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Margarita Suhankina: "I have tried fasting, but do not advise" - the Stars - asked the singer to share their rules of life

Juliana Калашникова15 April 2019 16:13250

Маргарита Суханкина: «Я пробовала голодание, но никому не советую» - Звезды -

Margaret Suhankina: materials of press-services

Recently Margarita Suhankina celebrated its 55th anniversary. Touring, Studio work, photography, household chores — all this in the daily chart of the singer, however, the enviable form of Margarita gives a reason to talk about a secret.

My life is chaotic enough, and "proper nutrition" tailored to him. I have long abandoned fat, but, for example, love sweets and occasionally eat it without a twinge of conscience, but the flour still trying to restrict. The quantity of salty foods in the diet track too, but I can't say what's right and "clean" eating, just try to keep a balance.

The thought of losing weight sitting in my head very firmly. I have tried the Kremlin diet, diet blood group, the power supply system from our well-known nutritionists — the list goes on. The most efficient and even useful method of weight control can perhaps be called the mission. But I keep forgetting to drink this ill-fated water during the day. (Laughs.) If you get "to regimet", it is a great result and ease will be provided, but if you forget, the system strays very quickly, unfortunately. I tried fasting, but I do not advise anyone: the result is not retained, and the weight is typed with a vengeance.

Маргарита Суханкина: «Я пробовала голодание, но никому не советую» - Звезды -

In 2013, Margaret became a foster mom to three-year four-year Valerie and Sergei. The singer is doing everything to ensure that children receive excellent obrazovanieto: personal archive

I like to swim in the pool, I love Hiking, try to be in motion. If you watch TV, then lie down on the floor and pull the arms, legs, back. But I have no system — are involved from case to case. All this is happening at home or at the hotel when it on the road.

Many years ago, when there were only a Perm, I wanted the "RAM effect". And here I am, wanting to get curls, but not knowing how it all happens, come to the salon. The salon was crowded, and the wizard wanted to serve more clients to earn. And she just forgot about me with these curlers... I cringed when the women sitting beside him, said: "Girl, you remind about yourself, the Barber, apparently, forgot about you". I was a young girl. Timidly called the master, and she shuddered. In General, these curlers she was taking off along with the hair. On the head I have a hedgehog — burned everything. It was a nightmare. Hair, of course, grown — not the teeth, but this is a story I will remember for a lifetime and craftsmen since choose very picky. Artists difficult to keep the hair in good condition: paint, varnishes, mousses spoil the hair, blow constant. In this regard, many colleagues wear wigs. I tried, but realized that I just can't wear this hat even a short period of time! I constantly have to trim the ends to make hair look beautiful and well groomed, so the maximum hair length for me now Bob. Blond hair requires special care, it is no secret that this is the most finicky color.

Маргарита Суханкина: «Я пробовала голодание, но никому не советую» - Звезды -

Margarita tries to follow their diet, but hard restrictions are not adhered to. And for the holidays pampering yourself, sladenkoe: personal archive

Like many public people, especially women, I enjoy the benefits of cosmetology, including injection. I relate to this, it is modern: everyone wants to be beautiful and young forever. But it is very important to avoid overkill. Often very funny the characters are is ugly. I believe that any cosmetic procedure should not be visible. They should improve appearance, not to disfigure it.

Life hack for the face I have a very simple — to sleep! It is wonderful when there is a mode, you sleep, Wake up refreshed and with a fresh face. A good, sound sleep if you are under 18 just need. Do not need any special tools. All these creams, lotions, serums not remove wrinkles the way a sound sleep, good mood, proper food and fresh air.


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