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Carey Mulligan: "I got married a few weeks after meeting the" Stars

Actress reveals details of personal life

Elena Ржевуская29 March 2019 13:2818580

Кэри Маллиган: «Я вышла замуж через пару недель после знакомства» - Звезды -

Carey Mulligan

Delicate, sweet, forever young — it's all about her. Carey Mulligan astonishes her smile. But at the same time assertive it not to occupy. In his thirty-three she already knows how to prove any Director that she should be given the role. Movies inspired by a charming English girl, we have not noticed her involvement with the young actor Shia LaBeouf. And about the fact that she suddenly got married, learned only at the ceremony Grammy, when she went to hug her husband Marcus Mumford. The girl knows how to keep his mouth shut. But some details of her life, she shared it.

— Cary, Hello! I wanted to congratulate you on the birth of a second child, but I know that you're keeping secret his personal life. Why?

I do not often give interviews. My attitude towards publicity has changed dramatically after the break with young Shia LaBeouf. If you remember, we met him almost two years. I thought we will spend our whole lives together. And, frankly, I experienced a very painful. Now I understand that this is nonsense.

— Sorry for the indelicate question, but why did you break up?

— Corny to talk about any irreconcilable contradictions, but perhaps in them it was. I said to him is still very good. Know that he is also happy for me. But we then appeared and was seen rarely. Quarreled because of this. Decided to introduce parents. And here bobble, they do not get along. In addition, I wanted a family, children, and Shia was not ready. He told me then that he wanted to marry only once, and that time has not yet come. That's when I realized that I'm not the girl of his dreams, again, I had such desires do not arise. It was painful, but I had to admit it and leave.

Кэри Маллиган: «Я вышла замуж через пару недель после знакомства» - Звезды -

Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf met on the set of the picture "wall Street: Money never sleeps"Photo: still from the film

— Now you have all you've dreamed of. Husband, musician Marcus Mumford, two small children, Evelyn and Wilfred. Are you happy?

— To start I will say that Marcus and familiar almost from childhood. But then our family moved and lost connection. We met again on the set of the film "Inside llewyn Davis" many years later. Almost office romance happened, though Marcus was behind the scenes. We were together insanely easy, and everything began to turn — we have a few weeks married, and then I almost immediately got pregnant. A nightmare, what was I thinking! I guess if I was unhappy with Marcus, none of this would have happened. So life itself has answered your question.

You said that your with her Shia parents did not get along. And what do your parents do? What was your childhood like?

— Normal, but a bit messy. I was born in London but dad was managing hotels around the world, so when I turned three, we all moved to Germany. I studied five years there in the international school until we finally came home. But, by the way, this is where I first came up with the idea that I want to be an actress. Said brother, to be honest. He played in the drama "the King and I", and I had to suffer with all his strength, to me, too. At first nothing happened, but then I made my way to rehearsal and quietly came to the scene. It's been a long way. (Laughs.) And I was an exemplary child, even went to Church. To do something bad? God forbid! I'll be caught. Upset parents for me was a major fear in my life. I sang in the Church choir, and generally was very religious. I was even doing movies find something similar: you are all the time among people you make common cause, surrounded by some common fluids — in General, really like in the Church. For me it is very positive. Even today, when I get home, whenever possible, go to the temple, where everybody knows me, where I sang, and try to help than we can.

Кэри Маллиган: «Я вышла замуж через пару недель после знакомства» - Звезды -

Carey Mulligan and Leonardo Di Capriotti: still from the film "the Great Gatsby"

A model student, a solid "five", the Church choir... When you finally released the claws?

— It all happened by chance. When I was seventeen, I just came over to my parents and said that I'm not going to University and will study in the school of drama. They were in shock. Tried to dissuade me in every way possible. Said that work I did not find that I never make a career, will be disappointed. I didn't listen to them. I didn't want to change my mind.

And what did you do?

— I had only one contact in the theatre world is directed by Kenneth Branagh. Well, not contact, of course, I just saw him play well and had the courage to write him a letter. I expressed that it was on his mind: what parents don't want me doing the acting thing, and I feel this is my calling, and I will not retreat. I answered his sister. From her letters I always remember one sentence: "Kenneth said, if you feel that it's yours, then go to the goal". And then I met with Director Julian Fellows. Again, through a letter. He said that it touched, and invited to dinner. And in just a few months, I starred in "Pride and prejudice" with keira Knightley. In General, of the school of drama never happened. I just plunged into the profession. In reason I believe.

— You not only give a little interview, but removed rarely. Why?

— I'm very picky. A start in life gave me the film "Education of feelings" in 2008. Me even on "Oscar" nominated. Not handed, of course, but apparently haven't earned. I will try. (Smiles.) And then I spent a year looking for something that will do me as interesting. But, thank God, life began to throw me chic designs of baz Luhrmann and the Coen brothers, my partners on the set became Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling. In reality, what is there to complain about? Maybe I'm not shooting non-stop, but I come across diamonds. I speak without false modesty. I every movie proud. And it's okay if for a new project will have to wait another year. Especially now I have a family, and I want to spend more time with them. We live on a farm surrounded by nature, bring up children, is our quiet happiness.

Кэри Маллиган: «Я вышла замуж через пару недель после знакомства» - Звезды -

In the movie "the wild life" partner Carey Mulligan was Jake Gillenhaal: still from the film

— The world thinks you are cute. So looks. What are you doing with that?

— The Coen brothers I even the role at first did not want to take. Said, "Oh, my God, she's so corny, and in life itself charm, and even modest. How to work with it?! We're serious dark movie!" (Laughs.) And then for some reason they changed their opinion. Say: "I Want paradox". And it worked. But in General, my heroine is pretty passive, at least remember "the Drive" with Ryan Gosling. And with that I have not yet obtained to do anything. But for really good roles, I'm more ready. Here for "Shame" even went and got a tattoo. I wanted to prove to myself that I can.

— Let's talk a bit about one of your latest projects — "wild life" that took your friend, Paul dano, and wrote girlfriend Zoe Kazan.

— For Paul it was a debut, I want to support it. But with Zoe we know a huge amount of time. We played together in "the Seagull" by Chekhov on Broadway. It was ten years ago. Zoey and already then dreamed that someday will again be able to work together. It was so easy! I even encouraged her, saying that she'd probably need to write something. And so it happened. And I didn't know until Paul sent me the script. And literally twenty minutes later I called him and screamed into the phone: "Take me, please!
I really want to star in your movie!"

— What attracted you to it?

— Rather, I was not even attracted, but scared. The first time I had to play a young girl, to these roles I've been used to. Here it was necessary to depict the mother of a teenager. But I decided that because my children will soon grow and it's time to imagine what it will be. Prepare, so to speak. Already in the process of filming I realized that the main feeling of the mother of the grown child is the loss of control. He makes the decisions, you're already on what does not influence. And I began to better understand their own parents. Yes, I was a good boy for the most part, but in the end still gave them an unexpected surprise.

Кэри Маллиган: «Я вышла замуж через пару недель после знакомства» - Звезды -

Carey Mulligan in "Inside llewyn Davis"Photo: still from the film

Did you take the children with you on set?

— Only the highest. We were in Oklahoma. Honestly, the worst place for a child to find. There's really nothing to do. Thank God, the area was a huge supermarket. That's where Evelyn and constantly walked around. This was our only entertainment. Oh and I remember our wonderful dinner together with Paul, Zoe and the entire cast and crew, which we had once arrived. We are very brought them all together, and the daughter was not bored.

— As you share his professional and personal life?

— Honestly, there is nothing difficult for me. They were always separate from each other. And now, when I became less likely to share with the press details of his private existence has become even easier. Because my normal life is not part of the contract. I am free to live it the way I want. Of course, sometimes you have to take, as they say, work on the house, or the house to work, as happened with this film and my daughter. But I tried to make her interesting, so she took this as a vacation.

— How do you do when you ask stupid questions? We will not hide, sometimes these journalists are famous for.

— Tell me about it! Long time to get used to, but honestly, sometimes it pisses me off. Somehow I came to the press conference with a small child, terribly tired, and constantly chewing on candy to stay awake. So one woman I asked three times about them! Imagine three times! I was sitting with round eyes and didn't know where we are. In the end just said to her, "are We actually going to talk about candy?!" I ended up with that conference nothing was memorable. Still I'm often asked the question: "How motherhood changed your career?" Every time I precipitates. All women give birth, why should it change something? And why fathers do not ask such questions? They seem to also take part in the process. (Laughs.)

— What's the worst question you were asked?

— I said, "Your heroine in the film 'Inside llewyn Davis" had an abortion. Would you agree to do that?"

— God, what did you say?

— Said, 'You're kidding, right?" and as quickly as possible ended the conversation. This is just utter arrogance. Again, I must get used to this, but sometimes I just can't help it.

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— With your looks you're a very straightforward person and clearly won't endure unnecessary. You always were?

— I became such. In our world, if you want to achieve something, it is necessary to defend their interests and to break all the forces. Otherwise everything will be as you decide someone else- parents, husband, anyone. I never wanted to.

— What else changed in you?

— I became less attention to things that don't seem important to me. My friend Sienna Miller once said: "there's so much seriousness, she seems stuck in the past". I wanted to kill! (Smiles.) I'm not serious! Maybe before the kids were born, I was. But now I've learned to breathe and relax. For example, if I fall on the red carpet, nobody cares about. Well, to make a few photos and forget. What do I wear, what I say — it's all nonsense. A couple of days on the Internet to discuss. So why worry?

— Wait, you did fall on the red carpet?

— No, only once tripped. Fall is the prerogative of Jennifer Lawrence. (Laughs.) But she still forgivable. She's gorgeous even when stretched on the floor. (Laughs.) I guess I would like to achieve such an attitude, but I'm a different person. In the end, I'm British. We have a special character. We are very modest.

But punchy!

Exactly. So many great actors and Actresses namely the British. Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, Daniel Craig, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Winslet, keira Knightley — the list is endless. I really hope that someday I too will get in it. But it does still work and work.


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