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Keith Harrington: "We don't do a joint photo with wife, otherwise you will become like the puppets of" Stars

The star of "Game of thrones" talks about his love and work

Elena Ржевуская5 April 2019 13:1614900

Кит Харрингтон: «Мы не делаем совместных фото с женой, иначе станем похожи на марионеток» - Звезды -

Keith Warringtonfire:

Like his character, recognized and loved all of Jon snow from "Game of thrones", a 32-year-old actor kit Harington kind, charming, reserved and modest. Amazing: seven seasons of the popular television series made Keith a superstar, but he still doesn't like to talk about his phenomenal rise as marrying someone was in love with on screen — the actress rose Leslie. Maybe it says English education? Harrington comes from a noble family close to the crown — again a parallel with his hero. What is behind aristocratic manners and appearance macho?

Keith, Hello! Can you guess our first question?

Hey! Let me think. (Smiles.) Hmm... Sorry, but I won't tell you what the outcome of the "Game of thrones".

— Mischievous?

— I'm not a bad guy. But to comply with the terms of the contract. Half of the plot twists in the show — a surprise for the actors. We do not fully know what will be the final. Believe me, you need to see this.

— Now you're one of the highest paid actors in television. And whether you have experience in the full meter?

— I participated in the filming of feature films, but as for me, it wasn't great. I, I mean! With the Directors I was lucky, but experience was not enough. But work in the series "Gunpowder" proud. There I play the role of his ancestor, Robert, Katsu.

— Tell me how it happened that the hereditary aristocrat whose ancestors were relatives of the royals, became an actor?

— I think that in modern world there is no room for such prejudices. Fourteen years I loved the theatre, was fascinated by classical literature and tried in every way to participate in the life of the school troupe. And in College, I consciously chose a direction, took theatre and drama. As far as the aristocratic family... I was named in honor of the court poet and playwright. So, everything is logical. (Smiles.)

Кит Харрингтон: «Мы не делаем совместных фото с женой, иначе станем похожи на марионеток» - Звезды -

Keith Harrington's glorified role in the cult TV series "Game of thrones"Photo:

— Well, theatre is clear. How did you become a star of American TV series?

For me the complete surprise. Believe me, I have no cunning! This is my first on-screen role, you know? I didn't know whether to agree. Not in the sense that I show off. And simply was afraid that will not cope. I was nineteen years old! But this was a huge contract, and I decided not to resist.

— And here's how it turned out...

— By the way, the first pilot, they say, simply terrible. We've all made a lot of mistakes. My character, Jon snow, for example, was in a wig, clean shaven. And without a beard I look like a child, really. (Laughs.) As well, that no one will ever see these shots. However, the creators of "Game of thrones" say they have a copy of this series. And if I ever angered them, they will release it on YouTube. Sometimes even send the screenshots as a threat. (Laughs.) But then I grew up, grew his hair for the first time in my life tried to grow a beard and here it is, Jon snow. It seems like just yesterday we started the creation of the first series, and now the end.

— Can't ask. The plot of the series you're in love with a girl (played by actress Emilia Clarke. — Approx. ed.) which turns out to be your aunt. And one of the most memorable scenes of the seventh season — you her intimacy...

— Yes, when we got to this sex scene, we were with Emilia already very great friends. And you know, the main thing in these scenes is to try not to laugh. I told her: "well, okay, if we continue to laugh, then never finished. Pull yourself together! Later, we discuss what's going on here".

And between you...

—...Never had anything more than a damn good friendship.

— You taste the glory?

— The series is great, but all this madness around television shows... Look, it's weird. I am in no means trying to offend anyone, and yet when outside of your hotel there's a campsite, and every day you have to pass through it... Yes, the word "weird" fits perfectly. Sometimes I feel like Justin Bieber or someone like that.

Кит Харрингтон: «Мы не делаем совместных фото с женой, иначе станем похожи на марионеток» - Звезды -

The actor has long been thought to have an affair with a colleague at the filming of Amelia, Clarkfork:

And you don't like it?

— Sounds like I'm whining and complaining, but I don't. I am very glad to have experienced the glory, but to live in it constantly — not my story.


— I caught myself on the fact that glory makes me cranky. It seems like I should be happy that I am a "celebrity" (makes air quotes and smiles), but I actually become irritable, demanding and grumpy. Don't like this. And my friends constantly complain that now with me is not a walk in the Park.

— Because of the paparazzi?

— Yes, and because of the fans. All this fuss with pictures of me is a bit depressing. I decided that there will be days that I just won't be photographed with fans. I really hate to deny people I apologize to them, but sometimes it does not help some angry. On the other hand, I can't go back on his decision. This is especially true of a photo with rose. We never published together. Otherwise it makes the relationship like Union puppets. If we were like a circus on the road.

— Rose is rose Leslie, your colleague. And your wife.

— Absolutely. We played together, and we had a romantic line. Fell in love with each other in reality. Got married.

— You briefly talk about your novel. Yes and you hide him for some time.

We never hid, but did not show feelings especially. Don't know, it seems natural not to discuss personal life in the press. I don't want to say much about this. It's our business. And even if I wanted to share with you some details that might be, rose against it. So I keep quiet. I sincerely believe that we have a right to their personal space.

Usually famous couples love to publicly announce their feelings. You even about the engagement silent.

Well, here we are secretive. (Smiles.) More I will not say anything, really.

— Tell at least, which girl you like. In principle.

— With a good sense of humor. Know to find a real problem. Girls now or a lot about yourself you know and do not know how to laugh at yourself, or make it too desperately, that sometimes scared. In short, is when you can tease each other without fear of hurt, but also knowing how not to cross the line.

— Let's talk about the professional field. We have already briefly touched upon this topic. Talking about your new project, the historical drama series "Gunpowder". Tell me how you got there.

— Well, look. My middle name, Gatsby's maiden name of my mother. The main character of "Powder" — Robert Catsby, the mastermind of the conspirators who wanted to blow up Parliament in 1605. Robert is my ancestor and the story of the gunpowder plot has always been part of family legend. When we discussed our history, and it turned out that Catsby, not guy Fawkes, was the leader of the conspirators, I just did came up with the idea to make a film about it.

Кит Харрингтон: «Мы не делаем совместных фото с женой, иначе станем похожи на марионеток» - Звезды -

Interestingly, in the end, Harrington is really married a colleague on the series, but another actress rose Laslett:

— So you not only play the role of his ancestor...

— Yes, this is my first experience in producing. For your sake, my best friend created the company, and "Gunpowder" has become our pilot project. It's funny because four years ago I told my agent, they say, it would be great to finish with these swords, riding, long hair. It would be nice to get a haircut in the end! I told him not to set me in the historical tape: "No more horses, I beg you!" And what is the result? I myself have created a series in which I ride. Always say something, I promise — and stick to that. But listen, I'm not the actor who will forever dance in armor.

— They say that with horses you have a special relationship.

— Oh, Yes, I am somewhat of a horse Whisperer. Don't know how I did it, I actually met with these animals for the first time on the set of "Games". Riding I do not look very impressive, but learning. Spend a lot of time with them, think this great animals — apparently they just feel the same way. I noticed that if be kind to the world, he'll respond the same way.

— What genre attracts you more than others?

— I like Comedy. But I'm afraid to star in Comedy films.


— As in the case of historical films, there is the risk of becoming a hostage of the image. I don't want to have identified as the "cute whale". And even worse "baby whale" (the growth of the actor one hundred seventy-three centimeters. — Approx. ed.). When I found the beard, I vowed to myself that I will never shave it. Because without a beard I really look like a hurt child. I hate it when I perceive so. And many times had to prove to others that I'm not a baby.

— You're dependent on the opinion of strangers?

— Perhaps, Yes. For example, worried that in this conversation I showed himself as an arrogant type, but it is not. Therefore try to be careful with journalists.

— What social media accounts do you have?

— Yes, but I am not.


— Don't want to talk about themselves more than already talking. Anyway try not to go in the social network, because there's some Grand concentration lies about me and my life.

— You really are very serious. Even too.

— There are reasons. Recently, I thoughtlessly blurted out something stupid about sexism
and objectification — that the industry can be as cruel to men as to women. As a result, in printing my words were distorted and taken out of context. Now I weigh every word. Especially when we are talking about such a hot topic.

#RoseLeslie and #KitHarington are such a gorgeous couple! Congratulations!!!

— Ginna(@Ginna_RenSolo) 23 Jun 2018

— So what about the objectification and sexism are not explained?

I'm sure a man like a woman may suffer due to the fact that it is converted into a sex object. Media discussed each part of my body that was able to reach. Remember how closely the journalists looked at the loincloth in which I starred. Was I uncomfortable from such unhealthy attention? Of course. Do I think the me is just as bad as women who turn into sex objects more often and longer than men? No. I wasn't trying to compare, I tried to analyze.

— By the way, you recently became the face of the advertising campaign of a famous fashion house. Know the fashion?

— I can only say that try not to wear baggy things. Don't understand the directions. In clothing a size larger than you look like a sack of potatoes. That's all I can say about fashion.

— How do you treat a black wardrobe (the character of Harington Jon snow in the story wears black clothes, symbolizing his renunciation of the secular world. — Approx. ed.)?

— More than fine. (Laughs.) No, really, black and skinny — that makes me higher. Do you remember, I hate to seem low.

— How do your parents feel about explicit scenes, which you sometimes do.

— They are wise people who understand that it's part of my profession. In General, I'm a big lucky. Mom and dad are very loving, supportive parents. And they are still together. For me this is an example of a real relationship, a real family.

— Tell me about your childhood, please.

— Our family was a classic middle class. My parents always believed in state structure, because my brother and I were treated in General hospitals, go to ordinary kindergartens and schools. Remember I gave an interview to the American edition, the journalist was very surprised: "what, your father is a baronet, you are a relative of Charles the Second, and you went to private school?" What can I say? If you still thought of me as the Golden boy, unable to refuse such a representation of me. Of course, I'm proud of the history of his family, but she cannot directly tell you who I am. My ancestors are not me. By the way, I remember school. She was amazing! I wish my children studied in the same. Well, when I have children.

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Publication from Kit Harington (@kitharingtonn)Feb 6, 2019 at 8:00am PST

And how do you see the lives of their future children?

— I really like the approach my parents. I came to them when they were under forty. It seems that by this age, you understand and accept. So... I Hope my children will live in London, they will see a multinational and multicultural environment, will be educated in tolerance, in acceptance. Want weekend we went out of town, enjoying the air, gaining peaceful memories. To watch in silent open sky, learned to feel.

— "Silent"? I think someone here unrecognized poet!

— Oh, Yes! (Laughs.) When I was a teenager, wrote disgusting poems. Was a terrible romantic-minded creative guy. Constantly dreamed something about acting, about journalism. And you know what? (Smiles.) I will say that some of my poems were nothing!

— You realize now the image is so beloved by fans, fully formed? Long-haired handsome man, a little vicious, not accustomed to talking about personal, romantic on a horse, writing poems...

— Now do not write. (Laughs.) But still read a lot. Recently I became acquainted with a book called "Happiness". Encourage everyone to read it. I'm impressed!

— What is it?

— The happiness that is us in the simple things. Evenings at home, family dinners. It is deep available. Those who are in search of happiness — make it a guide to action!


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