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Jan Tsapnik, "My mother-in-law Aug noble lady"

The actor admits in an interview that she loves her family, but rarely see domestic

Jan Tsapnik is hot right now. He admitted that enters the bosom of her family about twenty days for the whole cast of the season. But despite this, the man he is very homely. Loves to sit on the kitchen couch and watch old movies, loves hanging out with his wife and daughter, over a Cup of tea chatting with the mother, who lives with them. The family had strong, and wife, one that rarely happens with actors. Yes, and the Yang — the big exception among the representatives of their profession. It is with great humor applies to the person, and to the world at large.

— Are you from a theatrical family. Why become an actor?

— Let's just say from a semi-theatrical. My mother Valentina — sportswoman, run "poltorashku" and eight meters. Dad, Yury, was lost in the theater. I don't know which one of them influenced me, but I studied in a sports class, and grew up backstage. The child went on tour and even played performances. Of course, this infection is sunk into the soul. But in spite of this, at first I was a pastry cook, and then decided to enter the theater Institute.

— As a chef as a hit?

— Since the eighth grade, I started training and production centre (CPC), where students were given the basics of some profession. Went to a place where more girls — cooking! And even caught showed good results: won the district championship in the shredder cabbage. I internship: worked all summer in the canteen at the factory for the deaf. And it was, as people say now, cool. Well, stories funny enough. Once we spoke with a friend, ground with wooden pestle in a giant meat grinder, then cleaned it, but the meat still turned out from the "dog with a box": it caught the chips. In General, by the end of school I became a chef-confectioner of the third category and was wondering what to do in the Sverdlovsk theatrical Institute or in the Institute of physical culture Lesgaft in Leningrad. But fate decided everything for me. In 1985 I received on exercise sunstroke, a fortnight spent at home. In the end, professional sports had to stop.

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

Childhood our hero has been Cheljabinskstata: personal archive of Jan Tsapnik

— Your dad's the same Yuri Tsapnik, which is in the famous "Cracker" starred with constant-Tina kinchevym?

— Yes, I played there drunk father. We met then at the buffet at "Lenfilm", I at this time Peter came on tour with the theater. Dad first saw me with a cigarette. Drank champagne. He laughed, "Well, I see you have learned to be an artist..." And in 1989, when I was in the city on the Neva river in transit of the army, clashed on the field of Mars with the patrol. Ran away from them and accidentally hit on moss street, where I saw the theatrical Institute. And did not go to Sverdlovsk to study. Extinct. He studied with Dmitry Nagiyev, Igor Lifanova, Shreds Zhuravlev, Alexey by Klimushkin, Dmitry horonko. It was a lot of interesting guys. Friends immediately took me to Rubinstein in a rock club. I was in shock. I went into the army from the Soviet Union. And here — some rockers, punks...

— Remember, Kinchev on the "Cracker" worked? Went to my dad's for shooting?

— Walked. Even in the "Cracker" lit up, flashed back in front of the camera. I remember Kinchev upset when the leather flight jacket torn. He girls from the costume shop from a different gave.

— You straight from the army called to audition for the movie "Afghan breakdown". Why haven't you starred in it?

— I served in the airborne troops. Just went to the vet and got a lot of money — then paid for the parachute jumps. Them enough, and cognac, and a ticket to Peter. But no matter what samples I got. I could not accept that the Soviet major will play Michele Placido: what our artists do not have that served?! Came to the Studio in the form of landing, as the citizen was not. Tell me what you think about this painting turned out. Well, the fool was nothing really nothing can be done...

— It was a chance, because at that time, the movie almost did not take off. Not disappointed in the acting profession, did not want to leave?

— And me and the actors-it is not dedicated, despite the fact that after graduation I got into theatre and had five roles. When jobs were few, we were sitting on the voiceovers. Wrote everything from "teenage mutant ninja Turtles" to "strawberries". That we only at night do not get up! Day Czech cartoons, and in the evening you hear: "two of porn!" Wrote easy the first time, to go faster! Because at 11.30 already had a rehearsal in the theater. The last cartoon that I wrote down — "finding Nemo".

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

Yang with his parents. Mother, Valentina – sportswoman, and her father, a Makarov, akahata: personal archive of Jan Tsapnik

— "Teenage mutant ninja Turtles" you all sounded?

— No. Donatello, Raphael and this... there's still Superbrain was. Voiced the turtles two guys and a girl. Accordingly, all the "girls" took my colleague. And "boys" my friend, for two. The sound I was generally happy. We were, as they say, on a knife edge. Knew all the new animation. And was aware of programs on the channels "National geographic" and "BBC", after all the documentaries we also wrote. By the way, in the cycle "the Great stunts of Hollywood" has my vote. We often had time to digest the story while I was working in the Studio. But what to say — voice rescued! And lucky got into the program "the Tale behind the tale" on the Leningrad TV. There was a wonderful children's editors, and artists participated in the tales of the most famous. I worked for "storyteller" on TV for thirteen years. And received bags of letters from fans.

In school, perhaps?

— Oddly enough — not only. "Tales" was watched and adults. But children's letters were the most memorable. I played four twins, one of whom was the most kind and good. After this tale I received a letter from a little girl. She thought she would grow up to marry a nice twin brother. It was very touching.

— What was the most difficult in adult movies? Moan over?

— The most difficult was not to freeze. The Studio where we were moaning in the winter is not heated. Had to portray hot passion in hats and jackets. But that didn't stop the fee was something about-go-go! Then I saw their "masterpieces" on the screen. And not just me. Friends laughed: "turn on the VCR, and there's your voice!" Then erotica watched it.

— As to your earnings were the wife Galya?

— She's a modern man, with humor.

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

In the painting "Christmas Tree 1914" the heroes are in the past. In the form of landowner Ian smot-relsa extremely koloritnoto: materials of press-services

— Where did you meet?

— In 1998 together with Ivanovym played "Sunny night" in the BDT. This was a special performance for doctors with the international Congress of gynecologists. Then we were invited to the Banquet. And there were these adorable Japanese women, woke up our imagination! Later we went to the club "money honey". And there I met my future wife at the table was seated Oriental girl, very beautiful. For some reason I thought she's a Japanese woman, addressed her in broken English. And she clean a foreign language — imagine! Well, after some time it became clear that my charming companion and very rare Japanese name is Galya. The option is actually the Kalmyk. But with the East still was connected, that winter, she returned from Beijing, where for a long time was for language practice. I don't know, how drunk was, but then asked her to go into an official relationship — married to marry me. It was in January, and in October we were married. I beautifully looked after: the flowers gave, Mandelstam read! Relatives Show me. She has a very intelligent family, my grandmother had graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, staging Department. My favorite mother-in-August — candidate of historical Sciences, high school teacher, now retired. Tick PhD, sinologist is a philologist. Father-in-law — uncle Eugene, Eugene Galaev, taught physical education in Kalmyk state University. He is a former basketball player, graduated from the Institute of Lesgaft, now trains young, his teams win prizes.

— Now you have a big cozy apartment, where you lived the first years of married life?

We met when Checkmark in rented accommodation on Vasilievsky island together with his girlfriend. Then a friend went, we got married and for some time lived there together. This tiny apartment in the basement seemed to us a Paradise, although the bathroom was in the kitchen. And we dreamed that someday we will be exactly the same — but its. Then we moved to the hostel of the BDT, there is just finished repairing. By the way, before I met my wife, when the hostel was still closed, I "bummed" half familiar in the city centre. So now, owning a finally decent apartment near Sennaya square, we do not believe that it is ours. Most normal people took a mortgage to buy it. Now everyone has their own room, but are we still in the kitchen. Somehow pulls it there.

— To the plate you often come? All the diploma chefs!

— Rare. Most of all cooks, and of course, mother-in-law. But recently my daughter my lunch warmed up — it was nice. In my youth, when I lived alone, ate-army — stew. Sometimes wrapped in our theater bar there was a penny. Ate potato cutlets, something has treated the barmaid, and went to the hostel full.

— But now you are clearly not starving. You put on a little weight. The gym is not in the plans?

— When you come to the hotel from the shoot of the force is only enough to scrape the hair glue (make-complex), washed panties, socks, and fall asleep. The gym in this situation is unnecessary.

— Many creative people for a life changing three or four wives. And you many years together with Galya. The secret to a good family?

— I honestly don't know. Maybe we're both monogamous. Although sometimes I'm not sugar, but never giving cause for jealousy. And do not have time to cool off. We are rarely see each other. That year I was home twenty days per season. And in Moscow, Efremovsk, Pavlovsky Posad, Vladivostok, dangled here and there.

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

In a Comedy series "Pushkin" Ian has played a harsh, policeiskogo: materials of press-services

— The Charter on the set, where the houses retire?

All there in the kitchen. As a ball, there is the air sweeter. However, it's not exactly privacy. Lying on the couch, asleep, and around your life — someone switches on the TV, someone tinkles a plate... it's very cozy.

— How do you manage with such a frantic schedule to do with baby Lisa?

— Unfortunately, control long been weakened. At some point I discovered that Lisa has become an adult, and she has her own life. She is already fifteen, new friends, drama, guitar. Me a little sad. I wish she always was a little girl and all the secrets confided in me. No, we just friends now, but my daughter already had their own secrets.

— And you have one kid with Galya plan!

Alas, tomorrow we go again. Filming of the series "Gogol". Well, Yes and no! (Laughs.) But seriously, this project is for me. I once again work in such a wonderful team. The difficulty is we only have weather and nature. But some artists: Eugene Stychkin, Aleksandr Petrov, Oleg Menshikov! And many other talented colleagues — too many to mention. Director Yegor Baranov is very close to my worldview. The scenario involved phobias and mystic Gogol, it in explanation of several of his works. For this film has built up an entire village. And there's incredible stunts, and computer graphics. "Gogol" is going to show one of the Central channels.

In this movie, you walked away from your Comedy roles?

— No. There are very funny scenes, and sad, and this valuable script. But by and large I don't care what to play: want to cry and laugh in the frame. Of course, scoundrels, fascists, killers lot more fun to play. And the lyrics is difficult. As we have in the Institute, joked: "hamlet, any fool will be able to play, but fun tubercle on the Sunny meadow to portray — then talent is needed".

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

For her role in the film "Ghost," however, was nominated for the award "Golden eagle"Photo: materials of press-services

But looks are not going anywhere. And the type you have clearly distinctive. And rabid popularity came after the film "Kiss!".

— Not a fact. To me even after the "Brigade" began to approach people on the street. For autographs even "lads" came. And if we talk about "Kiss!" — both films I love to work with Zhora Gooseberry was a pleasure. Student of Mark Zakharov — that says a lot. Unfortunately, in our time, such Directors are rare. So versatile I'm an actor. Once the maniac was playing...

In the role warmed by immersion?

Well, if immersion — now we have this interview in prison was recorded. You just have to look in "library" in my head. That you saw what the situation was.

— Not afraid after these observations, a daughter of the house at night to go?

— No. And my daughter isn't afraid of anyone, and now walks not one. But August we have a cautious lady. Lisa gave testimony that she is a lady, a baby in the house. The ceremony was shot by photographer. And since mobile phones did not exist, he went and brought the next day printed pictures of our home. Ringing the doorbell. Mother-in-law asks: "Who's there?" — "Photographer". There was a pause, the door Aug not opened. Tell it "Gorgaz" or "housing Department", it may be swept. But "photographer" seemed to our mother suspicious.

— You call the mother mom. Usually, in life as in jokes — mother-in-law and brother-in-law at war...

— To us it is absolutely not true. Aug Holy woman. Here is Mother Teresa, and we have the Mother Aug. She is patient, wise, she has a clean Outlook on life. Once she almost got in the face trying to help the boy-addict, who fell in the mud and could not get up. And so it is in everything. She lives by the laws that in our time have begun to forget. Think and Tick, and Lisa took her a lot of good.

— Is it easy for Lisa to live in the modern world, having such principles as have mothers and grandmothers?

My daughter lives in the crystal ball. She's a good judge of people. Moreover she had wonderful teachers. Such as Sergei Byzgu, her mentor at the Studio theatre. And it is quite persistent: I can rassyhaetsya, yell, and Lisa holding back emotions, well done.

— It makes first steps on stage. Any tips?

— It's impossible. My daughter is very shy, forbids me to go to the shows. She and the school did not say that we are relatives. I do hard to watch her growing up. Wish she was little and fell asleep on my chest.

Whether you are going on holidays, with all the numerous relatives?

— Kalmyk countrymen and relatives we don't visit often. But they always call with Augusta and Check often send us parcels with the famous Kalmyk lamb or marbled meat. I love to be with family, but sometimes get so tired that you go to the cinema, theatre or to visit out of duty. And I want to lie on the couch and watch old movies or read a book. All together we have once a year flying in China is a family tradition. Here there are going to all of our friends and countrymen. Flying in from different parts of the world, a great company we have fun and communicate. Especially Check know Chinese language, with her in the journey comfortable. And I just to say Hello and swear learned.

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

With Julia Sules in the television series "Bitch". They already worked together in the film "Kiss!"Photo: materials of press-services

— You had quite a tumultuous youth. How did you manage to overcome the "green dragon"?

— I almost never drink. Except that once a year will gather some company, the soul will unfold, unable to touch. And in the morning Wake up and feel just awful. Apparently, this is me from drinking and save. Conscience is the best medicine.

— Well, a hobby for the soul is?

— I love melee weapons. Love to shoot, fly. Affects military background.

The plane will be able to manage?

— Small easily. At least fly can. Another point, impossible to put. (Laughs.) We are not as well trained. Well, two years ago I flew on the set, been chased by cows, over the tourists walked a couple of times. It was fun.

— And on foot walking around the city?

— In the subway, too, go. I love to walk along the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal. I live in the most beautiful city in the world. Sometimes you lose sight, do not see this splendor. And will come with shots, look around — Oh, good grief, what a luxury!

— Nationwide fame lacking?

Well, in the sex shop or restaurant once again is not to go. But on the street I do not deny anyone, with all the pictures. Yesterday a girl came up and said, "It's you! How cool. Give me your autograph. Now I'm happier than dad." — "Why?" "He recently with some artist drank beer". Or a man recently asked: "are You Marat Basharov?" "No." — "Too bad you're not an artist". But still decided to take a picture just in case.

interview, Jan Tsapnik

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