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Eugene Stychkin: ""In our family, don't say unnecessary compliments"

Actor — an Alliance with Olga Sutulova, parenting and fights

Eugene Stychkin is convinced: "our Whole life is a game". Because both to himself and to what he's doing, refers with light irony. Not chasing popularity, with already twenty years does not disappear from the stage, TV and cinema. His name has become a brand, a guarantee of quality and what you can see is always different, unlike yesterday. It seems that he himself is composed of contrasts, contradictions. He's a grown boy and perfect at the same time, although he had four children and the eldest daughter is twenty years old.

Eugene grew up in old Moscow intelligent family, where the female line of all give themselves to the ballet and the Bolshoi theatre: grandmother Alexandra Zabel, mother Kseniya Ryabinkina and aunt prima ballerina Elena Ryabinkina. And dad, Alexei Stychkin, was known by interpreters, worked for many years at the UN, and then in the state. Therefore, in Eugene you can feel the boy from a good family, something that is hard to explain in words and can't be taught, but can only absorb. A few years ago the actor married actress Olga Sutulova and her face still and friend, and counselor, and fair criticism. About happiness they talk a little, quietly and carefully – protecting from prying.

— Zhenya, most actors say they went into acting to get rid of shyness. What are you doing?

— I have this whole thing was a joke. I wasn't thinking about acting, just followed the path of least resistance. The film Institute, I enrolled immediately. And at the end of the first course with someone auditioned, it seems, in Pike. For the sake of laughter. And it was awful. They all had some pathetic impossible, I was not even listening. Remember how in the Commission, two veteran theatre teacher was talking about tires, whether summer they bought, or sold. In the nineties tires were an acute problem. I was quite arrogant but still already studied at another school and was not afraid that I will not take. And their behavior was annoying. The applicant only started to read it immediately broke off. Although I thought that will make a lasting impression on them. (Laughs.) At some point I broke down and said, "I do not interfere with tires deal?", and they said, "no, No, we heard enough, thank you, sit down.

— The audacity of Cinematography appeared?

— No, of course I was initially. This quality appeared in me, perhaps, from any particular luck against impunity in the family, in the yard, at school. It seemed that everything will turn out. And when you're sure about this, just do what you want. What's to be afraid?

Евгений Стычкин: ««В нашей семье не говорят ненужных комплиментов»

Daughter of Alexander with the children's portrait of Pope – if you want to detect a certain showstate: personal archive Eugene Stychkin

— For the lead in the yard, especially in the nineties, you need to be strong. It's, generally, and disputes and fights. Did you do any sports?

We fought, and the sport was all sorts. Do not be afraid. Actually, I always thought that life is such a beautiful game. We're not afraid when playing chess. However, the yard was wonderful – the house of the Bolshoi theater. But in those years there was no need to go to the Bank to get to the head. It is enough to visit Kolobovsky lanes. Happened all sorts of situations. To protect itself from external life. And why?!

— You come from a ballet family. And about ballet as a profession the question has never been?

Never. The only time I touched ballet in the play "why are you in a Tux?" in the "School of modern play". There I was dancing more or less classical Adagio, and came to the theatre ballet of my mother's friend was dying of laughter. And since I know them from childhood, can identify their voices amid laughter from the audience and terribly happy.

— I know that two years ago you published a book of memoirs of his grandmother...

— Yes, grandma was the daughter of a tsarist General, survived the revolution, the NEP, war. I found these memoirs and thought I ought to publish them mainly for kids. To save her memories and family history. We in principle don't know anything about yourself. My close friend now spends a lot of time in the society "memorial", which is located in our entrance. There are incredibly interesting lectures and round tables, but most importantly – you realize that even in our not generous with information, barbarous in relation to its history the country any person has the constitutional right and the opportunity to go and everything to learn in the state Archives. But it's very hard work. Few people is ready and has the strength and the time. In addition to the grandmother's book, I have a full family tree, I can generations on seven quite accurately to trace everything that happened with all of my ancestors.

— You said that the book never reached the public. There is progress in this?

— No, not yet. A certain number of copies I gave away, but one large bookstore and never arrived. The businessman from me whatsoever. However, I so closely and so actively engaged in his own profession, that I'm not missing out on something else. I'm in love with my profession.

— It is noticeable. By the way, you in recent years the role of the most interesting villains. Why?

— I think that the casting Director, Directors, and producers, as we are all prone to stereotypes. So if someone liked the role of hero-lover, he was all the time they are offered. As soon as I play one villain, proposed a further seven. So sometimes you can agree to star in the film free of charge to play something you've never done. Only to see you in a different capacity.

Евгений Стычкин: ««В нашей семье не говорят ненужных комплиментов»

Eugene with his sons Alex and Leo and Hollywood actor Danny Trichopoda: personal archive Eugene Stychkin

— Pont in "Farce" is an incredibly sophisticated and vivid image. Though charming, talented and absolutely terrible... You somehow justify that?

He, of course, Gad goner. (Laughs.) But when we meet your character, this does not mean that we consider it good. We're just trying to understand the motives behind his actions. Pont besides being a thug, still works in conjunction with power, that is such an absolute scoundrel, a sample of nowhere to put. Playing it was incredibly interesting. A good script and to be on location directed by Yegor Baranov is fun! Besides the sixties – the time during which a pleasure to hold on to, this time of my parents ' youth.

— And the hero "Edit" you are cute?

— With the "Infidelities" it was easy. I first became acquainted with the works of Vadim Perelman, watched a few of his films. Then I could not have dreamed that I would have it removed, and then met with him on a small job in Kiev. Once we were friendly then, and when I received the offer from Vadim, I was ready to agree without reading the script. But I read it and it was brilliant, precise dialogues. My character is a normal, modern man, self-absorbed, infantile, miserable, not understanding, neither what love is nor what the meaning of life, confused and not ready to admit it. Like most of us.

— I think your hero could find common ground with his wife if they had the same sense of humor. This is important to you in a woman who is near you? In my opinion, Oli is awesome, thin, even male sense of humor.

— Yes! Generally people with no sense of humor cause me some concern. Because eight out of ten words that I utter, thoughtless, full of irony in relation to what we do, and in General to the universe. And if people all of the time in all seriousness says to me, I have disturbed the connection. Still static.

— After meeting with you she instantly realized that the contact is?

— No, not so. It was a bit harder. (Smiles.)

— And which you critique each other?

— I am enthusiastic and Olga – accurate. I sing her praises, but she absolutely, without embellishment tells what she saw and felt and gives some advice.

Even after the premiere? All of us want to hear something good...

— You never know who wants what. Aunt Lena, in the past gorgeous, an outstanding ballerina, always says: "you Want – you will not want, pereterpet". I was raised in a ballet family: my grandmother, mother, aunt has worked all his life at the Bolshoi. But this profession is much more ruthless and precise than ours. And I used that nobody goes around and says unnecessary compliments. In the presence of love, attention, affection to the object can and should only speak the truth. And all these emotions will make you to choose the right words.

Евгений Стычкин: ««В нашей семье не говорят ненужных комплиментов»

The film "Wristcutters" is a Comedy about people who decided to settle accounts with disneyphoto: personal archive Eugene Stychkin

— Zhenya, by the way, what do you have now with the theatre in a global sense? The scene you like and play a lot but have not belong in the same company...

Yeah, the last fifteen years, I'm not in any state of any theater. It's easier. But I play a lot in the "Other theatre". Recently we released the performance on the play of Ivan vyrypayev "Valentine's day". I have a performance of "the girl and the revolutionary" in the theater "Practice". I try not to collect too many names. Playing for twenty performances per month is incompatible with the rest of life. And close to performances't want to, because I love them and I should be sorry to part with them. Necessarily be selective.

— What you today would like to make in the theater? What the author touch which role or the genre?

— I would like to work with a large genre of high tragedy, a great classical works. Shakespeare... Greeks... "Classic murders": Oedipi, Oreste, incest..." (Smiles.) For a long time my dreams were mostly confined to being alone on stage and deal with them. I decided to play Paul Safonov, "Meek" means, you now need to do something radically different.

— Hero of "the Meek" Dostoyevsky torments and humiliates the woman, tormented himself. This, in my opinion, moral sadism with masochism...

— I don't think so. He is absolutely normal person. Of course, this is a work of art, it is a metaphor. But if you do it every second of destiny, and from the point of view of a love relationship and what a man dreams when he is fifteen years old, and that he has, when he is fifty, we find the same tragedy.

— While children look what's on the screen and in the theater? Comment?

— They haven't started to scold me. (Smiles.)

— Heard you talking on equal terms with her daughter, who is eleven years...

— I think, with people of all ages need to communicate in one language. Don't have to react and to Lisp with kids or idiots to talk with older people. It never helps, only hurts. Kids are no dumber and no less than we understand and see. And if you make allowances for the fact that they are small, they say, they can just about butterscotch, then you'll never have a friendship.

— Soft you dad?

— No. I am quite strict with children, and in General with people. Although I dislike and are upset when they turn out that way. With children it is an educational process. The main thing – not to confuse stiffness with rudeness. And with people not close to irritate design of the universe, in which only a position of power. Units those who are willing to hear a different language.

But in my own little world you surrounded by these rare people. And children brought up the way I want them to see.

— Wait till you see this years...

But one certainly can judge, she's already a student...

— Yes, the eldest daughter Sonia is twenty years old and she studies at the faculty of TV journalism in "Ostankino". Engaged in political journalism and wrote articles in which I half don't understand words, let alone the trends and meanings. (Smiles.) However, the youngest daughter Sasha eleven years, and she plays concerts with orchestra under Vladimir Spivakov at the Great hall of the Conservatory.

— Genetics... Seriously.

— Yes, it is serious". (Smiles.)

— How often do you see children?

So fifteen people at the table, it is possible every three to four months. Individually, all the time. The idea of table talks as a separate component of life, the possibility of a Frank conversation, discuss some important things we a great place.

— And on what other activity you have? And that provides emotional or physical support?

— It seems to me that the artist is obliged to look, to read, to write. Need something to fill, or will have nothing to share with the public. In Moscow I don't have a second of free time, so I travel a lot and when I leave, I can go to museums, read, watch movies, listen to courses. On the Internet huge variety of courses! Theoretically even you can protect yourself and get a degree. For example, in Oxford – never been there. And I listen to a lot of lectures on psychology and sociology.

— In English?!

— Of course! They're not going to translate for me.

— You're so fluent in the language?

— English – Yes. I work in joint projects and travel a lot. A bit of French at school and Spanish. Once played in the movies, where they had to speak partly in Spanish. Besides, dad had a brilliant English and Spanish, and I wanted to approach him. He began to study Greek when we were shooting in Greece for four months. But unlike a Bicycle, where we learn to ride in childhood and then ride all life must live, you have to speak it. So I now have a Greek restaurant that offers fish, to confess in love, to thank and to say goodbye, it all ends. (Smiles.)

Евгений Стычкин: ««В нашей семье не говорят ненужных комплиментов»

Olga Sutulova – wife, friend, counselor and fair criticise Karlovska

Your love of travel is the knowledge of unknown places or just the pleasure associated with pleasant trips to European cities and towns?

— Ideally the best journey is the vehicle, and move, move, change places, languages, cuisines. Five or six years ago, she went to Austria for a strange and challenging Austrian film Director who wanted to make a film with Russian actors. Pretty quickly realized that I do not find contact with him, and ran away. As a result we had a free month. The children were far away, because everything was arranged for shooting, and we were free. Took the car and drove ten thousand miles across Europe – Austria, France to Spain, to the sea, descended through the mountains, in General, it was the whole journey. And we realized that for us this is the best way to reboot, to clean.

— And some more Hobbies: fishing, collecting, crafts – do you have?

The profession long ago became my only passion. I cut wood, twenty-five years, and I loved it. Quite a lot made, but it burned down in a fire, and since I'm more of a cutter and chisel did not touch.

— Know that you are very fond of your cottage. Olga in an interview, told incredibly funny how you have there are the responsibilities. You haven't started to do something in the garden and the vegetable garden, for example, to plant something?

— No, I don't plant anything. But really, the garden is the best antidepressant. Garden, home give a sense of the fortress and the walls, you insulate yourself from the world, it's your private space, a place of power. Calm, peace, dreams...

— Do you remember what you dreamed of in fifteen or twenty years?

— No, I do not remember. Probably, I'm not a dreamer. Although, you know, I wanted to be happy and make everyone around me happy. It has never been formulated in any specific profession, neither in material goods nor in living in a certain climate or the globe. Because happy is not the one who is rich, successful or even healthy, but just someone who knows how to be happy. And here figs you will understand how it happens.

interview, Olga Sutulova and Evgeny Stychkin

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