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Ksenia Guseva: "I always went to dad" Stars

Student, Komsomol, beauty — perhaps the way to describe the charming Xenia Gusev. The winner of the title "You origmodel", future TV star on the fourth of April marks the twentieth anniversary. discussed with Ksenia stage, podium, family rules and spending money

Juliana Калашникова1 April 2019 12:1651220

Ксения Гусева: «Я всегда сама шла за советом к папе» - Звезды -

Xenia, Housewife: materials of press-services

— Ksenia, the twentieth anniversary is an important date. Decided how you will celebrate?

— Most likely to go with friends to a restaurant. No clubs will not. I celebrated in their eighteenth birthday, and devyatnadtsatiletnyaya, and now you'd rather sit where there is good music. I love the songs of Leonid Agutin and club music — not mine.

In twenty years we can sum up the first results...

— At the beginning of my twenties I'm going to finish University, my dream is to build a career, get married, have children. Also I can't help thinking about the actor's future. I first got into this in four years when they brought me to the theater, where there was a production of "the lion, the witch and the wardrobe". I asked what the people on stage? I said actors. After the performance I was used to the role of the Snow Queen full: made a trail of sheets, made the crown and went like this around the house for three days. Starred in "Jumble", but don't remember — I was four years old. In six years I went to the audition in the drama Studio at the Palace of pioneers, where he studied for ten years. Was going to enter the Shchukin school, but life is so turned around that went to MSU. Passed the exam for high scores and passed all the qualifying rounds.

In your case the choice of journalism is quite logical: it is enough to remember that your father is the chief editor of "MK"...

— I worked in the Department of culture "MK", I loved it, but decided that while giving their all to study and in parallel I will think about their new projects.

Ксения Гусева: «Я всегда сама шла за советом к папе» - Звезды -

Still a schoolgirl she won the contest "You origmodel" and became the face of "Russian silhouette"Photo: materials of press-services

— Last year there were rumors that you will delight us as the presenter. How is your telecharger?

— I'm in the "Ostankino" the leading weather forecast. The process of shooting predictions difficult: for me, the green wall, I see the screens that show how everything looks in the TV. And need to navigate quickly, because they see themselves mirrored. I'm learning a televised speech, read tongue twisters. I like it, though it is not easy to combine because at that time, when I can go, I have to be at the University.

You also take part in fashion shows as a model. You as a child saw myself on the podium?

— To be honest, in my childhood I never thought of myself beautiful and then I never thought that could be a model. In fifteen years I saw the founder of the Foundation "Russian silhouette" Alexander Mitroshenkov. I liked him, and he offered to work as a model. I started to invite to participate in different projects. Remember, came to the designer Igor Gulyaev for a fitting dress, so he initially didn't know what to do, I was skinny as a stick. He flapped his hands: "Lord, what do you wear?" (Laughs.) Photographers I usually like, I have the so called baby face (baby face. — Ed.) and it is very much appreciated. In addition, I very well sit on the clothes. I remember back in my childhood when I tried on the dress, all moms are just enough the same clothes for their children. In the end of the modeling career I thought at eighteen, but for some reason still does not reach the model school, although relatives do not mind. And still on the street or in a cafe people come up to me scouts and give the cards modeling agencies, are invited.

Ксения Гусева: «Я всегда сама шла за советом к папе» - Звезды -

Ksenia and her father, Pavel Nikolaevich Gusev born on the same day — April 4 — but with a difference in fifty years. Between father and daughter formed a great relationship and his father's sage advice, according to Xenia, has been very useful in infoto: materials of press-services

— You at the café? It is believed that models in General is forbidden...

— I have, apparently, very good, can every day to eat burgers, spaghetti love it if the restaurant or cafe you see some noodles, then certainly her book. This is a secret gift: there is not better. My doctor said that maybe I will start to get better after the first childbirth. Now I weigh consistently
47 kilograms and the height is 174 cm and can grow to four centimeters.

— I can not ask about the title, "You orgmodel". Tell me, how is it possible to become the best in the modeling business?

— It happened suddenly. I learned from the organizers that I was included in the voting procedure in the final of the XI International contest for young designers. I was the first on the results of the audience online voting. And announced it during one of my first impressions. Remember, it was quite an extreme experience because of one show had to change four outfits, and different designers. I flew in a circle — it was crazy. From the people look and think: well, what about just a walk? But it is not easy for me to have the responsibility, and if you fall, I'll remember that. (Smiles.) Besides, you've only got a few minutes to change, perenasytil, changed hairstyle. Some dresses should be made to fit the figure on the ground.

— What part of the duties of the winner of the model contest?

— I became the face of the Fund "Russian silhouette" and must have been present at almost every show, to take part in a photo shoot for the calendar.

Is a profitable business?

— To be honest, I for impressions yet received nothing, it was for the soul. Went to the podium rather as a practice is an investment in the future. As far as I know, the models are difficult to break. I have a girlfriend, they honestly earn a penny.

Ксения Гусева: «Я всегда сама шла за советом к папе» - Звезды -

"Any person can envy. But I always thought it silly, especially in material matters"Photo: materials of press-services

Fourth APR in your family is a double celebration: twenty years you and your father to seventy. The open secret: dad strict?

— No, dad's not strict, although the employer is possible. He loves me very much and if I did something wrong, not scolding. Dad always rejoices in my successes, for example, if the exams I have rented for the highest score. I guess I was a tough kid, because the character is heavy, but not contacted with a bad company and didn't commit serious mistakes. Now I'm almost twenty years old, and I am old enough to make their own decisions, for example, go with friends out of town. But always tell the parents where it was going. And if I happen to not run to the Pope, although he always help, but trying to the last to decide the issue.

— What my father tried to teach you?

Mostly some vital things. And I always went to him, asked — and he gave me advice. And now, sometimes, I sit in the company, comes to something conversation, and I suddenly give someone advice. All at once: what good advice! And this is my dad gave it to you. From my parents never pulled, I was told. I have no secrets from the Pope, and to conceal nothing special, I'm a very open person. My friends-boys, for example, quietly come to my house, get acquainted with dad, he has a positive attitude to their appearance. Never has there been such that he said, "no guy will go down in our house!" Not so long ago my life was a man with whom I communicate, but his dad doesn't know yet. (Smiles.) We just haven't meet for so long, and while talking about something very serious before.

— It is believed that girls choose boys just like the father. Your partner falls under this theory?

— I look now the young man that I like, and I understand that there are traits of my dad. I always liked bearded men. Dad will not lie: I have pictures where I kept his beard. (Laughs.) Well, small age difference should be, I wish the man was standing on his feet, could ensure the future of families and children. I do not think I need to marry a billionaire. My boyfriend is doing business, he is very versatile.

Ксения Гусева: «Я всегда сама шла за советом к папе» - Звезды -

Despite advances in the modeling business, she is planning a career in journalism. And not give up her dream to become accrisoft: materials of press-services

— Wasn't someone you have a relationship just because you are the daughter of a very famous person?

— I'm a trusting person, but such moments are always visible. And most people who meet me, know who my dad is. Always obviously clear who the person is interesting: me or my dad? There are so many selfish people, and I with them sooner or later cease to communicate. Sometimes asking for money, and foolishly borrowed a couple of times. But I have not returned, and this man do not communicate. I have a rule: if food with a friend in a taxi, then translate her half of the amount for the fare. It is me, of course, scolds (smiles) but I give to the penny.

— Many have the belief that you might be bathed in gold...

— In my family it is not customary to give children a lot of money. I'm not working and just learning, and I allocate a certain amount for a month. I can spend at least all at once, but then going to sit at home. I have an understanding of the cost of money, so don't throw them right and left. And I don't have as much to throw them.

— You often have to deal with the jealousy?

— Any person can envy. For example, the beauty of his eyes. But she never jealous, always thought it silly, especially in some material matters.


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