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Evgenia Brik: "my Husband is my main confidant, friend, counselor" Stars discussed with the actress's life over the ocean, the successes of her daughter and Thai Boxing

Juliana Калашникова2 April 2019 11:5631951

Евгения Брик: «Муж — мой главный соратник, друг, советчик» - Звезды -

Eugene, Britto: materials of press-services

In a Comedy series "Adaptation" Eugene has played the role of beloved American spy. However, about the America she knows firsthand, because he lives in two countries.

— Eugene, in the new season of the series your character is experiencing many adventures. What do you remember about the shooting was an emergency situation?

— It often happens that in the summer we portray winter, and winter — summer. For example, in the first season we played a scene in which Leonid Bichevin drive in his "Field". The shooting was in may. The pavilion was a terrible heat, and to act we had in the clothes in which we find ourselves, a scenario in Noyabrsk! It felt as if sweat literally flowing in the face, and Leon at the same time, as usual, Hochma. I broke down and yelled at him using foul language! And in that time the movie was filmed on film, of course, is entered. And in the second season it was the opposite. We shot the warm season, and in Murmansk on approach it was winter. And I was in a light dress in the alley with the garlands go in one Shoe like Cinderella. At some point my character takes a second, throws her into the bushes and goes barefoot. And all anything, we often had to swim in the icy water, and to undress in the cold, but here the entire alley was littered with spruce needles, which were watered, and they are frozen. Had a great foot massage!

Евгения Брик: «Муж — мой главный соратник, друг, советчик» - Звезды -

For two seasons of "Adaptation" starring Eugene Brick and Leonid Bichevin learned to understand each other, polylobate: still from the TV series

— I have repeatedly heard that often you live in America. Among your friends many locals?

— I don't live in America, I live in Moscow but I spend a lot of time there. And Yes, in ten years, Los Angeles has become for me not just a tourist town, and my second home, a nostalgic place, primarily because there my daughter was born. Already formed your way of life, daily rituals related to Zoe: the school, shop, swimming pool, music lessons. And though Zoe often happens in Moscow, organizes the winter and summer holidays in Los Angeles it is still a large part of the year. We like this kind of life. And it is a great gift for Zoe to be able to speak fluently in two languages, to be immersed in two cultures. I love that I can introduce the daughter of my childhood, to show her what was interesting to me then, the old movies or cartoons. And she also talks about what happens to her: their games, their children's interests. We have friends in Los Angeles very much. Basically it is the Russian who moved many years ago or just come and spend a lot of time there. But there are American friends with whom I may just be lucky, but they have a completely wide Russian soul. We have similar interests, they watch the same movies, the same TV shows that I like, we have something to talk about. They, in turn, are interested in Russian cinema. This has a lot of advantages.

— English already speak fluently?

— Many say that I have had an American accent, although I taught English in a classic British school. I often have to go to audition to speak American English, so probably I have developed some Californian dialect.

— Your husband — Director Valery Todorovsky — a severe critic of your work or, on the contrary, prefers to praise?

I can't call her husband a critic of my projects. He is my main ally, friend and adviser. I always listen to him, and he's the first person I consult. He is always deeply involved in my problems, the projects that I offer. As I am fully dissolved in his life, I want to listen to him, learn what he new about his ideas. And it is a great pleasure and happiness to discuss and talk with each other. This helps to avoid many problems and frictions. Valera I really appreciate it adequately assesses, trying not to criticize my work, but not to praise just because then I won't be able to improve, to evolve. That's about a year in me grows, but along with him constantly was the fear, as I can write, I have no special education, and around such talented writers! And Valerie has convinced me to write if there is a really interesting story. You can make mistakes, then correct them, the main thing — to try.

Евгения Брик: «Муж — мой главный соратник, друг, советчик» - Звезды -

Role in the film "Stilyagi" made Eugene very recognizable, accrisoft: still from the film

— You've been together for many years can not see each other for weeks. How do you manage in such difficult conditions to maintain a relationship?

— Special secrets we have. We are not perfect, we, like all people, there is friction, the disagreements, we may fight, get angry, but no more than two seconds. The most important thing that you can not imagine life without this person. Love is an incredible gift. To meet the person with whom you have some views and desires, to grow together, to grow old, have children, waiting for grandchildren is a miracle. And I wish you all such a miracle to meet.

— You grow a beautiful and talented daughter. She's already starred in the mystical series "the OA". How is her acting career?

— For us Valera, as for every parent, our child, the most beautiful, the most talented, but we still try sometimes to step back and look at everything look deliberate and realistic. A story about the fact that Zoe started acting in the TV series "OA" is not a story about a career.

I generally avoid the words "career" or "asterisk". Stars for my daughter is Freddie mercury, ABBA, the music to which it listens, and knows that for such a star is a huge talent, labor. Our daughter lives a normal girl's life: going to school, pool, dancing, doing capoeira, listening to music. She just had the chance to be in that series, it's for her vast experience, joy, meeting new people. It's a large dose of attention, such as on the set. And it may be either pleasant or detrimental, so I try to cut out the questions related to the career and stardom. I understand why people ask about it: many believe that parents are trying daughter to light, promote. We with Valera have never even thought this did not arise.

Евгения Брик: «Муж — мой главный соратник, друг, советчик» - Звезды -

Nine-year-old Zoe, the daughter of Eugenia and Valery starred in the popular American TV series "OA". However, parents are not in a hurry to make daughter professional attribute: materials of press-services

Zoe knows that if she wants to be an actress, she will have to first learn to develop in different directions. Now she's just a nine year old girl who starred in the acclaimed series, met with the actors. She was just a little artischocke that climbs everywhere and all the interrupts and all knows the best. This often happens with children who engaged in singing, ballroom dancing or acting career. I in such cases always a little sad, because the parents have to teach children a little more. We and this "OA" wanted to give up... We always look at how much it is convenient, safe. If the Zoe will offer projects that will fit into her life, will not hurt and will bring positive experience and growth, we're going to agree. But it is not the goal!

— Who helps you to look after my daughter when to go to the shooting?

— I always help mum, in that sense I'm lucky and happy person because without her I wouldn't have a life here and there. I would not be able to take Zoe to the shooting in Moscow constantly. And I would have to live only in Moscow. Mom devotes all the time to me, Zoe and my sister Lera. Time spent with grandma, it was special. Grandma and regret when the parents can not criticize, and tasty feed. Zoe loves my mom. Mom helped on the set of "OA", coincidentally, I also had a lot of projects: "Adaptation", and "Garden ring", and "Optimistic." I was constantly on the set, Valerie was with me, we hung out in America every weekend. And only thanks to my mother all these shooting happened.

Евгения Брик: «Муж — мой главный соратник, друг, советчик» - Звезды -

Evgenia Brik and Director Valery Todorovsky met in 2002, and four years later became husband and genoito: materials of press-services

— You managed to adopt some American habits? Run in the morning?

— I do not run, we walk a lot with dogs, and in this sense the dog for us is not just a friend and pet but also the health benefits. Recently, a friend took me to Thai Boxing. I was amazed as what I was looking for. I was always looking for a sport that would be interesting to me. Thai Boxing was for me a challenge: as far as I can gather in a fist will and the brain and to remember all those many cords, which teaches us coach. I went to a few sessions and immediately noticed how tightened all my muscles. So now Thai Boxing is my sport.


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