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Yulia Peresild: "as long as you love someone, you forgive him everything" - Stars -

The actress said in an interview about relationships in the family, the education of daughters and material desires

Marina Зельцер3 APR 2019 17:0040320

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

Yulia Peresild. Style: Alena PRYAMIKOVA Makeup: Love RASSOLOVA Hairstyles: Anna MINAEVA Design: Elvira NARUHINA (LETME CREATIVE AGENCY)Photo: Alina Golub

The beautiful actress, now also a theatre Director, the head of the charity Fund, Yulia Peresild miraculously manages to remain a loving and attentive mother to give my daughters a lot of time and even to delight the eye with their beauty. Maybe the secret is in her ability to make everything seems easy when we can't see the sweat and labor into roles, and this is the high artistic aerobatics, and just the same it is all over. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Julia, I've known you for a long time, and you practically do not change. I think, even growing up, it is very important to keep yourself in something unshakeable, true your...

To say that I haven't changed at all, would be untrue. Of course, a million changes happening to any of us, probably every second. But I am very glad that I have remained with the same character or nature, in General, the basis is laid in childhood. By the way, I remember myself already four years old. And not one episode and the different experiences and great joy. And me all laugh and say that this can not be.

— What are the experiences of four-year-old you sunk?

— I remember my kindergarten. I liked to go there. And one day I forgot to pick up. My mother worked, my grandmother — also, my grandfather served, and then there were no cell phones, and we at that time still was not home, and everyone thought that I would take someone else, as a result, nobody came. And in the morning all of a sudden woke up (laughs) apparently found out that I was none of them there, and ran into the garden. The teachers told me that I'll stay with the night caregiver, I now realize that it was a female guard. (Laughs.) Remember how we were like with her kindergarten, she showed me the menu for the next day and then put them to bed. When parents arrived, they were told that a child should not have to Wake up, and in the morning I'll stay in the garden. When I woke up I felt fine, for me it was an adventure, not a problem. I'm generally one of those who very long to formulate something or not realize until the end that is going wrong. Sometimes after some number of years, I think: "my God, how did I ever manage it?! Why is believed that all well and good?" In the most critical moments I rarely panic and rarely tell myself that everything is terrible.

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

Cloak, ALENA AKHMADULLINA shirt, UTERQUE; ;earrings, MERCURY, watches, RadoФото: Alina Golub

But I know you can panic if a loved one long not answering the phone...

— Yes, but this is different. For me it's a horror movie. And that happens not in a vacuum, but from the fact that the phrase "the Subscriber is temporarily not available" was also associated with terrifying moments in my life.

— And the children already understand that you need to call when they arrive somewhere, for example?

— My older daughter because she is in school, has a phone, and she realizes that if it goes somewhere, for example to girl, you have to write at least a text: "Mom, I'm all right." And she is very offended if I did not immediately report that safely flew somewhere. As soon as she started school, she had the consciousness, responsibility and desire a good way to control me. (Smiles.)

— You say that my daughter went to regular kindergarten, and now Anya's regular school. What do you mean by this word?

— Normal is a public school a five minute walk from the house. It learned many athletes, for example footballer Igor Akinfeev. And now she's not specializiruetsya on the sport, although there is still a lot of children who are at CSKA.

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

The jacket ALENA AKHMADULLINA; trousers, PE FOR GIRLS; turtleneck by GUCCI; earrings, MERCURY, watches, RadoФото: Alina Golub

— Today's children, including yours, so much to do, there is no time when you can just take a walk, talk with a friend, no breathing. You don't think it's needed?

— We do not make them anything to do. And now Anya has a little freedom, because we have abandoned music school. It was a joint decision, although she was doing well from the point of view of learning. But there reigns the system of unwanted dictatorship. Anya said nothing to me, she is a very patient man, never say bad about the teacher, rather blame yourself in the wrong. She is very lucky to kindergarten. She came to the incredible teachers, and now they are Masha and Anya resorted to him and tells how she is doing in school. In General, she grew up in an atmosphere of love, though the extent there is enough. She doesn't know what a dictatorship is, it is uncomfortable, strange environment. When I twice said, "Mom, I'm afraid to go on solfeggio" I was very surprised. But understanding the situation, I said that we take the documents and go from there. Of course, we were sorry to leave school, but music cannot be dealt with through force, it is characterized by brand lightweight nature. So we decided to take a break. And there... we'll see. But Anya deals with a teacher playing music. Two daughters are obsessed with ballroom dancing. They met a couple, two amazing teachers who love them and now days dancing. English is also fun to do. Masha for a year with success at playing tennis. Ordinary conversation, Anya is also missing. After school they stay to dinner, then a walk of the whole class, they are friends. More and then half the night texting.

— Anya has some responsibilities at home, for example, to restore a little order in the room?

— A it is partially collects clothes, toys and all.

— And you were supposed to do something at home in childhood?

— Very bad word "should". If I someone said that I have some responsibilities, then the probability that I would have done, was zero. And if now I say: "Do this", inside of me a creature begins to strongly resist. If I got up in childhood, made the bed, and then I said, "Oh, you're bed is already made! Wow! You're great!" That's when I almost every day going to do it.

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

Dress, PE FOR GIRLS; turtleneck by GUCCI; gloves, MANOKHI; necklace, MERCURYФото: Alina Golub

— And if you don't want to wash dishes for example and it will accumulate, you'll have it still to wash?

— This does not happen. So I teach my children to stay ahead of the demand. They should want to do. Then they will always be independent. I understand that is frustrating when poking that shoes or toys lying scattered. I explain to Anya that time it it offends, don't give reason to say so. And always pay attention to, praise when she cleans up after herself. We have a tradition — if on the weekend I'm not running away, Anya herself preparing Breakfast. It can eggs to fry and to cook porridge, pancakes even to cook, but she is still scary to do. She served at the table, Mary helps her in this. A couple of times she burned frying pan, but we survived. (Laughs.)

— Your house is not particularly bothered by business, and the child was born, and you became an adult and learned?

— My household chores don't bother, but at the age of nine or ten all the curtains in our house, all bedspreads, cushion chair sewing myself, I had a sewing machine. And for the colors that I love from childhood (on the windowsill I then faded and now the roses bloom), watched me. At the age of twelve I had a dog — a Cocker Spaniel. And no one except me, did not know what to scratch it, wash, cut, clean the ears. Of course, if I come home tired and see, for example, a terrible mess, unable to shout, quarrel, quarreling even.

— With the kids or with mom?

— Mom and to a lesser extent, because she has something to say, she just cry. About fifteen minutes later I begin to feel that I was wrong, I apologize, I really feel ashamed.

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

The jacket ALENA AKHMADULLINA; earrings, MERCURY, watches, RadoФото: Alina Golub

— I really liked you, too, can row, nervous, trying to insist on?

— I think I'm not the dumbest in relationships with men, and very patient. I realized with age — as long as you love the person, forgive him everything. And as soon as the feelings fade, can not forgive the smallest detail. Just the second half should feel, how long you can accumulate problems, forgive, how long can you last. Because love, unfortunately, the sense of the ultimate. I'm not talking about parents and children.

— But for someone it lasts a lifetime...

— I think that probably we are again to fall in love with the same person. But I have no experience of a very long love. Maybe there are exceptional stories. I think in relationships it is important respect, at some point it stands to the fore.

Your girls know how to manipulate you?

— Of course. It's two greatest manipulator. Says their grandfather, when I leave for work: "Well, the power of change". (Laughs.) When I'm home, for they no longer have any authority. And then such a gradation: if there is no mother, the authority of the Pope, and if not, then the grandparents.

When I talked with Alexei Yefimovich Teacher, I had the feeling that he's a hard man, but in life — soft. What he is home with the kids?

— He is a soul in them denotes. They find a friendly contact, they are fine.

But rope girls he did not view?

View. But they all view. In this sense, they are sometimes damn near impossible. Want to go want to not go there, I will not, will not. They are hyperactive, getting up early, going to bed late, they do not stack. If you're home, you're going to cook with them and see what their cars. And it's not just one look and all, it's full of time to play with them. This is over one and a half, two hours, and if you're distracted on the phone, someone else will hear: "You're not fair doing! You don't follow the rules!", because we agreed that in the output we do not sit in the phone, the kids.

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

Photo: Alina Golub

— You in the childhood it was quite a different financial situation, but I know you didn't ask parents for anything myself.

— I have not had the chance to ask. And it's a very difficult question for me — how to combine the desire to please daughters so as not to be spoiling, to avoid repletion gifts, learn to appreciate things and attention. But I can't say that these gifts have been natural, because we are very often talking about it with them.

— You have methods and opinions in this Aleksei Efimovich converge? Maybe because of the nature or age do they differ?

— I think, agree. Of course, on the one hand, I like a man who spends daughters and not much time, I want to please them, including shopping. My fad — no matter where I've been and what employment, all the while thinking, "What would they bring?" And we fly very often, so all the time, something they bring. But we often go to events Fund "Galchonok" I tell you what number of kids can't afford it. They ask me: "how are we going to congratulate the guys for the New year? How can we share something?" Roll old junk toys, I want to throw them out, what they say, "Mom, don't throw it away, it is necessary to give to other children."

— You have a home are the guests?

I love to receive guests, but this autumn it has only happened a couple of times. I love it when classmates come to my daughter, when I arrives from Pskov girlfriend Irina Petushkova with godchildren, they are often. And we sit at night and chat. (Laughs.)

— When you have a good income, have changed material desire, still want more?

— Money can't spoil the man who does not put them at the forefront, if he has desires, which are higher than just money. I'm not very fond of man on the material, I guess that I was lucky. I know people who love money, and I, unfortunately or fortunately rather calm about them, even a little desperate. They can forget to take or lose and then to remember. Or suddenly find in some place and wonder that they were in this book. I'm not one of those who bamboozle the diamonds or the incredible firms. Can't imagine a situation where I wanted some sort of coat that for her, worse eating or denied in the extra toy to the child. Never! All alive, healthy, fed, normal flat, can not afford to go or to go somewhere, that's fine and that's enough.

— You're still not driving?

— No. Because it is uncomfortable to me. Where do I Park? I'm always late.

— And you have a cottage there?

— In the Kaluga region for a long time, wooden house.

— How often do you go there?

— Don't ask. (Laughs.) Never. Parents rest there with the girls. I pay more for her service than go there.

Юлия Пересильд: «Пока любишь человека, прощаешь ему все» - Звезды -

Dress, KSENIA SERAYA; earrings, MERCURY, watches, RadoФото: Alina Golub

— You often say that they would like the languages to learn to learn to drive, that is another education. And desires often change, but so far none of this happened, in my opinion...

— Yes, I have some ideas, but they probably never implemented, but not finished, because when I see interesting people or interesting event, I want to connect at once and everything. I light up, but I'm short enough, to be honest.

— And people, too, right?

— A little different, but sometimes that fascinated and cool. There are the people that are around for decades, and those that are going with me for many years in parallel, even if we have long not seen. Without them I would not exist. For example, Pavel Akimkin, my friend and classmate. We have several performances of "Stihotvoreniya" played without him. And everything was fine. But then came the Pasha, and to me as if joined by another battery unit. I don't know what it is. I'm just that good with him. We live close by, next morning he picked me up in the car, then we at the coffee shop bought coffee, and got some absolute strange feeling of happiness. I know that it is reliable, I don't want, and in a global sense anything from him I don't want to. And I can tell the whole story, and he told me too, and it will never be shared with anyone.

— You became the founder of the Fund "Galchonok". Then it began to take even more time and soul. Why do you need it?

— I was a co-founder of the Foundation, because we split up with our previous Manager. Such a situation has arisen in which the Fund is either closed or someone had to take it into their own hands. I thought I might be able to do it. Of course, the worries increased, responsibility, and the people who work there. But I don't regret it. Generally the worst thing for me is to stop and empathize.

You never were big on appearance, but a load of great, young look. Still something to do, take care of themselves?

— Sometimes it is necessary to arrange a small discharge zones. When every day trying to function on twenty-five hours out of twenty-four, Yes, on many fronts, at some point, I want to say, "No more of this! Don't want to!" And I went two days in one of clinics situated near Moscow, in General first time left alone. And during these two days perfectly recovered. Can't say that I do not like anything feminine. I like good cosmetics, clothes, but for me, fortunately, it's not paramount, it does not leave me.


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