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Jan Tsapnik: "Thank you family for your patience" - Stars - met one of the most famous distinguishing actors and talked about generosity, the costs of the profession and the perfect mother-in-law

Juliana Калашникова9 April 2019 16:211050

Ян Цапник: «Спасибо семье за терпение» - Звезды -

Yang Caprichoso: materials of press-services

— Yang, TV series "90s. Fun and loud" — about those years, around which now so many passions and nostalgia. How was it for you this time?

— The nineties — interesting. It was a time of change, hope and, most importantly, the time of the disclosure itself, and the establishment of a profession. I was twenty and a penny. But I can say that the manners of the nineties I'm not particularly concerned for the simple reason that I was busy in 20-25 plays per month.

And life was in full swing so that is great. Salary — 700 rubles, and when I went to the city, given that the theatre is in the centre, was lost, seeing that the stall vodka costs 450 rubles, and the shirt 300. And it was not clear how to navigate. Well, the day I ran at the St. Petersburg television, where he starred in the "Tale of the tale." And there is awesome people — Borechka Smolkin, Sergei Losev, Andrey Urgant.

And here you're there for hours and do not skip a time when you have back to the theatre. Well, after the show went to the Studio where it was voiced documentaries or cartoons about Chip and Dale or the ninja turtles. And sometimes films. There were more tours: in Slovakia, in Germany, in France. In General, life was in turmoil. Rich we were, but I'm honestly not bothered.

— Overseas adventure was?

— Of course. Remember, during a tour in Israel I had two days off. What do young artists for two whole days? First he inspected all the beauty, the Museum went, and then took the local Arab ass in leasing, bought arafatki and with a palm branch, driving past policemen, singing an Aria from the movie "Jesus Christ superstar" with the words: "Hey, Sanna, Hosanna". Well, they neighing, scolded — was released.

Ян Цапник: «Спасибо семье за терпение» - Звезды -

in the nineties series about my hero is weird. When riding on an arrow, in a crimson jacket, a home can be chelovekopotok: materials of press-services

— For many, the nineties are associated with criminal authorities. You, this topic is somehow touched?

— Friends among the criminal authorities, we were of course. In Big drama theatre came crimson jackets, and sponsorship, they are also involved. Someone killed, someone took, well, some settled down — became law-abiding. Sometimes I fell for the disassembly by accident. Once in the cafe — where the shooting started. And there were funny stories when I was approached by people's army and said: "Come join us, did you throw a tent of their own, cut your hair, jinshu take off the jacket put on". This time, it was madmen, but it is precious to me, as all our history.

— In the series, you also appear in a crimson jacket and you have to admit that looking in this way very reliably...

— I was there such a strange man that resembles a painter when he goes to work, wears a special jumpsuit to not slap. And my hero: when riding on an arrow, in a crimson jacket, and when at home, it may be a simple man.

Ян Цапник: «Спасибо семье за терпение» - Звезды -

Characters from the nineties Ian's work is very bright. The photo frame from the Comedy "Kiss!"Photo: materials of press-services

— Behind the scenes had as much fun as in the frame?

— Nothing much happened. The restaurant, which is owned by my hero, max knocked plugs and something was off. And once broken, the button for opening the trunk of the car. So the poor Director was in the trunk, and when he's on the radio reported, he abruptly opened and immediately removed his hand. Similar cases on the site I call "our answer is 'Avatar". And it was great, because a great team. I generally try never to change: if I don't like the Director or script, it is better to leave on the shore. It will be fair to yourself and to other people.

— How your family relates to the fact that you are constantly traveling and filming?

— It is hard sometimes, especially when leaving home for several months. First miss girls, you get used to it, and then come home and go crazy from how a lot of them. (Smiles.) This condition is piecemeal: you love them but love at a distance easier. The more that I'm impatient. Sometimes, the light bulb blows — start fighting, and girls. In anger climb to change — be sure to break off the cap, and all! Looking at the details. I'm a psychopath, but it comes with the territory: at the site no one is not sent. Who can win? At close. Unfortunately, we are rarely in three, and only for the New year leaving the whole family to China.

Ян Цапник: «Спасибо семье за терпение» - Звезды -

Jan Tsapnik c daughter Elizabeth, which this year is going to go to the theater, fosfato: materials of press-services

— Do your homework, as far as I know, with the world of cinema are not connected...

— My wife orientalist, beloved mother of August — candidate of historical Sciences. They're my main censors, and the main criticism. Sometimes, our views differ, we argue themselves hoarse, then I say: "Yes, you did another profession!" Or, sometimes, telling me: give up this project! Or Vice versa: take that role! But the funny thing is that they are often right.

— I heard that you had to wander in different apartments, before settling down where you currently live...

— In 92-m to year I lived in the dormitory of the Bolshoi drama theater. At various times there lived and Tatyana Doronina and Boris, and looking with Lysecki Makarova — is a glorified hostel... the Hostel was located in the courtyard of the theatre. I went to work in shorts — so cool. And then we lived in Flour lane in a small apartment, so I finally moved into a big apartment in the center. More to move no need. I confess, I have no car because I don't need it. Palace square can be reached on foot. Through the bridge moved and you're in the Haymarket. Very convenient.

— And don't get behind the wheel of a car?

— Does not pull. Or I now ask: why not summer? Well, why? Bought a ticket, settled in a good hotel, lived and went back. Why do I need a cottage? Giving have friends.

— Your daughter thinks about the profession of actress?

— She was not. She was running a little behind the scenes, older — came to the set. So what will this year enroll in a theater. Why? I have no solution, only to ask her.

— How did you react when you found out about this desire daughters?

— How might react the same crazy dad? Pecked in the head, then swallowed. I can't do anything. To dissuade did not, and why? Then a complex man, who all his life walked in front of the fence and so didn't look for him.

Ян Цапник: «Спасибо семье за терпение» - Звезды -

Galina, wife Jan, is not associated with the world of cinema, however, according to the actor, is the main critic of his rabothata: personal archive of Jan Tsapnik

— Give advice before entering?

— I, unfortunately, not a teacher, so the daughter is engaged to a specialist. Many times I was called to teach, but I can't take on such a responsibility for children. And do not understand still how to teach and not to kill any of the students. I admire our teachers who give themselves wholly to the students some time to get the movie to play in the theater.

— What is your attitude to money?

Money for me is freedom. But I do not know how to save money or invest in something. Money is an opportunity to help friends, family, and sometimes strangers.

— You're a generous person?..

— I'm not generous, just if you have a hamburger, why not cut less than half? You'll live longer in the end.

— You and your wife have been together for over twenty years. Probably, you are a perfect couple?

— Or lazy. I will be 51, she is 45. And if you divorce, you need to make a marriage contract by which I afford to take my mother-in-law August. But the Gal will not give up. (Laughs.) But seriously: we just live bored and interested in each other. My family and I always say thank you for what they I still suffer.


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