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Ivan Ozhogin: "Wanted to be a tram driver, and perform on the stage of" Stars

The star of Russian musicals, winner of "Golden mask" in an exclusive interview talked about his beloved profession of music in his childhood and athletic achievements

Svetlana Мулева27 March 2019 16:0943160

Иван Ожогин: «Мечтал быть водителем трамвая, а выступаю на сцене» - Звезды -

Ivan Olginate: materials of press-services

— Ivan, you are a child dreamed of becoming an artist or, like most boys, thought about the profession of military or fireman?

— I dreamed about the profession of a tram driver: he was represented as sitting among the levers and buttons, carry a big thundering car from point A to point b — romance. (Smiles.) And here a few years ago my dear fan gave me a certificate for a management of the tram at the tram Park! I spent over an hour realized their childhood dreams, so we can say, the Gestalt is closed! (Laughs.)

— They say that music taste largely determines what sounded at his house in childhood. I was listening to your parents, and did their preferences on your musical development?

— We sang a lot: urban romances and Russian folk songs. I have had the player "Adolescence 101" and a lot of records, special preference I give Robertino Loretti and Oleg Anofrieva.

Иван Ожогин: «Мечтал быть водителем трамвая, а выступаю на сцене» - Звезды -

"To see a musical on Broadway is like to see the Statue of Liberty"Photo: materials of press-services

— There is an opinion that Russian music lags behind, say, the us for 30 years. And as Affairs with musicals far for us to Broadway?

— I'm afraid that far! There is a huge industry, the machine that never stops working for a minute. Hundreds of plays are performed simultaneously in hundreds of theatres, all of which have their own audience almost all the rooms filled. Thus, along with hundreds of productions in the works. This is the culture that was created over decades. To see a musical on Broadway is like to see the Statue of Liberty when arriving in America for tourists and classic pastime of the local population. And almost all of the performances and performed at a very high level. In Russia we are still at the beginning, and it is thorny. We do not have the capacity, experience, probably, to go the way of American colleagues. We need professionals, producers, Directors, special acting school. Here while on one hand you can count of the professionals. In addition, high-quality production with costumes and scenery is a lot of money, you need any help from the state or investors who still think this genre is at risk. All that we have to count on is that those who started work in this direction did not stop.

Иван Ожогин: «Мечтал быть водителем трамвая, а выступаю на сцене» - Звезды -

"Demon Onegin"Photo: Tatiana Milovidova

Your repertoire consists mostly of cover versions of world and Russian hits. Are there any plans of thoughts to record your original material? Do you cooperate with someone of the authors or composers?

My repertoire consists not only of cover versions, I have romances and Russian folk songs, and original material. They are not very much, but I always are in search of. On a regular basis I don't cooperate, but I understand how important it is for artist to find its author, and if even in that genre, which impressed me — perfect. I have suggestions for the songs from the "do you love me, I love you too, our love is like no other", but that's not my story. I have a few songs that I can as my own, I love them dearly, and they no doubt will ever enter into my first album.

— You have not long ago developed an unexpected tandem "Brothers in music" with the American actor drew Saricam. What gave you the idea, how did you choose the repertoire?

— This project includes today the two artists — myself and my colleague at the "shop" on the role Krolok in "Tanz der vampire", is an American actor and musician drew Sarich, who has long lived in Europe. For the music meets the composer, arranger and conductor Evgeny zagot Stage with his Orchestra, and also helps slaughter of the backing vocalists. The idea came to us from the very first meeting with drew in St. Petersburg. Our repertoire is mainly of cover versions of world hits of rock, and original songs and musicals, of course, where without them. 7 April will take place the third concert of the "Brothers in music".

Иван Ожогин: «Мечтал быть водителем трамвая, а выступаю на сцене» - Звезды -

"Jekyll and Hyde"Photo: Vladimir Postnov

— In addition, you demand a artist, you the father of many children. How do you spend time with the kids?

— Total total employment is affecting the regularity of our communication with children. I'm very busy in productions, they're in secondary school, and in music, are engaged in the theatre. So we don't see each other as often as we would like, but we communicate constantly, and I try at least one of your holiday spend with them.

— What place in your life for a sport?

— I haven't done much sport up to 2012. And then I tried — and I have what is called covered. (Laughs.) Now I try to regularly go to the gym, a few years ago started to run, and last year took part in three marathons, breaking two distance of ten miles and one half marathon. I exercise, pour cold water. Now sport is a part of me, it brings me a lot of positive emotions and energy.

— You dream about the actor Ivan Ozhogin?

— About world peace and the triumph of music over the vanity.


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