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Makar Zaporozhye: "I would love a wife, even if she were not an actress" Stars discussed with the star of Hollywood mores, Armenian exotic and acting family

Vitaly Бродзкий10 APR 2019 17:50990

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды -

Makar, Zaporozhskie: materials of press-services

The choice of profession for Makar Zaporozhye was a natural: his father played in the movies and on the stage, my mother taught in schepkinskoe school. And while the actor is not complaining, because there are roles, and the opportunity to try himself as a producer, as it was in the movie "I'll be back".

— Makar, you name is so sonorous, more like an alias.

— No, it's name is real. Me dads got. The dad from my grandfather.

— You studied your family tree, where she went?

— To Zaporozhye as such has no relationship. It was simply a coincidence. Even my dad, when he served in the army, I imagine, came to Georgia, in Gori, in the Zaporozhye tank regiment. Destiny.

— But your fate was sealed from childhood. Dad actor and theatrical figure, mother associate Professor in the Schepkin...

—...Yes, unfortunately, it was. Although I made some feeble efforts, to its the way to go, but it was not enough. Went on the thumb.

— What you want to do?

I wanted to take psychology. But I can't say that far from this left. So don't think of the time lost. I think our profession is very connected with psychology, both in principle and many others.

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды -

The actor is lucky with roles in various projects. From the popular Russian comedies (photo still from the TV series "Catch the crew") to Hollywood, blockbustervideo: materials of press-services

— You have studied the specialized literature on psychology?

— Read books, studied all sorts of methods. But I did not like a lot. It seemed that all should be more human, and there's quite a cynical approach. Even now, listening to many psychologists, understand that their words may repel.

— You started to act even before GITIS in "Sins of the fathers", followed by "My fair nanny", "Kulagin and partners", "Rublevka Live". What do you consider the main starting point into the world of cinema?

— I'm mainly a soap actor. Full meters I have little. Therefore, the figure of a great movie do not consider myself. Some texture, Psychophysics intelligible, not repulsive, unable to remember words, to do what is asked. Apparently, on this and agree with Directors.

— Do you agree with the critics who wrote that the fame came to you with the role of the hockey player Dmitry Shchukin in the TV series "Junior"?

— It is to us to all come after this series. Not here for some critics, but the harsh objectivity.

— How have you experienced it yet?

Strangers began to write, to call. The production company and the TV station began to carry us in the press tours, presenting the project in different cities. I thought to myself, "wow! This is the scope. This I have never had". And then I look the second season, the third — Oh-Oh, off we go, like Pinocchio.

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды -

In the Thriller "Red Sparrow" Makar played together with Jennifer Lorente: scene from the movie "Red Sparrow"

— It was tedious or you reveled in it?

It was fun at first. But the question arose, what then? I do not very close family squabbles, the relationship between the teenagers on the screen. Before the first season we didn't know what pour sweat and blood, all fought for the idea. And later it became clear that the project is not developing in interesting direction. I decided to call it a night, fortunately there was an alternative that appeared, by the way, thanks to the same "Team". In any case, it's a priceless experience with the cool professional, very helpful!

— Gloss has assigned you after this series the title of a sex symbol, was it hard to carry the load?

— Oh, hard. I think I lost it all, all the sex your. (Laughs.) Kidding. In my opinion, they assign to each. It has nothing to do with the truth. Each participant of the series "Junior", they handed the title. It's young boys, which can be to cover, to dress up, and be fine.

— When you learn that the project has a big star, you feel the jitters?

— I have 30 years, well, what's the jitters, what a star, I beg you. If I was a kid, probably would have felt it, now I know who is really the star.

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды -

Makar is in no hurry to call the series "Junior" project of your dreams, but acknowledges that it has received a lot of experience and a huge audience, audioroute: materials of press-services

In this case, what was interesting about working with the Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence in the spy Thriller "Red Sparrow"?

— Many people think that Hollywood, especially when it is hidden from many actors in the world by a curtain, an incredible, unrestrained, exquisite and stunning, a real actor's Paradise. But when I lifted the curtain, many things become clear. Of course, a lot of differences in equipment, resources. And on all fronts: material, technical, temporary. They have completely different dimensions. When we need a financial squeeze, they have, if you don't rusticness, you don't even sign the budget.

— And Jennifer Lawrence?

In my opinion, Jennifer has now become the highest paid actress of Hollywood, because she's just a zealot of our profession! Four projects a year closes as an actress. Then something writes, produces, is going to shoot her advertising contracts. Plus she's young, healthy mentally and physically, so can afford to work and earn. Any normal person, I think, would have long since cracked. Meryl Streep could probably earn as much, but she just didn't need it. And here, apparently, young, fun, and why not? As they say, dance until the young. But as a person she is a soul of the company. It can be planted in the circle of friends, and don't be bored at all for a second. All the time joking, laughing, it is very fun. On the Playground, when we worked with her, no special America opened: good, technical partner is a great success.

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды -

Makar is not limited to shooting in movies and TV series. The actor's a regular on the stage. On the photo: a fragment of the play "Fathers and sons" Theater Mayakovskogo: materials of press-services

— After watching it, you probably decided to act in new quality producer?

— Everyone says producer and I don't understand what's the unknown? We want to buy an apartment. We do everything to acquire that which we need. And then repair and move it to live. With the production of the same. We wanted to be with my friend and partner Benik Arakelyan to do something interesting. What we think is not enough. And did their on their own. What we like.

— What got you hooked on the project?

— I really loved it. And next your friend Benik, with whom have you been inseparable. And he's living history firsthand. When we plunged tightly in all this, we saw not a panoramic picture of the mountains and sunsets — around turned out to be other flavors, other life, real. I'm a man not a village, so for me it was exotic. I could not for it not to catch on and not try to present things in an artistic way and make that the story. But I wanted to make a film, the main role in which it would be silent. To air all the issues existed. Sokurov has several works in this vein, although it's perhaps indelicate comparison. But the viewer thinks more and talks to himself, rather than the author. Like it. A lot of the silent scenes: people eating, watching, seemingly nothing happens. But behind all this is of great importance.

— Two actors in the family, meaning your spouse Ekaterina Smirnov, is the great difficulty or the advantages for you?

— Before, I didn't care. Now I want us to talk about something other than profession, so we did not know what was being done in the centre have Polyakova, Pankov, Grymov has set and how we relate to it. I at all have enough in the love of the profession. There's just love, not even to the profession, to life in General. All I want it to include, not limited to one theater. But I loved my wife, even if she wasn't an actress.

— Did you mind that she decided after the wedding to keep her maiden name?

— No, of course. She might even invent some third, that's her business.

— Are you similar or different?

— We are completely different. All we have a completely different point of view. But patience and a little effort.

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды -

Makar is one of those lucky men that home is woman's Kingdom. The actor is married to classmate Ekaterina Smirnova. In 2015, the wife gave Makar daughter Alexandra. And recently, the family had another little girl called Elizavetovca: materials of press-services

— Who today is your daughters when the parents work?

— Katyusha is not particularly removed. But if you let her go to the theatre, where it will sink, will work on everyone, forever. While we had one daughter, Alexandra, worked by the watch. Agreed, who will remain. Now, if I have a lot of work, the question does not arise, who will be the younger, Elizabeth. Of course, mother. But I dream to take the children with you, be with them at work. And Kate's all worried that they will be uncomfortable, they get sick. Let's wait and see.

Jr., Elizabeth, certainly pleases everyone, because of age, but older than brings you delight?

— She is the bomb. And not in slow motion. It's photon charge. As Horenstein says that if children at home, it is some eternal philosophical carnival. Sometimes I ask the older: "al, what is this place?" And this is the hospital to which we were approached recently to wave to mom. She says: "It's the homeland!" And it's really for her homeland. And will remain such for her for the rest of your life lane, and the black fence. And all such thoughts. Very fun and interesting.

— She already understands who is going to be?

— Everything moves inexorably to our wife and to the field. On all fronts. She dances, sings, is now on the violin was gone. It happens in our performances, growing behind the scenes in the dressing rooms and workshops. Trying on all the wigs, dresses, costumes, greasy everything.

— The choice of an artistic profession does not scare you?

— Here you need to be careful and calm. Three years to talk to someone about career choices pretty heady stuff. And then it's really fun. I think the daughter of an accountant, too, would neglect artificial oblique. Still peredumala, to change. And to the extent that we now never can.


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