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Helen North: "I am Proud that my sons" Stars

Host, actress, singer knows all about how to host an event of international scale at the highest level. In the capital recently hosted the second awarding ceremony of the musical award BraVo, after which discussed with Elena the vagaries of international stars, children's achievements and rejuvenating activities

Juliana Калашникова8 APR 2019 10:267030

Елена Север: «Горжусь тем, что делают мои сыновья» - Звезды -

Elena Coverfoto: materials of press-services

— Elena, the entire Metropolitan musical elite still discussing the International music award BraVo, who for the second time was successfully held in Moscow. What is it like to organize an event of such scale?

— Of course, I got a bit tired because it lasted for three days in a row and was a very emotional event for me. I'm also the organizer and hostess of the award, so it was necessary to communicate, not to offend anyone. Of course, it is a great pleasure for me, but energetically, emotionally costly. Although I admit that the result and the positive emotions were worth three days to sleep in. (Smiles.) And, of course, was very important for me and nice to hear the opinion of the participants. After the ceremony at the Bolshoi theatre we had dinner with John Travolta, and he said he participated in a large number of awards in virtue of their profession, but this is one of the best ceremonies. For example, on the same Grammy everything goes very slowly. When people seize upon to the stage, they had a long talk, at the end of the ceremony, many are already starting to yawn, all very tight. And cutting, which we then see is not what actually happens. For our prize we as the leading tried to keep the pace, and as the organizers prepare rich, interesting numbers. All of it was invested a lot of effort, creativity and energy, so it was nice to hear compliments from John Travolta and Helen Mirren in my address as the leading ceremony. And, most interestingly, the next day I heard similar words from other guests.

Елена Север: «Горжусь тем, что делают мои сыновья» - Звезды -

Sons of Helena is still quite young but are already experienced, artistsite: materials of press-services

— The ceremony is attended by many celebrities. Probably not easy to collect them in Moscow and to become a star rider?

— Collect stars like Vittorio grigolo, Angela Gheorghiu, Alessandro Safina, prominent Opera singers Venera Gimadieva, Vladislav Sulimsky, Bogdan Volkov, really easy: they demand and their schedule you need to agree on for almost a year. As for the riders, producers and promoters know that it often turns out that the artist in their demands completely unpretentious. But we know that there are managers who decide for them and say that we need, for example, "rolls-Royce" or something. Since we have the opportunity to communicate directly with the artist, it is always possible to avoid some unsolvable situations.

— Backstage without incident?

— Always something going on, because it's live action, notriptyline, and all the artists — with his character, with his ego in a good way. For example, a few hours before the concert clashed with our two Opera singers, who closed the concert. They defended different interpretations of the work, and before they reached their joint output was under threat. When going personalities, stars, something can happen even at the last moment. You never know what will happen in the next second.

Елена Север: «Горжусь тем, что делают мои сыновья» - Звезды -

Complex graphs do not allow the mother and children to spend a lot of time together, so they appreciate the moments when all of domfoto: materials of press-services

— Your appearance is always adorns the event. Share with our readers the secrets of beauty. Can found effective anti-aging diet?

— Never refuse nothing: I'm a Taurus, foodie and love to eat. I find it difficult, for example, to fast, although I try. Or, for example, are accustomed to a certain product in the morning that energizes me. And, of course, important sport, although it is now not in the same scale as before, when I was engaged in artistic gymnastics. But today can exercise and yoga. I love to visit the ballet class or lessons in tennis.
In my life movement, on the contrary, does not take strength, and gives them. I and his sons since the childhood and tried to teach the sport.

I know that your children also has proven itself worthy of the award BraVo as artists...

— Yes, they are proud of this event and happy that have to do with it. They participated as special guests, and for them it was a special responsibility. Urkis performed in a room with Timbaland. He sang Justin Timberlake. We carefully prepared, were sent in advance to the track Timbaland, he coordinated everything, Yura went to the airport to meet him. While they waited in three-hour traffic jam, friends. It's great that they were able to establish such contact, because when they're onstage, it was obvious. When Timbaland left, even wrote a SMS: "Yuri, I'm happy that we met." I see from all this my kids are happy and even more excited to grow, to work. And now I can say that I am not the least bit ashamed of them. Boys are not very Mature senior, Yuri, 21, Junior, Vladimir, 18, — but I'm proud of what they do.


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