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Lena Katina: «success in the career and the wedding, I predicted fortune teller»

It is not excluded that fans of Tatu hurt Lena Katin because she did not want to give the Duo's second life. But for the most Lena it was quite a logical step. She had grown out of the scandalous part of the once popular duet and solo singer wins American charts. WomanHit spoke with Lena about life for a few countries, past grievances and the wedding slovenski.

Лена Катина: «Успех в карьере и свадьбу мне предсказала гадалка»

Lena Katina. photo: materials of press-services.

-Lena, your song re-entered the prestigious American charts. For you it's a surprise or expected result?
- It is always unexpected, because when I write music, you never know how it will be perceived by the public. I like everything that I do. But the audience is the question...
- When your debut song Never Forget topped the us Billboard, many have attributed this success to your work in Tatu. There was no shame?
- No. One can say anything. I know how it happened, insanely proud of this fact and I hope that they will be able to repeat this result.
- You are a successful solo singer, an accomplished person, but for some reason, your life still revolves around duet with Yulia Volkova. Ever wonder why?
I don't know. So it turns out... But at the moment I am focused on solo project. Julia and I parted and never will work together. My life continues: I release the album, which was recorded in a live concert in Cologne this fall. Then my song «Keep on Breathing» was the main in the soundtrack for a Russian movie «Habit part» with Liza Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky. I also released a duet song with T-Killah «I'll be there» or the English version of Shot. We shot a stunning clip in the Arabian desert! Also I first voiced the fairy Zarin in the cartoon Fairies: the mystery of pirate island». This is such an interesting experience for me! And I hope that someday they will work in this direction. And now I finish my Studio album.
"Then why was the reunification of Tatu?
- We were invited to speak at the opening of the «Olympic games» and simply sin was to refuse such an honor. In addition, the song «not gonna get Us» almost became the anthem of the Russian national team, and to some extent prophetic. It's so nice to be near the participants of historical events. Julia and I are four years and did not communicate. Decided to work together, but unfortunately, I double-stepped on the same rake: at first all is well and then sharp attacks on my side. So I put a fat point. But I there are contractual obligations that need to be completed. We discuss conditions under which together with Julia nowhere overlap. And while it is observed, for which I am very grateful. I am not angry or offended. Honestly, I have time and energy to spend on this emotion. I, on the contrary, wish to have a voice recovered, so she was happy that everything worked out well, but already separately from me.

Лена Катина: «Успех в карьере и свадьбу мне предсказала гадалка»

"Julia and I are four years and did not communicate. Decided to work together, but, unfortunately, I double-stepped on the same rake. So I put bullet". Photo:
- For all of career success should be added personal. You were married to one of the most popular singers of Slovenia Sasho of Kuzmanovich. It helps you by the Council as a musician and as a man?
"Sure, and even when it is not requested to do so. (Laughs.) He is a very skilled musician, he is 38 years. And I try to listen to what he says. Periodically we write songs together, because Sasha is a great composer. But I want to share family and job. He used to do everything in one style, I am in another, so sometimes we have conflict situations, which affect your personal life. I wouldn't like it.
He come with you to Moscow?
- Sasha came in for 10 days to get to the Olympics. But he has urgent business, which no one will not do. He is now in America, and we have not seen for several weeks. It is so hard. Want to be able to go anywhere together, but it didn't work. We miss. In the morning and in the evening you should talk through Skype. At the and of the stick.
- You international family: he is from Slovenia, you are from Russia. And where is your house?
- As my mother says: we the people of the world. My sister came to us in America and said, «look At you and think, if you lived here.» And at the wedding in Slovenia mother noticed the same thing: «they look At you like you're whole life in Slovenia have lived». (Laughs.) I am in a half-Serb, so our cultures are quite similar. He feels comfortable in Russia, to it like it here. He is interested in our life, learning Russian. Reading me nearly every day for at least a few lines from the book «Tsvetik-Semitsvetik».
- You communicate in English?
- Yes, and periodically in Russian. Sasha with his family speak Slovenian, and I remember words. But in English we can talk easier as we both well know it.
- Is it true that Sasha you a fortune-teller predicted in childhood, in a pioneer camp?
- Probably, Yes. The fortune teller told me all my life, and she predicted a great success. When I came back from the camp, I told mom about it. And she strongly on this fortune was angry, because he believed that she instilled in a child's dream. Bang appeared Tatu. Even the fortune teller told that I will have several opportunities to marry him, but fate I will connect with the person for a very long time know. For a long time I met with her classmate and thought this was it. But our relations have become obsolete, although we are still in touch as friends. And suddenly appears in my life Sasha. I first fell in love by ears and finally understood what real love is.
"Rumor, your acquaintance began with a fight?
- 't be fighting... We met at the 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards. After the ceremony we went to the party, sang, danced and had fun. And the next time we met him, I knew him not. And Sasha - star, whose crown scratching the ceiling, and he said our musicians: «I'm with these girls, especially with her, never more to not talk, they Sozvezdie». And then we never crossed paths. I went to Los Angeles, started his solo project. We saw each other a couple of times in the Studio: «Hello» «Hello»and all. Somehow I with my musicians went to the bar. And there happened to be Sasha. From this meeting we began to communicate. He came to my first solo performance, in a month I have him moved, and in August of last year we were married.
- You had two weddings, and in Moscow you got married. How did you come to this major step?
"From childhood I have decided for themselves: once and for all. Therefore, so long and not married. I was brought up in a fairly religious family. My great-grandmother, a very religious man, taught me a prayer, took me to Church. So I always believed that if you marry, and marry. It is important for me and I think it correctly. The wedding is perfect. But the wedding - you cannot imagine what a magic feeling. And after the sacrament I really feel that our family is protected.
- Sasha had my religion?
He was baptized in the Catholic faith, as his mother-Slovene. And dad Sasha - Serb, and he is Orthodox. We can get married, but he decided he wanted to be Orthodox, especially this faith and his family. I did not press in any case. I told her about the wedding, to him this was a great idea. And he asked me: «Tell me about Orthodoxy, because we're a family and should be in the same faith.» I am very grateful to him for that. I know how serious this step, therefore, was very surprised by his decision, but very happy.

Лена Катина: «Успех в карьере и свадьбу мне предсказала гадалка»

With her husband, Slovenian star Sasho Kuzmanovic, Lena met in 2003. Ten years later, the musicians played at a wedding. Photo: private collection of Lena Katina.
- We know what Russian wedding, and how it looks slovenski? Much of their customs are different from ours?
- We had it all simply and quietly. We came to registry office, which is located at them in a beautiful castle in Ljubljana. We really had fun. And local lady said to us: «how good you are! All come, nervous face of the stone, and you laugh.» Then we had a little photo session, just as it passes us. And then we went to a restaurant, inviting only a narrow circle of friends. With me came parents and sister. It so happened that in Slovenia were mainly Sasha friends, and in Moscow - my. In Russia came only Sasha's sister and nephews. And his mom and dad already difficult given the flights, so they were not. But I hope that someday they will fly to Moscow.
- Once you said that you are not able to cook. And now you know any recipes of national dishes?
I began to cook, when he met Sasha. I like kulinarii, and I enjoy doing something new. Pasta very well, know a good recipe for chicken. Sasha loves hodgepodge, and I bother, I cook, and it turns out great. Pelmeni husband loved, I have taught him. (Laughs.) But generally we try to stick to a healthy diet. If I do the fish, vegetables, meat, too. Sasha loves vegetable salads and is responsible for them, because they cook. And occasionally teaches me something.
- And mother-in-law?
- In the family to cook the soup is delicious, I love it. His mother does when I come to visit them in Slovenia. And in this soup is very specific dumplings. When was the last time I was, then I was taught how to do them. But of course I forgot them all. But Sasha has trained and will hold for me master-class. But in General, parents got a really, as a daughter take me. It's fabulous.
- After the wedding, probably all started to hint you about the children?
- All for a very long time doing this. Of course, we are prepared to become parents. And I very want to have a child, and Sasha, too. Especially since he's older, and I am not 15 or even 25, so its time.
- What is family life you have imagined in 15 years?
- Children want at least two, and to live everywhere.


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