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Denis Maidan: "I want this year for the first time to try fasting"

Artist — the title of honored artist of Russia, holidays and austerity

Singer and composer Denis Maydanov this year welcomes spring with a new status: the musician was awarded the title of honored artist of Russia. Dennis congratulated and discussed with him the benefits for artists, concerts and festivals in the starting post.

— Denis, did you expect that you will be awarded the title of honored artist?

— Awkward question. Many friends, colleagues, radio and television, representatives from various departments have told me that it is time to assign "deserved"... All the time. Now the time has come, then, my work has reached the point where his country is noted and appreciated. It is an honor and a huge reward.

— In the Soviet Union, when awarded "honored" or "popular", the actor appeared certain benefits. Now what gives this title?

— To be honest, I was not interested and did not recognize. I think it's just a status, a recognition of some kind of documentary. Before, you deserve getting more than the usual artist. Folk had money above honored. They have some benefits from free travel and ending with retirement. Now — I don't know, I don't care.

— To wash the title will be?

— I think so. But not pretentious — in the circle of his household and close friends. Of course, we must celebrate!

Денис Майданов: «В этом году хочу в первый раз попробовать поститься»

The singer with his family: wife Natalia, daughter Vlada and son, Borislavova: materials of press-services

— The day of defender of the Fatherland said. On the approach of the Eighth of March. Have you thought what will wife Natalia and daughter to congratulate Vlad?

Come spring, I'll ask the wife and daughter what they want. I don't like gifts that are not agreed with me. I always ask, and I order what I need. Often people, not knowing how to please friends and relatives, re-given things that once gave them. I do not like. Nothing better to give, come with a good mood and to shake hands. As for the Eighth of March, I have a lot of women: wife, daughter, mother-in-law, mother. Every I better ask, what she would have wanted.

Artists for the holidays usually work. With your family you these days have you noticed?

— Believe me, greater pleasure than to stand on the Kremlin stage the 23rd of February, not wish. So with fellow artists, we are celebrating both on stage and behind the scenes. I know that I will be having concerts on 6 and 7 March, about the 8th — don't know yet. But women I will congratulate, we will gather for our great big family.

— Denis, you're in great shape. How to achieve such results?

— I keep challenging myself and not think its brilliant form. I can say that after 26 February will start post is a beautiful one and a half months to the body to unload. I heard that the posts in religion is not accidental. Positions begin in late winter when almost all eaten; in the early summer — when nothing will grow; in the late summer — when not harvested; in late autumn when we still hadn't started to drive cattle. Now is a great opportunity to lose a few pounds.

— You observe lent?

— No. But this year, I want the first time to try. My profession is kind of complicated because of the constant flights, travel and irregular schedule to abandon the main food.

interview, Denis Maydanov

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