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Victor Loginov: "my Dream is to become a skipper" Stars he discussed with the actor of tumultuous youth, soap and glory performances for adults

Vitaly Бродзкий3 April 2019 11:3215390

Виктор Логинов: «Мечтаю стать шкипером» - Звезды -

Victor Loginovo:

Actor Viktor Loginov, whose star rose after the series "Happy together" and have tried in my life, a lot of professions. And, interestingly, very far from theatrical.

— You graduated from the theater in Yekaterinburg on the profession "actor of theatre and cinema" why have started to work not by profession, but have tried a lot of others — was a lifeguard UGCC, went to the accident, extinguished the fires, worked as a tour guide, went to the mountains and down into the earth?

— Actually at first I tried everything, and then graduated from the Institute. I enrolled in drama in 1992, and from there was transferred to the St. Petersburg Academy of theatrical art, then my daughter was born, I had to discipline her, so I began work here and there. In General, the higher education I received in the course of twelve years — the diploma was handed to me in 2004. And since then, only work in the profession.

— You once said that in Ekaterinburg were your best years. Do you really think so?

— There have been active years filled with life, and then I didn't have that number of children today who fill every day different and interesting emotions. Is no best or worst years, in every age, in every period of life is something different, something that catches you. Of course, the unbridled fun I've had in Yekaterinburg, may not be now. I miss my friends, colleagues, theater. At that time I was so attached to them that it seemed to me like it's my theater family, and always will be. But times are changing. Although now we are dealing are written off, congratulate each other on holidays.

Виктор Логинов: «Мечтаю стать шкипером» - Звезды -

The role of Genes Bukin in the series "Happy together" brought Victor a nationwide popularpostdata: materials of press-services

— The role of Genes Bukina from the series "Happy together" changed your life?

— Of course. All of that changed. I lived in Ekaterinburg — now live in Moscow, worked in the Academic theatre of drama — work in other theatres. I changed my attitude to life, to many of its aspects, and the time has changed, and I became a different — more Mature, wiser, began to look differently at some things.

— Not tired of in six years of work in the series?

— Tired can be from anything, not necessarily for a few years, sometimes just a day. In General, all this history with the project "Happy together" ended seven years ago, it is so yesterday that I can't even remember the sensations. Remember that incredibly tired, we were shooting 12 hours a day, six days a week, with one day off. When you're tired, you're in the same way, at some point you no longer want anything. Sometimes even wanted to quit everything and to fuck. But now, when you are some time without a job, you know what it was, perhaps, the most blessed days. There was confidence. I knew that three months of working seven days a week, but then two weeks can relax and do anything. And now you're sitting all the time waiting for something, work is not.

You remember that day when you woke up famous?

— Of course. This is the day when the air came the first of the series "Happy together". I lived on the street Academician Korolev and in the evening went to the store to pick something up for dinner. Standing in the checkout line and see a few people whispering among themselves and pointing at me. I think, well, began to learn! Suitable young man and said: "Hello, you starred in the TV series?" I said, "Yes." — "Can you shake hands?" "Sure, please." "You are good, I would like this shit to star would not!" So much for the glory. I am absolutely not reflective on this topic, my life was all: and the limo met the plane, and several thousand fans welcomed us at the Mall in Yekaterinburg. There is a difference between the glory, fame and popularity. Downloads often takes place. If not shown on TV, then you gradually forget it. Now it is not so, as in Soviet times, when the actor Babochkin it was enough once to play the role of Chapayev, and his whole life was known as Chapaev both adults and children.

Виктор Логинов: «Мечтаю стать шкипером» - Звезды -

In the play "When tomorrow comes"Photo: materials of press-services

— Probably, it was not easy to part with a serial manner. Theater and film Directors have long seen in you Bukina?

— Still see. It is very difficult to get rid of this image, although I personally have long abstracted from it. But all the rest — no. When I now come to the auditions, I was immediately recognized, and in the eyes to read something like "Ah, Yes...". Auditions holds not one person but a group of people: producers, assistants, assistants, and among them necessarily there will be someone who will say: "This is the Gene Bukin" and everyone will nod, say, all right, but not comme Il faut, we got a serious movie... But there are those who are willing to risk. So it was with the producers of the series "Chernov", which recently came out on NTV, has turned out a very good product. Although it is greatly reduced, a lot of cut. And it happens all the time — you're doing one thing, and the viewers see something else.

— That's a job for you in the sitcom? It is very different from theatre?

Are two different things, I would not choose. In the theatre it all happens here and now, every time I get onstage, I don't know what will be the performance. You are moving in one direction, and you as if something holding back, some invisible wall between you and the audience. This can be related to anything: bad weather, bad news, raising the retirement age — Yes with anything. Formed the General aura of the hall, which seems to be not read, but nevertheless it is. And the movie is, as they say, spitting into eternity. Here you woke up today with a certain state came to the set, you took off, and all you have there's nothing you can do. If in the play I can to play tomorrow better than today, or worse today than yesterday, then in the movie there is. Here it is, this Gene Bukin, so be it.

Виктор Логинов: «Мечтаю стать шкипером» - Звезды -

Viktor Loginov and Nadezhda Angarskaya in the play "the Dodger for hire"Photo: materials of press-services

— Tell us about your theatrical works.

— I have a lot of theatrical works, with whom I travel around the country. Some I relate with a greater degree of sympathy, some with less, but both work in the theater "Millennium" are very important to me and close. It's two completely different play. "Dodger for hire" — a light situational Comedy, something like "the Marriage of Figaro." "When tomorrow comes" — comedic parable about the attitude to life, on the path of man, about which report he himself gives at the end of this path, removing the mask, removing the veils. Who are we? Naked we come and naked go we want to know what? We enter this life, knowing neither themselves nor the development of your personality, but when he left, carrying some Luggage. And here to get out of the Luggage the most important things, putting them on the shelves and realize, no wonder it was? Plus to approach this with sarcasm, with a certain irony, with a smile on my face without fear of criticism and, most importantly, self-criticism.

— How are your relations with colleagues?

Great. In "When tomorrow comes" we have an all-male team, and I can say that I feel enormous pleasure from working in this environment. All the guys are professionals, every second on stage I see it.

— During rehearsals, there are no divisions, no scandals?

— If there are, then with the Director, but we know how to compromise. The Director in a professional and should be able to light the actor. If there is no spark, no fire. No matter how much I argued that you should play so and not otherwise, no matter how much was offered, conditionally, all wear skirts and red wigs, if I don't understand what it's doing, you won't be able to justify it. But to make me believe that it is possible that I may become part of a world that lives in the mind of the producer, is a difficult task, and if this happens, then spike's "actor—Director" works.

Виктор Логинов: «Мечтаю стать шкипером» - Звезды -

In the three marriages, the Victor four times became a father. On the photo: the daughter of Andolfato:

— Kids go to your shows?

— Sometimes I go and it's horrible! For example, in one scene, I fingered a girl, plus in a lot of dialogue adult language, there the sebaceous jokes, etc. and suddenly I hear during the performance is not even a child's voice, and lopatok child about three years old, and I understand that somewhere in the audience sits a man with a stroller... effect is very ambiguous (smiles). No wonder they say: in order to discourage the actor is enough to bring on stage the animal or child they are so immediate that it is impossible to beat them. So, the whole show the baby something to sputter, fortunately not often, but every time the audience heard it, and we too, of course. All the magic (and the theater is magic) instantly disappeared.

— What are you happy to spend your free time?

— My only passion-passion — yachting. I chase sailing with friends. Last year was the Mediterranean, Turkey and Greece. This is Amateur racing, but I have a dream: maybe someday I will become a skipper!

We know that you've been married three times, you have four children and one adopted. What is your relationship with the ex-wives?

— Absolutely normal. We communicate, discuss everything that relates to children, if anyone had any problems etc.

— Now with your personal life?

— It is.


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