a fight with the clerk who told me that they do not fit. Came home and are unable to get involved. Then I like saw myself from the outside, so big... of Course, podepisovat a while, but then I had a girlfriend, Lisa March, actress and plus size model, too, weighing under a hundred pounds. We even had a joke: two hundred. (Laughs.) We are constantly laughing and humor, even the day will not remember that we were not in mood, and was drawn to the environment. Sitting at the next table in the restaurant, girl model looks, beauty, but the expression on their faces like they hate the world. We also sent flowers and champagne. Shortage of suitors we have not experienced. I think it's not how much you weigh, but how you carry yourself, how confident you feel. And as well all that, for me, working in the field of media, was not working. Now my forms beautiful shape, I weigh about eighty pounds. You would still throw, but I like myself so.


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