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Nikita Kruzhilin: "the gold mask" — it is a great advance" - Stars -

Soloist of the vocal group ViVA, which is nominated for the prestigious theater award, spoke about his emotions, team work and new place of residence

Vitaly Бродзкий25 Mar 2019 10:3218510

Никита Кружилин: «Золотая маска» — это большой аванс" - Звезды -

Nikita, Crujiente: materials of press-services

Nikita Kruzhilin this year nominated for Russian national theatre award "Golden mask". But not as a soloist of the vocal group ViVA, and for her performance as Orpheus in a production of "Orpheus & Eurydice" Yekaterinburg Theater of musical Comedy. It is clear that this news was pretty surprised by all the fans of ViVA.

Nikita, tell me: how did you get in the walls of classic musical theater?

— While studying at the Ural University, mathematical-physical faculty, I realized that my vocation is music. By a twist of fate, I was at the Opera house. We can say that from that moment began a creative period in my life.

And then in your life, a collective ViVA? It's not a solo project, where you could showcase your vocal and artistic data fully. You as the contractor can give participation in such team?

— I think this is the case when all matched: producer of ViVA Olexandr Balyk announced casting for the search for a new soloist, and I was curious to try himself as a member of the famous group. During the casting they had received several hundred applications. Therefore particularly pleased that, despite the large number of applicants, I became a new member of the team. As for the demonstration of his artistry and vocal skills, the composition of ViVA, you can do no worse and no less than in solo work. I looked for different options and I can say that it's pretty hard to "make it" alone. And I'm not very interested. To be a soloist at the theatre is one thing, but performing solo on stage — not my story. In Yekaterinburg, I had planned to gather his team, however, of three people, but my friend not found a suitable candidate. In Moscow, everything happened so that I became a vocal part of project ViVA. I like this format, and I believe that ViVA is a unique phenomenon in Russian music.

Никита Кружилин: «Золотая маска» — это большой аванс" - Звезды -

Nikita Kruzhilin has been part of a group VIVAФото: materials of press-services

What kind of music you like and matches with the tastes of the members of the band ViVA?

— Lead singer of ViVA are creative ones. Each with its own character and musical tastes. But I can say with absolute certainty, we all like good, quality music. This also applies to the choice of repertoire that we perform at concerts.

You are the winner of a huge number of music competitions, but, probably, nominated for "Golden mask" — the most prestigious and long-awaited? You can compare it with a nomination for an Oscar in the movie world?

I didn't think I could be nominated for this award. Let's just say I take it easy. Yeah, I got nominated, it's nice, but I understand that it is a great advance. Of course, I don't take it for granted. Rather, it is a challenge: "show me what you got". And while I will not perform adequately at the very competitive show and I'm sure I did everything I could, I don't think about the "Golden mask". Perhaps after April 4, my thoughts will be different. (Laughs.)

How did you react to the news of the nomination of the lead singer of ViVA? What is the relationship in the team?

— Very important for me the atmosphere, human relations. Upon learning of the nomination, the guys congratulated me and was genuinely glad. Generally ViVA is a great team, United by the love for his work and being together, whether it's a rehearsal, concert or a long journey, I always know that there are people on whom you can rely in professional and in human terms.

Никита Кружилин: «Золотая маска» — это большой аванс" - Звезды -

"Soloists of the ViVA are creative pieces of"Photo: materials of press-services

According to the official version, to Moscow, you moved not so long ago (July last year). Already felt a "Moskvich"?

— Are easy to relocate. I was born in the town of Zarechny, Yekaterinburg moved only in 2004, when he enrolled in the University. Before moving to Moscow I've been here several times, came to the sessions. Initially thought that in this city impossible to live a normal life, now take this place as your second home. However, due to a busy touring schedule all members of the group ViVA in Moscow are rare. It is a great joy to travel and to bring our music to audiences throughout Russia.

You graduated from music school in piano class. Now play any musical instruments?

I try from time to time to play, but if I were to hand tool, it would do so more often. The house, in Yekaterinburg, we had a piano in Moscow spend more time playing the guitar. Recently at our Studio ViVA electronic piano, and I plan to spend more time there.


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